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21 Mar 2023 18:48:10
Nunes red card has been overturned and rightly so,
hopefully there'll be action taken against the linesman as he clearly lied with intention of getting a player banned.

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21 Mar 2023 19:20:17
I'm sure it will be brushed under the carpet like all the other cr*p dished out to us recently. Message to Howard Webb, stop apologising and sort your under performing officials out.

21 Mar 2023 19:42:18
Good news Rated.
He hasn`t set the world alight but he is a much needed player to the squad.
Re the linesman. I think they do stick together when one is critised.
Remember when Nuno said after a match that Lee Mason was not fit enough to ref in the premier? That he hoped he would not ref a Wolves game again.
Maybe they don`t want us in the premier.

22 Mar 2023 08:45:59
Spot on there is obviously an agenda against Wolves and no one will convince me otherwise. I hope the boys can keep it together when we meet Forest and do not give the ref or linesmen any excuse to punish us.

22 Mar 2023 13:13:01
Not sure they need an excuse baza. All football fans feel aggrieved, on occasion, by refereeing decisions that go against them.

However, this feels like something more than that, with at least 2-3 players sent off unnecessarily, unpunished fouls against us in open play, several legitimate penalty appeals waived away by both the ref and VAR and more yellow cards than you can shake a stick at. Many of these 'decisions' materially affected the outcome of the games in question. How and why is that happening so often to the same team?

We have now lost a serious number of points which may cost us our Premier League status and all we have in return are a couple of apologies, as though that will put's things right. What happens if we do get relegated as a result of this, so many 'wrong' decisions cannot be a coincidence, can they?

22 Mar 2023 13:27:09
Interestingly, it happens in Rugby as well as Freddie Stewards red card against Ireland, which probably cost England the game, has been rescinded as it was an accidental collision of heads and should have been a yellow. I said as much at the time.

Similar thing happened in the Womens World Cup Final, again cost us the game.

22 Mar 2023 16:30:43
I think the conspiracy is because wer chinese owned.not just wolves.might be wrong?.

22 Mar 2023 16:39:57
Can't remember sendings off exactly longmynd but collins and jonny wernt questionable, lamina and nunes were but given nunes wasn't playing it didn't effect result. Penalty appeals are another thing altogether raul at Newcastle nunes at forest blatant and denied could/would have effected outcome. Semedo v Leeds was iffy and not surprised not given. Then there was the Liverpool fa cup farce. But its not just this season, roll back all the way to Nunos moan at referees and subsequent fine then check things from then. I'm sure someone will have/can find the stats.

23 Mar 2023 06:57:21
The Football World may be against us.BUT Sellers definitely was with the the Squad he assembled since he was given control in 2019.
If we need a someone to blame, he is the man.aided by the weak CEO, who also has charges to answer.

23 Mar 2023 07:53:36
Given the mounting evidence regarding suspect decisions against Wolves, I have given thought to a possible motive. The fact that Wolves are an 'unfashionable' club, and outside of the Top Six was and possibly is pert of the issue. I do feel, however that a stronger motive could be the Chinese connection. It may be an unproven motive for bias, but it is difficult to see an alternative. The 'unfashionable' tag applies to more clubs than just Wolves, how the hierarchy must have hated Leicester's success. The Middle East owners have appalling human wright's records, but of course they have oil! Food for thought.

23 Mar 2023 10:47:39
.good points Wimbornewolf. In this current world culture of hypocrisy, the worst for me are those self-righteous beings that criticise others in the media and either do nothing or have similar behaviours.
Examples everywhere!
Best for us, Nunes Red Carded and then rescinded. He was potentially punished, but what about the Officials involved, surely their mis-representation of the facts should be punished?!

23 Mar 2023 11:42:11
Thing is though Abbey, if a player standing on the touchline, asking questions after the game, can be sent off by a referee who obviously didn't see what he said he did, i.e Nunes 'pushing' an official, what's going on?

This will, of course, impact on the players by either inciting them or damaging their confidence going forward as they can't trust the officials. That in turn can affect future results, if not in this particular game.

I think Bux and Wimborne make interesting points about our ownership with Rugeley highlighting the root cause of our struggles on the pitch, so a double wammy for JL to overcome.

23 Mar 2023 14:39:05
Longmynd/Rugeley you not mentioning lopetegui took over with 5 weeks before his first match,given substantial funds and transfer say so in January.
Posters not happy with style of play as nothing much has changed with our goals scored and final third decision making.
These squad of players all.pundits experts say are way too good a quality to go down.
Lopetegui chopping and changing when not inforced.
All these things not mentioned or replied to just var fault just sellars shi fault.
Everything is riding on lopetegui the club has done everything to get him in give him the tools to keep us up at the very least.
We start winning which we all want obviously shi sellars var won't get a mention as only resurfaced through the bad results we are having.
The mistakes circumstances our club found themselves in with Lage sacked they done it with enough time to turn our season around.
I'm disappointed as lopetegui should be getting us in some form by now.
It's not over still there for us to kick on and get the points we all desperately need/want.
Lopetegui I'm confident will manage the players to keep their minds on the correct place when decisions go agaisnt us.

23 Mar 2023 15:38:45
I think a consideration that we havnt yet explored is JLs surprise at the ref decisions here, he voiced as much saying he could write a book on them. Maybe his choices have been swayed as such, ie having to remove Dawson for getting a yellow v Leeds. This would tie in with you lingmynd as it effects the players, the game plan and their roles in games. Indeed the refs decisions do cost us points and not just in our own abilities

23 Mar 2023 15:38:46
Actually Phil, I have in previous posts, as I believe under Nuno, briefly Bruno and for one half against Spurs under JL we got our best results playing 3/5 at the back. Trying to play with 4 at the back has got 2 out of those 3 managers the sack.

I would say JL is a 'top' manager but trying to make us something we're not may cost us dear. Hence, I believe the un-enforced tinkering seems to indicate that he either still doesn't know his best team or that he's constantly reacting to certain players inconsistent form.
Five subs just encourages that in my view.

23 Mar 2023 17:09:01
I was on about this feed longmynd.
Apologies if I'm wrong and have posted not correctly.
Just want you and Rugeley to remain on here and not let var refs for you longmynd and shi sellars for Rugeley to get too much and I don't see you on here no more.
Losing agaisnt Leeds at home has rocked me as must everyone else.
Up the wolves fellow wolves nuts.



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