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25 Feb 2023 10:19:01
Thefutureisoldgold has posted an article entitled Wolves v Fulham player-ratings & review

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25 Feb 2023 11:04:24
Fair assessment of the game Tfig but I do wonder how you gave samedo an 8 rating? Granted he was better than he has been but in books he's still one of our weakest links. Beuno who was awarded MoM,was, in my books too, a worthy MoM, certainly for us. I wasn't overly impressed with sarabia despite his goal, he was abit of a target for Fulham boots as was cunha to be fair, but they've got to get accustomed to it. How on earth was the match ending tackle on cunha was not awarded a foul I don't know, unless the ref didn't want to give out double yellows after the Southampton fiasco and subsequent meetings. Still a point more and although some beneath us will gain equally some will lose. Keep keeping the faith.

25 Feb 2023 11:52:15
Thanks for the report much appreciated. As I only had BBC text it's a better report than the papers

25 Feb 2023 13:21:35
Abbey I thought both full backs were excellent but particularly in the first half I thought Semedo was better. You undoubtledly are aware that I have not been a big fan of his but fair play to him I thought he was excellent last night. Agree re Sarabia and Cunha and agree both need to harden up - or refs need to apply the rules. But both have quality and perhaps just need a bit more time to turn that into regular positive outcomes - note neither look as lost as Guedes or Trincao but we have to acknowledge it is not easy adapting to playing at the bottom end of the Prem from the teams/leagues they have been playing in. The game is less technical but faster and far more physical and sadly the refs are rubbish!
Def keeping the faith though!

25 Feb 2023 13:43:38
To my eyes it was a completely fair tackle on Cunha as was seemingly shown on the slow motion replays. Lemina was just a journeyman midfielder before heading to Nice so there must be something about the Cote D'Azur that changes players! Another excellent game. Much more like it from Jiminez who made Costa look positively pedestrian. Podence was poor when he came on.Don't agree about Moutinho who can still do an excellent job from the bench as he showed against Liverpool. Good to have the debate and differences of opinion.

25 Feb 2023 14:25:22
Old - i'm a big fan of Moutinho and think he still will do a job for us but I thought he had an off day yesterday. But accept that it is v hard coming on when the tide is running so hard against you and your team.
I should perhaps watch the tackle again then as I thought he came from behind and went through Cunha to play the ball but will watch again rather than argue the point.
Agree on other points though. Although normally I am a big fan of both Podence and Traore neither managed to impact the game much this time - tide running?
Def agree re Costa - v poor game!
Keep the faith!

25 Feb 2023 14:40:12
Old wulf we all view matches differently, noticing this and that etc which makes for good debate but something was wrong with the tackle on cunha or he wouldn't be carried off. As I saw it his leg was taken and caught between the other guys second leg but the ref didn't give it, the ref could have intervened earlier with some other 'hard' challenges. Tfig semedo was definitely on it first half, he was playing well forward and creating the 1st chance for sarabia which he hit rather tamely at the keeper. Samedo's will was also on display when he thumped the ad boards out of frustration at not making one ball. But then in the melee after the injury his mind seemed to drift, I thought he could have ushered Solomon better to prevent the goal, but as I say different views make debates.

25 Feb 2023 14:44:15
Ps Tfig I meant to add I've been a big fan of Beuno watching him progress in the U23 into the team, maybe I paid him more attention and I was pleased for the lad and surprised a little that sky awarded an away player MoM.

25 Feb 2023 16:35:39
Always keen to hear your opinions TFIOG but I have to say if you were scoring Bueno at 7, Semedo would warrant a 6 in my humble opinion. You rightly stated that he was good in the first half but he faded with the rest in the second half. Too often when he’s attacking he checks back (when advanced) and the ball often ends up back at the feet of Sa.

Also between Semedo and Adama, they failed to close down the Fulham goal scorer. Extremely sloppy in a game where Fulham barely created a chance.
Aside from Semedo (on the whole), some of your scores are a little harsh considering a first half where we looked secure defensively and quite fluid going forward.
The Cunha injury apart, some useful positives to take from a tough match at Fulham.

25 Feb 2023 18:26:53
Appreciate your report Thefutureisoldgold and the rest of posts about the match.
Well taken goal for us all I have seen
Keep the faith.

25 Feb 2023 18:37:14
NES - interesting that you agree with Abbey. Maybe I need to watch again as I didn't think he faded as badly as others. Also not sure he was to blame for the goal? The Fulham player did indeed come inside where Lemina - not Adama who had quite correctly covered the run - should have swallowed him up but he was too deep and the shot got away. For me though it was just a very good piece of play by the Fulham player?
Ratings were across the whole game and yes we were good - although didn't actually create much - in the first half but we were very poor in the second half especially the front 6 who largely disappeared/failed to stand up to the increased intensity and power Fulham were allowed by a weak ref to exhibit. Consequently most players are marked down from the rating the first half justified?
ps Semedo should have had an assist as well from a really good run and pass that Sarabia butchered by needing a touch and time when he could have simply buried it first time.

26 Feb 2023 10:53:01
As ever you’re spot on TFIOG and I may have been a little harsh on Semedo. He certainly could have had an assist in the first half. It’s just that Bueno seemed to push on in the second half, take players on in the Fulham half and generally provide the kind of penetration on the left hand side of attack that was lacking on the right side. The other thing I couldn’t understand was Adama being unwilling to take on Robinson, even in ‘one on one’ situations. That was disappointing.
Finally you’re right as well about Lemina backing off for the goal though between them Lemina, Semedo and Adama were powderpuff in that situation.

26 Feb 2023 11:22:57
NES - Glad to see you are back posting reguarlly again. Odd but since coming on here a lot of you guys have become like friends and I worry when people drop off the RADAR eg Taff?
Phil - v sorry you had to work on Friday - you missed a good game. I hope you have managed to to get to see it on catch up somewhere?
Keep the faith!



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