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08 Nov 2020 23:35:11
Wolves was robbed again by VAR but we are wolves and we come back fighting all the way you can't put a pack down.
Watch this space Preston wolf the pack will be back.
Also wolves play fair without cheating to win.

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09 Nov 2020 10:09:28
It wasn't VAR that robbed us. It was the ridiculous new hand ball rule and, moreover, the interpretation of it by moronic referees.

09 Nov 2020 10:56:47
On the other hand we would’ve lost against Palace without it, best not mention that though, realistically we’re not going to win many games averaging three shots on target per game and scoring on average one goal per game, it’s not really cheating to pass the ball forwards and put crosses into the box is it, although Nuno seems to discourage that sort of play.

09 Nov 2020 12:27:22
We lost because as an attacking force we were poor.

10 Nov 2020 16:23:28
SQ, we didn't win because as an attacking force we were poor.

07 Nov 2020 12:36:55
Any news on Adama new contract?

Have been thrown into the mix of rumours for Samuel Chukuweze Nigeria international winger at Villareal. he's also linked with lots of premier league sides.

Very good player. Like to see Adama kick on this season a bit more. Especially in the goals department.

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07 Nov 2020 22:22:21
One change for tomorrow I’ve been told
Yow ain’t sin me rite.

08 Nov 2020 11:50:16
Probably marcal.

09 Nov 2020 11:44:23
Adama will probably be sold in January for a fraction of what he was valued at when he was a regular in the team, everyone was quick to praise Nuno for turning him into “a player”, an exiting attacking player at that, but then he decided there’s no place in his ultra defensive team formation so keeps him on the bench, moved on from last season when Jota, Traore and Raul were frightening defences up and down the Country, moved on in the wrong direction though, sell Jota (and Doc) leave Traiore out and leave one of the best centre forwards in World football struggling up front on his own, you couldn’t make it up, wonder if Nuno did, wouldn’t have thought destroying your own team would be part of the long term project.

09 Nov 2020 19:27:15
Oxley - totally understand your frustration but I think Nuno has previously done enough to be given a bit more leeway than perhaps you are willing to grant him.
Unquestionably we are not playing well - in fact we have been pretty awful for long periods in a number of games this year including the first half against Leicester- and results are poor. [The line that we are doing well misses the point that we have had a v favourable fixture list and indeed from the same games last year we had 4 more points! }
However we remain v solid at the back and have put together brief, (WELL VERY BRIEF) spells of good stuff - we just haven't, as Nuno commented, taken our chances.
If we had we could easily be sitting here with 6 wins a draw, (v MC), and just the defeat at WH.
I am concerned at both Traore's massive decline - if we sell him in J for.

09 Nov 2020 20:09:27
bother - typing v poor and sent by error.
If we sell Traore in Jan we will not get what we would have got if we had him sold in August and I fear that if you think Jota's going to come back and bite us by turning into a far better player than he showed he was at Wolves then Traore is going to swallow us whole.
He has the potential to be a top, top player but at the moment, in the handful of minutes he is playing each week, sadly he is looking v ordinary.
Just as worrying - perhaps more so as we are so reliant on him, is the poor run Jimenez is suffering at the moment.
Clearly the change in system we are supposedly employing is not working yet but it is still early days and there are green shoots.
Semedo is looking much better, (although he has v big shoes to fill), and Podence and Neto are both looking v promising.
The system - which I actually don't think is very different - still massively relies on the WBs to provide support/ attacking threat as the 2 mids sit v deep and we play 3cbs.
What has changed?
Semedo although improving is still a long way short of the man he replaced, Traore has fallen off a cliff and Moutinho who often opened teams up with his passing has grown old and has been replaced by the far more athletic but less talented Dendonker.
Sadly it now appears, (with the season over 20% gone), that we loused up the summer.
We were remiss in not buying a ready to play replacement/ support for Jimenez ( Silva from the v v few minutes we have seen is not ready and looks like he is some way off being so! If he was even close to ready we would have seen him for far more minutes! )
We didn't notice Moutinho had grown old (?! ) and bought a kid (for nigh on £20m) who doesn't even make the bench- despite the obvious problems in midfield as a project for the future!
In fact other than Marcal all the players we bought were for the future except Semedo who we had to buy because we gave Doherty away.
Despite all this we remain v competitive and just a tweak or two away from having a v good season - in a year when the league appears a mess and opportunity is screaming out.
If we don't successfully make those tweaks that lead to us scoring those goals that turn the draws to wins and even defeats like Leicester could have been a win it will be such a shame that we appear to have got our timing so wrong.
The decision that this was the year we were going to "change", effectively stepping back, coming at the very moment so many of our erstwhile rivals in the big 6 have floundered for various reasons AND teams who may have looked up to us like WH, AV, Everton, Southampton etc have moved forwards, means that instead of a potential dream season when we could have seriously challenged for Champions league we might end up mid table at best.

11 Nov 2020 22:17:12
We have good forwards and Coady but the team seems a bit uncertain after that.

Stars before lockdown like Adama and Boly aren't the same and the new players haven't yet staked their claim so we have Dendoncker and until last week Saiss as our regular consistent players can't wait for Semedo Marcal and Fabio Silva to show their skills.

05 Nov 2020 14:03:55
Coady called up again as he should be, heard Kilman is on standby too.

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05 Nov 2020 21:48:24
Pedro Neto first full international call up too Rated.

05 Nov 2020 23:35:06
Boly too now mate Ivory Coast.

06 Nov 2020 08:24:59
He hasn't bothered to turn up on previous occasions, Rated.

06 Nov 2020 09:00:41
Think Podence should of been for sure. Even over Neto tbf.

11 Nov 2020 22:17:50
Neto scored 8 mins into his debut it's the Wolves effect lol.

04 Nov 2020 08:16:10
Jota did us proud and was as good for us as we were for him. He has moved on and do have we. The game is constantly evolving.

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04 Nov 2020 09:25:30
Neto has signed a new improved deal will be a Wolves player until 2025. Now that's great news.

04 Nov 2020 15:28:53
Well deserved Neto!

29 Oct 2020 21:32:45
Report stating Fiorentina looking increasing unlikely to stump up the money for the option to buy for Cutrone.

It's a shame for him, he really hasn't had much luck. In which case he needs to come back and get some football. or head out for another loan.

In any case the chances of us recouping the 16mil looks to have taken a big hit.

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30 Oct 2020 17:48:06
Might need him as backup to Raul.

31 Oct 2020 13:21:16
I have to be honest Tom I have little sympathy for Cutrone. He needs to learn some professionalism and get back to the training ground as he has some ability. But when three different managers move you on in less than two seasons then sooner or later peeps are going to wonder if you have the right attitude to succeed?! let's hope he proves me wrong 👍.

31 Oct 2020 15:31:02
I agree mate. I do think a lot is in his own hands now. I loved his attitude and work rate on the pitch, always felt there was a good player in there somewhere. I never liked reading about him mentioning Nuno that he "proffered his favourites" . I just think it's a shame he didn't turn out like we wanted/ hoped.

31 Oct 2020 18:46:38

01 Nov 2020 09:20:47
I thought that they have an obligation to buy in 2021.

01 Nov 2020 21:40:41
Read more into it. He has a clause that states the obligation to buy is activated after 26 starts. He currently has 11. That was from few months back. Not saying that as dead cert facts. Article from italian site.

01 Nov 2020 22:25:15
Not sure why you think it is the player's fault and not financial issues or a new manager with a different playing style that are the cause.
Nuno was wrong about more than one striker. He doesn't know strikers or offense.
Pedro Goncalves let go for free is doing reasonably well now and worth over 6 million by some reports.

Rafa Mir is doing well now playing in Portugal's first division and some of Spain's biggest teams want him, reportedly.
Patrick actually scored relatively well considering the minutes that he was given. He had fallen into the same situation that Traore finds himself in. He doesn't play the style Nuno prefers and so was considered a sub at best until he changed his entire style to suit Nuno.

01 Nov 2020 22:26:34
Old, there is a clause that says he has to make 26 starts in order to trigger the "must buy" clause. He's currently at 12, I think.
They may try t buy him but pay less or just take a pass on it.

02 Nov 2020 10:13:32
Maurizio Sarri is being tipped for a future move to Fiorentina - maybe he can help Cutrone rejuvenate his career?

03 Nov 2020 10:37:49
Don't forget Rafa Mir wasn't even able to break into Forest's team so I think it unlikely that Nuno has missed out there. We do, however, seem to struggle to get a convincing back up to Raul.

03 Nov 2020 18:24:29
Anyone coming to back up Raul just isn't going to get the game time. Absolute beast. Unarguably the main man.

I think it's a tough one for any team to fill. Especially when he doesn't miss a game.

I'd Stick with the young lad Fabio all of Nunos others have come good more often than not.

04 Nov 2020 15:33:08
Totally agree, TT. Whether you are Cutrone, Fabio, Corbeanu or anyone, it's difficult to get more than 5 minutes game time, with that pesky Raul. He's never injured, runs all day and night, works el socks off all over the pitch and our most likely goalscorer! We are so lucky that we have several players with the same attitude. Trust in Nuno!

05 Nov 2020 18:14:51
Right so he scored 2 goals in 12 League appearances is that a good return for a striker then, cause I'm not convinced. And why do I say he's unprofessional because he acted that way when he moved! His own words from his FIRST interview at Fiorentina
"The truth is that the coach, Nuno Espirito Santo, had his group of faithful players who he would not give up, those who won promotion from the Championship.

“He was totally fixated on that XI, always the same XI, and couldn’t see any of the other players in the squad"

So after just 4 months of trying he felt he should have started over Raul despite Raul outscoring him! He doesn't reflect on the fact that it may have just been that he hadn't been able to adapt in such a short time no instead it was all Nunos fault! Well as I've already pointed out that's now four managers that have moved him on, so was it all of their faults and nothing to do with his attitude?! Behave! Add to this he made these comment on his first day of a LOAN, openly slagging off the manager that you are STILL contracted to is beyond foolish not to mention childish! Also when we bought him he was seen as a BIG prospect in Italy but Milan were happy to let him go for less than £20m, I wonder why that might be if his attitudes spot on, seems odd for such a young prospect doesn't it?!
He's another Wilshire for me, when he's asked why he's not in the team its EVERYONES fault but his own! Oh also he was talking nonsense, he said Nuno stuck with the team that got promoted but Raul wasn't in that team! Nuno picks the players he does cause they buy into the idea of a Pack and work hard to earn there place! Inevitably some players won't get that and fall by the wayside BUT when that happens again and again for one player with different managers then at some point surely they need to take a look at themselves?! Did you see Podence or Neto chucking thier toys out when he wasn't starting them last season? No, which is why they've now earnt their place. The strength of the wolf is in the pack, its that simple really!

05 Nov 2020 18:31:24
Ps- so Nuno doesn't know strikers or offence yet has managed to put together the front line he has for the relative buttons that he has?! Doesn't add up Timmy! You go tell Liverpool that Nuno can't pick a good attacker, they will probs laugh as hard as I did! 😂.

07 Nov 2020 14:52:35
12 league appearances of 3 minutes each or what. Do the math and he was scoring fairly well. And some of the shots on goal were saved by excellent reflex action by the opposing goalie so he could have had even more.
And even though we have all of these great forwards, we ain't scoring.
What does that tell you?

Diogo goes to Liverpool and is scoring for fun. What does that tell you?
Nuno is a goalie and couldn't see all the way to the other team's goal to see what was happening.

08 Nov 2020 16:33:59
Oh Timmy where to start?! Firstly I will do the maths if you do the English, there is NO such thing as math! There is maths and there is mathematics but no math I'm afraid. Next he actually made 24 apps in all comps, 10 of which were in the Europa and were starts so your made up call of three minutes is just nonsense! 19 games for Fiorentina and just 4 goals, were they all imaginary 3 minute apps as well then?!
I do wish you would pick a position to argue and stick with it cause you seem to be arguing your own point here?! So we aren't scoring which according to you is because of the players not being good enough but yet when Jota goes to Pool he scores for fun that's because he is good enough?! Which is it Timmy? So you telling me you don't rate Raul then? You'd be the ONLY person that doesn't! 🤣.

08 Nov 2020 16:51:54
Nb- that should say '10 of which were in Europe SOME of which was starts' would seem I need to work on my own English! 🙈.

28 Oct 2020 10:15:03
When we play against teams that park the bus we need to play 4-4-2 with Boly Kilman Semedo and Marcal as the back four.
Podence Moutinho Neves Neto as the midfield and Jimenez Traore up front.

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28 Oct 2020 11:17:31
This again will be a huge feature of away teams that come to the Mol. Counter attacking has been a feature of Wolves game of the past few seasons, teams know parking the bus works to a degree.

28 Oct 2020 13:21:54
I'd keep Coady in cb tbh I don't buy the bs that he can't play in a back 4 he proved he could for England when Thuguire was sent off.

28 Oct 2020 19:59:30
Expect a shock debut v Palace
Yow ain’t sin me rite.

29 Oct 2020 08:54:56
If your right maybe this lineup
Semedo coady boly marcal
Traore dendonker Neves Neto
Jimenez Silva.

29 Oct 2020 10:43:27
Would prefer

Semedo Boly Coady Kilman RAN
Dendonker Neves
Traore, Jimenez

With Troare having free rein to roam - pick up the ball and run at people- looking to play one twos with Jimenez and Podence to penetrate and draw fouls ( penalties? ) or get shots away from inside the box!

Two WBs to give width and Podence to use his skill and creativity to open up the def.

29 Oct 2020 22:30:35
This is my ideal line up as well Future. Exactly the same as I was thinking today.

29 Oct 2020 23:09:15
My line up would go
Marcial Coady Boly Semendo
Dendonker Neves
Traore Neto Podence

4231 which can go to a 442 if needed or a 4132.

30 Oct 2020 01:02:22
Rated - Whilst I, other than losing me fantasy points, would not be unhappy with that, as, relative to my line up, you have a more defensive Marcal (replacing RAN) balanced out by picking an extra attacking mid in Neto, (Replacing the 3rd CB Kilman), my guess is that Nuno will not want to change the def end of the system i. e. the 3cbs and 2dms flanked by 2WBs {as he seemingly is inherently cautious} but he may be willing to adjust the attacking aspect. I doubt though that he will go as far as either you and Greyleg are suggesting though with 4 forwards (the 2 wide players are listed as mids in Greyleg's formation but we know Traore for example doesn't do much defensively) .
Hence I have merely realigned the attacking force to a more centrally focussed one relying on the WBs for width {explaining why I have plumped for the young French lad who is allegedly strong on the front foot but about whom I know very little} and have pushed Traore further forward so that he can do maximum damage with his undoubted skills and pace.
The Traore issue however is in my view probably the most important one we are currently facing.
Regardless of if we keep him or sell him this Jan or later we do not want to see his current high value diminished by a period of time when he contributes v little either due to lack of game time or even more worryingly as now appears a marked drop in his engagement.
What ever we do with him we need to extract the very last ounce of value out off him and that may be in goals and assists as a player or pounds shillings and pence as a transfer.
My view, which some of you agree with but interpret more pejoratively, is that he is a luxury player who will (sometimes/ often) win you games but will not stop you losing them and that is a bargain I am happy to take. We are a v good defensive side with numerous players capable of (normally) taking care of the defensive end of the game but have v v few players who can provide the magic that wins games.
To be a top side you have to win games!
Hence I guess I am saying I will take the Man City and even WH defeats when we are overrun and need all 11 players to work defensively and won't get it because Traore can't or won't defend if they are balanced out by beating teams that set up as Newcastle did last week.

30 Oct 2020 01:05:46
2 points gained from the win versus probably no extra points from saving face against WH, MC etc but still no points.
For the older guys I would illustrate this by saying I'd rathe have Glen Hoddle than Peter Reid or Matt Le Tiss than Carlton Palmer- blasts from the past!

30 Oct 2020 12:00:47
The way we have played so far this season has not delighted too many fans but the bottom line is we still have 10 points. Yes we all wanted the new players to come in and hit the ground running but as we've all found out under Nuno, these players need to adapt to the system. Classic cases are Dendoncker and Podence. Reading Nunos pre match comments, it is clear that Fabio Silva is being given the time to settle in and learn the system. I expect him to play some part in the 1st team quite soon, likewise Ait Nouri and Vitinha. Semedo looked a bit shaky in his first 2 games but against Newcastle he looked a lot better and his attacking prowess could be seen.

In effect, what I'm saying is, let the current team carry on doing what their doing and then watch us fly once the newcomers have adapted and settled in.

30 Oct 2020 13:39:13
Hi Realist: What does this quote by you mean? Yow ain’t sin me rite.

30 Oct 2020 16:46:17
Its from the Fast Show.

30 Oct 2020 18:42:00
Rated- Agree with your team selection, will be a good test for Semedo marking Zaha . Palace will be tough to break down but fancy us 2-0.

30 Oct 2020 19:12:25
Just seen line up and close!

30 Oct 2020 19:45:55
Spot on Realist Ait Nouri starts Saiss on the bench.

30 Oct 2020 19:49:23
Today I will be mostly be wearing a sombrero.

31 Oct 2020 09:35:04
I'll get my coat 😁.

31 Oct 2020 12:48:01
The Realist was right about a surprise in the starting line-up.

16 Oct 2020 12:38:28
Dion off to Sunderland.

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16 Oct 2020 22:49:29
I always liked the look of Sanderson. Hope he does well.

17 Oct 2020 11:33:04
Yes me too.
I will be keeping an eye on Sunderland also Burton (Ennis) and Coventry (Giles)
Nice when we aren't playing to keep an eye on our loan players.
I forgot Swansea and MGW.
All of them do us proud.

17 Oct 2020 17:20:28
MGW fractured foot today 3 months out.

17 Oct 2020 19:41:18
That's terrible news😟
I wondered why he wasn't playing today.

17 Oct 2020 19:52:19
MGW is having no luck with injuries is he? It was his back last season.

18 Oct 2020 12:31:25
No faith for the game at Leeds. This will be the first of many thrashing or should I say second.

19 Oct 2020 14:45:19
Leeds are a good side we can all agree on that one. But defensively not anywhere close to top 6 quality. If we defend like we can this game is ours.

The holes will open up more the game goes on. Some big 'ifs' but I wouldn't be doom and gloom.

19 Oct 2020 18:27:49
Jimenez will score a hatrick at some point this season Hope it's tonight,45/ 1.

20 Oct 2020 10:13:11
Keep on predicting a thrashing for us Demon if it turns out we win.
Last night was our night, in the premier league anything is possible at the present.
I always keep faith however poor we have been playing but each to their own.

20 Oct 2020 11:50:09
Although Leeds battered us in the first half, we are the first team to really suss them out and blow the hype away. It took us 45 minutes. Our keeper actually had a fairly quiet night, which is proof. Leeds will survive well in the PL and build something lasting, but it will take a couple of seasons to get to our level and by then hopefully we will have moved up a level.

Well done Demon with the prediction; keep 'em coming mate. You obviously inspired the lads last night.

20 Oct 2020 12:56:53
Haha, Demon is that before or after we 'sign someone by the end of the day' not sure I've seen a single one of your predictions come off! I'll make one that I'm pretty confident in, Demons next prediction will be absolute tripe! Mind you I'm not sure I'd find a bookie silly enough to even give me odds on that one! 🤣.

21 Oct 2020 08:40:19
I notice Giles is playing regular for Coventry.
Ennis came on as sub for Burton last night not sure if that was his debut but I think it was.

Sanderson wasn't in the match squad for Sunderland last night.
Our club is growing with a good depth of talent coming through.
FOSUN are doing what they told us fans at the beginning of their takeover.
All is very good being a wolves fan.
Ps anyone keeping track of our over seas loan players would be nice if posted their progress. 😊.

21 Oct 2020 12:52:14
Phil789, nice to see that we're starting to do, in quantity, what the big boys do: develop youngsters, play them or loan them out, and then wait for results! Lots of young Wolf cubs will soon be all over the world. It's a bit like gardening, innit? You reap what you sow.

21 Oct 2020 13:41:25
Your bang on Deepthroat I agree.
Our club now is sowing the seeds and before sowing we're obtaining the best seeds from all over the world.

22 Oct 2020 10:13:20
Right Phil, and it costs peanuts relatively, compared to spending big money in the transfer market. It's also very helpful for FFP.

22 Oct 2020 17:07:40
Its also vital for fielding a full strength team (25 players) in any Euro Comp (4 homegrown to the club, 8 homegrown to the nation) . You look at Kilman last game and it shows that its working, these things just take time 👍.

25 Oct 2020 21:14:56
Keep laughing bully's boy we got lucky against Fulham and Leeds and I just watched that pathetic excuse against Newcastle. Nuno should go now if that's the football he wants. No pressing up front, no urgency and sum of the players look confused. Next Friday Zaha and Palace. Another loss.

26 Oct 2020 12:53:08
Demon- I'll keep laughing as long as you keep posting, your a joke fella. Everyone knows your a troll so why not just go back under ya bridge where you belong?! Let's have a show of hands who wants Nuno to go and who wants you to stop posting nasty nonsense?! I reckon it would be a landside sunshine 🙄.

27 Oct 2020 17:21:20
Demon out. Nuno to go on, and on, and on.

12 Oct 2020 18:17:15
God help us if this big 6 plan goes through. It is absolutely disgusting. What do the fans get out of it? Nothing. Fewer games, no League cup to give development games to young players. The power has been held by the so called big 6 and this makes it a stranglehold. Does anybody think Fosun will stick around when the chance of getting into the big 6 disappears and they have no say in anything. Total stitch up.

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13 Oct 2020 15:58:01
I'm disgusted by EFL chairman Rick Parry. Yesterday he said that the PL had months to come up with a plan and didn't. Hang on, for one thing the PL DID have plans. But why I'm disgusted with comrade Parry is that the Yankee's Liverpool-Man U plan was first drafted in SECRET in January, and, 16 revisions later, was only published the other day. That plan took 9 months, so why the cloak and dagger stuff, when the PL was being transparent? Excuse my French, but it amounts to a fait accompli at best and a coup d'etat at worst. Vote against.

{Ed001's Note - Prick Parry is a clueless gimp. Anything he thinks is a good idea is almost certainly not: Rick Parry The Embodiment of the Peter Principle. You should always vote against anything he backs!}

13 Oct 2020 16:36:46
Thanks for the article Ed001. What a debacle Parry was as Liverpool CEO. He's the Alan Partridge of CEO's with an eye for how much he can milk out of it. He actually makes Moxey's time at Wolves look great.

{Ed001's Note - he is possibly the worst of all time. He is no better for the EFL so far.}

13 Oct 2020 17:26:30
That's an insult to Alan Partridge-Ah-Ha!

13 Oct 2020 17:28:30
You seriously have to worry though, how western democracy allows clueless gimps such as Parry, Trump, Blatter and Johnson get to shape and potentially screw up our World.

17 Oct 2020 15:42:00
SQ Trump has the worst gimp mask, or is it!

11 Oct 2020 21:14:46
So now the top six clubs have actually come up with mandate to allow them to actually run the entire league?! I very rarely agree with the FA but if this goes through it will be a very bad thing for fairness within our game! Part of the proposals actually show that you wouldn't need a voting majority across the league any more, just between the six biggest clubs. That's fair then 🤮.

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11 Oct 2020 21:46:10
The Premier League seem to be against this too. I wonder then, if the big 6 insisted on driving this proposal forward, would the other 14 PL teams consider quitting the PL and organising a new league structure without the greedy 6 leaving them to arrange their European Super League.

11 Oct 2020 22:01:27
I read it was 9 clubs but that still isn't fair everyone in the league should have equal voting rights.

11 Oct 2020 22:09:46
Just realised I said the FA, not sure where they stand to be honest. Your right Jas it's the Prem that have come out agaisnt it. And nope Window (from what I gather) 9 clubs would get voting rights but effectively a motion could still pass (like extra subs) with just the backing of the top six clubs! It's disgraceful, Fenway Sports Group basically want to return Prem footy to a fuedal system, where only those with money get any power! 😡.

11 Oct 2020 22:32:50
I really hope the big 6 are successful and are able to take all the power. I also hope that the moment they do, the other 14 PL and 72 EFL clubs come together and form a new league. No one will want to join the big 6 clubs as they will not qualify for European competition as they're not affiliated to a national league. Their only hope will be a European League which will take a few years as other leagues need to negotiate their top teams to leave/ participate. Then there the question of how the poor fans are paying to watch the teams. Travelling from say Liverpool to Southampton is a lot cheaper than travelling to Madrid. As I say, I hope it happens.

12 Oct 2020 00:28:06
Who made them the big 6?

12 Oct 2020 07:15:23
They made themselves it.

12 Oct 2020 09:06:54
It would be interesting to see what the big 6 ordinary real fans think about these proposals.
Have you ed's seen anything on this matter on the big 6 fans sites?

{Ed002's Note - It has not come from the "top six". This all comes from the growth potential of Liverpool now flattening out – the owners would like to find a way to squeeze more out – and that is the reason that they have the support of Manchester United.}

12 Oct 2020 10:48:54
To me the new PL proposals are outrageous. It seems to come from the Liverpool American owners and is falsely presented in part as a rescue package. Long term they are trying to consolidate the big clubs into a cartel. the main reason to reduce the PL to 18 clubs is to have fewer Pl matches, and to delay the start of the season in order to have friendlies. It doesn't take much to work out that the friendlies will be between the usual suspects, the so-called top six! Turkeys don't vote for Christmas. Reject this insidious plan.

12 Oct 2020 11:00:21
Travelling to games? Actually going to any game would be a start! The FA run the England team so they could put their oar in and state that no player in a breakaway team could play for England.

12 Oct 2020 10:04:50
Thanks for the info Ed002.👍.

12 Oct 2020 13:23:05
Project self importance or Project I'm alright Jack!

Would any potential break away, as mentioned by some then invite Celtic and Rangers? Just a thought.

12 Oct 2020 13:42:40
If you look at US sport they are pretty much all a closed shop the NFL being a prime example. Not really surprising that this has come from US owners. If they could stop relegation I suspect that they would.

12 Oct 2020 13:10:19
ED002, if the new PL proposals get approved, parachute payments will be stopped. This will weaken the relegated teams. It may also create a permanent under-class of teams at the bottom of the PL, going up and down between the two divisions.

{Ed002's Note - They will indeed be stopped. It is there to try and boost the income of Liverpool and to some extent Manchester United because the growth potential has flattened out - nothing else. The Liverpool owners are investors and would need to get out and invest elsewhere where there is more growth potential if the value of Liverpool is stagnating or growing slowly.}

12 Oct 2020 14:44:06
The fa Cup has slowly losing its appeal.
Like when I was growing up the fa Cup final the programme started roughly 10 in the morning and built up to 3 o'clock kickoff. You don't see that anymore I would hate the premier league to go a similar way.
Football is our community what our dad's bought us up on and fans no matter how good or successful their clubs are should always remain like a heritage listed building.
My 2 pennith.

12 Oct 2020 15:26:23
Phil the Premier League and the 2 million or so extra per each successive finish place has certainly devalued both cup competitions but the Champions League and scrapping of the Cup Winners Cup has also been a factor.

12 Oct 2020 16:03:38
I think versions of this type of proposal have been lurking for a while. Foreign investors in UK football clubs often have little concern for football's history in this country, and how important it is that every club's supporters have hope that one day they will be the best in the land. Running a closed shop of franchises has no place in the UK. Let the top 6 clear off and play their European mates, and let's keep a league that is open to merit and skill, and within fan's affordability when playing away.

12 Oct 2020 16:51:48
Agree Arddunby my thinking was if the big 6 leave or and no promotion what's the point of all the other clubs.
I feel fortunate my dad was born in Wolverhampton not say like Accrington or Burton as if he was I would of been a Burton or an Accrington Stanley fan.

12 Oct 2020 17:50:57
Pure hatred between the two of them on the pitch. Pure hatred for everyone else except their own cash coffers and self indulgence. Typical arrogance from the Osborne Northern 'powerhouse'

12 Oct 2020 18:18:57
Pure hatred between the two of them on the pitch. Pure hatred for everyone else except their own cash coffers and self indulgence. Typical arrogance from the Osborne Northern 'powerhouse'

12 Oct 2020 22:02:29
I can't help but feel this has just been created with an actual eye on the 'European Super League' that has been banded about for a decade or so. Kind of a toe our line else we are off to create our own league. If that is the case then I agree with Jas, let um go. I accept it would massively devalue our league but to be honest I'd sooner support Wolves back in the Champ than bow down to a fuedal Prem league system, where we get no say and are at the whims of the self selected 'big clubs'!, 😡.

13 Oct 2020 22:48:46
And yes Gregg Clarke has now come out and confirmed that he left proceedings in Spring when a potiential ultimatum was mentioned! Let's call this what it is folks, cause Fenway want these six clubs to be the major share holders for the ENTIRE league! It's a coup on the Prem, plain and simple! Orchestrated by Fenway whilst the other clubs watch on in the hope for higher potiential yields! Parry makes me sick, of COURSE lower league clubs will support it! Cause they are fighting for survival and frankly it won't affect the vast majority in the current owners life time! For the first time it may actually be useful that the FA can quash such things. Although I suspect it won't be that simple, think things are going to get nasty! 😭.

14 Oct 2020 21:41:36
I think you are right BullysBoyII this is a step closer to a European super League if not now then in maybe 3 years time when the big clubs in Spain Italy France Germany might want to break away although I don't know if that will happen in every country

Scrapping the League Cup is a good idea.

05 Oct 2020 18:33:49
Liverpool have made us an offer of £35million for John Ruddy.

Agree0 Disagree0

05 Oct 2020 20:06:24
Give it a rest Wombourn.

05 Oct 2020 21:58:34
You missed the decimal point out
3.5 mill.

06 Oct 2020 10:39:17
TBH when Adrian is your no.2 keeper you'd spend that much just to get rid of him as opposed to buying Ruddy.

06 Oct 2020 17:46:52
Jack Wilshire if he's fit.

06 Oct 2020 18:01:06
I think Jack Wilshire is a free agent now. We could use him on a pay-per-play deal. I'd love to see Nuno get him back to form.

06 Oct 2020 19:38:27
Two or three years ago a really good idea - today it would be a massive gamble but on a pay for play basis and assuming he was willing to fit in and not be a "big I am" disturbing the dressing room mood, surely worth looking at.
If fit a v v creative CM - who could share duties with Moutinho?

06 Oct 2020 19:48:32
He's not a magician Deep.

06 Oct 2020 22:21:14
Wouldn't mind Welbeck on a Free just to add a bit of depth to the bench. Good experience to help along silva with his development too. Had a few injuries but so did Ings, got to be worth a gamble.

07 Oct 2020 18:53:11
Only depth Welbeck provides is for the Physios work load!

07 Oct 2020 19:28:44
Wouldn't touch either of them with their own crutches! WHU thought they could get Wilshire back to his best and a couple of years and no doubt a LOT of wages later he's still the same player that never reached his full potiential! Not to mention a chopsy one at that, Nuno would have no time for his regular tweets slagging off the people that pay his wages! As for Welbeck in fairness he's always been very professional but his goal record is shocking for an attacker! In an ENTIRE career he's scored less than Raul has for just us already! 🐺.


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