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06 Aug 2020 20:02:11
Nearly forgot to post gone for 3-1 to Wolves Neves first scorer 200/ 1.

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26 Jul 2020 16:57:20
So to ensure the Big 6 are to be protected, reds are giving free kicks to players of big 6 clubs who blatantly dive.

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26 Jul 2020 16:54:47
So VAR isn't allowed to tell the ref that a player should be booked and the free kick given the other way for simulation? Alonso?

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12 Jul 2020 11:17:40
Lads it's Everton.

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07 Mar 2020 10:27:57
To all that go to the game today, enjoy it as it may be the last this season if the snowflakes get their way! The scaremongerers are winnin! Before they stop us going to football, why aren't they closin airports, cruises, the underground! IMO this is being blown all out of proportion. People who are diein which is sad are elderly or people with on going health issues, who are probably on their last legs anyway. Come on government get a grip or shall we all stay in our homes and self isolate and close Britain down. Anyway Mighty Wolves 3 Brighton 1 👍.

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09 Mar 2020 07:37:44
It's because there's thousands of people all in one place with nowhere to go which is why it's so dangerous. Airports, cruises and the tube allow you to move around freely.

29 Apr 2020 22:18:07
Well Paul Tamworth, his post hasn't aged well at all, has it? As of today 29.4.2020 there are currently 26,097 coronavirus death. This may not be the true figure as the gov't are not including deaths in nursing homes or people that pass away at home. Still though the "snowflakes have won".

02 May 2020 13:52:12

05 May 2020 11:29:08
Saw a article suggestion the death rate is over 32,000 now highest in Europe.

06 May 2020 12:59:56
Not to politicize this, but Boris didn’t take this very seriously and now people have paid the price for his incompetence.

01 Mar 2020 14:23:45
1-0 down again can someone please tell me what is the point of coady? a sweeper that can't sweep! we would be better off playing with 4 at the back a complete waste of a shirt not often I have a rant but surely nuno and the rest can see he ain't up to the job now COYW score some goals!

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02 Mar 2020 01:31:36
How does that humble pie taste?

02 Mar 2020 19:39:41
rated take a look at that first goal he is lost too many times this season he has been at fault where would we be if we hadnt conceded these goals!

13 Mar 2020 17:07:46
and again he is ruining what could of been a fantastic season simply not good enough!

31 Jan 2020 06:56:23
Spiers saying we are working on 7 potential deals on deadline day. For 1 striker to come in.

Nothing guaranteed to happen. Nelson Olivera release clause might be a back up option. €5.5

Let's see.

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29 Jan 2020 00:12:38
15m for Costa 15 million for cav 16m back for cutrone. I know we won't get that money up front. but that's 46m. and your saying 16.9m for podence of which we probs won't pay up front. to free up a bit more cash for a striker possibly Sturridge or oliveira. aaayyyyyy . uptw 😂.

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29 Jan 2020 10:59:32
Sturridge rumour seems to be gathering pace, Olivieria deal is off and quite right too why should Wolves be bullied into paying more than market value?

27 Jan 2020 19:44:21
Sorry my mistake with enzo it will be 4 signings 2 for the under 23s and 2 for the under 18s. none for the main squad to make a impact so far. i'm sure fosun will bring the signings needed.

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23 Jan 2020 22:59:02
first of all a great game proud to be a wolves fan once again . but no room for sentiment absolutely shocking defending for both goals how long will it take for us to sign a proper sweeper who can defend win headers etc to push on this is what we need no doubt in my mind but a great effort raul was immense as was adama onwards and upwards COYW!

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