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15 Jan 2022 14:19:01
No Neves in the squad! I hope he is just injured and not my worst thought!

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15 Jan 2022 14:40:05
I'm sure your thoughts are the same as mine Ken, marcel is missing too though, could be cv.

15 Jan 2022 14:44:50
Me too Ken, I wonder if any ITKs have an angle?

15 Jan 2022 15:06:17
It's covid Ken mate.

15 Jan 2022 15:06:18
Neves has tested positive for COVID

15 Jan 2022 16:25:14
Thanks for that, dare I say, not really missed today. Everything crossed!

15 Jan 2022 17:03:01
Another 3 points guys

15 Jan 2022 17:31:52
Great 3 points today against a strong Southampton side
Toti looked liked he'd playing there all season

15 Jan 2022 18:06:56
Excellent result against an in form side with a couple of our key players missing. let's get the 3 or 4 wins to guarantee safety asap and see where we are with about 10 to play.

15 Jan 2022 22:16:56
We greatly missed his midfield control in my view Wimborne and I think this lead to the Saints having many more chances than we normally allow.

15 Jan 2022 13:23:16
I've had a feeling that Traore will not move on in this window despite all the rumours to the contrary, not sure why, just a feeling.
Today I read, a journalist, Duncan Castles has stated as things stand there have been no negotiations of note which would see Traore join Tottenham.
Unless Levy is planning a last minute smash and grab could Traore stay or just move elsewhere?

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15 Jan 2022 13:56:35
Having said that I've just read a Daily Express article saying just about the opposite. Rumours, eh. ?

15 Jan 2022 14:12:33
Don't worry about traore, wheres neves today? Interesting line up with donks in midfield and toti coming in. I'm going an uncertain 2-1 today, uncertain because of saints 5 man midfield and tori's awareness on debut. Fingers crossed here. COYW.

15 Jan 2022 14:33:57
I read the same report Longwolf. Plus, Bruno has said that no enquiries have been made for Traore from ANY team. And yet we are told that Newcastle have now thrown their hat into the ring for him. Click bait probably or Traore's agent trying to engineer a move and pick up commission. Honestly I can't see his agent not trying it on, as he would get nothing if Traore stays at Wolves. I'm happy for him to stay and I would back Bruno to crack the enigma that is Traore.

15 Jan 2022 15:10:38
I agree Abbeywolf 2-1 to Wolves

15 Jan 2022 23:33:06
Do you know who his agent is Deep Throat?

15 Jan 2022 12:44:50
Gone for 3-2 to Wolves today Podence first scorer, 4+ yellow cards, 1 red card and 3+ corners each half 750/1

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15 Jan 2022 14:10:23
Toti Gomes playing that's a surprise! Though having seen him playing for Grasshoppers I'm not not unduly surprised. Bit of a step for him though.

15 Jan 2022 10:41:57
I predict a 2 nil win for us today.
Chelsea to score 2 goals man City will then have conceded 15 goals this season making us conceding 14 goals still to be the lowest goals conceded in the league so far this season.
Jiminez due a goal but think podence mist likely wouldn't be surprised if semedo or ait nouri score from our 2 wing backs.
All very much to look forward to.

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Review Of The Day 14th January 2022

15 Jan 2022 07:39:16
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 14th January 2022

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14 Jan 2022 18:11:06
Morocco won again 2 nil agaisnt Comoros another clean sheet for Saiss.

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14 Jan 2022 18:19:59
Lol just get in Morocco playing Comoros I guess is like wolves playing Elgin out of the Scottish division 3.

14 Jan 2022 19:00:29
The way its going for Morocco I don't see Romain being back very quickly! They are I assume through to the next stage.
I wonder who Bruno will play tomorrow? If its Marcal, Max will stay on the right. If its Donck he will have to switch to the left. Personally after the Cup game I think he's likely to go for Donck, but we shall see!

14 Jan 2022 19:56:00
Agree Ken I think Lage will go for donk instead marcal.

February the 6th Africa final if Morocco go all the way unless our rearranged games are not penciled in for the last week of this month saiss will miss our next 3 games Southampton,Brentford and Norwich.

15 Jan 2022 09:48:13
Expect we'll see Donk in defence. It means we'll likely get to see either Jordao or Cundle at some point, as I doubt Bruno will play Neves and Moutinho for the full 90.

Hopefully we can be in a comfortable enough position Bruno will feel he can give Giles or Sanderson some game time as well.

Review Of The Day 13th January 2022

14 Jan 2022 07:39:08
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 13th January 2022

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13 Jan 2022 14:53:42
Re Adama Traore I actually wonder at the intelligence of the advice he gets from his agent. Talk about the new contract for him has been going on for what, 18 months? Apparently we were offering around an extra 50k a week so if he'd signed he'd have made around 4 million extra in that time. Would he be worth any more than the 20 million being quoted? Actually I doubt it frankly. As much as I love watching him crowd off their feet, great to watch! But everywhere he's played the comments are always about the lack of end product. That is still the same. As much as I want him to stay if he goes to Spurs and Conte then so be it. All I will say if Conte can turn him into either a wingback or a world beater then he deserves to be called a brilliant coach, but I have my doubts.
Anyway I still think his agent is a bit dumb!

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13 Jan 2022 15:59:50
I think agents often are responsible for players getting unsettled/not signing contracts etc.

13 Jan 2022 17:34:39
I completely agree Ken and I actually think the case is even stronger than you say! So as you say I believe he was on £40/50k a week and we've been offering 70-100k week (probs nearer the £100k by the most recent offer). As you say that basically equates to making an extra £4m in the last two years. Now the argument from his POV of not signing was probs always with an eye on a move but that's why it was short sighted cause he could have signed and STILL got the move! Let's be honest we saw with Jota that if we are offered even a half decent wedge (£40m) then we take the money. So he could have got his extra £4m (plus substantial signing on fee I might add) and had things gone to plan probs STILL got his £40m move to Spurs/WHU come the end of this season! Also in this scenario we would have made a fair return, unlike what is actually likely to happen!
Not just that but when he got that move Adama would have been in an EVEN stronger position for an even bigger ​wage as he would have been coming from a contract on £100k a week rather than £50k! Like you say just poor advice, seems to be a regular problem these days look at Docs! I think a lot of agents just see their next signing on fee with any move more often than not, it's shameless ?

13 Jan 2022 18:19:17
BB agreed! Someone is a bit of round thing on a door! Best not say it I guess!

14 Jan 2022 06:21:39
He has reportedly changed agents to Jorge Mendes.

14 Jan 2022 09:00:13
wittonian. He switched to Uncle Jorge about 18 months ago. Still pretty dumb though imo how to keep yourself on less than you could be. Still Jeff can count it.

14 Jan 2022 10:58:10
We payed 18 million for him had 4 years out of him and I think you all have it wrong he will end up at Barcelona no brainer were he first started I really don't think unless it's 40 million plus we are that stupid to sell him to a rival for penny's sod it I'd rather keep him for his 18 months contract then let him go for nothing

14 Jan 2022 11:42:50
Agree with you GAG.

14 Jan 2022 12:41:26
I agree with your sentiment GAG but I'm afraid sentiments don't pay the bills. Don't forget we had a sanction last FFP check, there's absolutely no way they will be letting an asset like Adama walk for free. Yes £20m is poor business but it's a position we've put ourselves in through poor transfer/contract management. I hope I'm wrong but I'd be amazed if he's not sold within this or the next window. Just don't think we are at a place yet where we can just write off £20m, how would we afford to replace him exactly?

14 Jan 2022 14:00:47
His asset value will be around 3m now so if sold for 20m we sit on an ffp profit of 17m. I think that is how it works! Future will tell us I'm sure, he knows all about this stuff, sadly I don't! Maybe he will come on and explain it again.

14 Jan 2022 14:42:39
Probably more than 3m Ken maybe closer to 6 based on 20m and a 5 year deal meaning a 14m profit, but yes I believe you are correct with your explanation.

14 Jan 2022 20:12:50
He's going nowhere,he will sign a new contract,get a pay rise,score 6 goals in next three games,everyone's a winner,??????

15 Jan 2022 00:16:51
" if it is good for the club and if it is good for the player." so stays and has a blistering 2nd half to the season, goal + assist every other game, Barcelona take notice, swap for Trincao in the summer, sorted.

15 Jan 2022 00:39:37
Ken addressing the numbers and nothing else I believe Arddunby is correct.
We signed him for £18m circa 3.5 years ago on a 5 year contract so £3.6m a year amortisation, (18/5) means he is now in the books for roughly £5.4m.
If sold for £20m we make a profit of just over £14m.

15 Jan 2022 10:06:01
future thanks! See I do take notice I wasn't far out! One day I'll get the hang of it.
Let's have another win today it's a good habit to have.

15 Jan 2022 12:28:10
future, keeping your powder dry then.

The Liverpool Midfield Conundrum

13 Jan 2022 07:39:08
{Ed's Note - Seano_ has posted a new article entitled, The Liverpool Midfield Conundrum

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12 Jan 2022 23:35:39
If Boly and Traore go this month then the money must be invested back into the team a CB is a must imo, if no signings are made and the two mentioned are sold I think things could start to get nasty foe Jeff by the usual Tim Spiers twitter lot.

Personally i'm waiting until Summer as our ffp punishment is gone then, then I think we'll see Fosuns true hand and some tasty signings.

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13 Jan 2022 06:32:41
Sounds good to me Rated mate.
We are in a good position especially after the pandemic.
I try to keep my mind on look where we are whare we came from before fosun and be patient and trust not just Shi but the complete team at our club.
Everyone from within the club say the same its like a family.
Clearly the fans will always want want want including myself but at worse back in the premier league we never been down the bottom end of the league and we haven't hit our ultimate best as we still growing.
Hand on heart even the most sceptical fan surely is acknowledging its brilliant to be in the premier league and getting more and more established.
Onwards and upwards.

13 Jan 2022 09:08:27
I think you're spot on Phil. Every fan at any club wants to see their team winning the league every year. The Dean Saunders era really wasn't that long ago and look at where the club are now in comparison. There are a few clubs who were and have been in the Premier League since then, now in the Championship and even in League One who would happily swap for our owners and league position.

Back when Kenny Jackett took charge if someone had said by 2022 Wolves would be in a 4th PL season and competing well, would any Wolves fan genuinely have not been happy to take it?

13 Jan 2022 12:38:21
Fully agree guys. We've come a long way since Fosun took over. I'm not despondent at the prospect of Boly and Traore going. I know that Bruno will replace them with better players. Look what an improvement Sa is over Patricio, for example! Plus Bruno is improving every single player here already, except Traore.

13 Jan 2022 13:29:47
Hit the nail on the head Phil mate, I see us as work in progress the good times are here and better times are coming.

13 Jan 2022 14:52:40
The last 5 seasons have been the best years since 1979/80 season to be a Wolves supporter and are pushing closely at the 71 - 74 seasons also. Surely anyone who can remember the 83 - 86 years can't be to dissapointed at the moment.


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