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31 Aug 2023 16:07:38
Bueno announced.2 today so far


1.) 31 Aug 2023 18:12:35
Subject to work permit apparently but at 24 years of age, a 6ft 4" frame and can apparently play a bit, sounds like a good signing.

This is probably why the Elvedi pursuit slowed down somewhat.

2.) 31 Aug 2023 20:33:10
With Pond gone to Stockport and Dawson's age is there an arguement for taking both?
Quality players (Swiss international) at the price (circa 5m?) he is available for must be worth signing?

It must be possible that this season we will have injuries, suspensions or loss of form amongst the CBs and the extra cover for the price, over a 5 year contract it is only circa £1m and his wages, it is surely worth it?

Additionally If both he and Bueno have established themselves, (and are under long term contracts ), then we may, subject to either Dawson remaining solid or one of our younger CBs developing to become the 4th option, be able to solve the remainder of our FFP problems by selling one of them, (or perhaps more likely Kilman), at a substantial profit next year?

3.) 01 Sep 2023 08:29:24
I haven't seen anything of Elvedi but it appears he is available at a reasonable cost, so why has no any other club gone in for him?



09 Sep 2022 13:07:56
Has Costa officially been signed?


1.) 09 Sep 2022 14:35:20
Yes, squad number 29

2.) 09 Sep 2022 15:10:32
Yes but due to events yesterday the club felt it wouldn't be right to announce it at this time.

3.) 09 Sep 2022 16:39:34
Makes sense

4.) 09 Sep 2022 18:47:18
I did think that yesterday
Bit like the potter announcement was very low key

5.) 09 Sep 2022 19:39:24
Have to give the club some credit on this one, even if it doesn't work out (hopefully it will look like a master stroke come the end of the season:). They moved fast and no one can say they haven't tried to address our problems in front of goal. I worry that the extra wage will sink the Denayer move (which would be understandable) cause we are still a little light (experience wise) at cb. Fingers crossed it still happens then it will be over to you Bruno ?

6.) 10 Sep 2022 07:39:17
Apart from trying to sign Ramos I think they have done all they can.Still pinching myself about Costa joining tbh.

7.) 10 Sep 2022 10:31:37
Early in the week it looked like the Dendayer deal had stalled with the player wanting a better deal. Not sure what the current situation is.

8.) 10 Sep 2022 22:12:58
Well I'm sure Debbie will put me right



07 Aug 2022 18:39:27
Guedes all done,medical tomoz


1.) 07 Aug 2022 19:36:57
If Guedes arrives it will signal the departure of MGW. Bruno likes his inverted wingers and Guedes plays that role, where MGW has been deployed in pre-season and yesterday. Not sure it is his best position. I think he will go to Forest as Cooper is more likely to play him more centrally.
Very surprised that the talk around Coady is a year loan with an option to buy. Unless there is a hefty loan fee involved, it doesn’t make sense to me. We should be looking to get the money, while his stock is still high.
Striker is still the priority. We played quite well in parts yesterday but never really looked like scoring. Saves their keeper made were routine. Not sure how I feel about the names being banded about. Ramos is probably my preference but he is young and unproven.
Would love us to get Nunes, as he is the type of aggressive, running midfielder we desperately need. Bruno obviously doesn’t really trust Ronan or Cundle, and if Moutinho is out for a few weeks we are probably looking at two midfielders to fill the voids.

2.) 07 Aug 2022 20:01:03
I have seen little about the injury to Moutinho, does anyone know what's happened to him? thanks

3.) 07 Aug 2022 21:02:43
Personally we should play gibbs white centrally or kind of same role he was doing at Sheffield but if a bid of what there saying nearly 40mil comes then I would snap there hands off and look at another attacking options and definitely a goal scoring midfielder

4.) 07 Aug 2022 22:03:15
Don't disagree Wolfthistle/Wolvessida if an offer off £40M comes in for MGW, then sell him and put the money into Nunes. Then bring in a Striker, job done, that would then become a very good window.
Having said that it would be a shame to lose Coady but it looks like the role Nuno created for him is going as we transition to 4 at the back. Personally, I'd like him kept, but if he's not going to get game time I suppose he'll go.

5.) 07 Aug 2022 22:10:57
I still think we need 6 players Guedes excites me but the club need to provide Bruno with options on his bench.
The subs getting yesterday were Bueno, Cundle and Campbell .
I think with the signing of Guedes who I expect to be a replacement for Traore.
We still need a cb (not confident of our cbs playing as a back 2), wing back, attacking midfielder, forward and Striker.
Although why not give Traore the wages he wants sign him for 3 years and try to get our money back next year whilst strengthening our squad and bench?
Wouldnt rule out keeping Cutrone as well and get him imposing himself on the opposition as a front 3.




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04 May 2024 08:17:15
Adebay from Luton worth a punt?


1.) 04 May 2024 12:05:21
I think so.



19 Apr 2024 16:34:26
We are going to struggle to put out a full team tomoz.no Cunha, no Semedo and no Dawson for rest of season!


1.) 19 Apr 2024 18:51:25
Going to be alternating night then nigelt. Either an embarrassing dismantling, a robust defensive display or a shock defeat of aesenal by an unknown and unexpected tactical brilliance by GON. I'm afraid I can only dream of the latter, but I'll remain positive in my support and will the lads on. COYW.

2.) 19 Apr 2024 20:03:00
Never known a season like this, all the good work done by GON and the squad undermined initially by the joke that is VAR and now injuries on an industrial scale.

The sooner it's over the better and it's no good thinking that a striker coming in the summer will suffice as the defence needs looking at as well. As expected our lack of strength in depth is hurting us, plus of course VAR is still costing us.

3.) 19 Apr 2024 20:47:40
10 senior players to put out
What a state we are in.
Good job we're not near bottom
It's an utter disgrace tbh
They don't deserve our continued
But as we are so passionate about our club, we keep on going to watch
Buy our shirts, come rain or shine thru thick and thin
Year after year
We all deserve better
Only hope next season is better
Let's hope so

4.) 19 Apr 2024 21:44:50
Whoever goes out tomorrow in the old gold, especially the youngsters deserve our utmost support in the most intimidating of circumstances greyleg. It's not their fault they're slung in the very deep end.
The club have avoided putting us in danger of demotion this year and GONs worked wonders, now is not the time to desert due to unfortunate injuries, its damage limitation and GONs right to call on loyal supporters to get behind the lads. Come 10 pm tomorrow we may even be pleasantly surprised. COYW.

5.) 19 Apr 2024 21:48:01
I don't think you can blame the club for the injuries.

We do need more players but hopefully this will be addressed in the summer.

6.) 20 Apr 2024 07:02:45
Agree Jas.Shi's job is to secure funds for new players. Really hope he can deliver.

7.) 20 Apr 2024 11:18:22
So much doom and gloom, yes it's not good having so many players out, bit at the end of the day its been a decent season, we've missed Neto for more games than he has played and continued to get results, Cuhna and Hwangz injuries are the one shat have hurt us the most, up until the new year we were flying, I think start Hwang from the off and see how he goes, apart from Semedo missing g we have enough to compete, football is a funny game and the pressures on Arsenal, this is a free hit for us



17 Apr 2024 08:02:18
Che Adams brace.might be an option for us?


1.) 17 Apr 2024 13:05:50
Other feature of last night’s football, was that almost everything that PSG did well against Barcelona, had Vitinha at the heart. He controlled the pace of the game and was the one who dictated the pace and direction of attacks. Can’t remember him giving the ball away. Don’t know whose decision it was not to take up the option we had to turn his loan into a permanent transfer, but it certainly was a missed opportunity.

2.) 17 Apr 2024 13:31:46
No thanks

3.) 17 Apr 2024 14:22:20
What even better than his stunner against Chorley? Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I doubt there are many who were disappointed when he wasn’t signed.

4.) 17 Apr 2024 14:26:52
I think you can thank Nuno for that Wolf. Not sure it was so much us deciding agaisnt signing Vitinha think it was more him not wanting to stay after hardly playing when he was here on loan! I loved Nuno but he was very stuck in his ways when it came to team selection.
I don't think people understand with Che Adams that his contracts about to expire, so he would therefore be on a free! So essentially the question is would Che Adams be a better option on the bench than no option (or an academy player)?! C'mon surely when that's the options he's a better option than no option?!

5.) 17 Apr 2024 15:07:30
To be honest, when Vitinha came on as a sub, he looked good against tiring opposition. When he started, he looked rubbish. He had 1 good game when starting and that was against lower league opposition in the cup.

6.) 17 Apr 2024 16:40:03
Bullysboy re Che Adams, careful you're using common sense here!

7.) 17 Apr 2024 19:07:35
If Gary wants Che Adams, that's good enough for me. Gary has improved most if not all Wolves players, so let's see what he can do with Adams.

8.) 17 Apr 2024 23:50:48
I completely agree Deep and Ken. We've come unstuck at this end of the season because we have a good first team but no actual sqaud! Well this is how squads are built, with free transfers and sensible business. We basically need to bring options in for pretty much every position (bar fbs) and we need to do so whilst operating under conditions where we have just been given a FFP warning/let off! Not sure if it's true but I've read we are Adams preferred option (think his fam are in Brum) so like Deep says if he's good enough for GON that's enough for me. If nothing else it might actually help GON to feel like he has some say in the sqaud HE needs to build ?

9.) 18 Apr 2024 06:57:15
One player very unlikely to be in the squad next season is Silva.
As Rangers implode, this was his rating last night:
"Silva - 3/10
Another disappointing display from the Wolves loanee as he walked off in a sulk after being subbed just like he did on Sunday."
If he can't cut it in Scottish Football, it is not going to happen for him.
A real problem for us, transfer value virtually zero and still picking up £4 million a year until 2026!
Great business Shi.

10.) 18 Apr 2024 07:02:11
I've posted my opinion on che Adams recently and I think it would be a good signing not just because we can get him on a free but for his qualities too.

Whang had split opinions on here before this season championship player at best but he's proved wrong so exactly tge sane for che Adams.

We've spent big on quality European plsyers guedes amongst them who've flopped.
Che Adams is British and has quality in him.

11.) 18 Apr 2024 08:29:53
Morning Rugeley,
It's hard to read/see how silva has flopped but it's not killed us but along with guedes tge other main flop we've just gone back 10 paces if you like.
Past is gone can't do anything but look forward on the knowledge that our club has had lessons learnt all be it the detriment of fans.

Ps when the last time atselost 3 games on the bounce?
Hope we win Saturday as hasn't got to be said but COME ON WANDERERS

12.) 18 Apr 2024 08:37:42
Ps when's the last time "Arsenal lost" 3 games on the bounce?

13.) 18 Apr 2024 09:26:51
Beginning of last season I think phil, or one before it was artetas first time in charge, might be wrong as memory not good but Sat's game will either be a fire storm or well put the mockers on em. One memory never erased from me mind tho is when we beat em 5-1 at the mol, they were league champs at the time. It was on match of the day that night. Not all games were selected in them days and you only knew it'd be on when you saw the BBC wagons outside the ground. Messy weather but great day.

14.) 18 Apr 2024 10:30:53
Alright Abbey,

We've beat mam City Tottenham and Chelsea at home this season 3 out of the big 6.
Man City win at home proves that it can happen we can beat Arsenal Saturday.

We take our chances be mindful of concentration for the full 90 minutes plus added time, a bit of luck, rub of the green.
Jeez might put 10 bob (lol for you old uns old money) on us to win 5-1.

15.) 18 Apr 2024 10:57:30
I hope dawsons fit, I think he's been missed at back big time. I'm hoping for the best phil, cunha on fire like he was v man u first game, hwang hitting the pace and who knows. 10 Bob!? Wish I could get the same amount of beer for it now. 50p for you young uns dosnt compare, 10 fags were less than 10p then.lol. mind you if we won 5-1 with a 50p bet coming in I'd imagine you'd get well over the old ten Bob return in ale. COYW COYW COYW

16.) 18 Apr 2024 17:22:20
Well we've got little to play for, Europe is a long shot now, let's hope the players can just go out and put a great match on.



15 Mar 2024 08:13:32
If the match with cov is a draw is it extra time then pens anyone know?


1.) 15 Mar 2024 09:38:05
Yes, no replay!

2.) 15 Mar 2024 10:33:11
I checked rules and it will go to extra time and then penalties if still a draw.

I think we'll hammer them.


3.) 15 Mar 2024 11:49:58
It’s far from a formality Phil mate. Not just our injury depleted squad, but Cov will be far from a walkover. They’re in the quarters on merit, and if you’ve ever watched or seen any of their matches, they play a good, attractive, attacking game of football and they’ve scored quite a few cracking goals, a lot less f their goals coming from distance not from corners or goal area scramble. I reckon a 2-1 win for wolves mate.

4.) 15 Mar 2024 11:51:47
Wish I shared your confidence Phil. I think we'll do it but 'confidence' will play a big part. If they score first GONs going to have to get us going and get the crowd singing. If we score first I think you may be right. Fraser hat trick would be great, but I think sarabia and ran might sneak a goal. COYW, up for the cup!

5.) 15 Mar 2024 13:22:35
Whilst we have injuries to our frontline Coventry are in a similar situation with their midfield players. I'm baking us to win, it's not going to be easy but our midfield is one of the best there is Coventry will struggle against them. 2-0 or better to us I think!

6.) 15 Mar 2024 16:05:57
Abbey half time pie, yes I don't think it will be a pushover, but if GON has prepared properly we should be OK.

7.) 15 Mar 2024 22:06:45
I think we'll be up for this as it's the last game before the international break and a rest/recovery for the players. I normally hate these breaks in the season, but with our injury list think we need a short breather for the squad get their 'second wind'.
Coventry won't be easy, but pretty sure GON will emphasize this. Going 2-1 Wolves victory.

8.) 16 Mar 2024 06:43:44
Focus, focus lads. At it from the start please.

9.) 16 Mar 2024 14:18:47
How wrong was I?



19 Feb 2024 19:58:49
5 more points for safety? Thoughts?


1.) 19 Feb 2024 20:50:28
I think we're ok now at 35. Can't see any of the bottom teams getting above 34

2.) 19 Feb 2024 21:03:52
Nahh. We are safe already.

3.) 20 Feb 2024 06:50:42
We on course to have our best ever premier league haul.

4.) 20 Feb 2024 09:35:16
That's a great point made regarding points total. It would be fantastic if we could dare I say it sneak into Europe by whatever route, but the higher we finish the more revenue we get, which hopefully gets reinvested to improve our squad further. Who would have predicted this one week before the start of the season.

5.) 20 Feb 2024 10:46:50
Sneaking into Europe, erm! Best route FA cup I would say. Qualification by finishing 6th or 7th seems to require Liverpool to win the League cup and Man City or Liverpool to win the FA cup, other options exist such as Man U winning the FA cup, but for that to create an extra place they would also been to finish in the top 7 to. I think!




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30 Apr 2024 06:24:38
Good mews




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05 Mar 2024 06:35:41
A striker would be better?




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31 Jan 2024 18:04:38
Don't think this is happening.been rejected




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09 Jan 2024 13:43:09
Danny Ings not leaving now




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07 Jan 2024 17:07:12
Prefer Danny to Che Adams





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26 May 2024 09:38:21
So have I.




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21 May 2024 12:30:09
I for one would have him back.knows where the net is and we are in dire need of someone like that




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15 May 2024 17:29:14
Pop on to their rumours site and congrats to Villadaz and whackattack




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11 May 2024 15:36:55
Your prediction is on Rated.if we can score 3 which I doubt




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24 Apr 2024 18:12:51
Downside is I am staying at mums lol




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