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27 Apr 2022 18:11:49
I see the latest clickbait is Neves would love to go to Barcelona even if it was a loan!
I wouldn't lend them a library book frankly! Jeff was stupid letting Adama go without guarantees they are a slippery slimy club to deal with. Money up front or f off in my opinion!


1.) 27 Apr 2022 20:35:51
As you say Ken, clickbait. Neves doesn't need to go 'on loan' to any club.
There'll be plenty queuing up for his services should the opportunity arise and pay top money, which Barcelona can't afford. That, of course may also be a contributory factor in the Traore affair.

2.) 27 Apr 2022 21:12:18
Now being 'linked' to Spurs by anther website who suggest Neves could take his game to the next level there. Yeah, like Doherty and Nuno did.

3.) 27 Apr 2022 21:38:48
Surely not Spurs he wants top 3 or the big European clubs but hopefully will stay at Wolves

4.) 03 May 2022 06:03:22
Well if neves goes,lage will follow because it will prove found have no plan or ambition



21 Jan 2022 16:49:07
Dammit he's gone 20m plus add ons.
Sad, great shame going to miss him. Plus listen to my Spurs fan son, not what I wanted to hear
Wish he gone abroad.


1.) 21 Jan 2022 17:34:59
Seems not yet, silly me believed Football Insider will probably still happen though I suspect. Sadly!

2.) 21 Jan 2022 18:10:38
Sorry to see him leave for a rival but he is not good enough, we have better footballers in the club in his position,but he was exciting to watch but provided little in the end. Surprised he didn't hold out for Barca.

3.) 22 Jan 2022 10:01:09
Looks like no more signings, not that it’s a bad thing. The good news is Toti Gomes is staying until the end of the season.

I’d say this summer we’ll see more incomings.

4.) 22 Jan 2022 12:56:07
By the summer we might not need much in the way of signings, Jonny, Neto and Yerson back, Jordao and Cundle coming up, Gomes securing his place. It's looking promising, only perhaps a Moutinho replacement and a striker ( if Chiquinho not up to scratch.

5.) 22 Jan 2022 13:04:55
I have to agree with you Mikebayleaf, why spend millions when the talent is already there? will need a replacement for João Moutinho. He’s almost 36, could maybe get one more season out of him, but it’s a position that needs to be addressed.

6.) 23 Jan 2022 23:28:42
Very true Debs but I'm not sure how you fix a problem like Joao to be honest?! He is without doubt the closest thing to a world class player we've had at the club in my life time (for me he still is on his day, like this wkend but age catches up with us all). To replace a player like that either takes an obscene amount of money or an obscene amount of luck, let's hope for the later eh! He brings SO much to this squad, I would LOVE to see him take his badges with us and stay on in a coaching role ?

7.) 24 Jan 2022 15:48:08
Maybe we can get another season out of Joao if he's used sparingly. Possibly Bruno Jordao can be introduced on a gradual basis for the last 20 min or so of games when he is fully fit.

8.) 25 Jan 2022 17:09:24
Like traore ain't gone anywhere yet, and I don't believe he will. Spurs, to sit on the bench with the doc. Spurs are no better than the wolves.



20 Jan 2022 19:14:33
Apparently we have turned down a bid of 15m from Spurs for Adama Traore, good! Levy doing his usual playing games. I hope Jeff Shi does what is right for Wolves, I doubt that he will do what I would like which is tell him to go away, or something similar! Personally I think we should keep him until the end of the season as a minimum. I wish he'd sign a new contract but I think that won't happen. I don't think his value will drop very much in the meantime but his value to us could help get us into Europe again!


1.) 20 Jan 2022 19:24:24
Levy, £15m is ridiculous, if that's what you value him at then IMO he should tell you to take a hike, it's an insult to the lad.

2.) 20 Jan 2022 19:30:14
The arrogance of Levy to think we'd be tempted to sell at that price. I am getting very annoyed at the arrogance of so-called big clubs thinking they can just pick up whomsoever they want - Utd, Spurs, Arsenal being linked with our players but looking at the state of those clubs at the moment, it's debatable that such a move would be a step up. They need to wake up to the fact that they aren't as big as they used to be and that clubs can challenge and beat them now.

3.) 20 Jan 2022 19:34:03
It would be pure madness to sell Traore for 15M, and an insult from Spurs to even low ball us, £30m is the starting point for any bid

4.) 20 Jan 2022 19:39:55
It looks like Spurs have bid £15m but Wolves want £20m plus £5m add ons. Personally, I think Traore will turn Spurs down if Barcelona cone calling. He's a Barcelona fan and Xavi wants him at the club.

5.) 20 Jan 2022 20:15:22
Absolutely insulting offer tbh.

6.) 20 Jan 2022 20:19:30
I'm not sure but 15 million and Emerson royal is what I'm told but I've said a week or so ago that Barcelona is were he will end up they just trying to get rid of dembele but that could be difficult but news that neto and Johnny will be back for us soon really exciting times are coming

7.) 20 Jan 2022 20:21:49
Having a Giraffe

8.) 20 Jan 2022 20:42:40
What I would add to above is that Levy must be desperate to keep Conte happy making a bid with a couple of weeks to go in the transfer window. He usually leaves it until the last minute to make stupid bids. He must know he's got to go higher. In this case quite a bit!

9.) 20 Jan 2022 20:49:11
Levy being Levy. I doubt it’s a case of Dembele and Barcelona saga, more of a case that Wolves bought Chiquinho (relatively cheap) so Leavy thinks he can pull a fast one.

10.) 20 Jan 2022 20:57:48
May be a coincidence but Matt Doherty popped into the Steel Wolf barbers in Sedgley this afternoon for a haircut. Now it’s a long way to come just for a haircut unless he had been to Compton for some reason!

11.) 20 Jan 2022 21:12:21
Probably dropped into Compton to tell Adama how good it is to go to Spurs from Wolves to be a Wingback!

12.) 20 Jan 2022 21:34:34
I know Traore has only scored one goal in Premier League this season and registered no assists. We haven’t scored many but that is not down solely to Traore. I would like to know how many goals we have scored when he has been on the field compared to those scored, when he wasn’t. I think he occupies opposition players to allow others more space. Does anyone know the answer? Quite happy to have this theory proved wrong!

13.) 20 Jan 2022 21:35:08
Or he is part exchange in the deal? Doesn’t make sense unless Semedo is going to Madrid.

14.) 20 Jan 2022 22:26:53
Personally, I'd tell Levy that the price just went up to £30M, cash up front. That or do one. I really hope Traore finishes up at Barcelona or signs a sensible contract here.

15.) 21 Jan 2022 00:28:32
I know most on here won't agree AND that I keep banging the same drum BUT (as I keep saying:) we all need a reality check here! This is a player that has made it entirely clear that he won't sign a new contract and that despite that being the case we have LET go into the last 18 months of his contract! Sorry peeps but the good times in footy are over and post CV no one is paying £30m for a player currently starting on the bench that they KNOW with every new window gets cheaper (especially when by the third one it becomes a free)! Look I honestly can't stand Levys tactics but the man rarely gets ripped off and that's because he knows how to play the game. Of course he's offered £15m now, so in 10 days time when he comes back with a £15m + £2.5-5m add ons (stupidly long term ones at thay:) it looks like a middle ground!
Like all fans my gut says tell Levy where to shove it but like all fans it's easy to say that when I don't have to find the money to replace Adama or more importantly balance the books! I suppose what I'm saying is that we all have to start to accept that at THIS stage with Adama the club are damned eitherway! If he leaves 'on the cheap' (£15-25m) then fans won't be happy, if he leaves on a free and we can only replace him with a cheap kid then fans will also not be happy! What do they do?!
This is a problem we've created so (for me) there seems little point blaming Spurs or Levy for trying to exploit a fragility we have created, that's literally his job! And by the way we have also done it to other clubs, Boro didn't want to sell him but he refused to sign a new contract and we payed the release fee.
I hope we get a positive outcome but the only one I can see is him signing a new contract which saddly also seems to be the least likely one to happen. The point is gents that we all seem to be getting annoyed about the WRONG thing here. I'm not sure why it's become about weather its Spurs or Barcelona (I honestly couldn't care less, if he's goes he's goes) especially when eitherway they will likely be signing him for a fraction of his value?!
The question we should ALL be asking ourselves is not where is he going! It's HOW have we put ourselves in a position where ANY club can sign one of our best players for a fraction of his true value?! I'm afraid that's not a question for Levy it's a question for Jeff! ?

16.) 21 Jan 2022 06:50:07
Bullysboy I can't see why Jeff is to blame he can't literally force Adama into signing new contract.
I have always being annoyed at Adama for not signing new contract no one else.
I feel betrayed by Adama for not signing.
To make it worse is Adama form goals/assists has been virtually non existence yet talk he is a prize assist.
I do like watching Traore play but most times end up in frustration.

17.) 21 Jan 2022 07:41:57
BullysBoy II - you answered your own question, C-19 and a player not signing a new contract. How is any of that Jeff Shi’s making?

The reality is Traore isn’t signing a new contract, Levy knows this and believes he can get AT for relatively cheap. Of course this could be his (ridiculous) opening bid.

Or, Levy is fuming for paying well over the odds for Matt Doherty ?

18.) 21 Jan 2022 09:24:09
Thanks,Ken. Made me smirk!

19.) 21 Jan 2022 09:31:37
Why is Adam worth more than £25m? He produces next to nothing yon the pitch and has to start in the bench most weeks. He has no idea of tactics unless Coady or Moutinho tell him and his stats are awful. He is not a team player and we always play better football when he is not on the pitch. I love seeing him run at people but let’s be honest £25m for a player that never produces what he promises and is close to the last year of his contract is about right. Trincao, given time will produce better stats than Adama ever has!

20.) 21 Jan 2022 10:35:23
BB you are quite correct in what you say, responsibility for the current situation lands right on Jeff Shi's desk. All clubs are dealing with contracts with 2 years to go then no signature then up for sale to gain best value for the player.
So sadly its down too him. But not much can be done now other than wait for who blinks first. Levy is noted for being a tight git. We can guess why.

21.) 21 Jan 2022 11:32:09
Sorry but I'm not buying the 'Let's blame Jeff Shi' game regarding Traore. He is currently on £43k pw but rumour has it that he wants £120pw on a new deal. Is he really worth a £77PW pay rise. Can Jeff Shi justify that?

There are many players across Europe who are refusing to sign new contracts:

Dybala, Rudiger, Dembele, Belotti, and Ginter to name just a few. Their reason? It is reported that they want massive pay hikes. For example, Rudiger wants a new deal taking him from £100k pw to £400k pw. Likewise, Mo Salah allegedly wants £500k PW to sign an extension at Liverpool. This equates to all of the gate receipts of League matches played at Anfield.

I want Traore to commit to the club as much as any other fan but Shi has to look at the wider picture and has a duty to ensure the club do not spend beyond their means.

22.) 21 Jan 2022 13:00:31
Jas I don't actually blame Jeff Shi for this situation though he is responsible for letting it run on for so long. Largely due I suspect to his learning curve in running a football club. I assume he won't make the same mistake in the future. But please don't use papertalk clickbait on what players are demanding, its just guess work. I am simply commenting on known facts. We have no idea on who wants what in terms of payments. One of the last so called reports on Trare was that it was all agreed apart from the price set on the release clause. But then again does anyone actually believe that either!

23.) 21 Jan 2022 13:08:25
If spurs were to offer tanganga in a deal for Traore I'd take it, I rate him.

24.) 21 Jan 2022 13:33:03
Ken68, the contract offer has been on the table since the summer of 2020.

25.) 21 Jan 2022 14:12:39
Jas, yes I'm well aware of that and yes he's still not anywhere near signing it! From a purely business point of view we've been a bit daft no selling him way before now frankly. From a personal point of view though its stupid I'd keep him until the end of his contract because I love seeing him play for Wolves even though he can be frustrating! Terrific to watch though!

26.) 21 Jan 2022 15:04:19
Apart from the summer when I suppose Bruno wanted a look at him now is probably the first real opportunity to sell. Last January we had so many injuries I can understand the club holding out.

27.) 21 Jan 2022 16:28:18
Bully, you say that the good times in football are over (meaning financially).If that's true, that's your answer. Traore wanted a massive pay rise to sign a new contract with us, just as footballers all over Europe are doing the same to their clubs. All of this greed is happening in this age of the pandemic. That's the reason for Traore's situation. It's hardly all Jeff's fault. Levy is also greedy, trying to get Traore for half the price of last summer.

28.) 21 Jan 2022 17:15:50
Good responses as ever gents and I agree with much of what's being said. As always Ken you are on the exact same wave length fella. So no I don't blame Jeff that Adama won't sign a new deal, in fact Jas I said myself a few weeks back how Nathan Judah had described Adamas demands as 'eye watering' and wanting to be the highest paid player at the club! So you are also quite right Jas, I (like Jeff) believe we shouldn't just be sanctioning silly contracts. However, where Kens on my wave length is that its the letting him get to the last 18 months which is culpable! Let's not forget here that it's fairly common knowledge that Klopp wanted Adama and WE (and his DoF) talked him into Jota! As we sit here and wait for a Adama to go for (likely) less than half the value Pool probs would have paid for him AND Jotas being called World class can you honestly tell me Jeff's called that one right?! Now I get that Jota probs would have left a season later anyway but he would have done so at a better price. In fact I'd go as far as to say we probs would have doubled our transfer income between the two transfers (getting £40-50m for Adama and £60-80m for Jota) as opposed to the likely £65m we will get for both.
So whys its Jeffs fault, simple I'm afraid he decided we didn't need a DoF so now these decisions fall on him. That means when it works you get the credit (like Hwang) and when you sell players on then cheap you get the stick, just the way it is ?

29.) 21 Jan 2022 20:19:18
BB well summed up. I don't actually dislike Jeff he's just got a lot to learn. He's made some very good calls and some absolute, not very good ones shall we say.
Spend some of it Lingard, solve a few things I reckon!



15 Nov 2021 18:15:35
Wonder if we are interested in Tarkowski a few things in the press today but I suppose would he come in January probably a few will try but the temptation of a free with a signing on fee at the end of the season will no doubt be in his mind.


{Ed002's Note - James Tarkowski (CB) options are Newcastle and Wolves.}

1.) 15 Nov 2021 18:44:37
Would be a decent signing and a proven CB. I can’t see Burnley wanting to lose him on a free.

2.) 15 Nov 2021 21:56:31
You would have to be disappointed not at least to be in for a player like him.

Talking of things we don't want to miss out on. Watched Vitinha for Portugal under 21. Looked outstanding. Really hope that doesn't turn into a Pedro Goncalves situation. I fear it might. Could always go back in for him.

3.) 15 Nov 2021 23:03:21
Tommy. The thing is as I see it there's only so much in the pot. Sanches 25m a starter. Vitinha 20m. Is he a starter? I don't think so 10m on the bench then yes.
Tarkowski Jan say 5m yes please.
Bottman Jan 35m. I know value when I see it. My opinion obviously!

4.) 16 Nov 2021 07:20:08
Yeah completely agree Ken there is only so much we can do. I think we could have got Vitinha for way less than 20. I don't think we will actually spend big in Jan.

It rarely presents much in the way of value for money.

5.) 16 Nov 2021 10:33:10
Tommy - I admit I haven't seen him play for the U21s and so can't comment on that performance but would note that he has always been superb in junior football - when he was with us he ran the show for Portugal against England U21 - but to date he never reproduced that in adult football (similar to Silva).
Will he ever? For £20m that is a gamble we simply can't afford to take.
If we could buy him (and had bought Silva) for the sort of money we sold Owen or bought Yerson then maybe it would be an idea worth persuing.
Ps Yes to Tarkowski but fear that as Ed2 notes Newcastle will be in for him as well and will offer far more in wages than we will even though you are getting him way below value and so could afford a higher wage ( at the risk of upsrtting thr dressing room mind!)

6.) 16 Nov 2021 13:54:57
I too haven't seen too much of him this season but there must be a reason why he has only started 3 of the 15 games Porto have played. No goals, assists or big chances created during the 416 minutes he's been on the pitch.

7.) 16 Nov 2021 15:53:05
As an addendum to my comments above. I have previously mentioned Lingard who at 15m presents a bargain who would be a starter pretty much anywhere in the prem except where he is obviously! Problem only being salary but compared to Vitinha who to me is a lightweight its a no brainer.

8.) 16 Nov 2021 17:11:50
Ken - he is currently on 75kpw allegedly. If we can't pay that wage, (or indeed even a slightly higher figure!) to a player who would (if his time at WH is anything to go by) take us to another level - probably more than earning his wage just in the increased prize money we would earn then we have real problems and no ambition.
Sadly as you say it is a no brainer so there will be numerous clubs in for him and some may well be willing not just to pay him the 75k pw + I mentioned but in fact far far more which we probably can't or shouldn't do. Consequently I think it will be hard to persuade either him or indeeed any players of that quality to join us now.
To get back to where we were, (competing for Europa qualification) will now cost far far more than it would have cost us to push on and reach Champions league football.
Stich in time saves nine or penny wise pound foolish both sum it up perfectly.
We were so close but I fear it may never come again in my lifetime as the gap to the now big 3 is wider than ever due to the money differential and Arsenal who we had clearly overtaken have finally, on the back of a good youth program, recovered to some extent whilst the remaining members of the so called big 6, Man U and Spurs, who we were competing with continue to throw cash at the problem on a scale we can't even imagine. Just to rub salt into the wound several more clubs WH, Leicester and maybe even Brighton, etc etc (who, perhaps with the exception of Leicester, weren't even in our rear view mirror we were so far ahead of them) are pushing for the European places and it is hard to argue that they (or at least some of them) won't end the season above us.

9.) 16 Nov 2021 21:13:12
Linked in rumours with John Swift from Reading. Really like him. He was a huge prospect coming through the Chelsea ranks. Now 26 years old and looks quite a different player in recent years. Looks to have bulked up a bit and consequently stronger. Started this season, his last in contract at Reading, really strongly, with goals and assists. Plays a similar role to Dendonker and I think looks a better prospect for our style of play. Would also make a good financial deal, as Dendonker would demand a bigger fee than we would have to pay for Swift.

10.) 17 Nov 2021 09:31:03
future. Put quite a long comment on here about this last night where on earth it's gone I've no idea! Not the first time this has happened but anyway I agree with you on this. Plus I wrote a very long piece on it so I'm not best pleased but heh that's life! Can't be bothered doing it all again.

{Ed001's Note - was it this one?

16 Nov 2021 20:43:14

future. Shock I agree with you! The top six boat has sailed sadly. The reality being Seville proved a catalyst for a number of things. Though prior to that the loss of Thelwell who was the buffer and the glue. He kept Shi and Nuno apart. Seville fueled Nuno to push on but Shi in reality I knew the money wasn't there for a big push I think he wanted to consolidate hence the big spend on a young player for the future but also one quality player to partly fuel Nuno. As we know it didn't work! For Shi though I think he was very brave in giving the job to Lage which to me was a massive gamble, staked his job on it think. There were safer hands out there! I'm very impressed with Bruno so far and obviously support him 100%. I hope we significant funds to invest in the players that Bruno wants in January even though it's not the best time to buy historically. I fear though it will come at the expense of losing Traore who I will miss very much. I think he's on his way pretty sure his head has been turned he's clearly unlikely to sign the new contract. If that is the case now's the time to sell his value is only going to go down now! A massive shame really.

If it is not then the comment never came through. The likelihood is your internet dropped at some point and so it got lost. It used to happen all the time in the old days of phones as the connections were so poor.}

11.) 17 Nov 2021 10:19:31
Thistle I have also seen this rumour and it sounds interesting particularly as you would hope, given his contract situation, we can get a bargain.
Are you suggesting though that we sell Dendonker to fund this?
Surely we don't need to do that?
Plus as I said to Longmynd Wolf in an earlier thread I think we need to add 3 net not gross so swapping Dendonker for Swift numbers wise gets us nowhere

12.) 17 Nov 2021 11:06:17
You have to smile when you see some posts, seeking out bargains and value for money signings on behalf of our owners, makes no difference to fans What transfer and signing on fees are or any other financial arrangements, they didn’t seem too concerned about how their customers are fixed for cash when they increased ticket prices and quietly upped their car park charges to ten pounds, could ask the question “What have they done for us”, showed they could mount a challenge if they wanted to, then settled for glad to be here mid - table mediocrity.

13.) 17 Nov 2021 11:20:05
Ken - Bizarelly I think Shi was wrong if he thought we couldn't afford to push on. In fact I think it has cost us money, (a substantial reduction in revenues from prize money, tv and the commercial exploitation of the brand etc etc) not to have done so - even before you count the diminution of the value of the club.
I also actually don't think it did need a lot of money - just well spent money and in a previous thread I detailed what we could have done with the money we did spend that summer (note there were a lot of players sold that summer that would have assisted our move to the next step). Remember that year we had a really strong side - its still not a bad one today despite the failure to spend well over the last couple of years - so the step up required was a v modest one
In any case although we didn't buy a CB, CM or CF that now pretty much everyone agrees we should have we did as you say spend pretty chunky amounts JUST badly massively overpaying for Semedo, Hoever and most spectacularly Silva.
Losing Thelwell, Dalrymple and then Nuno was also a disaster.
To lose one is unfortunate to lose all three? - Ask Oscar Wilde!
The idea that you can consolidate is a tough one as well - everyone is pushing really hard, so standing still really means going backwards.
But we have had this debate a thousand times just like the Traore one. There are various threads on here about him even now as he is the ultimate marmite player.
I have stated my views on him, (his potential, end product etc etc) a million times which are in line with the views of the major clubs in Europe and their managers.
If he leaves you fear that just like Jota he will blossom and then even his harshest critics will be able to tell that we gave away a world class player that we may nver see the like of again at Wolves.
But yes Lage has done v well and given funds this Jan we may regain some of the ground lost -but top 6 let alone top 4 now seems unlikely?

14.) 17 Nov 2021 11:28:46
Ed001 yes thank you that is the one! I wondered where on earth it had gone!

Oxley. I like a significant number on here post because I see it as a group of people who like the club but for whatever reason like speculating about the club without any expectations of any of these things happening. Obviously I only speak for myself above all who does it harm? No one, bit of fun! I don't forecast stupid unattainable prices plus if the owners ever took any notice of anything I were to say I'd be shocked. Its a business is it not! It exists to make money that's all.

{Ed001's Note - I don't know where it went, sorry. It just appeared in the list we have of previous posts. I will get Ed33 to have a look and see if there is an issue.}

15.) 17 Nov 2021 12:16:04
Oxley totally understand your frustrations and view re the relationship of the club with its fans.
Sadly though football is not a local community thing any more with the butcher owning the club and the players being lads who the fans went to school with and who live in modest houses in the area.
It is a multi trillion pound global industry whose owners, players, managers etc live, (as a result of the countless millions thrown at them), in a gilded palace far away from reality and us!
This means the key man at the club is no longer the star striker, the captain or even the manager but the CEO who organises the millions/ (or even billions) required to compete at the top level these days.
So to your point sadly it is all about the money and its careful/clever use so its no surprise posters comment on it.
In days gone by a Brian Clough or a Bobby Robson could take a modest side and make them winners - not any more! All (well virtually all) the trophies go to the big money teams.
If we want trophies you must manage the money!
For us yes the last couple of years haven't been as succesful as the 2 or 3 that preceeded them and I have (regularly despite being castigated for it) pointed out Jeff's failings.
But we are still in the game and Lage is doing ok with what he was left with and as a fan I still (perhaps foolishly) believe/hope that the Future will be old gold - (not Chelsea blue or Man U red!)

16.) 17 Nov 2021 12:25:28
Ed001 no worries. I know the internet didn't drop because it conks the tv when it does. As she who must be was watching and I had the use of the laptop (for a change) instead of trying to follow my own thread on my phone!

{Ed001's Note - wow mate, you were spoilt!!}

17.) 17 Nov 2021 12:46:31
future. Quite I don't think we were that far away. I didn't understand our buying policy that summer not much logic to it. Semedo though has become far better this season though maybe took a long time to settle. Remember Henderson's first season at Liverpool, fans I knew didn't have a good word to say about him him, then! One of my oldest friends who is a Sunderland supporter just said wait and see. Semedo seems to have become a good club man supporting young players, good for him.
Hindsight is wonderful and we can speculate all we like I just hope they make a difference in January.
Swift is interesting a rare thing a chance to get British player with little prem experience and normally you'd have to pay a premium to find out if he's good enough. It's a rare opportunity to not have to spend a fortune to find out though there could be a lot of competition for him.

18.) 17 Nov 2021 13:11:06
Ed001 yes I know awfully generous of her I thought! Generally if I'm good she allows me to drive her wherever she wants to go! Never wanted to drive purely I reckon to avoid becoming the designated driver! No fool is she!

{Ed001's Note - that's so she can make sure you can't drink, after all she wouldn't want you to go enjoying yourself or anything.}

19.) 17 Nov 2021 13:40:53
Ed001 doesn't work just means we have to find the car the day after!

{Ed001's Note - then she has a nice ready-made excuse to be angry with you. It is win-win for her!}

20.) 17 Nov 2021 15:37:08
Ed001. One is always in it, it's just the depth that varies!

{Ed001's Note - fair point, it is amazing the lengths a woman can go to in order to be angry with you over something that you have no control over. My friend's wife didn't speak to him for a week because she dreamed about him kissing another woman. A whole week before he even found out why she was giving him the cold shoulder!}

21.) 17 Nov 2021 17:15:20
Ed001. That's a new one, mind you after 43 years I'm inclined to believe anything! I did recently read a sentence that had "wedded" and "bliss" in it. Never thought that happened or was allowed for that matter! I just keep my mouth shut first thing and see how the land lies first.

{Ed001's Note - to be fair, I think he would have called that week about as close to wedded bliss as you can get. I find it helps to apologise early, just in case and let them wonder why I am apologising. It keeps my gf busy trying to figure out what I have done wrong so you can get angry with me, but as she can't find out what it is she is extra nice to try and get me to lower my guard and admit my indiscretion.}

22.) 17 Nov 2021 17:53:23
Good luck with that one, don't hold your breath though. Generally I just accept I won't win, they can go on ad infinitum.

{Ed001's Note - fair point.}

23.) 17 Nov 2021 20:43:14
future. Shock I agree with you! The top six boat has sailed sadly. The reality being Seville proved a catalyst for a number of things. Though prior to that the loss of Thelwell who was the buffer and the glue. He kept Shi and Nuno apart. Seville fueled Nuno to push on but Shi in reality I knew the money wasn't there for a big push I think he wanted to consolidate hence the big spend on a young player for the future but also one quality player to partly fuel Nuno.

As we know it didn't work! For Shi though I think he was very brave in giving the job to Lage which to me was a massive gamble, staked his job on it think. There were safer hands out there! I'm very impressed with Bruno so far and obviously support him 100%. I hope we significant funds to invest in the players that Bruno wants in January even though it's not the best time to buy historically.

I fear though it will come at the expense of losing Traore who I will miss very much. I think he's on his way pretty sure his head has been turned he's clearly unlikely to sign the new contract. If that is the case now's the time to sell his value is only going to go down now! A massive shame really.



15 Jul 2021 18:25:18
Nice to see the announcement of the signing of Jose Sa on a 5 year contract.
That means so far cost wise the outs and ins about balance out. I certainly hope that's not it! All very quiet on the gossip pages as well. I know they always keep things quiet but after the disaster of the last couple of transfer windows a few comments from Jeff Shi as to where we are going would be nice. I'm sure I'm not the only one concerned!


1.) 15 Jul 2021 18:45:35
Welcome Jose Sa, didn't see that one coming Ken 🙄.

2.) 15 Jul 2021 19:13:04
Yeah complete surprise NikNak! 😀😀😀.

3.) 15 Jul 2021 19:20:52
Check the till, Ken. We sold Patricio and bought a younger model and still got change of £3mil. Cool or what?!
Should we let ITK know gently, or wait for him to read it on News Now? I don't want him to not be in the know. He can then tell us.

4.) 15 Jul 2021 19:26:20
Just like trincao big shock.

5.) 15 jul 2021 19:31:29
think most of the non actives some will still be on holidays mate it will probably start the mad rush after a couple of friendlys were bruno will get to see who he needs to get in if our squad ain't up to what he wants the more you read about bruno the more excited i'm getting the calibre of players that sing his praises and say he is a excellent manager and coach is amazing good things are coming.

6.) 15 Jul 2021 19:46:20
Deep we'd already spent 4.5m on a centre back. Roughly balanced so far!

7.) 15 Jul 2021 19:53:31
Fingers crossed you're right giants, but I tend now to avoid the opinion, ITK, and would be great. Of course they are all clickbait and I know it's taken me a while but I've got there in the end. I only take notice when the reports come from someone sitting in a tree outside Compton!

8.) 15 Jul 2021 20:08:49
We are a month out from our opening match with the foxes, Jeff Shi and staff really need to close out any other transfers coming out way so they can join in and build as much chemistry as possible.

9.) 15 Jul 2021 20:19:44
Rumours of Nuno after Boly and Podence. After Spurs failed chase for Kounde from Sevilla.

£25m for Podence apparently.

Thinking about it would fans accept £40m for Boly and Podence?

I think that would be a great way of generating funds to think that's £40m towards an experienced CB and CM.
Palhinha and Tarkowski or Dunk anyone?

10.) 15 Jul 2021 21:11:38
Siiisenor my thoughts exactly. Don't want an undercooked start to the season, I suspect its going to be tough one. I hope I'm wrong!

11.) 15 Jul 2021 22:46:27
Ken - RAN cost circa £10 didn't he so with the new CB and the 2GK trades we are fair bit out of pocket so far - or are their other trade i'm missing?
Madman - yes to the pair but suspect that they might cost upto £40m each not the pair.
Podence is a difficult one to call - he was injured/ out of sorts for much of last season, is lightweight and frustratingly inconsistent but on his day - which he showed particualrly in the early part of the season - he is brilliant and v v creative - possibly a little out of step with most of our team perhaps but brilliant and would be v hard to replace. so £25m might be light for his undeniable potential.
Boly suffered from C.V. last year and struggled to get his mojo back - was that the start of an age related decline or a short term blip.
He is the best out and out defender at the club so would like to keep and add to rather than sell and def only would sell if we get a gtee'd player like the two you mention.
Given his age £15m might be fair but if he gets back to where he was that too might be light
But Madman i'm a Wolves fan so undoubtedly biased!

12.) 15 Jul 2021 22:56:54
I agree! It's not just wolves though, anybody rumouring our players like Arsenal, or Tottenham either need to make a serious bid or stop lingering around because that's stopping us from making transfers. Tbf the season might start off a little shaky since we have some tough opponents the first 3 weeks and we have a new coach, but hey if we could manage to pull some victories that would be great!

13.) 15 Jul 2021 23:33:05


Its interesting how the club is looking to refocus the funds and salaries to other parts of the squad.

They have replaced Patricio. Found a back up for Neto on loan. Brought a promising CB from Columbia. And finalised a deal for a young LWB that did okay on loan last season.

But what does Bruno want now? Surely he has plans on his defence and midfield. Not forgetting all the forwards we have been linked with.

I think the club have been true to there word saying they need to be 'creative'. They are trying to save money on young player loans made last season. And move previous large salaries to reinvest funds more evenly through squad.
I expect Moutinho, Podence and Boly to leave as part of this restructuring.
I'm unsure on Neves and Traore i'm guessing its down to contract and whether they are in brunos plans.

14.) 16 Jul 2021 08:44:50
Madman - you can't argue with that. All the deals so far look smart/ creative if you like.
But as you say what is key is the big 2 deals still needed at CB and CM.
Yes Moutinho will surely leave freeing up a big slab of salary but not sure we have the bodies to let 3 go and only 2 come in.
We need a bigger squad so I d keep the other 2 and try and add at least the 2 mentioned.
But we all know that will cost money we may or may not have.
Hence this summer we may need to be creative again or look at very short term sol'ns until the finances are ( if they are as the noise intimates in a poor place) sorted out again. Are there any frees out there or players at the end of their careers available for nominal sums looking or one last pay day - (we can use Moutinho salalry? ) Giroud for example would have been great. I know i'm undoubtedly overly optimistic if I think that sort of player will come to Wolves sadly.
Thrashing about randomly and in no particular order and limiting myself to Prem league players (as I have no knowledge of overseas football) now that CP have bought the young lad from Chelsea Guehi, Dann and Cahil will not be resigned. Could they do a job for a year maybe. Sean Duffy is back frm Celtic and surely won't get a game at Brighton even if White is sold - cheaper than Dunk for a year?
I know these are bargain basement players but if we now have no money?
Of course if we have money then we can raise our expectations and the 2 you mentioned before Tarkowski and Dunk would be great.
Lindelof or Laporte might be a bit of a stretch but Bailly is prob available and Ake could be a steal.
In Mid Ziyech is available as surely is RLC and others, Gallagher? . At MU Greenwood or James might be sent out on loan for game time?
Milner might be allowed to leave on a free for solid service if Liverpool add players and surely we would be favourably looked on- might ask for Phillips on loan perhaps as well?
Sorry not that well thought out but its not easy to find quality players for nowt.
If I know of them so do all 19 of the other Prem League teams.

15.) 16 Jul 2021 10:17:37
future. I apologise for forgetting RAN, pretty careless mislaying a wing backisnt it! Slapped wrist for that guys. But I guess the general direction of the conversation is still that we appear to be suffering from short arms and deep pockets so far. Though if fit we can put a decent first team out there. Let's hope no one gets injured!

16.) 16 Jul 2021 10:56:59
I don't think we would only buy two players. We would buy a known cb and cm. Then supplement squad further with players from benfica, Barcelona.
Alot depends on Moutinho, Neves and Vitinha in midfield. One needs to give way for Vitinha. Or we leave Vitinha for the more experienced duo. I can see Wolves playing similar to England with either two holding midfielders one ball playing midfielder (Neves) and one ball winning midfielder (palhinha) . Then a box to box midfielder such as Gedson Fernandes. So in effect 4213 or a 433. Just so we still protect back 4.
Your right some of the players you mention are well worth a shout.
Id say Cahill, Dann, Milner and Duffy aren't even looked at due to age and wages for there age.
Laporte, Lindelof, Zouma, Ake, Bailly and Umtiti are dependant on those clubs finding replacements. Although I would argue this is a fantastic summer to buy great talent at good prices.
Dunk and Tarkowski obviously have a premium. Ben White would be amazing but his head is set on Arsenal.
Not sure how Ziyech would fit in with our forwards. Maybe a loan would be a good idea.
Dont forget we also have these academy players that need to make the step up as well:Marques, Otawosie, Morgan gibbs white.
Suppose the next two weeks we will see what the club are planning and how Bruno sets up his team.

17.) 16 Jul 2021 12:05:06
Madman, I'd be surprised if we didn't have a minimum of three academy players established in the first team squad this coming season, Otasowie, MGW and at least one other. But we are short of experienced quality players in certain positions. OK, such players might prefer more 'glamourous' clubs but we can offer an opportunity that bigger clubs can't, where they might never get a look in. Sign for Wolves, get plenty of starts, get noticed and if they really want, move on in 2/ 3 years. This process worked well for Jota, Jimenez, Traore and Neves. Playing for Wolves really elevated their profiles.

18.) 16 Jul 2021 12:51:43
Yes deep throat I agree. I think the clubs got to move the players on that they want to whilst also paying big for the players they need.
If they move on Boly, Podence, Cutrone, Mir, Moutinho.
It would be good to see one or two defenders mentioned above and
Palhinha with Vinicius. And maybe Robinson from fulham. For me that is the club rebalancing the squad.
But will the club spend more? Are any of those Bruno signings?
Not forgetting we are still after the young attackers from Santos and Benfica. All exciting in my opinion. And to think we may have jonny and Neto back by December.

19.) 16 Jul 2021 13:01:59
I also don't think bringing unproven players to the club is the problem. I enjoy watching the young players develop. Especially Jota and Neves even Neto. Its the fact some supporters have tasted success for the first time in years and want more. Which isn't a bad think of course I have that hunger for the club and community. But there is a massive gap between us and the top 6.Whether that is match day revenue, commercial revenue, success, and just having control over big decisions since 1992.
The club needs to gambke on some top players at some point. We have been linked to Ruben Dias, Pepe, Zinchenko, Kessie, Olmo even John stones and not completed the transfers for numerous reasons. That needs to change this summer for us to progress. We need European football each year for the next 4 years and a trophy would be a bonus that is success and increasing the profile of the club.

20.) 16 Jul 2021 13:06:06
good thread guys!

21.) 16 Jul 2021 18:01:44
Interesting to see that there are many comments about acquiring existing Premier league players but surely the last several years show that is just not how Fosun and their advisers work. Unless there is a complete about turn, any and all players brought in will be from further afield and probably a left field at that.

22.) 16 Jul 2021 20:13:50
Your right old wulf
Its just from rumours that they are available.
In reality can't see Brighton selling Dunk and Ben White. Maybe 1.
Laporte, Ake and Sterling were for sale from city earlier in the window not sure after Euros.
West Ham have been after Tarkowski for a while. So it seems he is available at the right fee.
Man utd are after Varane so youd assume Bailly or Lindelof will be available.
Davison Sanchez is available from Spurs. As they failed to do a swap plus money for Sevilla cb Kounde.
Barca have loads of players available as they need to cut the salary budget.
But you are rights there will be loads of players in Spain and Portugal we will be monitoring.




Ken68's banter posts with other poster's replies to Ken68's banter posts


27 Apr 2022 18:57:49
Curious to find out if anyone agrees with me that the stand out performance by a Wolves player this season was RAN versus Salah in the Liverpool game! Kept him quiet for 90 minutes. Salah on got away once after RAN went off in time added on.
My opinion only of course but I can't think of any one performance that has been better! Can anyone else?


1.) 27 Apr 2022 19:57:01
The last few games Neves played before getting injured. He dictated the games, also Moutinho v Villa at Molineux.

2.) 28 Apr 2022 06:47:38
Been a lot of good team performances this season.
Kilman played many stand out performances tailed off a bit from the very high standards he had set for himself.
Agree Ran brill agaisnt Liverpool and neves agasint villa.
I thought jonny coming back from injury was awesome considering the amount of time he had been sidelined.
Sa top top season.

3.) 28 Apr 2022 08:22:34
Agree with all of you but the Villa match was the most memorable just because

4.) 28 Apr 2022 14:11:55
Individually all above comments undeniable, but in almost every game Sa has made a save, or at Southampton the kick/pass that allowed raul to score superbly. That in an otherwise dull game was a moment of simple brilliance from both players.

5.) 28 Apr 2022 16:56:53
I didn't expect everyone to agree with me! The reason it stood out for me was that over the games so far there have been many great performances by our players but mostly from experienced senior players. RAÑ for me as a young player over 90 minutes had arguably the best attacking player in the league in Salah in his back pocket. Salah shook his hand as he went of injured/knackered as a sign of respect, not something you see often! That's why I went for it.

6.) 28 Apr 2022 19:05:28
Kilman had a great game away to Man City in early season. We were reduced to 10 men when Jimenez was red carded in the first half, so the pressure on Kilman was enormous. City only won with a contentious non-penalty, and Kilman nearly equalised with a great towering header late on. It was all the more remarkable that Kilman could get forward and nearly score, with us on ten men. A mature performance against the league leaders by such a young man.

7.) 28 Apr 2022 23:35:41
I have to agree with ya Ken buddy, RANs performance agaisnt Pool was immense! He had Salah in his back pocket and the forced switch for Hoever definitely costs us the points. But like Jas says most improved MUST go to Rueben. And let's give Bruno some credit on this one, cause he has got Neves back to the player we left the Champ with (and I never thought we'd see that again:). Let's just hope he signs a new contract (with a HUGE release fee) and stays for another season or so. One thing I will say for Fosun is that on their day we REALLY do have one of the best CM partnerships in this league (for an incredible price of around £23m)! Let's hope that's still the case for both of um by the start of next season eh ??

8.) 30 Apr 2022 12:55:05
Agreed BB Neves has been immense this year. RAN has to do it every week, if he did he'd be worth a kings ransom. Let's hope Neves signs a new contract though I'm beginning to doubt that he will sadly. If he does go it has to be for very big money we can't risk another Shi cock up!



13 Apr 2022 19:14:44
With Bruno looking for a striker who can win headers in the penalty area, hold the ball up and distribute it and score goals, its a great pity that he couldn't persuade Rafa Mir to give us a season to see if he could make it here. He's certainly done a good job for Seville with 12 goals so far albeit with a lot of appearances from the the bench, more so since Marcial arrived in January. A chance missed I think, he's a decent player who having seen him a few times with Huesca last season had all the attributes Bruno is looking for. A shame really in my opinion.


1.) 13 Apr 2022 19:44:53
He obviously wasn't interested in staying or I'm sure Bruno would have given him a try Ken,
If they want out then get rid I say, they only end up upsetting the applecart.

2.) 13 Apr 2022 21:17:10
Rafa Mir and Patrick Cutrone were both asked to stay but both refused.

3.) 14 Apr 2022 10:42:22
Not sure where you obtain your information,Jas, but I find that a little hard to believe with Cutrone given his overall record.He just warms the bench for Empoli as he would do with us. By the way if anyone missed his goal against Napoli (one of just two this season) you must check it out.

4.) 14 Apr 2022 15:21:00
I think Nuno had written him off for Wolves. Yet his performances for Huesca got better and better as he matured and developed I watched more than a few games out of interest. Atletico and Seville were both interested and as in Spain the way they do things I'm sure he was tapped up well before Bruno had a chance to talk to him. I just think it's a missed opportunity tbh. He's developed into a decent player and must go on the list as another one who got away.

5.) 14 Apr 2022 16:44:00
Ken, you can talk about missed opportunities all you like, but two facts are against you. Firstly these two players wanted to leave. Secondly, they are now playing in easier leagues than the PL, and therefore look better now. They couldn't hack the PL when they had the chance, and their heart wasn't in it either. Plus, Mir was loaned out by us to the Championship and was embarrassingly poor! Move on.

6.) 14 Apr 2022 17:15:52
I do think an overall view of the u23 side needs to be taken. IMO Unless any striker feels he can replace Raul he's probably not going to stay with us long. If he's good enough to replace Raul he will be in demand from other clubs anyway! As a club we aren't guaranteed 2 games a week through Europe or the chance of long cup runs to give these players breaking through the option of game time. So the way I see it unless an injury occurs and they take the chance progression is likely to be through moving clubs. The u23's are run as a development side, inevitably some will get away. If we get a fee for them great but the prestige of developing them is also a long term recruitment benefit. It may not feel it when they score for other clubs though.

7.) 14 Apr 2022 16:44:00
Ken, you can talk about missed opportunities all you like, but two facts are against you. Firstly these two players wanted to leave. Secondly, they are now playing in easier leagues than the PL, and therefore look better now. They couldn't hack the PL when they had the chance, and their heart wasn't in it either. Plus, Mir was loaned out by us to the Championship and was embarrassingly poor! Move on.

8.) 14 Apr 2022 17:15:52
I do think an overall view of the u23 side needs to be taken. IMO Unless any striker feels he can replace Raul he's probably not going to stay with us long. If he's good enough to replace Raul he will be in demand from other clubs anyway! As a club we aren't guaranteed 2 games a week through Europe or the chance of long cup runs to give these players breaking through the option of game time. So the way I see it unless an injury occurs and they take the chance progression is likely to be through moving clubs. The u23's are run as a development side, inevitably some will get away. If we get a fee for them great but the prestige of developing them is also a long term recruitment benefit. It may not feel it when they score for other clubs though.

9.) 14 Apr 2022 18:00:10
Cutrone was used in pre season and was told to stay and fight for his place however he decided that he wanted to move back to Italy.

10.) 14 Apr 2022 18:13:10
Bellotti's contract expires in June he is a player we were watching.

11.) 14 Apr 2022 23:13:14
I'd snap him up rated. Good shout

12.) 15 Apr 2022 10:58:40
Deep. All I said was a shame Bruno couldn't get him to have a go this season, to me it was. He has developed into a decent player. As for he couldn't do it in the Premier League my recollection is he didn't have that opportunity. I think if he'd stayed he would have given Bruno the options he's now looking for.



03 Apr 2022 16:21:15
Have just looked at our fixtures and can only see 6 matches scheduled so one is missing and I can't remember who it is against! Obviously someone somewhere knows who it is and when! Curious?


1.) 03 Apr 2022 16:36:23
Man City game has been postponed with no guess as of yet to when it will be played due to their involvement in everything.

2.) 03 Apr 2022 18:28:16
Thanks for that Golden. I knew it would be because of cup games, just couldn't remember who. Ta!

3.) 03 Apr 2022 18:41:07
July 1st, Golden.

4.) 03 Apr 2022 19:18:01
The really interesting thing though, if it gets re-arranged to late on towards the end of the season we could have a massive say who wins the Prem because it could be Man City then Liverpool last game.

5.) 03 Apr 2022 19:25:41
Old Wulf, do you mean May 1st? If so, they'll put out a weakened side as the CL semi is two days later.

6.) 03 Apr 2022 20:14:10
Probably be around 14th May I would think if City are in CL semis.

7.) 03 Apr 2022 20:50:40
Great result against The Villa. We have three very winable matches this month, nine points from these and Europe is a strong possibility.

8.) 04 Apr 2022 07:21:06
Lostcity agree.

We in there amongst it and in with a good chance.

Great time to be wolves.


9.) 04 Apr 2022 10:44:28
How are you Phil?

10.) 04 Apr 2022 11:28:00
I'm alright thanks lostcity,
Other than a banging headache after drinking too much yesterday lol.

I watched the match on my phone
Hesgoaltv there no sound but better than nothing.

I got a week shutdown holiday in a couple weeks so looking forward to that.
I'm in process of selling my home the early stages just got to clear my stuff out and tart up before I sell lick of paint and that you know.
One day in my week off I will walk up the canal and come out on to the back of the witherspoons in wednesfield have a breakfast and few pints.
The walk is about 20 25 minutes each way from my home.

Hope all well with you mate too.

Up the mighty wolves.

11.) 04 Apr 2022 12:32:40
I'm feeling great thanks Phil. I felt devestated after the Leeds game, but the Villa result perked me up. Thank goodness that awful penalty decision didn't really matter.

12.) 04 Apr 2022 12:58:20
Great stuff,
Yes the penalty thank goodness it didn't matter was biting my nails towards the end of the game.
Villas penalty I have seen those type of decisions in other games some refs give a penalty others don't.
I remember you saying you used to work in Birmingham for years so you know exactly how hood I feel.
A supplier at work asked me if I was a bluenose lol I said I 'kin A lol

13.) 04 Apr 2022 16:24:04
Phil, over a 40 year period, I worked in the City centre, Digbeth, Edgbaston, Small Heath, Tyseley and Stirchley. Consequently, the matches against Blues and Villa are always a bit special. Having said that, coming from Tipton, my first hate is Sandwell Town.

14.) 04 Apr 2022 17:55:44
I've worked in.brum over 25 years the same job I'm currently in.
My boss had executive seats on St.amdrews and took me twice when Birmingham were at home to us the wolves.
First time we won 0-1 bully scored.
My boss had access to the gold suite and said go to the bar and just put say our works tab.
I was standing right next to Karen Brady this was late 90's wow she was very top notch top class posh attractive lol.
Tge second time same score George ndah.
It felt so good once in a lifetime experience in my case very fortunate it was twice in a lifetime experience seeing my fans the wolves in the away end.
I remember the scarfs being swung around their heads the stand packed full of wolves.
When bully scored he run down the touchline and was pulling his shorts towards the blues fans saying I.have Steve Bruce in my pocket.
I used to be cheeky and say to my boss I've hot you in my.pocket lol.

15.) 04 Apr 2022 20:09:13
The match I remember at St Andrews was when we beat them 4-0 with Darren Roberts scoring a hat-trick on his debut. I think Keith Downing got the fourth.A happy Sunday afternoon!



16 Mar 2022 15:33:10
I see Dion Dublin is presenting Chelsea on "Homes under the Hammer". ?


1.) 16 Mar 2022 16:54:27
Nice one Ken. ??

2.) 16 Mar 2022 17:24:31
Going, going, gone. Stamford Bridge over troubled waters.



25 Feb 2022 21:10:15
Thelwell gone to Everton. That's a shame, but life goes on still I'd like to have seen him back with us. Who knows what goes on inside football clubs. He obviously left us for a reason, I guess we'll never know!


1.) 26 Feb 2022 01:47:27
Interesting that Ken, I was always on the fence with Thelwell if honest. It was the not replacing him that I took issue with. Have to say though that Everton spent a fortune getting Brands as there last DoF (at the time he was seen as one of the best around) so Everton clearly put a LOT of trust into that role. The very fact that they've signed him shows how highly he is thought of in the game! Much like when Webber went to Norwich I don't think the club (or myself in fairness) realised how well respected Thelwell was in the game till he left. Be interesting to see what he does with Everton, cause frankly their transfer record has been shocking under Brand! Let's hope he doesn't come sniffing round our way! ?

2.) 26 Feb 2022 12:26:15
Does anyone think hoever should come in for injured semedo
And dendonker for mouts,on Sunday

3.) 26 Feb 2022 13:18:47
Good question greyleg I'm not sure.
Thinking about it if jonny starts ahead of hoever what does it say about hoever.

I play mouthino dendonker and neves 3 man midfield against west ham.

4.) 26 Feb 2022 13:55:35
From what I saw on Thursday, Jonny isn't going to last 90 minutes and bit look tentative at times (completely understandably). I totally agree that Hoever should start.




Ken68's rumour replies


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27 Apr 2022 18:06:01
If Bruno is going to play Max on the left which is not a problem I would expect that he intends to play Yerson on the right as he clearly regards him as having great potential. Whether this is the right thing to do who knows! Clearly Bruno loves developing young players, no doubt that's why Jeff appointed him. I am yet to be 100% convinced by Bruno. He's done very well but next season I hope he can really put his plans into action but the transfer window this summer should be interesting. Better had be in fact!




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16 Mar 2022 17:27:44
Thought he was out of contract this summer anyway Debbie. Maybe we have an option to extend and that's why there is a negotiation to be done. Hope he sorts himself out I quite like the guy. Does a good job when he plays if a little injury prone.




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10 Mar 2022 17:46:15
Bruno was one reason he went to Benfica. At the moment he can come now for free from what I've read. Can't play I don't think but got to be worth a look as he's an attacking midfielder!




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31 Jan 2022 17:52:43
More chance of digging Alf Ramsey up frankly. Ramsey is looking for a shop window and too much money not for us I reckon. Injury prone as well.




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28 Jan 2022 13:13:32
BBC in decline since they stopped showing "Watch with Mother" I've never got over it!





Ken68's banter replies


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16 May 2022 14:30:38
As we've seen previously with Fosun Jas it will all happen quietly and we'll find out eventually. Marcal, Saiss are a given, Boly, Donk more than likely. Others depend on price MGW to return I should think. No doubt some stuff will be organized already or should be I hope. Clubs have to some idea of what they are doing. Bruno apparently gave them a list and options some time ago. We will see in due course. No doubt there will be loads of guessing which is fun until it gets a bit heated and over the top. Hang on for the ride I just hope it works out positive for us!




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15 May 2022 22:42:15
Jas quite agree with you. Its been a hard season with quite thin squad and I think the last few weeks have been a step too far. let's hope for a good summer in the transfer market and Bruno can shape the squad foe his style of play.




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15 May 2022 12:17:28
Get well soon Jas.
What a shame to miss the game. Sods law!




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13 May 2022 12:36:16
Abbey chuck VAR in the bin as I've said many times! Has it made football better? NO! Removed spontaneity completely. Celebrate 3 minutes after a goal, ridiculous! Football is a game of errors let's leave it like that!




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12 May 2022 12:18:31
I'd hoped for better last night but realistically we got a predictable result. They are a very good team bought with a vast amount of money. Not overly jealous that would be pointless. We have suffered for two years with a lack of investment so we have no strength in depth we all know that. If you had offered me our current position in the league at the start of the season I would have grabbed it! We have had a number of highs that raised our expectations but I just hope for better next season with the addition of some quality!