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01 Dec 2019 17:21:29
I'm a bit cheesed off at Nuno today I felt he should of used subs got the likes of Neto on but for some reason he didn't use any subs.
Was he making a statement to the board saying "we need better cover"?
Either way it baffled me.
Anyway a point is a point.

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01 Dec 2019 21:53:59
I think you have that one wrong pal if you believe that Nuno does not have a very personal, very workmanlike relationship with our Board.
We are not Arsenal!

02 Dec 2019 00:59:25
So why use no subs then? It don't make any sense.
Jota was clearly off today and needed replacing maybe it was tiredness.
Many on here know i'm positive about Wolves but Nuno left me baffled today.
I don't recall me saying we was Arsenal? So no idea why you said that for.

02 Dec 2019 08:21:23
One possibility is that the subs against braga Thursday night didn't make a big enough impact for nuno to use subs yesterday.

02 Dec 2019 10:53:58
Lucky to escape with a point lastnite and after throwing away a 3 - 1 lead making substitutions against Braga Nuno kept his strongest team on the pitch. Nice to see a Club with players who are only there for the money and who’s fans are deserting them by the thousands have reportedly dropped their interest in Nuno because “he wouldn’t be the right fit” - like they know!

02 Dec 2019 11:26:01
Exactly phil my thoughts too which is why I mentioned maybe he was making a statement to the board?
Ofcourse he has a excellent relationship with the board but by showing them could make them think "hmmm the team needs a bit more investment in it than we planned"
Ofcourse i'm only guessing, but i'm confident nuno and fosum will sort it.

02 Dec 2019 13:17:46
I get ya will be interesting the January transfer window. Looking at the midweek fixtures some cracking games. merseyside derby;spurs at man utd and the best game is going to be us thumping West ham at the mol.

03 Dec 2019 18:28:58
You need a reality check: don't believe we are capable of "thumping" any team, only reliable striker we have is Raul.

Miguel Almiron

01 Dec 2019 14:38:33
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new player profile about, Miguel Almiron

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01 Dec 2019 12:57:36
So so sorry to hear about Benik Afobe's tragic loss.
My thoughts are with him and his family.

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01 Dec 2019 13:23:14
Very sad news mate, at 2 minutes maybe a 2 minute applause at the match today?

02 Dec 2019 22:07:01
Doc spot on.

01 Dec 2019 12:07:25
Gone for 3-2 to Wolves today with Neves as first scorer at 250/ 1.

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01 Dec 2019 08:30:31
lets talk about todays match tired legs and travel fatigue could make a harder afternoon than it already was let's hope ourboys are all recovered well my prediction 3-1 wolves diogo 2 raul 1 COYW!

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01 Dec 2019 09:57:46
I'm going for 2-0 to us. I thinking the team will put in superb performance for nuno.

01 Dec 2019 10:53:23
Tired legs will come in to play I reckon'that pitch in Braga was a throw back to the 70s! 1-1 for me. UTW.

01 Dec 2019 12:06:09
I really hope the crowd will let Nuno know how much we want him to stay.
And the team show him what he means to them 4-1 Wolves COYW.

01 Dec 2019 12:53:10
We need to play full 90mins + and see games out, &, hopefully, Jota can find his shooting boots,

01 Dec 2019 06:22:06
Would be great for Carl Ikeme to come back to us in coaching or ambassador role. What a hero. Respect to you Carl.

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30 Nov 2019 07:20:20
Interesting piece in the E&S about airing on the side of caution and preparing for a future without Nuno.

Think we would all like to see him stay for years and years. And Never leave!

But reality as Nuno said is honestly big managers get big offers. If he doesn't go for Arsenal part of me thinks he will take an offer at some point in the near future. He has shone too brightly.

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30 Nov 2019 16:37:17
The silence from Fosun is deafening-there needs to be some statement regarding Nuno. Also if reports state he has spoken to Arsenal, why has this not been reported as an illegal approach?

I don't think fans realise how much trouble we could be in if there is upheaval. Nuno goes-the backroom team goes-and the January plans go up in smoke. With the Premier league a log jam separated by a few points-RELEGATION is not out of the question.

30 Nov 2019 17:03:01
I think we all realise that SQ' I'm sure those in charge realise it too' keep the faith UTW.

30 Nov 2019 18:23:40
Hope nuno turns arsenal and any one else down. but I think we have him for this season after that?
Would think fosun might promise him enough money . plus enough to buy more quality players. time will tell. coyw.

30 Nov 2019 20:42:00
Why are you believing the papers. Just because they've written it doesn't make it true. Some papers are saying Brendan Rodgers has been spoken to, others say Poch is taking over in the summer and Freddie will remain as interim manager for the rest of this season. Maybe Fosun haven't said anything because no contact has been made.

01 Dec 2019 06:30:43
Just shows how far we have come as a club since fosun took over. Where our manager is be touted for the arsenal job. One mistake by fosun at the beginning when the top manager (can't remember his name) was appointed the spanish national team manager after that zenga lambert everything else has worked like clockwork. Imo we are never going to get relegated whatever happens.

01 Dec 2019 09:06:31
I want him to stay we all do but one day he will go - either because an offer is too good to turn down like Portugal national team or because we have a bad run of results and we fire him - that's football and apart from Ferguson managers go one way or another

If Nuno goes I trust Fosun will bring in Poch or someone from a European club to carry on the project.

29 Nov 2019 14:30:09
The Arsenal has a dream
nick Nuno and his team
and hopefully the wonder kid from Porto,
Luiz at the back Aubameyang in attack
Sure Nunos saying wouldn't manage that crap!

See it out Nuno you're taking us places!

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29 Nov 2019 11:25:25
Operation'save the gunners at the expense of the Wolves will really kick into action within the media now, let's hope Nuno realises he's got plenty of unlocked potential here he can work with and the bright lights of stab central don't turn his head. UTW.

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29 Nov 2019 11:51:39
C'mon Nuno, rule yourself out, there's so much love for you here, keep that dream alive.

29 Nov 2019 12:49:08
It doesn't look good to be honest. If it happens more interested in who Fosun want.

29 Nov 2019 14:16:39
With the exception of Bill McGarry who came back and quickly walked away when the Club was a shambles, Managers have never left Wolves by choice, Nuno will still be here when the next Arsenal Manager is sacked and we’ll still be higher in the Prem, their rebuilding job is on a par with Man U’s, how the mighty have fallen, they can have Spurs old Manager and we’ll all be happy.

29 Nov 2019 16:43:24
If bookmakers are anything to go by we are safe. Nuno on the drift to 13/ 2 and the fav is Allegri. Let's hope so.

29 Nov 2019 18:14:20
Some press are saying contact has been made by Arsenal as they have a good relationship with Jorge Mendes. Do these press people not realise that Fosun have a pretty good relationship with Mendes too, namely a share of Gestifute.

29 Nov 2019 19:53:09
Down to joint 4th favourite now behind Allegri, Ljungberg, Arteta and Poch.

29 Nov 2019 22:28:22
No way he will leave.
Look through all the press rubbish and just look st the personal character of Nuno.
He is an honest and sensible bloke who exudes deference and self-improvement.
He is not a personality that demands the spotlight and therefore, in my opinion, he is someone that likes to go under the radar, to create the unexpected rather than the somewhat boring top-6 mentality of 'must-win'/ 'shoukd-win'.
My wages on him being here at the end of the season!

30 Nov 2019 02:46:12
Spot on, Exeter!

01 Dec 2019 09:15:58
Sounds good to me but we don't know what Arsenal is offering but I am thinking we have a great chance of more European football next season and going to Arsenal is a risk the team is a mess yes they have good front two like us but superstar mentality with some players reminds me of the Wolves team McCarthy built before our decline

If I were a thinking manager I would leave Arsenal alone let then appoint a temporary manager and clear out the obvious dead weight in January

Which means this will all happen again because they will try and sign our players they need someone like Doc and Traore.

29 Nov 2019 10:24:48
Arsenal sacked manager as expected can't wait for nuno to turn arsenal down if he is as expected offered the job.

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29 Nov 2019 13:30:47
If Nuno was really approached by Arsenal, and he didn't want to move, he would hardly turn down Arsenal in public. It would be more diplomatic and discreet. Nuno is a gentleman.

29 Nov 2019 15:47:34
I agree Deep Throat I didn't think that when I posted this morning I was listening to the bluenose's at work having the banter trying to wind me up lol


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