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11 Aug 2020 23:02:47
Bye bye Jiminez, hopefully 50 mil, bye bye Nuno not good enough, hope the new guy keeps Traore 🤞a lot of work needed to hit the heights Fosun want. 🤞.

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12 Aug 2020 06:59:11
Nothing I've seen hints toward any of that happening pal.

12 Aug 2020 07:53:41
Agree with Paul Tamworth. Nuno has been magnificent but he has reached his limit. You can't keep being that negative and hope to get a result. If Fosun want to get bigger then a change is needed. I doubt Fosun will.

12 Aug 2020 08:01:41
Who was it said Be careful what you wish for when we fired Mick and got relegated twice?

12 Aug 2020 08:10:04
Agree nunos taken us to a decent level, but with the squad we've got, I think that's as good as it gets, not sure top players will come to us, so maybe have to buy players with potential, so be long process, but they did say it was a ten year plan. But getting into a position that your beating Man city home and away, the end result is disappointing.

12 Aug 2020 08:20:36
Change is comin, can’t say no more sorry.

12 Aug 2020 08:40:57
Championship to the quarter finals of the Europa league in 3 years

12 Aug 2020 09:45:28
WOW! so negative on here three years we were in the championship we then finish 7th in the prem qualified for the Europa this season we played through the qualifying rounds of the Europa to reach the quarter finals we finished 7th again by goal difference we lost to Sevilla a top team who have won this cup five times I think and know how to win they will probably go on to win it.
Nuno has already said we need to strengthen in area's JIMENEZ and Traore have been linked with moves away but we hear this every season with the media paper talk yes they may go but Nuno is our main priority and we won't get anyone better we will get there I think we have over accomplished in a short time and expect to much to soon.
We've had a brilliant season I think and I'm proud of this club and what we have achieved so far the club's in the top six have been in the prem for years and it takes time we are all disappointed of the result and not being in Europe next season but with the right addition's we will be up there next season Come on be positive! 🐺🧡🖤.

12 Aug 2020 10:43:28
Paul Tamworth. Brilliant post. Can't say no more. You forgot to add, because you don't know no more. Yes we know you called it that Jackett was going (about 1 week after the press) and that Lambert was going, (again after reading in the press) but never once have you mentioned any incoming manager or player therefore I suggest you only post on here whenever we lose a game. Put your money where your mouth is a predict one thing that's happening at the club that ordinary fans wouldn't know about.

12 Aug 2020 10:55:04
It seems some on here think we should be an overnight success. I mean Sir Alex bought instant success to Man U didn't he. Oh no, it took him 5 years. Same with Klopp, he came in and Liverpool won the title that season did they? No, it took him a few years too. Seems that some fans just haven't got the patience. If Fosun hadn't started this project, we'd still be bouncing around between Championship and League 1 with Morgan and Moxey guiding the ship.

12 Aug 2020 11:24:16
Last night was negative negative negative! We’re a million miles away from where Fosun want us to be. Last night was embarrassing! Have we taken the bus off the pitch yet? Or was it a fleet of them? See u all next season 👍.

12 Aug 2020 11:25:38
Oh good grief Paul from Tamworth, not still playing that tune. I have been coming on here for years and nothing has changed. You have never been happy with any manager that doesn't win every game. One year I remember you insisted you had insider knowledge of a manager change for weeks then had to offer massive apologies. If Nuno goes, and he may do, it will be his choice. FFP will be respected and Fosun may have their hands tied by their govt. This really could be as good as it gets. Remember Paul, you heard it here first.

12 Aug 2020 12:17:15
And who would you get in to replace Nuno? there's not a plethora of replacements ready and waiting.

12 Aug 2020 12:23:37
I agree with greyleg hit the nail on the head. 👏
Nice to see you posting again Paul Tam even though I understand your thinking I disagree. 👍 We are all wolves👊
Now the season is over we can all reflect.
Next season no Europe the league my dream is we will be Top of the Pops.
Bestist wishes all super duper troopers wolves ay we.

12 Aug 2020 12:58:30
Julen Lopetegui who Fosun wanted from the start, but Spain came callin so we missed out. Now is the the time, far more entertaining and got more footy nooose than one trick pony Nuno. Thanks Nuno you’ve reached your level and teams have worked out your one and only tactic.

12 Aug 2020 12:58:58
Hello all, first time poster. Does anybody think Fosun will really let all the amazing work over the past 3 years go to waste? They will surely want to push on from here. They've always said a 10 year plan for Champions League, and we're more than on course for it. Some more investment this summer, then a crack at the top 6 and an FA cup win?

12 Aug 2020 13:24:57
Jas- In fairness the 'change coming' could just be that PT has crawled out again ya know as we've had a poor performance?! I have no time for what can only be called a 'bad weather' supporter, like a fair weather one but they only come out when the clouds are out!
As for those shouting relegation they are either on the wind up, haven't been watching last season (considering how poor some that stayed up were) or simply know nothing about football?! I suspect in truth it's a combo of all three! 🤣.

12 Aug 2020 13:38:58
First time poster, hello everyone. Does anybody really think Fosun is going to throw away the amazing progress of the last 3 years. They invest money, don't throw it away. They want the mighty Wolves to be in the top 4 in England, and among the top teams in Europe. Surely they will give Nuno the resources he needs to make the squad even greater than it is now. We are only 3 or 4 players away from the top 4.

12 Aug 2020 13:48:30
Some right tools on here, if ya had half a brain you would see that Wolves have had a good season, we will improve again next season too.

12 Aug 2020 14:08:25
Let’s examine the facts: Raul missed *one* penalty he’s been one of the best forwards in the league this and last season. Nuno has guided Wolves from the Championship to the PL, finished seventh in both seasons (better points tally in the second season) and got Wolves to the 1/ 4 final of the Europa League. And he has somehow failed? Look at the squad of players Wolves have no huge names (barring Neves, Raul and Jota) have recruited excellently. I’d say Nuno and Fosun are the best things to happen to Wolves in decades. Some right negative comments in here. (SQ and PT main culprits) . Gents, would you rather Morgan and “Mad” Mick back at the helm?

12 Aug 2020 14:15:24
Lopetegui is currently managing a team that has got to more Euro finals than anyone else, a team with about double our wage budget, a team that were winning Euro cups while we were beating Gillingham in League One! Yet still when playing agaisnt one of our worst performances of the season, in a match where we didn't have a shot on goal after the 13th minute and still he could only beat us by a badly taken pen and a last min goal?! And yet you think this is the attacking tactical genius to replace Nuno, that's just hilarious! I mean it's hardly like Rui was busy all night was it?! We played awful and Sevilla still only just scraped through, they can keep there manager cause frankly I didn't see anything that would suggest he'd be an improvement! Also I find it VERY unlikely Fosun will be back in for a man that has consistently let down his employers with a complete lack of loyalty! Anyone remember why he got sacked by Spain? For announcing he'd was off to Real before even speaking to there FA, shameful that is! Thank goodness we missed out, Nunos twice the manager he is! COYW 🐺.

12 Aug 2020 14:19:31
What PT and the rest of the negative crew fail to realise if it wasn't through VAR and MR Dean we would have finished 3rd, also we most likely would have been in semi final of Europa league too.

12 Aug 2020 14:39:43
TY RKO - nice to see things put into context.

12 Aug 2020 14:55:53
Not sure how you can even post such a thing, not even 4 years ago we were struggling in the championship and this season we've had european football for the first time since 1981. Ungrateful would be an understatement.

12 Aug 2020 15:38:38
What a disgraceful post. I'v never read so much utter dross in my life. We played 59 games, got to the quarter final of our first time in Europe since the 80's, finished 7th in the Premier League and we keep on building. Nuno has bought us nothing but success. It's fans like you that are never pleased. These are the good times. Think. not so long ago we were in League 1. Nuno has brought the good times back. Appreciate that.

12 Aug 2020 15:44:57
I cannot believe what I am reading here? Are the ones who want Nuno out been "supporting" Wolves post Fosun era? As when we were in the old 4th Division with Graham Turner or the 3rd tier with Kenny Jackett we could only dream of a top 7 finish, 1/ 4 final of a major European Competition and World class players in our ranks! Nuno's selection and tactics have not been perfect, but by God look what he has done in so little time! Judge him after next season with no European distractions, if Fosun back him and key players stay faithful to the cause then a top 4 finish is very achievable.

12 Aug 2020 15:58:03
It's their (PT SQ EfW) outlook on where we are it's been proved that nothing will change their thinking so I have drawn a line under beating my head against a brick wall trying to convince them otherwise. (they maybe right but 99.99% I think they are not)
For me I lost a lot of heart for football when the virus stopped fans going to games. for me I felt even if we had won the europa league and got in top 4 it would of the been the year the football season stopped and altered down to the virus and critics would look back and put it down to the the virus why we won what we did and not by merit.
I sincerely hope football and the world will be back to some sort of normality sooner rather than later.

12 Aug 2020 16:10:49
Let's all just hope our very own Mystic Meg (PT) is right for ONCE (he said we'd be relegated at the start of this season mind) but that change is indeed coming! For some time now I've hoped to see a change on the number at the end of Nunos contract! With any luck we'll see it become a 4 and then we can sit back and watch a change indeed! In Nuno we trust! 👍🐺.

12 Aug 2020 16:39:07
Have to be honest I think Nuno as done very well with squad this year, but its obvious we need bigger squad with at least 4 quality players to get we were Fosun want to get us in top 6,also last 3 games have shown us how much we have to improve to match these top sides like Chelsea, Sevilla even Olympiacos gave us a great game and were unlucky, but last night after that penalty miss we defended to deap and created our own trouble
you could see it was only a matter of time, Traore was our only outlet of winning that game and he was taken off, Jiminez looks tired of late and we have no one to replace him, there's not enough creativity in midfield to get players up front like Jiminez and Traore in game enough, and these last minute goals we keep giving away of late because we defend to deap as to be looked at because they have cost us dearly of late, there you are had my moan now roll on next season.

12 Aug 2020 17:21:13
So a few weeks ago PT clearly wrote on these very pages that changes were happening and he had inside information but couldn't say anything until the season was over. Now that the season is over his prediction is that Julen Lopetegui was due to take the job before Walter Zenga took over, a fact that Lopetegui himself said a few years ago when interviewed before Spain played England. Hardly ground is it. As yet, PT has not told us exactly what is going on and clearly has no idea.

Nunos interview yesterday suggests that he ain't going anywhere.

12 Aug 2020 17:29:17
Now that I think about it, Paul Tamworth's catchphrase for a long time was "In Nuno we trust" - looks like you're only a fan when Wolves are winning.

12 Aug 2020 17:58:28
I also put The futures Bright the Futures Deano! As far as relegation goes I’ve never ever stated we’d be relegated while Fosun own us. Jas I have got two contacts in the club, Fosun are not impressed, that’s all your gettin. I’m glad Fosun match my ambitions and not most of yours on here!

12 Aug 2020 18:47:29
Paul if you can get spare away tickets for next season put me on the list please.
All I want is wolves to be like what my dad bought me up on from the 50's heyday. I want to go to heaven and tell my dad I saw wolves win like he did That would mean the world to me.

12 Aug 2020 19:15:58
Thats all we're getting is it PT? So I take it that Nuno is as good as gone judging by your posts. let's just wait and see because everyone else including ex players seem to think Fosun are prepared to back Nuno (who is 2 years ahead of schedule) and move us onto bigger and better things. This season was an unexpected bonus.

12 Aug 2020 19:39:08
PT look knowing 2 stewards who work at the Molinuex is not club contacts.

12 Aug 2020 19:45:44
Just re-read the Fosun statement dated May 2019 when Jeff Shi stated:

It is a 10 year plan.

Year 1 (16/ 17) - stabilise in Championship

Year 2 (17/ 18) - Promotion.

Year 3 (18/ 19) - Top 10 in PL

Year 4 (19/ 20) - Top 7 in PL.

No mention of Europe so looks like Nuno is on target.

Years 5 - 10, Compete at the very top of PL and Europe.

The report also states that the club know how hard it will be to break into the top 6 due to smaller revenue streams and how the brand needs to be grown in order to compete. So based on this statement from Jeff Shi himself, I would say we are exactly where Fosun want us to be.

12 Aug 2020 19:51:58
Tbh I find it strange nunos contract has run down to final year tbf. But I’d still be surprised if he didn’t sign a new one unless you’ve got plans for a pep, poch or someone that calibre I don’t see him leaving. He needs backing, also finding interesting tho how he mentioned the transfers last night but also in around that time was how he mentioned the team that started was very much here at the start apart from a couple, think he wants a few upgrades and hope he gets them.

12 Aug 2020 20:37:54
Great reading from everyone.
Only my opinion. But I hope Nuno stays. But if fosun want him out he's history. Only my opinion I think he will replace
For starters.
Who does anyone else think might be replaced. In their opinions?

12 Aug 2020 20:53:57
Haha, what are the chances PT out of all the Chinese conglomerates to have contacts in it happens to be the one that bought Wolves! Considering Journos that have covered us for decades have gone on record saying that Fosun are impossible to get info out of then your in the wrong job! If they are unhappy then they need to take a look at themselves, City spent 10 times what we have to get in the top four and if they can't see that then I'm not sure how they've made all the money they have. Hang on though none of what you are saying is actually true, just speculative nonsense. Keep chiming broken clock, like always you'll be right sooner or later! Just too funny 😂.

13 Aug 2020 00:04:30
Also Paul you talk about Fosuns ambitions matching yours but where exactly is the proof of that?! We have spent less than Villa.

13 Aug 2020 00:12:20
Apologies if those messages came through half written (mob issues:) but my point is I LOVE what Fosun have done for our club. BUT despite reading every word they've put out I'm still uncertain as to what there true ambition is?! If what you are saying is true then where's the investment to back it?! Nuno has worked miracles with what he's been given and every neutral can see that! Ironically (and as usual) it's just the odd Wolves fan that doesn't think Nuno has worked miracles! We had a squad of 21 mature players last year, I'd love to know how many have achieved what we have on such a small group wage budget (of which NONE would be considered big earners in the Prem)?! Even Lec were paying a LOT more when they worked there miracle! I REALLY don't think one or two on here realise the realities of the way our clubs run. Ironic as apparently as they are mates with the board! 🤣.

13 Aug 2020 00:44:22
Funny how PT claims to be drinking buddies with the board at Molineux and that Nuno is for the chop and then a few short hours later, most of the media are reporting that Nuno is on the verge of signing a new deal at £5m a season and to be given a big enough war chest to strengthen the squad.

13 Aug 2020 01:47:29
New to site but I have been following Wolves since mid 1960s and apart from a brief spell in early 70s under Bill McGarry this is the best time to be a Wolves fan in my memory!
Changes to be made - I don't understand FFP so can't tell if we are allowed to spend this much on fees and wages and I don't have the knowledge of non English football that many claim to have so will largely restrict ideas to English based players.
In order of priority
1) Obviously despite the strong performance by Vinagre versus Seville with Otto out for all of next season we need a new LWB
The best LWB bar none in the Premier League (note LWB NOT LB) is not wanted by his club. Marcus Alonso would give you all of Matt Doherty's strengths and of course his weaknesses - great going forward particularly in the air gets but gets caught up field too often for some people.
We are v short of goals but defensively pretty solid principally because we have a midfield that as a tactic stays deep (which is why Doherty has licence to go forward) and doesn't get into the box. This sadly means that Traore's crosses often only have Jimenez to aim at. Think how many goals Alonso and Jimenez would score with Alonso coming in on the back post so that it was him and Jimenez for defences to deal with
I think he would be available for circa £20m and might be persuaded to take the pay cut needed to fit the Wolves pay structure.
2) Back up for Jimenez. v hard to find as he has to be good enough to play but hardly ever will! Whilst I suspect he will end up at Villa the lad from Brentford Watkins would be perfect. He holds up play well and brings others into the game, runs the channels, scores his goals and works hard defensively.
Surely £20m also buys him and wages will not be a problem.
3) if we still have buying capacity a replacement/ alternate for Moutinho. At his age he shouldn't be playing the minutes he is and won't for much longer . 2 options - i'd like both! Loftus Cheek - probably available given size of Chelsea squad and the new players arriving for circa £25m (? ) and would need to take a pay cut to move. Big strong skilful - Pogbaesque (? ) - can he be as defensively disciplined as Moutinho but he will be better breaking forward - younger and faster - if he can stay fit!
More optimistically Coutinho cost circa £65m and wages a major problem but fantastic going forward and could easily play as one of front three when we play three up front. Would need tactical shift but he was that good, is he still?
4) New CB - told the chap Reuben Dias ( could have a team of Reubens! ) is the answer? Cost high but wages probably ok.

Sales: would not want to sell any as squad already thin but if we need to raise funds/ reduce wage bill to allow newcomers to be accommodated then in priority again
1) Jota - Loved him previously but now seemingly he has lost his way and sadly with Podence and Neto looking better and with Wolves not infrequently only playing 2 up top surely time to cash in before his values declines further
2) Moutinho - sounds like sacrilege but he is v near the end and his wages are huge and maybe he could sweeten the Dias deal for us?
3) Saiss may have to be sacrificed to afford Dias but after a v good year in Defence his value has never been higher and he is also over 30 so value only going one way.
4) happy to send MGW and Sanderson to Brentford as part of deal.
Net spend for all 5 players and 3 sales circa £100m so probably not allowed but without Coutinho this falls to circa £40m surely we can spend this?
Wages net of sales won't be that much higher if Coutinho isn't included.

13 Aug 2020 02:14:31
Funny you say that Jas cause I've just had a look myself and ALL articles are written from the point of view that the clubs wants to tie him down till 2023 but HE is the one holding the cards as he wants investment. Which I can easily believe but clearly the rest of the world doesn't have the contacts PT does as they paint a picture of Fosun being scared of losing him rather than looking for a change! It's almost as though PT is just chucking mud at the wall and seeing what sticks, but of course I'm sure it's FAR more likely that he plays bridge with big Jef! 🤣.

13 Aug 2020 03:01:32
Future, firstly welcome to the site fella and secondly that's a good first post! 👍 Where to start?! I like your signings although not convinced on Watkins (not sure he'd step up to be honest, they are some BIG boots to fill for Raul these days:) and whilst I agree with your Loftus Cheek point (class player) sadly as you say his injury record is woeful so with the wages he's on at Chelsea (supposedly £60k+) I think that's to much of a gamble for Fosun with the no of games most of our players have to play. Would LOVE Dias and actually think Alsonso is a GREAT call (he's got a wicked set piece on him to boot:)
As for sales who knows, I would let Saiss go (with cover coming in) cause he always looks like getting booked (the one last night was beyond foolish! ) . As for Jota (and I can't believe I'm saying this) but I actually agree! If we can get £40m I'd take it, great player on his day but for me his day is becoming too rare as well! Also think your right that Neto looks ready to step up. I would send MGW to the Champ and hope he shines as a last chance (he's still young and looks class albeit in brief moments) also he's homegrown and when we get into Europe comp again they are vital! Who knows what will happen but certianly liking the food for thought 👍🐺.

13 Aug 2020 06:11:52
Talking Wolves have a decent vid on back up strikers for Raul. Or partners for Raul when playing two up top which we seem to be doing more frequently! Adama is not best used up next to Raul.

New striker makes perfect sense. Their choices
Andrea Belotti
Myron Boardu
Patson Daka
Tinqinho Soares
Artem Dzybuba (mendes but think signed new deal)

13 Aug 2020 16:26:51
Talking Wolves have just posted that Jorge Mendes is trying to get Raul Jimenez a move to Juventus.

13 Aug 2020 18:29:36
Think we need a new creative mid. Gotze could fit the bill, especially since he's a free agent and is still pretty good.

13 Aug 2020 19:55:57
BullysBoy II, Nuno is not holding all of the cards. There are plenty of managers in Europe who can replace him. Lopetegui is an example of the kind of manager we would hire to replace him and he seems to have his team playing a pleasing style.
I am not saying Nuno should be let go but if he asks for too much, we will find someone else.

Nuno has had everything he wants, within the financial restraints of FFP. He wanted the practice pitches upgraded. He got that. The training facilities are top-notch. All of his assistants are there.

He does have a style of play which might limit getting from where we are to the top of the league and, as he has said of the players, he has been here since we were in the Championship. Maybe a freshening up wouldn't be such a bad thing. Maybe a coach with a "Plan B" wouldn't be such a bad thing.
So he really doesn't have all of the cards unless Jeff Shi thinks he does.

13 Aug 2020 19:58:50
Does anyone know roughly how much money is in the transfer kitty? I hear it is around 40 million just for both Helder and Ivan. We made 20 million profit last year but with the virus, that is probably not a sure thing. We get around 20 million for the Europa League play so that helps a lot.

So probably around 60 million, plus what we can get for selling Bennet and other players like Jota, if that happens.
Hopefully we can hold on to Raul but I think Traore is not as integral to the team so if crazy money is offered and he wants to leave, we can get a few very good players in his place.

13 Aug 2020 20:51:01
Timmy- If you re-read my post fella its not my opinion that Nunos holding the cards but simply the way the story is being reported (I don't pretend to have any inside knowledge) . Also you say about the plenty of managers Europe and your right there are but most are already at big clubs meaning without Euro footy I suspect it would be much harder than your making out to bring them in (especially with our Mendes choosing players set up) . And let's he honest he didn't 'want' the pitches upgraded he expected them to be because we are now a Prem club! The Training facilities were the best they'd ever been under Morgan (at the time) didn't mean the players were good enough did it?! Don't get me wrong I'm not saying our players aren't good now BUT I am saying most managers see quality facilities as a expectation these days big budgets on the other hand a FAR more precious and rare!

14 Aug 2020 02:05:23
Picking up on points made by 1) BullysBoy and 2) Timmy T.
1) I agree that Watkins and Loftus Cheek both come with risks but sadly players that don't have risks associated with them i. e. players that are either already established top 6 players or irrefutably and obviously capable of becoming one will either not be available at all, (clubs tend not to sell their best players! ) or will be beyond our reach both in terms of transfer fees and wages, (Our wage bill is between half and one third of our so called rivals for top 6 places and our budget in terms of fees is probably even less competitive) . {Put in those terms Nuno's performance to date is even more incredible! }
Consequently we either have to sign young players before they come to the attention of others or players who are for some reason unrated/ unwanted by others.
Filling Jimenez boots is indeed hard. He is now one of the top half a dozen strikers in the Premier League. (When we bought him seemingly no one rated him/ indeed few even had heard of him - what a brilliant signing! ) I am not saying that Watkins is currently any where near this level but as stated its v hard (although not impossible as we did after all sign Jimenez himself plus several other players who are now regarded as top 6 players) to sign players at that level even more so if we can't promise that we will play them regularly!
So what does Watkins bring? Potential and the ability to allow Jimenez some rest albeit at the cost of a drop off from Jimenez's best. This is the key point though playing as much as we hopefully will (cup games and in the following season hopefully Europe) we don't/ won't get Jimenez's best week in week out unless we allow him some rest.
All of this is moot though as I don't see him coming to Wolves as he may not be good enough to start for us but at Villa he will be a major upgrade on almost every player in their squad!
Re Loftus Cheek if he didn't have a woeful injury record he would not be available and might even be worth the wage you quote of £60k + per week { I strongly suspect the + is a v large number possibly another 60!)
He does not have a good track record re fitness and therefore is available and may be willing to be flexible on salary.
The downside of course is that he remains unfit - although Wolves medical staff have the best record by far in the league so if we can't keep him on the pitch no one can - but if he does play he is capable of being a genuine top 6 player and could be the difference between where we are and Champions League football - so the upside is massive
That is the gamble I agree and it is a matter of opinion and views as to if the upside out weighs the downside for the price that we pay in fees and wages.
Great to debate these matters though with fellow fans!
2) Re Traore I agree that today he is not essential - although very very important - but he still has huge upside and could become a genuine world class player, how many of them have we had at Wolves in my life time? (Thanks to Platini allegedly failing his fitness test { is that true} the answer is almost certainly "0")
At the moment he is largely one footed and almost always goes to the outside to cross into a box that is nearly always occupied by just one Wolves player - Jimenez. Despite that he is as I say a very very important player to the team.
If he can improve his left foot and occasionally come inside to force defenders to tackle him or concede a shot on goal he will be devastating. Think of the goals away to City and the run against Seville
yes its a risk to turn down £100m + but he may well be truly irreplaceable.
Re our transfer budget if it is £60m plus sales (and Jota may still raise £30 -40m if we are lucky) then we will surely be able to strengthen the quality and depth of the squad.
I am sceltical if we will be allowed to spend that much by FPP.

14 Aug 2020 02:15:57
Sorry pressed send in mid rant!
Reading Wolves accounts I note that our total revenue is circa £270m pa less than Chelsea - a rival for top 4.
TV money isn't that different, Football revenue is down significantly - smaller stadium and much cheaper tickets etc - but its commercial activities where we are hurt badly.
Chelsea's sleeve sponsor - not shirt but sleeve! - earns them almost as much as our entire commercial activities!
For us to genuinely compete it is off the pitch that we have to up our game. Do we gave an airline sponsor? A beer sponsor, a track suit sponsor, a tyre sponsor - the list goes on for ever!
Increase the brand revenues and you can improve the team!
Otherwise we remain reliant on Nuno's miraculous player development and management.

14 Aug 2020 08:25:30
BullysBoys II, the coaches at big teams in Portugal are probably not being paid as much as Wolves have to offer. I read that they had the Benfica coach lined up in case Nuno left.

Nuno is not going anywhere because anywhere he goes, he will inherit the player previous managers have selected. He doesn't have that at Wolves.
If he can't find out how to use players that he didn't pick directly himself, he will be screwed going to any top team because they already have a squad.

He was lucky that he could start from almost scratch at Wolves. Can you see him going to Man U and saying he isn't going to play certain players that they paid 70 million for because they don't know the system? He will get run out of town in a month.
So I'm afraid everyone knows he isn't in that great of a position.

14 Aug 2020 21:28:15
Timmy- you say everyone knows he's not in a strong position but read the reports fella, I'm not lying they are all written from the point of view that Wolves will do well to tie him down! If the rest of the footballing world seem to think we are punching above our weight then I'm not sure why some Wolves fans don't see it?! Also he 'inherited' the squad at Valencia and got them to fourth with the best defensive record in the league, do you think there squad would have had the talent or wealth that Ole has enjoyed this year to get United to third? I think not!
As for managers from abroad I agree many will be on worse wages but equally its a MASSIVE gamble! We got lucky on Nuno, don't forget at the time some wanted Marco Silva as he came with a blinding reputation on the continent and then went to Everton and hit a brick wall! It's always easy to assume we could do better with the small budgets we operate on, easy cause to 'think' it involves no risk! I think Nunos done more than enough to earn some loyalty and transfer budget, then it's up to him to show those doubters what he can do with it 👍.

14 Aug 2020 22:10:52
Future-I understand what you are saying about having to buy somewhat unproven players on our budgets and I think we have already done that to an extent. Thing is though so far what we have not done is pay the 'English player premium' and that will almost certainly be because Mendes knows (in general) prices are FAR more sensible on the continent (especially interms of wages) . Take Loftus Cheek, he's played less first team football in top leagues than say Daniel Podence yet if we signed him as we've both agreed we would need to pay Loftus Cheek in the region of £100k a week! That will be at least double what we've tied Podence down to! I suspect its why we've bought so few first team players from the domestic leagues. Even Bennett and Ruddy came in on frees! I also fear with Cheek (when you look at his record in the last 5 years) this could be a player that just never quite makes it because of horrific injuries! Hope I'm wrong cause I agree he has serious potential but sadly for such a young guy he's had some awful luck!
As for Watkins I have to hold my hands up and say I haven't really watched him enough but again as I've said he doesn't fit our past transfer criteria. That said who knows what will happen, maybe we will indeed change the mould ;)



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