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23 Feb 2023 06:31:26
Heard on radio the government are to set to be the governing body of the English football pyramid to stop break away euro league to help financially lower league clubs.
There's lots more into it.
Wondered if it was up for discussion on here.
If so will enjoy reading.
My gripe is that it has to be passed off and said on radio the likely hood it will come into affect/start 2025/2026 season of which I think it being announced now it should be done quicker.
Derby and Southend at present are in trouble (as Heard on radio) it could be too late for them and potentially end up like Bury.

Apologies my post isn't as good as worded as others are but sure you guys if interested in this will put yours excellent posts on.

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23 Feb 2023 07:07:15
Well its interesting Phil I'm not going to pretend I know anything about it, but the time scale would allow the likes of man city to get themselves 'sorted'. I don't know the ins and out of Bury/Southend but when it comes to financial stability, damaging clubs by deducting points, as they did to Derby, making relegation almost inevitable and thereon loss of income dosnt equate. Blocking breakaway leagues (I assume the monopolising of the sky6/8) is a good, but EUFA will still find someway around it with exclusive cup competition or something. It'll be interesting is TV coverage will looked at to be more balanced in the financial split.

23 Feb 2023 07:36:33
Not sure why Phil. Perhaps they feel it's necessary to implement a more even distribution of the enormous wealth in the UK game these days. Plus as you suggest if they have control the chances of breakaway competitions are eliminated.

It may be part of their levelling up agenda to protect the smaller football clubs for their local communities. However, it may also be because of the increasing number of clubs being bought effectively by countries who can then use their financial muscle to bully the football authorities here.

It's one thing to threaten to keep the Premier League in court for years but the 5/6th largest economy in the world is another matter.

It'll be interesting to hear the government's reasons.

23 Feb 2023 07:40:18
Morning Phil79. Well done on starting a discussion on this key development.
Certainly I welcome the Government's willingness to get involved and find a way to protect our unique football model of the "pyramid".
I may be viewed as s dinosaur, but I don't want the American sports model of just a few "franchises"controlling our game.
The stated Government aim was to ‘explore ways of improving the governance, ownership and financial sustainability of Clubs in English football"
I like the way fans views have been at the heart of this review. Quite simply, without us fans there is no football.
Things I like about the proposed Independent Regulation:
1. Ensure financial sustainability throughout the pyramid
2. Sort out once and for all robust Ownership Tests
3. Create "Shadow Boards" made up of Fans, with a formal say in
Club matters
4. In England, Clubs are a vital part of their local communities,
protection introduced to focus on local heritage versus global
Let's see what happens.

23 Feb 2023 08:21:01
Morning Rugeley and all.

I too hope it gets sorted too.

The chairman of Tranmere was on radio he was ex chief executive of the football league if I remember correctly.

I listened on 5live wake up to money it's possible to listen to what I did on the BBC sounds or whatever it is on the BBC.
I found him interesting and from his different and change of view point from his ex job to his present one with a lower league club (Tranmere).
First thing in the morning it's hard to remember everything I heard.
But glad I heard enough to start an interesting discussion on an important matter to all connected within football from league 2 maybe even from grass roots all the way up to the top the premier league.

23 Feb 2023 08:24:14
The idea of a regulator appeals to protect our football heritage and recognises the importance of clubs to the local communities. I do fear that the enormous wealth generated by the Premier league and the Champions league, together with the clout of the Sky 6 owners will be difficult to get to commit to the ideals of wealth distribution in any meaningful way.

23 Feb 2023 09:35:44
Nothing wrong with being a dinosaur, Rugeley. They ruled the earth for circa 150 million years and there's no chance of the human race doing the same.Anything that prevents the arrogant 'big six' becoming more powerful can hopefully only be a good thing as will a fairer distribution of the money. I generally dislike the American sports model too but they have some interesting ways of ensuring that there's a more even spread of talent across teams in their version of football and maybe that's something that should be looked at in our game to prevent clubs like Chelsea doing what they are no doing (thankfully with little success; hopefully it will come back to haunt them).

23 Feb 2023 09:59:18
I welcome the introduction of an independent body as long as it has the clout to deliver things. I think they are missing a trick though in not having this independent body look into the standards of officiating and failings of VAR where inconsistencies seem to favour the so called top 6. I know they have no power over the rules of the game, but surely they can have influence on the enforcing of the rules, the standards set and referees being held to account over their decisions.

{Ed001's Note - they couldn't do that without clashing with FIFA and causing England to be banned from FIFA competitions and possibly UEFA ones too. Government interference is not allowed by FIFA, probably because they would be the ones taking the backhanders rather than FIFA.....}

23 Feb 2023 10:39:53
They can’t break away, none of the English teams can go to play in a super European league as well. When it all kicked off last time, the Owners of every premier club signed a legally binding agreement that they are not allowed to play in a European super league.

23 Feb 2023 16:58:42
Let's not forget that we are now less than two years from an election. Now the government may go the full term and opt to hang on until Jan 2025 (last possible date) or go to the polls in 2 months or 14 months (May 2023 or May 2024) if the Protocol of spring elections is followed. It sounds to me that this is about politics and nothing else, its a low hanging fruit in terms of levelling up.

Being seen to be doing something, however it may be that the lower leagues are in far more financial trouble than we realise, let's see.

23 Feb 2023 20:24:56
Great discussion folks and I’ll certainly miss ‘Wake up to money’ on FiveLive Phil, since stopping work last year.
I have to confess that I’m always sceptical about ‘levelling up’ and can’t see any re-distribution ethic to this government. That said there are many clubs around the country in need of help and hopefully this intervention will help to provide support to those clubs.
Just one point from me on this. What about Freeports, will clubs in these regions be able to derive financial benefits compared to other clubs merely down to their geographical locations?



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