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Football Comparisons 9 - Mane v Hazard v Sterling

05 May 2021 18:51:50
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Football Comparisons 9 - Mane v Hazard v Sterling

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05 May 2021 12:58:53
Wolves have made former Everton, Norwich and Wigan defender Matt Jackson their first-ever strategic player marketing manager.

Intresting makes me think it's going to be a very busy Summer.

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05 May 2021 15:16:37
What does that role actually involve? Making you tube videos of performances and Flyers of match stats? I'm genuinely uncertain.

05 May 2021 15:19:46
Rated quote from the press release,
“For years, clubs have focused a large amount of resources on the recruitment aspect of the game, but very few do anything at the other end of the spectrum – with a specialist role focusing on sales, loans, releases or transitions out of the football club.

Technical director Scott Sellars explained: “We spend a lot of time and money on developing players, but this last bit is often an afterthought. It almost becomes a case of, ‘Who do we know? ’ Yet it’s absolutely critical for everyone involved.

“We owe it to the player – and to ourselves – to move them on in a focused and specific way, when the time is right. It’s about marketing players, whether they’re loans or whether their time with us has come to an end and we need to sell. ”.

05 May 2021 15:40:46
Sounds like a few more than usual are about to be moved on. It is the right thing to do based on what ex ref has posted. Like any job some people will be glad to be out but others will have issues moving on.

05 May 2021 15:59:16
Hope we can look forward to an EXITING and refreshed larger squad to suit Nuno going into next season.
Dare we hope that the fosun plan will now get us back into Europe. COYW.

05 May 2021 16:35:23
Thanks exref mate.

Formula 1: Portugal Talking Points

05 May 2021 07:39:07
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Formula 1: Portugal Talking Points

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05 May 2021 06:16:10
Well done man city first champions league final. I don't know how long since their takeover with all the money they have spent must be over 10 years.
Pep has been manager at least 4 years, shows how hard the task is.
PSG their massive layout on neymar and others doesn't get you to the final, PSG owners must be gutted, but a semi final there always next year for them.

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05 May 2021 07:53:26
I can only see Chelsea winning it tbh.

05 May 2021 11:06:43
Phil - how are you feeling post Jab?
Re Pep - yes incredibly hard but certainly not as hard as taking a Championship side to the 1/ 4s of Europa in 3 years!
Hope people remember that when we analyse this year's hiccup in our upward progress.
Indeed hopefully most of you will remember that last August virtually everyone (bar me! ) was saying that were willing to accept the downturn, that was inevitable given decisions made by the club last summer, as part of a wider longer term plan.
Fingers crossed that we now can benefit from the seeds that were sown this year and harvest a successful season next year and further into the future.

05 May 2021 11:48:20
Hi mate re my jab felt sound first thing then about 8 o'clock this morning felt I needed energy so I had a substantial breakfast feel normal now thanks. 👍
Your post re pep is spot on exactly how I think.
Leicester is a first benchmark to get to they a bit further down the road on the journey we are on too I believe we will match them then target higher.

05 May 2021 12:14:16
Just reading about our Texaco cup victory 50 years ago, brought back the memories. I was so pleased we were the 'first ' winners of this new trophy. Going through the team a name often forgot came to mind, one Bobby Gould, rarely mentioned when we reflect on the old times, it normally Bailey waggers squeaker Hibbit etc of course we shouldn't forget Mike O'grady, Danny hegan McCalliog (last seen on chanel 4 four in a bed prog), Curran and others, wonder who the other oldies on here overlook?

05 May 2021 12:20:30
To be honest the Champions league should be boycotted from all supporters with reference to the teams in the final, whether that be City v Chelsea or Madrid. They showed total disregard to the organisations they currently belong to by wanting to form a Super league.

05 May 2021 12:25:35
I was at the Texaco Cup final 2nd leg-what publication did you read that extract in Abbey? . Lost to Hearts 0-1 on the night in front of almost 30,000 which was not bad at all, but won the trophy 3-2 on aggregate-as well as qualifying for UEFA Cup-finishing fourth-still our highest top flight finish since 1971.

05 May 2021 12:42:21
SQ sorry mate I didn't even think of what the super 6 (man city)
did only weeks ago.
In my defence it's always about us the wolves.

05 May 2021 14:37:39
Remember it well SQ. We went to the Man Utd match at Old Trafford on the weekend, lost that, then drove up to Edinburgh via the Lake District for the first leg. Got to Scotland the night before with no accommodation arranged, so four of us slept in a Triumph Herald on a freezing cliff top in North Berwick, before moving on the next day. The Hearts fans we stood with couldn't believe how good Waggy was. Never gave much thought to the return journey, but made it back ok. Obviously, watched the second leg as well. Happy days.

05 May 2021 15:09:25
Phil glad to hear it.
I was reading an article by Jamie Carragher and he said he thought we could have challenged for top 4 this year if we had got the summer right (subjective term of course as maybe in 3 years time last summer will be seen to have been superb) . Maybe I am just too optimistic or just a happy clapper but I really thought the side only needed a tiny tweak - replacement for Moutinho and increase in bench depth particularly at CB and CF - and we could well have done it this year. Despite a lot of the negativity about the squad - some of it outrageous - we still do have a lot v talented players and if we can get back the players that are currently injured and the spirit we showed over the first two years in the Prem we can get back on track.

05 May 2021 16:51:30
Me being always thinking on the positive side when this season for us and the whole of football has been drab we really at this late stage can say we never have been down the bottom in relegation threatened places, so this season not our best by a long way. Next season in theory will be fantastic.

Ps great reading all the posts about Texaco cup.


05 May 2021 20:40:42
Sorry getting back abit late, its on the wolves site, relating how Mike Bailey had his daughters Csection birth changed so he wouldn't miss it due to final at mol. He gave doctor 2 tickets as a thank you and we lost 1-0, but lifted trophy in somewhat muted circumstances.

06 May 2021 19:10:25
No problem Abbey and Phil!
Was just thinking about other 'minor' competitions Wolves have been involved in down the years, like for instance the inaugural Anglo-Italian cup when we beat Lazio and Fiorentina, 1969-70, at Molineux-anybody attend those games? Also a dreadful Watney Cup performance against Bristol Rovers, which we lost 0-2 and was, I think on Match of the Day?

06 May 2021 19:47:38
I remember the Anglo Italian but never saw any, the witness however I watched on tv and as I recall it was live on BBC. But Bristol was such a downer.

06 May 2021 20:13:49
Being younger 88 the sherpa van and the Mercantile credit tournament at wembley I was on school holiday (Austria) for the sherpa van and the Mercantile credit centurion festival I wasnt allowed by parents but my brother went.
I remember on the south bank singing tell me mom me mom,
To put the champagne on ice,
We're going to Wembley twice,
Tell me mom me mom.
Ha ha my brother teased me about the century festival my brother did bring me back the programme.

06 May 2021 20:20:02
I think it was Sony movie channel I was flicking the channels earlier they have football greats or legends very brief only a couple minutes,
Sandro Mazzola an attacking midfielder it said he his known to be the best Italian footballer ever.
Inter Milan in the 60's.
I never heard of him until a few hours ago.

05 May 2021 00:12:22
In fairness to our defence it is not easy to defend crosses when you are following the two metre rule in your own penalty area.

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05 May 2021 08:27:37
Regarding recruitment Ben White of Brighton would be a great signing they turned down £30 mill for him last season but he is the real deal also Adam Armstrong at Blackburn a classy striker in the last year of his contract, we never seem to look to the championship for players they are there! We were all impressed with Vitinha’s performance and hopefully he will play in the remaining games. It would be nice to have a marquee signing in midfield any ideas?

05 May 2021 13:20:31
Nice one E!

05 May 2021 15:18:26
Abbey - I think we rarely give Credit to Defenders - even today - so I'll give a shout out to the back 4 of the early 70s who I think would have been John Mcalle, Derek Parkin, Frank Munroe and Bernard Shaw.

05 May 2021 18:28:22
Ben White is class but sadly will have his eyes further up the league. I reckon he'll end up at United or Pool to be honest 😕.

05 May 2021 19:20:07
Yes I agree, the thought was nice while it lasted! Lewis Dunk would be an option I know he’s 29 but a sold centre back with a goal in him.

05 May 2021 20:47:12
Francie munro was a mountain and he could play it. Got one Scotland cap against England I think in the old home countries internationals. Parkin just superb. John mcCall/ John holdsgrove and steady Bernard Shaw who could be 'unreliable' and of course Phil Parkes who I rated but others thought could be a liability.

06 May 2021 10:04:08
Abbey - John Holdsgrove - that is real blast from. I started going in the late 60s so I think he was on his way out by then - prob replaced by Munroe (? ) - but memory is weak. The other CB I remember but from slightly later - maybe early 70s - was Derek Jefferson. As I recall he wasn't quite good enough. Probably a bit like my memory of Phil Parkes - sorry! . As I recall he had huge feet and again maybe a memory thing but I want to say he saved more pens hat a goalie should!
Parkin and Shaw were both rocks for Wolves for years - guess they were different times. Far fewer transfers (and with only 1 sub) so the same 11 players turned out year after year.
Was Shaw eventually replaced by Geoff Palmer?

06 May 2021 12:07:57
Hugh Mcllmoyle ( before Doog) got his own statue at Carlisle, Gerry Taylor and Les Wilson two fullbacks who were happy to be reserves, Emlyn Hughes, the mans enthusiasm and will to win had to be seen to be believed, sadly missed, Norman Bell 35 mill these days, Neil Emblen, now there was a play anywhere player, didn’t call him “headless” for nothing, Steve Kindon, this Traore stuffs all been seen before, so many players who bring back so many memories and then. the Bhatti’s happened, if only we’d got decent owners at that time, we have to be thankful we still have a Club so let’s enjoy it.

06 May 2021 12:32:21
I belive palmer did replace Shaw. And jefferson, yes if I recall he either came from Coventry or man city, or went other way. Abit of a blur.

06 May 2021 12:36:32
I knew it was a team in blue! Jefferson came from Ipswich, the old collectors card must have faded. Sammy Chung dosnt get mentioned as much as he should either.

04 May 2021 17:33:28
I don't know if any of you (and I'd assume most have) but Wolves shared a picture of Vitinha with the caption "Our Future"
Hopefully his loan deal will become a permanent one!

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04 May 2021 18:30:42
Hope so £18million is a bargain for him, apparantly there is negotition room too so could get him cheaper.

04 May 2021 18:37:40
I haven't seen it deb but same as you would like him to be brought permanently.

04 May 2021 20:28:30
He showed last night what we've been missing, he is a must for the future no question.

05 May 2021 07:42:42
Yeah I would sign him, but only him out three loans, play him till end of season get him used to our style of play.

04 May 2021 10:46:17
Basic rules of defending : 1. Stop the cross 2. If you can’t stop the cross, attack the ball when it comes in. 3. If you can’t win the ball, challenge opposing players by being close enough to jump with them and at least put them off, failure to do all three usually ends in picking the ball out of your net while the goalkeeper and three centre halves look at each other saying “how did that happen” and blame each other. Captain Coady will say we’re disappointed with the goal and Nuno will say we must improve, get better, find solutions etc. Best solution ; Sign two Centre backs who can head crosses away, there must be some in Portugal.

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04 May 2021 11:20:26
Brilliant post ox. 2 c halves who are midfielder's is not good enough at this level. Must get 2.i also think silva needs to get some sprints in I think he's coming on but 2/ 3 times he lacked the acceleration to get away if nuno can get that into him I think he could play alongside raul. Podence is disappointing me at the moment and seems lost for confidence. vitinha is going to be hibbit Mark 2 but better. we need a good summer and keep otasowie involved cus he could also prove a few wrong. Semedo defending is worrying but was impressed with ain't noui. But waw and we'll get there.

04 May 2021 12:31:27
All our problems are solved, get rid of Nuno and bring Oxley Moor Ron in.

04 May 2021 12:47:24
Get him in.

04 May 2021 15:00:25
Kilman might have stopped the WBA goal if he had been on the pitch. He's a good height at 6'3". Nuno hardly ever uses him.

04 May 2021 16:06:37
Agree deep throat and its abit of a mystery to me. Maybe nuno feels seiss can play it out and distribute better. Nuno seemed abit iffy when asked about bolys absence last night before saying it was cv related, I hope big wily is OK and not on his way as has been rumoured.

04 May 2021 18:36:02
Agree O. M. RON. 2 centre backs we have max kilman go out there and buy a 20 to 40 million pound super star quality centre back or even up to60 million.

04 May 2021 18:41:33
Oxley Moor Ron, first class post :)

05 May 2021 19:38:02
I actually wonder with Kilman if it's the opposite of what everyone's assuming. Maybe Nuno has already decided he's a long term investment and therefore is concentrating on maitaining the value of players more likely to be sold (Saiss and/ or Boly)? Like others I think we are going to have a big shake up this summer and if that's true these last matches are the last chance to put some of these players in the shop window? I have no inside knowledge but would explain things. I hope that's it because like others I think Max has lots more to give! 👍.

06 May 2021 11:43:56
We all like a laugh especially over the last season or so but joking aside when I see Centre Backs playing in the FA Vase and in the National League who simply head crosses away from goal like there lives depend on it and wish we had a few like that, suppose they’re Centre Backs playing as Centre Backs though, not play anywhere midfielders.

Mirko Antonucci

04 May 2021 08:25:20
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new player profile about, Mirko Antonucci

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Formula 1: Portugal Talking Points

04 May 2021 07:39:08
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Formula 1: Portugal Talking Points

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03 May 2021 23:01:57
Am I allowed to be a little smug about me always saying Vintinha is class? :P
Only joking about the smug of course lol, but imo we must sign RAN and Vintinha.
Summer will be huge for us I think especially now Nuno is dropping the small squad idea, 2 cbs is a must and how about nicking Sam Jonston of the stripey lot too? He's a pretty decent keeper.

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04 May 2021 07:00:51
Agreed Rated, I was relieved when Nuno came out and admitted the smaller squad option was being reassessed and also with summer recruitment.
It does open a can of worms slightly - does this mean recruitment hasn't been good enough? I believe Dion Sanderson should be given a chance next season. I cannot figure out why Max Killman is not given a start.
To fund this recruitment I would imagine there will be some players leaving. Adama Traore would most likely get the highest bid. Beyond that, it is hard to say (in my opinion) . Will Rudy be replaced? another sticky situation.
I cannot see Willian Jose being offered a contract one goal so far is not a great return. I would like to see Vintinha stay and RAN is developing nicely (I was a critic at the start tbh) .
But a center-back is necessary, a replacement for Mountinhio, and a forward to give RJ some serious competition (assuming and hoping he comes back the same player after his injury) .
Wolves ay we!

04 May 2021 08:20:48
RAN looked good going forward but has not shown that he can defend and if we are to switch to a back 4 more permanently, he has to be able to defend. He can get away with it at wing back to an extent as there us more cover.

Really impressed with Vitinha and he and Fabio definitely had their best games in old gold. Otasowie frustrated me as he did a lot of good things but did keep giving the ball away with sloppy passes, especially in the first half, but I think he does have the makings of a good player.

Nuno's update on Boly is a bit worrying though. Long C.V. and increased heart rate, unable to train. No wonder he had a stinker against Burnley.

04 May 2021 09:25:54
The difference yesterday was that players such as Vitinha, Otasowie, RAN and Semedo were willing to run at players and break lines. This made us more direct, created spaces for willing runners and was the launch pad for more shots on goal. Keep this up lads.

04 May 2021 10:14:00
This hurts a little but I thought both teams played well yesterday considering the conditions.
Draw fair result.
We're still playing with 10 men.
look at the video for their goal and please tell me what Dendoncker was marking-was it the grass?
His fans say that he is a box-to-box player does that mean he can't go past the penalty box line when we are defending?

04 May 2021 11:42:50
In all fairness I can see what your saying but semedo gave him 10 to fifteen feet to pinpoint the cross instead of sticking close and then it's a hopeful cross + saiss didn't do anything and the tesco didn't have to move or jump. awful goal to concede but I strongly believe if neto had been on we'd have won that game. nuno please show traore some videos of the guy at West ham.

04 May 2021 13:39:37
To be honest I thought adama did well yesterday. I know he has a baffling aspect to him but he was defending getting in the box, even a header saved, and tried to perform in his normal way which is basically get ball get hammered by his markers over and over. Trouble is finding someone to pass to a lot of time, I wish he'd take a shot so many times and then it runs away. Like him or not how many goals have come from his runs this season? He gives a lot to moan about, but don't let that take away from his input. I'd rather him in than out.

04 May 2021 17:01:20
Rated mate you made me happy reading your post at the top of this feed.
One of many great guys on here you are.
Up the wolves
Up the Wolfpack.

04 May 2021 23:27:26
Always enjoy reading your posts Phil mate i'm sure the Eds and other posters will agree with me here you are one of the nicest people on here, you're a breath of fresh air mate.

05 May 2021 05:12:37
Arh cheers,
Lost for words that's a first ha ha.
Had my jab feel sound.


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