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07 Mar 2023 08:14:19
Our clubs accounts published recently surprised its not been discussed on here.
Something of interest for me to read if it's of any interest to the pack.

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07 Mar 2023 08:47:00
I had a quick look yesterday. As you can tell from the news headlines its not sunshine and roses I'm afraid but obviousy one needs to look below the surface to understand what is actually going on. More importantly of course it is helpful to understand what they mean for the club going forwards bearing in mind our recent spending splurge and commitments to spend again this summer - Cunha etc etc

07 Mar 2023 10:14:07
I am not concerned because we will sell players in the summer and I would expect to get 150 million and Fosun will hold onto a third to balance the books and give the manager 2 thirds to bring in players in my opinion and also a number of players will be leaving to help the budget, so do not worry the owners know what they are doing.

07 Mar 2023 10:22:06
A loss shown, but not unmanageable.
Going forward, the Football side of the business is progressing well after the major re-structure.
However, we are not increasing revenue anywhere near the Big Boys.
There were clear statements from Shi 6 years ago that, outside football, his job was to generate serious income from.lucrative Partnerships/Sponsorships and Stadium upgrading.
He has spectacularly failed on both counts.
Restricted income means less to invest in the squad.
Time for a decent CEO to be appointed who can manage the business!

07 Mar 2023 11:14:10
Just had a cursory look but it’s a disappointing result but maybe not very surprising. In terms of the current year we should maybe expect more of the same turnover-wise (gate receipts to increase a bit with increased ticket prices but a lowish number of televised games won’t have helped).
On the amortisations front it’s all guesswork but much of the spend in the last 2 windows (the part allocated to Y/e 31.05.23) will be offset by the MGW profit. Wages / salaries (which did actually fall in Y/e 31.05.22) levels will have an impact on the current year (with several players coming in and leaving). Going forward I’m guessing we’ll ship Guedes for a hefty loss in the summer and at least one of the midfield players. Traore and Moutinho will come off the wages bill and possibly Raul too. The likely sale of Neves will help to shore up the Y/e 31.05.24 figures.
It could be much worse (if relegation occurs) but what another wasted opportunity the 2023 Summer transfer window was!

07 Mar 2023 11:15:55
A lot on here said our best chance to upgrade the stadium was during the pandemic when no fans were allowed in, it would have been minimun disruption.
But I guess the flip side is we may have fallen foul of more ffp rules too.

07 Mar 2023 11:34:05
Sorry, I meant the 2022 summer window in my last sentence (my score predictions may have been spot on recently but I can’t stand over future transfer dealings of our club) ?

07 Mar 2023 12:32:34
I'm not sure, rated but I don't think capital expenditure is counted for ffp. So Fosun could invest £50m+ in a stadium upgrade without falling foul of ffp.

07 Mar 2023 14:18:01
Moutinho is still pure class for 30 minutes or so (as proved against Liverpool and Spurs) and has become the midfield version of Traore so, as it's now become a 16 man game, I can still see both staying on beyond the summer. Not sure where Baza's 150 mill comes from as, of those likely to move on,only Neves will command a really big fee. Nunes value will have dropped considerably unless the blind school (aka Chelsea) are after him!

07 Mar 2023 18:15:02
Interesting read ? ?

07 Mar 2023 18:31:48
Stadium upgrade would be a huge cost currently, given all construction materials have risen sharply, the current rate of steel per ton is ridiculous, add in a lot of skilled workers have left the U.K so wages are now higher than ever.

(I'm a Quantity Surveyor, not a magicians assistant / wife. just in case you thought I was the real Debbie Mcgee)

07 Mar 2023 19:11:14
Debbie, none of us would think less of you for being that magician’s wife!
However a very good point about the recent escalation in construction and commodity costs and we are in a different interest cost environment now for borrowing the sums involved in a stadium project (my cursory look at the balance sheet noted currently loans > £100m anyway).

07 Mar 2023 21:26:15
Baza - who do you think is going to leave in the summer that will generate £150m in transfer fees?

08 Mar 2023 08:40:17
Debbie, you are right, in the last few years building cost have escalated dramatically.
For me, just highlights the opportunity missed by the current CEO. He needs to go!
Also failed dismally to attract Investors, which he is supposed to be doing.



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