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11 Apr 2023 19:03:34
I've read that Fabio doesn't want to come back.

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12 Apr 2023 07:45:25
He said it's for discussion at the end of the season but if I were him I would say I don't want to leave PSV either as that's the team he plays for

He knows it's not his decision

12 Apr 2023 09:02:31
Rudd Van Nistelrooy said in an interview that PSV initially wanted FS for an eighteen month loan, but rules did not allow it. FS does seem to be flourishing at PSV, so if akes sense for him to stay a develop further.

12 Apr 2023 10:07:17
I have seen highlights of a few of his games and he looks transformed, much more powerful, fitter, faster and certainly hungrier.
However if he stays another year firstly we won't have him and maybe we will need him (?) and secondly, he will only have 2 years left on his contract making us vulnerable if he does blossom further.
Finally each year his contract amortises through our accounts as well so even if his wages are paid in full by the other club it still costs us millions for him not to play for us!
Perhaps the soln is for him to come back and do a pre season with us and then JL can decide if he is ready or he needs yet another year on loan to develop to the level we needed 4 years ago!

12 Apr 2023 10:48:48
@TFIG Fabio looks like he's been in the gym, he's really bulked up.

12 Apr 2023 11:50:00
I thought Lopetegui has already been reported as saying he will have a look at him in Pre-season. I think if we are in the Premiership, they will look to sell. If in the Championship, they will keep him (no loan).

12 Apr 2023 13:40:29
If he is prepared to sign another contract extension then I see no reason why he can't go on loan again. The lads still only 20 and is under contract until 2026 so if he won't sign an extension then maybe it's best to let him go with a good sell on clause.

12 Apr 2023 21:28:24
Arddunby and Rugeley you may well both be correct in stating that for one of a variety of reasons his time with us may end this summer. Sadly if so this will be without him ever playing (for us) at the level Jeff presumably thought the was capable of doing so 3 years ago.
It probably isn't the time to discuss it now but if it does come to pass that he leaves without justifying the transfer even if we manage to raise sufficient from a transfer fee to wipe our face (sadly still despite his seeming "improvement" unlikely) it would be interesting/painful to look back at the transaction and how it has/still is impacted/ing upon the club's fortunes now and over these past few years

14 Apr 2023 14:46:09
Would be madness to sell silva.
Our club has invested heavily in silva not only the signing fee and silva,s contract but all the work been done on his progression.
Why would we sell to give other club the benefits of our all our labour.
The circumstances with jiminez injury totally changed the plan set for silva development of which through a huge spanner in the works.
What ever all our opinions on silva signing are it happened and the only way for me to go is to look forward.
Looking back isn't going to solve anything only make feelings bad.

14 Apr 2023 15:32:19
Phil my first comment above indicates that my intial reactin was the same as yours. However I think in the circumstances outlined in the 2 notes above ie where he won't sign a new contract and either is unwilling to come back or comes back and is still clearly not good enough our options start to get significantly smaller and selling and simply moving on might be the best if not only one left.
I hope that this doesn't come about but sadly it may.

14 Apr 2023 16:38:33
Thefutureisoldgold I understand your logic I just choose to look at the situation in a different light.

15 Apr 2023 07:40:35
As it stands, the Club has spent heavily on an asset which has yet to give the Club a decent return.
Now we have a proper person controlling footballing matters, his view will be the one that prevails.
Hopefully he will think it has not been money wasted, otherwise he will make a clinical decision.

15 Apr 2023 09:56:07
Assuming we are still in the top flight then given our current issues up front then if he's ready to take it Fabio has a golden opportunity I would think.

17 Apr 2023 19:37:58
I bet he doesn't want to come back, he's getting a decent Prem wage whilst playing in a (sorry but it's true) second rate league! If you worked at a shop and they offered you managers wages just to stack shelves who wouldn't want that?! I suspect that high wage is being subsidised by us right now. So Fabio here's ya choice either come back or take a wage cut, I suspect he'd be packing his bags in seconds if that's his choice! Honestly footy players are SO shameless! ?

19 Apr 2023 14:41:57
I think his dad does a lot of his packing for him Bully's and, like most dads, he has an overinflated opinion of his son's abilities.



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