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20 Feb 2023 00:06:09
Re the game, (yesterday), our problem is obvious our front 3 don't score! However it is not just yesterday but effectively they, and that includes all the players we have picked in those positions over the past 2 and a bit years, haven't scored consistently since Jimenez (and Neto) got injured. Given our midfield don't score many either, it is basically set up to defend (maybe changing that that is the soln but I started a thread last week on our midfield options/set up and sadly I didn't get a sol'n from anyone that convinced me that there was an easy option there - Neves and Nunes might be better choices as the "number 10" than Moutinho currently appears to be but neither seem happy or comfortable in that role and Nunes in particular is still struggling to "fit in".) and no team can rely on defenders to score the goals required something has to give not just for yesterday but for the rest of the season and going forwards!
If I knew the answer I would be a rich man and manager/owner of Wolves but I have to believe that JL does and that as Nuno said "the answers are within the squad" because now it is all we have!
I v v rarely disagree with BB but I am not convinced that Cunha is the answer as a "one up" number 9 and to date I have not been convinced that Sarabia - who I thought at the time was an amazing bargain buy - is going to be a major source of goals either. But it is still v early in their Wolves careers and maybe I don't know as much as JL - as if!
Note if finding a player who can score regularly as a one up number 9 was easy Chelsea who have spent hundreds of millions and failed to find one would have done so!
I cling in hope to the fact that Neto will be back soon and Traore, (Yes I know many will disagree with me and claim I am merely banging that drum but again yesterday he was, in my and most pundits opinions, by far our best forward player) is playing v well creating chances. All we need to do is find someone/a system/anyone to put them in the net.
That is unlikely to be one person nor is it going to be in large numbers. We are/have been set up to keep it tight at the back and despite the change to management and the squad that doesn't seem to be any different. Indeed we look better defensively with a proper management system in place now JL has arrived than we did previously despite supposedly being a more attacking side?
Consequently our points will come, as they always have under both Nuno and Lage, largely from low scoring games.
It should be noted that I also completely accept that we don't score many goals due to a large extent from the fact that we don't create many chances. Again the front 3 players with the exception of Traore (and to a lesser extent Podence when fit) don't create chances and nor do, for the reasons stated above, do our midfield
Moutinho isn't the answer 90 mins a week and Nunes as previously discussed is not performing as we would hope yet so where is the creativity?
Sorry a rambling post that sadly doesn't offer many solns and merely points out the obvious but as it is so obvious once again I have to believe that our manager and our squad can find the soln.
Over the next few weeks we will find out!
Strap in!

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20 Feb 2023 06:15:48
23 games gone.17 goals scored, equal lowest along with Everton.
Saturday was deeply worrying. At home, against a side who can't keep clean sheets and we created.not one clear-cut chance.
Looking at the squad, can't see the lack of goals being resolved.
Just have to hope 3 other sides perform worse than us.
Despite others calling for Jimenez or Costa to start, I just see it being a waste of of a place. Both used to be excellent, but for different reasons their time has passed.
Sorry to be so down, but Saturday was very depressing.

20 Feb 2023 09:17:54
My preference would be to start with Raul and Cunha up front.

20 Feb 2023 09:30:19
Morning Future, just to let everybody know I accuse you of always banging Traore's drum regardless of performance, but he certainly warranted it on Sat.I really hope he continues with performances like that and becomes consistent,then sign a new contract.I only ever pass my judgment on how players perform on that day imo, I have no favourites it's Wolves as a team. On many occasions Traore has been our best player but it doesn't mean he had a good game just the rest were below par

20 Feb 2023 09:44:37
Thing is neto has never been prolific either.40mil wudv been better spent ona real c.fwd not cunha.not 2score in2games against the side with worst defence sez itall.sarabia like guedes promised much but delivers little.nunes the same.JL needs to come up with a masterplan for this lot2stay up

20 Feb 2023 13:15:31
Name the real centre forward Bux rather than come up with the same old repetitive comments. A pound to a penny you won't be able to because there aren't any that are good enough. Ask Chelsea!

20 Feb 2023 17:07:47
Chin up Rugeley feel for you guys.
Always next match to hope for a better match.
It will soon come around Friday night but guess it can't come quick enough.

20 Feb 2023 18:07:18
Thefutureisoldgold what could of been this post.
Sasa if he hadn't got injured first game and out for the season he could of been ideal for Adama.
Just trying to be positive I know it's fruitless and no relevance just as my thoughts on bully was yesterday.
Keep the faith and up the wolves.

20 Feb 2023 18:57:03
Phil - good to hear from you!
Keep the faith!
Do you remember the quote from Bobby Robson - who knew a player when he saw one?
His, (Bully's) first touch is poor but his second touch ends up in the back of the net!
I hope Sasa makes a full recovery and we can find out next season - assuming, (hoping), Adama stays!

20 Feb 2023 21:08:48
Every game left,must be our fa cup final,every player on the pitch must treat it as that,if they do,we will be fine
I believe
Do you believe
We all must believe
C o y w

21 Feb 2023 06:35:41
I do remember Thefutureisoldgold,
Had bully poster on bedroom wall all his vhs videos his autograph twice.
I also have Graham Taylor do I not like that vhs video.

When left school I had been watched/scouted from age of 11 by Tipton Town and had trials/training with them.
Sid Day was the west brom scout who was there who took bully to west brom he gave me the opportunity to trial with west brom as he rated me but I gave it all up for my first love (nookie).
Alan bull Steve brother was training with me at Tipton he was useless thin as a lath only there through his brother Steve.
My dad used to talk to bully's dad and sister who were there every time.
I know this peeves you SteveSl.
If it bothers you that much just say and I won't post about my idol bully again.

21 Feb 2023 10:22:12
Brilliant read Phil,it's nice to know things like this,?
I have one about a young goalkeeper at the time,playing for my home town of winsford

21 Feb 2023 11:07:54
Couldn't be Mark kendall could it?
Intrigued greyleg.
Lol Vincent bartrum (spelling?) Lol haven't thought his name for donkey's years.
Will have a laugh about it with my bro when I call him later.lol.

Tell us your story mate.

Lol mark kendal used to.pull his shorts down when southbank was singing to him show us your a*se.
Kendal I liked his goal kicks onto Mutch to flick on for Bull.
Happy days they were.

21 Feb 2023 12:18:58
Phil - great story! Oh what could have been - though hopefully not at WBA!. I am sure you would have seen the light and demanded a trasfer to Wolves to follow Bully!
Much as I love it now - and loved it in the early 70s under Bill McGarry - those days, around the sherpa van final were great!
Could always get a ticket, it didn't cost the earth and we used to smash 'em regularly. Robbie Dennison was a class act as well! No wonder we won with that front 3 in the lower leagues!
V happy days, ( we were all much younger and fitter too!).!
Keep posting and keep the faith!

21 Feb 2023 12:56:36
Thanks Thefutureisoldgold,
Have had a huge slog the last month ridiculous hours at work 7 day working weeks the last 2 weeks.
I've smashed the work and are now enjoying the pressure lifted.
Lol had a lie in this morning 5.30am. I got up.
Can't do much or think clear when doing these hours but now I feel clear and not uptight.
Apologies to all my recent spats.
Always hold my hands up and admit acknowledge if I feel I've done wrong even if I'm told I haven't.

When going to the mol those days 87 88 onwards there used to be loads of us mates who used to go the loud and unrulely mates used to get the black leather glove on their shoulders and get thrown out by the policeman lol.

When my bro and I were younger we used to sit on the little white wall behind the e dugout in tge Waterloo Road stand we were very young then.
My best mate he grew up without a dad and he was with my dad bro and I at the match and he swore never forget how scared he looked after my dad clipped him round the earhole and rollicking him.

My brother when he was 16 still went in the junior entrance as you do and the police took his fags off him lol.just sa fond memory lol.

Greyleg I just spoke to my bro and told him your joke he was laughing his head off he loves jokes our bro.

21 Feb 2023 12:57:44
Ps I keep the faith always.

Enjoy the lovely spring weather Thefutureisoldgold ideal walking weather.

Keep the faith ?

21 Feb 2023 13:59:55
Well that was an enjoyable read phil, what great memories to have. My aspirations were crushed when Dick Lucas (oxford utd right back) told me I'd never make it. I was only 10 I think, he said I wanted to tackle too much. A back problem put paid to it anyway, but I was so upset. Anyway the faith is safe with me, a win Friday night and it'll be optimism on here again. COYW

21 Feb 2023 14:33:00
Phil - walking going pretty well tks!
I have got 8 in the book through to end of April.
Did one for the family of an ex PM in January!
Keeps me fit and mentally stimulated plus earns me a few bob - what is not to like!
Very impresssed with the work ethic! 3 days a week my dad had a second job - so started job one at 6.30am and ended job 2 at 10pm. He was a great man he who worked all hours so mum could stay at home and look after us, make sure we did our school work and get on so that we didn't have to do the sort of work - blue collar - that he did!
Ps Also v v impressed with your dad's discipline!
Did your dad know your bro smoked? My dad would have gone ballistic if he had caught me smoking!

21 Feb 2023 15:39:18
No not my brother but knew I did when I was 15 he did go mad at me.
Everyone in my dad's family smoked of which why my dad didn't.
My dad was a good footballer but was 32 when he had me so all my mates dads growing up were cooler as my dad seemed to he dead old and was v.v. strict.
But my bro and I are very grateful of our upbringing.

Best part of 30 years since we last saw our dad disappointed that our dad never saw us grow into men.
Lol my 18th dad cooked us beefburgers in the microwave which had just come out bro and I nearly broke our teeth as they were like bullets.
My first legal pint with my dad so I have that memory of which I cherish.
In the gas club bottom of 4th avenue just before the bridges low hill. (it's a gypsy site now)

Great to hear your dad similar old school old fashioned.
Did your mother used to say wait till your father gets home my lad?
When you playing up lol.
Good to hear your walking business is going well and mostly that it's what makes you happy.

Abbey my first love I was infatuated nothing came close.
My dad wouldn't take me to hers as she lived in different area I lay down in the middle of the main road on the white line waiting for a car to run me over me I guy over the road spotted me and pulled me up out of the road my dad came shooting up to me and told me last on he had never ever seen anyone as upset my face was bright purple it took my dad walking me 5 or 6 miles to calm me down and see sense.

21 Feb 2023 18:13:05
I have actually taken a penalty against him in practice, before a match, as I used to sell programmes
At winsford utd, I remember an evening game, when Martin Dobson, then manager of bury, was in the crowd watching him, he later signed him, then he went on to sign for Everton, he was always a superb keeper, his name is Neville Southall

21 Feb 2023 18:27:02
Loved those Sherpa Van days and visiting far flung grounds.

Here's one for you.
I remember being a youthful teenager when Tommy Doc joined us as manager.
He came to Rushall Olympic one evening to officially turn on their new floodlights.
I recall waiting patiently at the window of his Jag trying to get an autograph and questioning him about a big name new signing. But I can't, for the life of me, remember who that could have been. Anyone any ideas?

21 Feb 2023 18:56:30
Ahh young love phil. I was infatuated with a young lass from work, the night we won the league cup I got back from Wembley with my bro had a few then a few more, ended up at this party she was at, made my move (I thought) and promptly threw up.

You can guess that was the end of that. I was so embarrassed, I'm pinking up now thinking about it and I sat watching the highlights on ATV the next day with my head in my hands. If we hadn't beat city my life could have been totally different lol. Although I expect I'd have been drowning my sorrows with same effect. Ah well.



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