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17 Apr 2023 16:19:27
Good morning all. What are your thoughts on this - I would offer Costa a new contract. Yes he is getting on a bit but in terms of character and drive and what he brings behind the scenes I think it would be beneficial for the team. He will know he is not first choice but say we have Silva back I think it would be a great role model for him, or for any other potential forwards coming in. He won’t cost tons of money and given his pedigree I think it makes sense. Same for Mouts if he were to take up a more coaching role with the team unless he wanted to return home or play elsewhere.

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17 Apr 2023 16:40:25
One year with a one year option. Having been signed on a free we can probably afford the salary.

At the moment it looks like Raul is leaving, hopefully Fabio can step up but it's still an unknown. So we're left with the unproven injured Austrian lad and Hwang.

17 Apr 2023 17:38:51
Vb - Interesting. I think the idea is far from daft especially for Moutinho. But what are we talking about cash wise. At the moment they are costing us circa 150k a week 100k for M 50 for C.
What will they cost next year? Well we don't need to bid against ourselves and I'm not sure anyone in a major league is going to pay Costa much if anything next year so either he retires/goes to India etc etc or stays and does a job in/on the dressing room/training ground/bench for what 15k a week? Moutinho might still get offers but surely no one is paying 30k/pw?
Given we are likely to be cash strapped this summer and desperately need to make some significant moves could these be two cheap short term squad depth options?

17 Apr 2023 18:58:52
We've got to keep Costa. You can see what he brings to the party. A constant menace who drags defenders out of position. And check out his antics on Social Media, the guy is so likeable and funny.

17 Apr 2023 19:28:50
Vb- I was actually thinking the exact same thing watching him this wkend. Not even cause of the goal but more because him and Cunha seem to be building a decent understanding. Cunha needs someone to play off and whilst Diego may not be the goal scoring threat he once was his hold up play is still first rate!

So for me it would definitely be a consideration within the planning. Interesting to see that ref watch has said we were robbed of a pen by VAR AGAIN! None of us noticed cause this wkend it didn't cost us but this madness has to stop! I have to be honest after years of advocating the use of technology I am starting to go full circle! What has it really changed?!

Now we just have 3/4 refs making the same bad decisions and favouring the same big teams, nothings changed they've just ruined goal celebrations for the sake of the odd correct offside call?! So depressing, EVERY other sport uses technology better than footy does, it really should be a point of shame and embarrassment for the sport! Pathetic ?

17 Apr 2023 19:35:04
One and a half decent games isn't really sufficient in my view unless there's a pay as you play option. I'd definitely sign Moutinho for another year though.

17 Apr 2023 20:26:58
Earlier in the season I thought and commented that Costa offered nothing, which was very disappointing for me because I was so excited that we'd signed him. I think I underestimated the effects of being out for a few months and the time it would take for a 34 year old to recover form and fitness.

Fast forward a few months and it's not just that he got his first (hopefully) goal but his overall work rate and contribution to the teams performances in the last couple of games. It seems he has now achieved match fitness and is able to impose his personality on the game.

If that is the case and he continues to impress, why not give him a new contract, we need to build a team with both character and characters. Well played Diego.

17 Apr 2023 20:47:02
We also need to consider that Coady may return on a 60k a week contract with at least 2 years to go!
Just thought I'd mention it. Costa is a nice idea but you can't fill the dressing room with senior pro's. Last season was a big mistake a manager who couldn't deal with strong characters solves his problem by removing them, it's all about balance. I'm sure JL will have a plan hopefully a good one because let's be honest the current 4 4 2 happened because he didn't have much choice and it worked! Long may it do so, or at least until May anyway!

17 Apr 2023 21:43:34
If Silva comes back and scores 15 goals a season for us i'll wear a dress for a season.

18 Apr 2023 08:06:18
Good point about Coady. He was great for us but would we really want him back? He is not a regular starter at Everton and frankly I think we have better defenders now. So as long as we stay up (which I am confident we will) I think we would sell Coady if Everton put him back to us.

18 Apr 2023 15:08:30 Not at all certain Coady will come back. Even if Everton don't want him surely all they do is sell him to someone who does, send us the 4 and a bit they owe us and pocket the difference - unless you think he goes for less than 4.5m? Looks like a pretty silly error on our behalf not to think of this outcome especially when you recall we did exactly the same thing with Afobe only a few years ago! Would I want him back? Well he falls, as this thread identifies, into the same category as Moutinho and Costa, probably not a first choice anymore but good on the trainning ground dressin room etc etc and relatively cheap - no transfer fee obviously and amazingly pretty low wages given he was an England "regular" until this year. On balance yes - the option of going 5 at the back, (in last 20 mins of game we are winning), is something he would give you and his leadership is surely an undoubted plus in a side that lacks vocal leaders!



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