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19 Feb 2023 10:49:09
Would Steve Bull score in this team?

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19 Feb 2023 11:31:37
Pointless question Winton. May as well ask, would Phil Parkes have saved their shot yesterday

19 Feb 2023 12:41:52
I think that you are missing my point Steve, none of our strikers, (center forwards)have hit the back of the net for a while so where does the problem lay?

19 Feb 2023 12:54:21
So what’s Steve Bull got to do with it? He’s not a part of the problem or solution

19 Feb 2023 13:36:20
I understand your point of view.

19 Feb 2023 13:52:26
I think the question is Steve would even a natural proven goalscorer score for this team as Costa, Jimenez and so far Cunha have all pretty much failed to do so.

So are the club buying and playing goal shy strikers or are they just not getting the service and if not, why not?

19 Feb 2023 14:18:25
No if the chances aren't being created then no striker will score period.

19 Feb 2023 14:43:54
Well how many windows do we need to actually sign a STRIKER! Still not got one even Chris Woods would do a job but no he's goes to Forest! And scores!

19 Feb 2023 15:22:37
9 goals in the last 4 seasons, Nigel.Yes, he's prolific.

19 Feb 2023 15:31:35
Bully is God never in any doubt Bully was a phenomen and would score in any team.
His will his determination to score would drive this team on.

Our 3 strikers haven't scored in the premier league this season.

Bully would play on the last man jota was similar.
Bully would get the ball on the flanks drive across the back line and bosha the ball is in the back of the net.

Can think of what would be if Bully was playing to day but just a dream.

Bully would drive the team on and demand his team mates play how they should.

19 Feb 2023 15:43:41
Hello everybody. Would someone please tell me why I'm wrong. I thought you had to create chances to score.

19 Feb 2023 15:48:03
Ps bully didn't score in every game so games like yesterday happened when bully was playing.

An opportunity for me to post/say about our clubs all time top goalscorer.

19 Feb 2023 15:58:23
Don't have beef or be funny with me Old Wulf OK!

19 Feb 2023 16:28:55
Phil, Bully never proved himself at this level, only ever plied his trade in lower levels. It’s pointless saying he’d thrive in this league. This coming from a fan who watched him regularly, home and away, and for his country. He simply isn’t the loyal ‘god’ some people think

19 Feb 2023 16:32:57
Sorry old wulf not having the best of times of late and I should not take it out on you.
My life's a wreck the wolves are not a wreck just need to do whatever is necessary to please the fans.
Apologies again.

19 Feb 2023 16:42:40
Right on Phil ?
We all have valid views

19 Feb 2023 17:39:26
Wasn't being funny with you Phil. I was making a general point. We've had this debate for ages but people who keep harping on about a striker seem to forget that teams actually have to create chances to score.Also,as happened during the last window no one when asked could come up with a realistic name who would be of any assistance. It's no good people saying that's the club's job because any half knowledgeable football fan should be able to come up with options if they exist. The hard fact is that top level strikers are as rare as hens teeth. We wasted £50m plus on our search ( Silva and Cutrone) and much wealthier clubs than us can't find one including mega rich Chelsea.

19 Feb 2023 18:01:22
Your post is an argument spoke of all the time when bully was playing to hear it from a wolves fan is shockingly unexpected.
I think your wrong have to agree to disagre as will never know if he could or not.
As a teenager was when bully signed for us and was my hero.
Maybe I'm too sentimental.

19 Feb 2023 18:09:15
I get you Old Wulf and understand.?

19 Feb 2023 18:10:19
It’s NOT an argument Phil. It’s fact. The highest he got was second division football. Also fact, that he wanted to move on when Everton put a million plus bid in for him. All I’m saying is that he wasn’t as loyal as some think. He had desires to leave, didn’t stay here purely by choice

19 Feb 2023 18:19:25
No your not Phil,did bully score for England,?
I have to agree. Bully would av had a field day in this team,and that's a fact,
You can't beat a bit of bully,

19 Feb 2023 18:31:19
4 goals at international level proves he could score at the highest level

19 Feb 2023 18:54:46
Phil, it’s not an argument, it’s fact. He played at second division at best. So people can’t keep saying how he’d do in this league. As for him staying here, he so much wanted to leave when Everton put a million plus bid in for him, more facts. Yes he stayed here, but not entirely out of choice.

19 Feb 2023 19:29:08
Camo. All in friendly games. 1 against Scotland, 2 against Czech Republic- I was there, 1 against Tunisia

19 Feb 2023 19:47:29
Confused how you don't think this is international level!

19 Feb 2023 19:50:55
You the first wolves fan I have heard knock bully and fans who adored him.
I know the facts as does anyone who follows wolves in that bully didn't play top flight.
The argument is could bully do it in the top flight something you seem to not think he could.
I think he could and I can and I will say he could score goals in this team at present.

Like I said we'll have to agree to disagree.

19 Feb 2023 19:56:14
They were friendly matches. Not full competitive games

19 Feb 2023 20:18:20
If Ade Akinfenwa had been picked for England v Gibraltar and scored would that have made him an international class striker? Much as I loved watching the bloke he was a tub of lard so Camo I'm not sure why you are confused by Steve's comments. Bully was, of course, much better, and I watched him home and away during his career but I genuinely think he would struggle against modern day premier league defences where space is at a premium. We'll never really know though will we?

20 Feb 2023 00:09:46
Didn't hear anyone complaining about our lack of goals when we scored 3 against Liverpool and then 2 against Southampton. Funny how quickly some fans turn.

20 Feb 2023 07:27:07
Might be worth you filling in the missing letters to get the answer,Jas. F**kle.

20 Feb 2023 07:59:44
Old Wulf, I was confused because international friendlies are still international standard, hence the name international being in the title. My point was if he could score at international level the chances are he would score at the highest domestic level.

20 Feb 2023 08:13:13
Overall Carno the standard of the premier league is much higher than is seen in internationals and there's the point. Just check out the recent world cup where many players who star for their nations struggle to get in their club's team.

20 Feb 2023 10:45:46
You can only play and score against the teams you're playing against.bully created a lot of his own goals driving fwd.teams wer scared of him.giv him the ball in the opposing half and a lot of the time a goal would happen. we don't have anybody to scare defenders.and should create a lot of chances with our so called creative players.we scored more when neves played a more fwd role.which I thut nunes was brought in todo.our only saving grace is that a lot of teams are struggling for goals this ssn.but there has to be a fundamental flaw when we create nothing infront of goal.

20 Feb 2023 11:57:37
Just watch bully's first goal for england v Scotland. Bull knew where the goal was.

20 Feb 2023 19:14:07
Was just before my 16th birthday that day Abbey.
Bully nearly scored with a rocket of a shot before his goal.

21 Feb 2023 07:16:16
That's exactly what I mean phil, he was the creation in himself. If a player dosnt have the instinct and awareness he can't score no matter what happens before. Bull, loyal dedicated and passionate, maybe that's what we really need in our players.

21 Feb 2023 10:10:40
Big five 0 soon then Phil! Congratulations in advance.

21 Feb 2023 14:22:16
Thankyou Old Wulf just scrolled down and saw your post.
Yes 50 in a few months jeez where the time gone?
More than half my life 27 years I've worked in brum.
The banter when I started blues West brom and us in the championship used to get heated at times but the best guys have remained and we all get on fine.
There is a wind up merchant blues fan the gaffers right hand man but he's harmless but when I'm under pressure I'm stressed he goes to far lol lone wolf in brum I am proud to be wolves my boss always used to try to turn me into a brummie no chance wolvo I am I tell him lol.

You get my thinking Abbey.
His will determination.
But it's a different kettle of fish today's game but it's great to compare.



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