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05 Apr 2023 19:41:53
Recently Wolves have been fined a couple of times over player behaviour. Also the regular acquisition of a variety of cards both yellow and red, with one of the latter involving our assistant coach. Also Neves on a suspension.

Then we get Martin Keown accusing JL of trying to start a fight with everyone and now we hear Podence has been charged with spitting at the Forest player by the FA.

Ill discipline like this WILL get us relegated so what is going on? As I commented recently a lack of leadership from top to bottom and some obviously had the day off school when they did the word discipline.

My message to this squad would be grow up, shape up or ship out.

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05 Apr 2023 20:28:40
Puzzled at moment,var could see any liquid come from podences mouth .so nothing was done,if it was only air then surely there's no case,
Hope he appeals.,not sure what the
Punishment would be,if proved or if not

05 Apr 2023 20:35:28
Longmynd, agree with you totally this behavior has been going on to long. He needs to sort it out rapidly whilst we've had some awful decisions against us chucking your toys out won't achieve anything. We need to hats on and a muck or nettles attitude now. Also whatever has gone on with RAN needs sorted he's too talented a player to be kicking his heels, get him back inside that's what management is about, deal with it!

05 Apr 2023 20:59:03
Quite right Long.
Seems as though Podence has let the team and the supporters down.

05 Apr 2023 22:33:00
I agree that if Podence did spit then he should be punished BUT the FA should be asked to produce their evidence as Kavangh and VAR didn't have enough at the time to do it. So the FA should declare how they've come to a different conclusion.

In relation to player behaviour, I don't think we need to change. My reasoning being, yes at the time the behaviour looks bad but these reactions are due to refereeing decisions and VAR decisions made at the time which have prompted the players to react a certain way. The fact that some of the decisions have either been overturned (Nunes red card) or Howard Webb has had to apologise for, clearly show that the players and staff were rightly aggrieved.

05 Apr 2023 23:09:23
I didn't take too much notice before as VAR had declared 'no case to answer', but if proven I despair.

It's like people without a driving licence or insurance, driving around without a seat belt on, inviting the attention of the authorities, yes its that stupid.

How will JL and the club respond, because this cannot go on?

06 Apr 2023 02:22:42
Punishment for spitting is a 6 match ban,
but I don't see what grounds the FA have, even Johnson himself basically said nothing happened.
So the FA have gone against the ref, VAR and the player it allegedly happened to?
Yeah something isn't adding up with the FA on this.

06 Apr 2023 06:52:52
Imo podence insinuated the motion that he spat of which in my book is wrong.
If he has any repercussions then it's solely down to himself and has only himself to blame.

06 Apr 2023 06:54:20
The "Podence Affair" sums up the poor quality of Official decision-making.
VAR, for right or wrong, used to confirm NO spitting.
Yet they have retrospectively charged him.
I don't even question that.but what I do question is the inconsistency. How many decisions in the league should have been reversed after VAR ruling and some sort of compensation made, ie red cards, penalties etc?
This has been a grim season for the FA and Premiership.

06 Apr 2023 08:24:18
The standard of officiating has made me fall out of love with football this year to the point I barely watch any games anymore.

Questions have to be asked about why the FA made the comments they did about the previous game against Forest just before the two teams met again. They added fuel to the fire doing so and it does feel like there is an agenda against Wolves. The players don't help themselves at times admittedly.

You throw into that the way the FA are crying about the length of Mitrovich's suspension and protection for referees, which is fine as there shouldn't be violence on the pitch. They want the ban increased to act as a deterrent to it happening again, yet referees don't properly enforce other rules on the pitch towards dissent to act as a deterrent for that. The whole setup is full of double standards. The FA and officials should be made to justify any debateable decisions they come to and not just hide behind fines and apologies as it suits them.

06 Apr 2023 08:40:51
A shame that they don't retrospectively award us points for wrong var decisions given against us.

06 Apr 2023 08:54:45
I'm afraid we have to face facts, podence head turns, his expression suggests a 'blow' of some nature and Johnson turns wiping his face. At the time the ref wouldn't be sure and var for several reasons wouldn't want to spend time scrutinising. Pods as got away with his petulant manner for some time, kicking out here etc. Admittedly he's not had a fair 'rub' as it were, but this attitude shouldn't have been tolerated by our management teams. Now it's going to cost us, maybe really really, big time. As a ardent fan it looks like a spit to me, fluid visible or not.

06 Apr 2023 09:15:35
Chelsea game is massive,we win,
it,could define our season,looking at the other games on sat,as those results,in my opinion,will go for us,bug opportunity for us to show some spirit,determination,and get that result,coyw

06 Apr 2023 10:53:12
But even Johnson himself said he didn't spit. So it seems Podence has got a 6 game ban of simulation.

06 Apr 2023 12:11:55
Fair play to Johnson if that's the case jas, if it is why isn't the fa listening?

06 Apr 2023 12:54:53
I think what has actually happened is this: Podence has gone to spit at Johnson but not actually done so. Johnson has seen Podence appearing to spit and so has checked himself. Ref has seen Podence appearing to spit and asked VAR to check. VAR cannot see any evidence of any fluid and Johnson has no fluid on him which he confirms to the ref. So Podence has been done for pretending to spit at an opponent.

06 Apr 2023 15:20:20
Isn't evidence given at these so called investigation. Pods has got until wed to appeal I think so maybe 6 matches won't be applied. The FA won't want to lose face though will they?

06 Apr 2023 15:37:27
But now eau de phlegm by pod is now available in the club shop at reasonable prices! Don't rush there is plenty seemingly.

Let's hope Frank doesn't create a bounce for the weekend these next two games should be worthy of four points at a minimum hopefully. Let's see a bit of fight from our guys.

06 Apr 2023 18:54:59
Very good Ken. That'll be one in the eye for the FA.
Lampard's return does concern me, we'll be facing an invigorated team with limited indication of how he'll set em up. I hope we'll get a roar behind us and that Ruben's absence can be minimised. No idea how it'll work out. But as you say let's see that effort put in .



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