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16 Feb 2023 18:21:27
If Neves doesn't leave - see thread below for discussion on this- how would you see us lining up, assuming no further signings, in midfield next year?
Presumably Moutinho will either leave or move into a coaching/ambassadorial role and Hodges will go out on loan leaving 5 for, under the current formation, 3 places?
Slow Traore, Gomes, Lemina, Nunes and Neves.

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16 Feb 2023 18:52:12
Tfiog, JL has said he wants two players for each position so maybe Hodge won't go out on loan or they might bring someone else in. As things stand my first pick would be Neves, Gomes and Lemina with Nunes, Slow Traore and Hodge available as subs.

Maybe another CH but I think Wolves may want to concentrate their summer financial firepower on the attack as Costa, Jimenez and Fast Traore will more than likely be moved on.

16 Feb 2023 19:31:14
The beauty of it is we've got a pick and mix TFIG. JL can choose to play the way he wants against different opposition. Also you could arguably add RAN into the equation playing in front of Beuno. I prey neves stays but can see nunes move on, I don't think his heart is in wolves.

16 Feb 2023 20:10:49
Long would that be a flat 3 or would you play one - if so which one - as a 10 behind the front 3 (where Moutinho has played recently) and a defensive 2?
Clearly Gomes, Lemina and slow Traore have only played a few minutes each so hard to be sure but they appear to be similar players. Each probably best suited to the 2 in front of the back 4 role rather than the more attack minded 1 behind the front 3. This leaves Neves as the 1 but is he that player? Given Nunes skill set - fantastic dribbling, passing, vision and pace- he would appear to be the one best suited to play further forward but apparently he doesn't like to do so and it showed under Lage!
Abbey v good point re RAN I would also perhaps add Podence as a possible 10 - certainly he was our most creative player in the dark days pre JL! Could he play centrally?
Isn't it great to have positive options! What a diffenece a few weeks, a good transfer window and a proper management structure in place makes!

16 Feb 2023 20:45:28
Tfiog, probably a defensive two Neves and Lemina and push Gomes forward more.

I was thinking Neves for distribution Lemina to break up attacking midfields leaving Gomes free to support the attack.

The shadow midfield Nunes for Neves, Slow Traore for Lemina and Hodge for Gomes.

Or, as Abbey suggests combinations thereof depending on the opposition, injuries and form.

16 Feb 2023 21:53:54
I think Gomes could either sit deep or push forward based on who he is playing with Long. Neves, for example he would play more forward, but maybe with Nunes, he would sit deeper. Should Cody return, we could go 3421. As TFIOG says we have options.

17 Feb 2023 06:51:09
Where is Neto in this? I am hopeful he will return after a few games to his old self.

17 Feb 2023 07:22:46
As Abbey pointed out Wimborne we now have an embarrassment of riches in terms of quality available.

What a change from a much weakened team and a paper thin bench. Now the players are only on it due to tactical decisions and not age or ability.

It's this that gives me confidence, Neves gets a knock on comes Nunes, Lemina gets a tweak on comes slow Traore and so on. The availability of a full squad that can provide like for like replacements now being the difference.

17 Feb 2023 07:55:29
I don't think we need to get too hung up on where everyone is going to be playing because it has now become a 16 man game and some of our midfielders are comfortable at playing different midfield roles.Example Neves bursting forward for the 3rd against Liverpool and Gomes scoring at St Mary's when he seldom passed the halfway line for Flamengo.And Future, I'd so like to see the Nunes you describe but fear we are watching different players.

17 Feb 2023 10:38:38
Old - we haven't. I completely accept that to date Nunes has been very disappointing. How much of that is due to circumstances i.e. playing for Lage in a side bereft of confidence and seemingly a strategy and how much is a shortcoming in the player himself I don't know.
However we have seen glimpses of what he is capable of ghosting past players with seeming ease but I don't dispute that we have also seen him failing to score when it would appear that it was harder to miss than score, baffling!
I do beleive he has the skill set but like you I don't deny that to date he hasn't been able to convert that into the high quality performances we would have hoped for from such a highly regarded and priced acquisition!
Wimborne - Neto will surely play in the front 3?
Competing with Podence, Sarabia and Cunha plus of course which ever out of Fabio, Sasa, Chiquinho, Costa, Hwang, Jimenez and Traore are here next year {did I forget anyone other than Guedes!?}
Again WOW - options!

17 Feb 2023 12:46:06
I think if he's staying obviously well see Nunes at his best next season. Some players take a while to settle if anyone remembers Henderson at Liverpool. After his first season fans wanted rid of him but we all know what has happened since.

17 Feb 2023 12:48:45
Interesting thread as always TFG ? I do know what ya mean with Nunes, cause as I said you can see there's quality there. Some players just take longer than others to adjust let's not forget how we'd all (myself included) as good as written off Coady when Fosuns money arrived, but he just needed the right manager (Nuno) to play to his strengths. And if anyone can find that quality from Nunes then it's Lope. For me next season, I'm assuming we lose Moutinho I reckon a big final pay off in the MLS will be calling him (he'd still smash it out there)! Let's be optimistic and assume we keep Rueben so with that I'd love to see a settled midfield of Lemina and Neves sitting in front of the defence. With a rejuvenated Nunes sat in the middle of the park and gliding past oppo players! Then we have Gomes and slow Traore (I love that nickname, so to the point:) to come on/push for places! I think in the long term Gomes will be a much better player than Lemina but he's still young and I like the strength/combative edge Lemina currently gives us. So I would go with the above at the start of next season but would also expect Gomes to replace Lemina by the back end of next season.
Anyway that's how I see it but who knows. Like everyone's said it's fun thinking about such things cause all it does is highlight how we now have MANY options, it really has been famine to feast in our central mid! Long may it continue! COYW ?

17 Feb 2023 15:35:48
Bully you're so right about Lemina he's made himself a very important player very quickly. He provides a control at the base of midfield that we've lacked. At last a square peg in a square hole! Gomes could of course play next to him and allow Neves to play further forward if he stays though tbh we now have options that we've just been dreaming about!

17 Feb 2023 15:58:08
I think Nunes is potentially a great player. He can glide past players with ease. Give him time.

17 Feb 2023 16:28:53
All these ifs and buts and who goes where really underlines the startling improvement in quality and options under JL. What a change to Bruno's rabbit in the headlights approach. Such positive stuff deserves reward, and a crack at a sound league position next season.

17 Feb 2023 21:15:21
BB completely agree!
I'd like to see Moutinho stay as an ambassador/coach - what a great player we have had at Wolves this last few years!
I'd love Neves to stay and I agree with the line up. Not sure why Nunes doesn't want to /can't play that role - he looks perfect for it and indeed I'd feel far more confortable him taking people on in front of the 2 rather than as part of the two! Maybe JL can solve that cunundrum?
Also agree that Lemina might not hold Gomes out all year but early days for Gomes still!
You all know I want fast Traore to resign as well and then what options we have for WF - Neto if he gets back to his best is really top class whilst I really like Podence and Sarabia (sp?) is a player with a high class pedigree!
Lets get Cungha scoring and then we can decide on his "back up" later - again a raft of options - amazingly probably too many!
For the 2 players per spot mantra maybe we need another CB and sadly I think Otto is done so another RB but it is hard tO beleive how the squad has improved so quickly!
Survival this year and then let's enjoy next season!



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