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14 Mar 2023 15:53:10
Now the dust has settled a bit from Sundays match and what should have been a penalty and red card,
a couple of more things Newcastle got away with Burns horror tackle on Neves ok not delibrate but still a booking at least as he was out of control,
Isaks push on Johnny for Newcastles first goal, goal should have been disallowed and a Wolves free kick given,
I didn't catch who did it but another nasty tackle on Neves just before half time again went unpunished.
One error you can say "yeah ref just missed it that's all" but numerous errors like this then questions need to be asked and Madeley suspended until an investigation by a independent body is complete.

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14 Mar 2023 17:08:59
Agree. Don't believe this is down to bad judgment anymore. There must be more to it. Often it looks like the referees want to affect the outcome of the game and they go for it from second one. For me the question is why they do it. As you say. An investigation is needed.

14 Mar 2023 18:36:36
I can JUST about see how in the moment Madeley made a bad call on the pen (even then though its cause he was WAY out of position and that's HIS fault). What I don't get is how VAR can watch that back with multiple angles and NOT honestly see it being at least a pen?! Especially as I've yet to find a single pundit/ex ref who've said they understand how that was the decision they came to (even Shearer admitted it was bizarre for goodness sake and he has the biggest Newc blinkers out there)!
I think the problem was that they new if it was a pen then it (probs) HAD to be a red and they didn't want that level of impact on the game. But a) that's NOT an acceptable reason and b) I'm sorry but can anyone honestly say that a top four club (which Newc almost are) aren't getting that call in their favour every time?! The whole thing stinks and the stench is only getting worse! I'm honestly losing all faith in a sport I once loved and that makes me both sad and angry in equal measures! Heads gone ?

14 Mar 2023 19:58:14
Bullys/Rated/Shrekken, Premier League football isn't sport anymore, with some clubs owned by countries or the mega wealthy, involving eye watering sums of money but games adjudicated in a way that encourages controversy by the very people who are supposed to ensure fair play

Home team refereeing, an incompetently run VAR system, and FFP apparently designed to keep the 'top clubs' at the top and unchallenged. Even presenters/pundits earning millions out of the game for what? 20 mins of predictable opinions every week?

So not sure what your problem is chaps. ?

14 Mar 2023 23:57:29
Longmynd. I hate to say it mate but none of your poem rhymes! It's a very poor effort from you I must admit. Maybe you've been upset. Has something in the last few days caused you any distress? Maybe you need to get out and watch some sport, it'll cheer you up. Actually I might try it myself because at the moment I just want to kick things!

15 Mar 2023 06:27:57
The thing is. VAR and referees work fine together other places. Why doesn't it work in Premier League? Known as the best league in the world. And maybe I am wrong and it's just down to human errors. Anyway it has to change because it's ruined a beautiful game. And it makes me feel very angry but that doesn't mean I want to be impolite to other wolves fans.

15 Mar 2023 09:48:27
Skrekken if the impolite remark is aimed at me you've missed the point! I don't think I've ever been impolite to anyone on here. If I was it wouldn't be at Longmynd anyway!
So chill.

15 Mar 2023 11:10:14
It was not aimed at you.

15 Mar 2023 13:19:51
Skrekken. ok sorry about that, as it followed my post it's easy to see why I would get that impression though.

15 Mar 2023 13:33:07
Perhaps it was me? I'll try and get my mojo back Ken but after watching the Newcastle game and all the recent events I just feel that the game has become polluted, can't think of a better word.

15 Mar 2023 14:33:46
Pretty sure it was aimed at me gents but I'm not particularly bothered, so no panic?
I think its cause I called out Fox who if you read all his messages collectively (which others clearly haven't) and just look at his name then I'm pretty sure he just comes on here for the wind up (hence the boing boing:). If you come on here to wind peeps up then occasionally you might get called out on it, thems the breaks ??

15 Mar 2023 15:29:51
Sorry about this. It was aimed at LongmyndWolf. And maybe impolite wasn't the right word. It was the ? anger I reacted to. But that's ok now. No hard feelings.

15 Mar 2023 15:45:45
Haha oh dear Skrekken, talk about crossed wolves! ??
No worries, by the by I think you've misunderstood Longs post as it was clearly satirical and actually agreeing with us both buddy!
Hey ho, no bother as I said. This is a banter page after all, as long as nothings personal then (as a general rule:) I don't take offence on here ??

15 Mar 2023 19:30:46
Shrekken, given the nature of my post the ? was an expression of my anger. However, Bullys is quite correct I was being ironic, I'll try to use lol in future, lol.



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