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16 Oct 2021 16:50:52
My prayers answered.

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16 Oct 2021 16:59:01
I apologise. i'm ok now lol. Gerrin.

16 Oct 2021 17:05:36
I'm surrounded by Villa fans. 20 minutes ago they were ridiculing me. Now for some reason they won't talk to me.

{Ed014's Note - don’t be too hard on them! Not ??

16 Oct 2021 17:07:10
I was saying yesterday about rollercoaster ride today that's the ultimate. From rubbish approach to victory via Pods the guy who showed the grit and fired us up from what I could gather from my buffering commentary. Overjoyed now, enjoying the weekend phil? The adventure continues.

16 Oct 2021 17:15:52
Even more so now Abbey what pride I have over the moon is an understatement.

16 Oct 2021 17:19:37
A Villa fan has just said to me "Well we won the European Cup in 1982" and "Our owners own Adidas". This is why Villa are my least favourite team.

I like the club and have worked many matches there as well as Birmingham, Wolves and even Baggies but the Villa fans really do think they are better than anyone else.

16 Oct 2021 17:36:55
My villa fan work colleague I am fortunate he on the level like you and I Jas.
But one worker a bluenose takes the rip out of me, wolves and wolverhampton all the time I will give him back what he gives me next week at work lol.

16 Oct 2021 16:40:46
Sorry Guys if you feel this is negative but we look like a second division side. Giving balls away, loosing tackles that should be won. Few attempts on goal, midfield can’t close down, defence is all over the place. What has happened to the quick freestyle and accurate passing game?
Little flicks, short passes going to opponents!
This really is very worrying as we look anything except a confident premier side.
I appreciate the fans want to give Lage a chance but it’s diabolical!

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16 Oct 2021 16:52:58
I know we equalised but why couldn’t the fight have been there before Irrespective I stand by my comments.

{Ed014's Note - well you’ve just got a third

16 Oct 2021 17:01:12
ExRef. Bruno Bruno.

16 Oct 2021 17:01:51
From the jaws of defeat!
But still stand by my original comments!

{Ed014's Note - ????

16 Oct 2021 16:37:16
Sorry I love my team but sometimes we have to be honest and admit we are our own worst enemies, struggling to pass, no one taking it upon themselves to lead the way. Game plans seem a blank. No subs to change it. 2-0 down and it only seems how many more they'll get. Praying for miracles now. What a shambles.

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16 Oct 2021 17:01:41
Shambles?. Bruno Bruno.

16 Oct 2021 18:02:27
Bruno finally made the sub, left it late perhaps that was the plan? Late out second half, late sub, late winner. The mans a genius. Seriously we showed guts to come back from given them two soft goals and podence is the energy we were lacking, true traore showed his value bypassing 5/ 6 players and hitting their keep, but its the industry Pods shows that we needed. 3-2 overjoyed, its sweeter when you see the desbelief in the villa faces. COYW.

17 Oct 2021 03:04:04
Ex ref have you ever heard of a derby.

16 Oct 2021 16:35:13
We have the new stale solbakken on your hands, get rid now, don’t make the same mistake of keeping him on longer.

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16 Oct 2021 17:03:13
?????Bruno Bruno.

16 Oct 2021 17:24:31
3 wins on the bounce Mr Lage out what are you thinking?

Yes yes yes
Bruno Bruno.

16 Oct 2021 17:38:17
Derby and don’t play a striker, waits till we’re 2 down and the 74th minute. 3 wins yes but lucky wins.

16 Oct 2021 18:43:55
Like Leicester's, Man u's and spurs over us, lucky RWolves.

16 Oct 2021 16:34:59
It's going to be a long season. I think the objective should be to stay in the league. That's about it.

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16 Oct 2021 17:28:52

16 Oct 2021 16:33:53
It's going to be a long season. Just losing interest fast.

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16 Oct 2021 17:02:25
Ragingbull. BYE BYE.

16 Oct 2021 17:03:40
Ragingbull. BYE BYE.

16 Oct 2021 17:48:42
The game is for 90+ minutes I just cannot believe some of your comments when we were 2 down. We did give the ball away a lot but we always do and we didn’t offer too much up front but we looked very good a lot of times in possession it will all get just get off their backs.

16 Oct 2021 18:32:43
So happy with that result. Especially so for Bruno, getting his full on attacking substitutes so right. Wolves deserved those 3 points because the TEAM wanted the win more. Football ?? COYW.

16 Oct 2021 18:44:00
Norfolk so apart from agreeing that we give the ball away and offer nowt up front and the fact we got really lucky with the win, can you honestly say the overall performance was good?
All supporters have a right to an opinion about their chosen club and although they may criticise it doesn’t stop them from supporting them. Ok it was a win and 3 points which is great.
After the build up to the season where quality attacking football was constantly mentioned by the club and the manager you must agree so far it’s been disappointing?
Let’s just hope this comeback gives some confidence and impetus for an improved performance in the future. Having supported the club since 1950’s congratulations and critical opinions are par for tye course when deserved.

16 Oct 2021 19:50:09
To be fair ExRef villa wasn't much better than us as I posted above with both teams set up 5 at back and 3 in midfield it was always going to be the game it was.
With jiminez too tired to play it was the right call to make from Lage.
I was disappointed jiminez wasn't starting after the great link up he had with Whang the last game agaisnt Newcastle.
To me then it was the best attacking option Traore and whang upfront.
Fabio silva the only other option.
I read whanfg can not speak English so when he learns it he and jiminez will link up even better in the attacking positions and whang linking up with the other players better too.
As Lage has said a lot of the play is centered around jiminez so he not playing today a different formation was used.
It worked out the best outcome today on another day it may of not.
This my thoughts and I respect anyones thoughts except Lage like stale solbaken thoughts.

Out of the last 5 games we have won 4 and lost 1.

The team have only played a short time under a new manager and coaching staff so to me the team is only going to get better.

16 Oct 2021 21:52:08
Ex Ref Please read my post again, I did not say that the overall performance was good I said a lot of times we looked good in possession and we would gel ( not get as mistake in previous post)

16 Oct 2021 11:43:16
Gone for 4-2 to Wolves today Podence first scorer 4 yellow cards 3+ corners each half at 1500/ 1.

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16 Oct 2021 12:08:53
I walked past the bookies earlier and was intending to have a bet but changed my mind as I have recently been told I am that tight when I take a £20 note out my wallet the Queen starts rubbing her eyes.

Hope you win as always mate ?.

16 Oct 2021 12:51:20
I only bet a quid mate they're just fun bets but if any came off 50% would be donated to a local charity such as PDSA or Compton hospice.

16 Oct 2021 12:55:35
Fairplay mate.

16 Oct 2021 13:17:21
One will come up one day rated. No money on it today but I'm sticking with 3-0 wolves Rui and Hwang 2. Any win will do tho. Another adventure Phil, enjoy the match, enjoy the day. COYW.

16 Oct 2021 13:34:10
Cheers Abbey you too mate ?

Come on me babies.

16 Oct 2021 14:27:05
I thought Watford were supposed to be better than us now ?. What a doom mongering clown ?.

16 Oct 2021 14:51:13
Seen team now hwang and dendonker and traore to score the goals now, ha ha I hope.

16 Oct 2021 15:51:54

16 Oct 2021 15:52:50
quality pure quality SEVLOW1967.

16 Oct 2021 16:55:50
Cheers Phil. Could not resist.

Review Of The Day 15th October 2021

16 Oct 2021 07:39:20
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 15th October 2021

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15 Oct 2021 14:56:47
What’s happening to the “Great game” that used to be eleven a side? Pep wants five substitutes ( in case he picks the wrong team) some are concerned players are playing too much, although most Clubs have over twenty International players to pick from, some players want to play every minute and as often as possible while some are happy coming off the bench for five minutes. Do they really think fans have paid to watch endless substitutions, breaking up the flow of the game? Why does the game have to stop to make substitutions anyway? We’ve already got fans who walk out when the “added time” board goes up and one team’s trying to hide in the corner with the ball for five or six minutes, if we’re going to have ten substitutions breaking up the whole of the second half we might as well all give up.

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15 Oct 2021 17:40:02
Quite agree oxley, the game as we know it is being slowly changed to suit those who don't want competition. The time wasting we've seen this season, the diving, feigning injury, VAR delays and keeping the ball in the corner all destroy the spectacle we pay to watch. It'll be 4 quarters next with entertainments in between with managers asking for time outs. Seriously the game isn't the football we grew up with.

15 Oct 2021 18:37:20
I've always thought VAR was actually a natural break to have a fag. Obviously I was wrong!
Substitutes in my opinion should be for injury only not for tactical reasons. But then again I'm old and out of touch. It used to be a game of contact for grown ups!

16 Oct 2021 00:26:35
In terms of the breaks in fairness I don't think it would make a difference because when five subs has been used elsewhere it usually has to still come in three changes. The real problem is that what this actually represents is yet ANOTHER way the biggest clubs want the odds stacked in their favour! The only teams with a strong enough bench to have five subs which could actually change a game are of course the biggest 4/ 6 clubs in the league! Do they really expect us to believe that City/ Pool bringing on five players from there bench has the same impact as five of our bench or say Burnleys?! As always they are just shameless! ?.

16 Oct 2021 07:32:18
But the thing is though despite our moans groans and general displeasure with the morphing of the game away from the shadows of real football my now innate passion for Wolverhampton wanderers will never wane. I'm sure a time when we are long gone will come when it's lads playing digital league matches being watched by anyone on their mobile devices or 3D Coffee type tables streamed into homes.

At a price paid to media bypassing any club administration. But for now it's the vile v wolves and emotions will peak and trough for 90+ minutes tomorrow, hopefully with us being triumphant and carrying those indescribable bragging points. This passion keeps football alive and I can't imagine those feelings being lost. So COYW.

16 Oct 2021 08:31:50
I have felt in recent years that various changes to how football is played and controlled seem to be the slippery slope towards a USA franchise style of operation. In this way the top clubs are eventually ring fenced with all the money centred on them. It is slightly more advanced in Premiership rugby, but had the latest top six arrangement been sanctioned, it would have been a huge step in that direction.

16 Oct 2021 12:00:58
I am correct when we won the fa Cup in 1960 there was no substitutes?

Dave Whelan broke a leg and Blackburn had to play the remainder of the match with 10 men?

Going on the theme of this feed I guessing back then men were real men and watching the big match revisited and the YouTube videos of wolves in the past I see the crowds were awesome and a lot better than today.
But on the downside back in the 70's and 80's football hooliganism was extreme and maybe that played a part in another area of how football has changed.

I agree with the comments above.


Team Review - Brentford

15 Oct 2021 07:39:06
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Team Review - Brentford

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