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16 Jan 2022 15:22:55
I do hope Nuno isn't daft enough to go to Everton because I do still like him. The fans won't like it because they think they are still a big club and anyone taking it will have a rubbish board with a loaded gun for the sign of trouble. Don't trust them!

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05 Jan 2022 20:13:26
Scott Sellars said (RE this transfer window): "It's hard to predict what happens in any transfer window, but it's certain that we won't bring in a large number of new signings, and firstly we will focus on providing Lage with immediate back up at a time when all clubs are suffering with injuries and Covid issues, and at the same time give opportunities to our young players who have been doing so well out on loan.

"We obviously had a game postponed due to Covid last week and Romain Saiss is now with his country for the foreseeable future at the Africa Cup of Nations, so it is important that we supplement the squad with some of our players who have been progressing excellently elsewhere and can provide the squad with competition and Bruno with options at a difficult time of year.

"You're always looking at the makeup of the squad and in recent years we've never been a football club that carries lots of players. We believe in giving the first-team the opportunity to play and be competitive, but also leave spaces for academy players to come through as well. It's important we don't stockpile and there's a blockage."

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05 Jan 2022 07:29:09
I hear that Santa Claus is available on a free for 12 months on very low wages - maybe the board should consider signing him. Maybe he
could bring some of his gifts with him? Maybe a couple of turkeys? They are all free at this time of year!
Seriously Jeff give Bruno what he needs - he is a great manager &.could take us to another level.

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26 Dec 2021 19:41:02
Arsenal game off due to cv in our camp.

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26 Dec 2021 11:40:15
Sat up watching cricket till Root was out - when frankly we are all out.
Hard to be too critical the side as it is just totally out of its depth.
Major structural problems with the game. I went to Hove last season - on paper Sussex are a strong side -for a Championship game but not only was there virtually no one else there but the Sussex side was shorn of all its senior players.
Sadly no one in England takes first class cricket seriously anymore as all the money is in the short form of the game.
Indeed the Championship is only played on the shoulders of the season May and September when it is least suited for quality cricket and dobbers like Derek Steven rule!
Not surprisingly then we are not very good at real cricket. Fortunately, (Perhaps?) the standard of Test cricket the world over has also fallen as we are not alone in this dichotomy - money or heritage.
It is just that the Antipodeans seemingly can produce players who can play both games well and we can't whilst of course India have such a high base that even diluted their quality is mind blowingly strong!
Although the soln is completely obvious - restore first class cricket to the middle of the summer and force the counties to pick their best players for these games - not rest them or the more "important" 20:20 etc etc
However not sure that this is a soln that will be acceptable to the authorities who obviously prefer losing games to losing money!

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15 Dec 2021 21:36:46
Boy, do we make it hard for ourselves! Senseless free kicks and last minute subs do nothing to ease my nerves! Fantastic result tho.

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11 Dec 2021 10:39:35
Anyone who owns or manages a Club that the bookies price at 18/1 to win a football match against a team in the same division should be ashamed of themselves, probably be about 10/1 in our next home game, is this really the same Club that Nuno took into Europe and an FA Cup Semi Final, we’re not progressing, Fosun seem to have settled for just making up the numbers.

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14 Nov 2021 12:01:49
Wondered why England played at home wearing the blue away kit, maybe something to do with trying to sell them, available with every squad players name and number direct from the FA online store, “Coady 16” must be top of Wolves fans shopping list for the little matter of £114.95, that’s why Gareth tries to pick at least one player from as many Clubs as possible!

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06 Nov 2021 16:45:23
Yet again, more proof that Lage really ain’t got a clue what he’s doing. Undefeated in 5 due to pure luck and the fact the other team had shambolic defending.

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02 Oct 2021 07:35:58
Jiminez 2-0 come on me babies.

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