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29 Mar 2023 09:33:58
I have refrained from posting for a while for fear of seeming to be a prophet of doom. I’ve been a supporter since the late 1950’s so have enjoyed many highs and suffered many lows. After the Nuno revolution, I thought we were back where we belonged and would remain a strong Premier League side for many years to come. Bruno and Sellars changed all that. Right now the Forest game looks to me like a last chance saloon. We can’t lose to Forest, Leeds and Bournemouth and expect to survive.

As practically everyone on here acknowledges we don’t score enough goals. Teams playing us have little reason for fear. Playing out from the back, sideways and backwards passing is the accepted wisdom of the Premier league. It may look neat and pretty but it gives the opponent time to set their defence. Instead our aim should be to move the ball upfield quickly to create chaos in our opponents’ penalty area. Give the ball to Traore thirty meters out and let him drive towards the penalty spot. At least I’d expect to see us get a few penalties if that happened! But then I’m only guessing.

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29 Mar 2023 11:32:22
I am with you innocent, its going to be tight till the end of season. I am doom and gloom and my glass is half empty but I still live in hope that we stay up and score more goals. Wolves will be relying on other results. ?

29 Mar 2023 12:08:47
For me, we will know at 5.00pm on Sat. if we are staying up.
Lose to Forest and it says the Sellers created light-weight squad just doesn't have the fighting spirit necessary.
Then the future will look bleak.
Lopetegui will be gone, as will many players and the Club will be relying on Shi to re-build.God help us!

29 Mar 2023 12:34:47
You should post more often Innocent Bystander, because since we returned to the Premier League we have only been truly successful doing exactly what you suggest.

Playing out from the back leaves us exposed to losing the ball too deep and endlessly passing across the halfway line and back does give the opposition time to get organised in defence. It also doesn't give the attack any forward momentum as they tend to get flatlined outside the box.

Am I confident of a result against Forest if we keep doing the same things that have failed us so far, no not really? We need to play Cunha, Sarabia and Gomes to give us a chance, imo, because I think they all have goals in them

I was/am hoping that JL has the ability to keep us up but with thirty points still to play for, will we take enough of those to make the difference?

29 Mar 2023 12:47:38
Rugeley where will Lopetegui go? He has only just arrived and is being backed by the club.Surely even if we don’t survive in the Premier this season he would be able to get us back there.

29 Mar 2023 12:55:50
I would disagree with anybody in the above posts, we've got to give it ago. Adama can cause fear in the opposition and if it leads to free kicks or even pens if VAR are on our side then our chances of scoring are enhanced. We've all said this before but the play out across back etc goes on and on, it's not entertaining and it's not got us anywhere. So come on bare the fangs of the pack and instil some fear. If we can show some fight we can survive but the test will be away at forest and keeping cool heads, physically we'll be tested.

29 Mar 2023 13:19:01
Can disagree with your post Abbey.

29 Mar 2023 13:33:23
Can't no can whoops

29 Mar 2023 13:47:08
Jeez Abbey,
Will re write.

Can't disagree with your post Abbey.

29 Mar 2023 13:49:49
Afternoon E from Wombourn.
The reasons I believe Lopetegui will leave if we are relegated are:
1. He and his team would far too expensive for the Club on
Championship income.
2. Despite others views, his CV is exceptional and he will surely not
hang around in the second-tier.
If the Club can pay/persuade him to stay if we are relegated, you are right, he would get us back immediately.

29 Mar 2023 14:32:41
It's common knowledge that lopetegui cv is exceptional and there is what the club are banking on to keep us up as am I.

29 Mar 2023 14:57:53
We won't be relying on other results,we will win the required games,lopetagu,going nowhere,
Next season,top 6,

29 Mar 2023 19:05:52
Would I or wouldn't I can or can't dunno now Phil but if we go all out attack and take it to teams we'll score and as long as we score more than them we win. Its the first part we've not done, nows the time to put em away no matter how we do it.

30 Mar 2023 11:07:19
Jiminez has to score at some point I would like to think.
Bullet header from whoever pings it over into the box.



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