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19 Mar 2023 13:40:35
What does everyone seriously think is enough points to stay up this season? Going back to Atleast 2018 pretty much 35 points has kept you up barring the freak season a few years ago when 29 would have kept you safe when Fulham got related on 28 points.
I think with 30 points still left to play for is it too much of an ask to get 9 more points and finish with 36? I think if we beat Forest and that’s a big if with how badly we are doing right now it will hopefully make it easier to pick up another 2 wins, and maybe a few draws scattered in there to even send us to around 36-38 points.

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19 Mar 2023 14:10:57
At least 36 based on the bottom 4 (Leicester) currently on target for 35.

19 Mar 2023 14:39:12
Depends on what the officials decide is enough points to be safe as they seem to be dictating the relegation battle with their corruption.

19 Mar 2023 15:44:07
Hi Rated just acknowledging that the officials refs var are making wrong massive decisions agaisnt us.
But no excuse imo for Lopetegui if he can't stop the poor defending on the first three leeds goals.
Yes we had the penalty it could of been different but its how we react to these decisions that is something that can be done about.
Always seems when in bottom half the league you get a lot less rub of the green.
Arsenal last look were 2 up agaisnt Palace Bournemouth lost yesterday so our weekend round of fixtures could of been worse than dreadful it already is.

19 Mar 2023 15:46:44
The Telegraph are claiming Wolves intend to contest the Nunes red but not Jonny's. Wolves apparently fear their Prem status will be decided by appalling refereeing decisions. It's every week now.

Also, there may be an FA investigation into the chaos of this game and how/why it occured.

19 Mar 2023 16:13:23
I think 36 will be enough, but even then it'll be squeaky bum time.

19 Mar 2023 17:22:55
Phil, jl can only send they players out with their instructions, as he said at the beginning once they're on the pitch they're the actors. Yesterday Samedo didn't play his role fully on two of the goals and jonny got turned by the new sub. The 4th I'll leave as enough already said. Do we blame JL? He took samedo off and changed it, jonny got the red when we were on top. His miscalculation in my book was taking neves off when he did. Yep he's got to get the messages across but it's players and circumstances who effect things. Points wise it's difficult to predict. We've played a game more than two or three (or 4?) Will west ham Leeds Leicester win to catch up? Who plays who to drop points I don't know (havnt seen everyone's fixtures) but as I see it we must get 3 at forest, think we'll get 3 at home to chelsea, then Brentford Leicester and Palace should give something making the home tie v Everton vital. If we can manage that I think we'll be safe, but I thought we'd have something at newcastle/Bournemouth and yesterday, we didn't. Never thought we'd beat liverpool and spurs we did. As said before we'll have to sit support and keep the fingers crossed. 37point.

19 Mar 2023 17:25:51
I can see us getting 12 points from our remaining games.
Forest (A) - 1
Chelsea (H) - 3 (we just seem to perform against the bigger teams at home)
Leicester (A) - 1
Palace (H) - 1
Villa (H) - 3
Everton (H) - 3

We'll lose to Brentford, Brighton, Man Utd and Arsenal.

19 Mar 2023 17:52:21
40 is the goal for me at present.
Abbey my frustration is predominately with lopetegui but see clearly the var and refs decisions against is a lot more hige deal for someposters on here.

19 Mar 2023 20:57:37
Yes phil we can't hide behind bad decisions, although we do seem to attract them suspiciously regularly, if we perform we get the result. It wasn't VAR who allowed Leeds players the space to score, it wasn't VAR who couldn't hit the net for us. Semedos pen claim was abit weak if I'm honest now. Raul at Newcastle def pen and cost us. We need some strength and fight. Adama is our only threat in that way. Semedo has been below par many time defensively and collins naive in comparison to Dawson. Jonny out for 3 now so RAN will be LB with the Beano injured and RAN dosnt always give confidence defensively. Lamina (who I should have included in strong/fight before) can effectively cover/sweep for a back 3 with neves gomez middle. Take who you want around them semedo/ran/sarabia/mouts/nunes (if not banned) and neto/adama/raul/cunha/costa . Won't be easy and JL has to juggle the jigsaw to get the pieces to fit.



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