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23 Sep 2020 23:07:11
Costa looking like a non runner, Thoma Lemar back on the agenda according to Le10Sport in France.



06 Sep 2020 08:12:45
Fernando Marçal being touted on twitter as signing from Olympique Lyonnaise. 31 year old wingback small fee.

1.) 06 Sep 2020 09:44:31
Seen it Vic, hope he's number two through the Door.

2.) 06 Sep 2020 10:11:41
Can't see it victory v.

He is 31 for one.

3.) 06 Sep 2020 10:29:19
Fernando Marcal Has just started following wolves on his twitter account, he’s also added an England flag to his bio on Wikipedia to show every country he’s played in. Very interesting.

4.) 06 Sep 2020 11:24:55
Looks likely, at 31 a bit old but a year or two while I our youngsters develope should be ok.

5.) 06 Sep 2020 11:57:52
It's done expected to be announced in next 24 hours.

6.) 06 Sep 2020 12:06:29
@ De Wolf - anyone can edit Wikipedia, it’s open source once a citation can be provided. If it’s fake it’ll revert after minutes or sometimes 24 hrs.

7.) 06 Sep 2020 12:14:51
Yeah when it's in the E and S it usually means it's as good as done so looks imminent. Think this one's about cutting our cloth accordingly, at 31 and £2.5m if we even get two good seasons out of him he'd be a steal! Like every club we are having to get creative with the finances which means balancing your exspensive wonder kids with well priced experience. On a side note will just be nice to FINALLY have another naturally left sided fb! COYW 🐺.

8.) 06 Sep 2020 12:51:03
So is he just support for Vinagre?

Surely this is Vinagre's break through season. No jonny to compete with. No reason for him not to get a chance. He actually did okay against a very good sevilla side.

9.) 06 Sep 2020 13:23:20
He can play on the left of a back 3 as well. That's where he played against Man City for the Lyon win in August and he was superb!

10.) 06 Sep 2020 13:27:34
Loan mid field player arriving tomorrow. Wonder who? Any idea?

11.) 06 Sep 2020 13:43:02
Mad- probs both to be honest fella, again with his price and age he can come straight in and play for a place. I suspect its more about taking the pressure off Vinagre, so if he had a mistake/ bad game weds he's not got to go straight back in on the sat? It also allows us to use Vinagre as an impact sub still, which Nunos done a fair bit before with him.
Also as said before I think the Ed was right, I honestly think half of selling Docs was so that long term Jonny can play in his natural side. Have to be honest with FB I always think they are better if they are natural to the wing they are on 👍.

12.) 06 Sep 2020 13:53:04
Imagine it will be a young up and come player from a top champions league team. I'd like a Dani Cebellos calibre player. Doubt we get that lucky though.

13.) 06 Sep 2020 14:10:12
BullysBoy II I agree on fb's playing on their natural side, mind you he's done ok! Marcal sounds a good buy and can play in a couple of positions which is great. It's going to be a fun week seeing who else arrives! Esteves would be good, again a youngster. I like what they are doing.

14.) 06 Sep 2020 14:37:02
Just bear in mind he played all recent Lyon games that includes beating Citeh and getting to semi-final. Don't think he's ready to sit on the bench just yet. So that's left covered. Would be great if Tomas Esteves could be landed for the right hand side, he looks amazing.

15.) 06 Sep 2020 14:54:00
He's at the mol having his medical as we speak. Another one in the bag . Still no right back?

16.) 06 Sep 2020 15:45:10
Wozza10 - No players have their medical at the Molineux.

17.) 06 Sep 2020 15:53:33
Is the guy up the tree at Compton with his camera still around because someone on Twitter has put a pic of Marcal and Little Jeff in a photo shoot in the Molineux centre circle.

18.) 06 Sep 2020 16:28:02
There’s a picture just been leaked online and it’s Jeff Shi (100%) standing beside someone who looks like Fernando Marçal both are holding the same Wolves top in an empty Molineux.

19.) 06 Sep 2020 16:29:21
Caveat to my last comment: they’re both holding the No.5 top.

20.) 06 Sep 2020 16:39:04
Debbie McGhee shot me down . When I hear any more signings I will keep em to myself.

21.) 06 Sep 2020 16:42:36
Ffs Debbie I told you he was there and you pop pooed it . I have contacts.

22.) 06 Sep 2020 17:01:37
@ Wozza10 - “Joah palhinho” hasn’t signed. Nor has Danny Rose, and no players have their medicals at the Mol. Funny how you popped up with this one circa the same time the picture was leaked on twitter.

23.) 06 Sep 2020 22:22:59
Ken- I agree mate Jonny has done a FANTASTIC job on the left, think the guys a class act! So dogged and determined he would try his best anywhere on the field! Thing is though if he's been this good on his weaker side imagine what he could do whipping balls in with his strongest foot?! As I said before I also think he'll have his eye on the national team, he's had a taste and may want to nail down his position to make a long term claim for it. He's good enough and that ain't easy when ya Spanish! 👍.

24.) 06 Sep 2020 23:19:21
Fair comment BullysBoy II. I think we can look forward to his return in the New Year with optimism. Mind you way things are going he might have to get in a queue to get a game! I'm still trying to get my head around it tbh. Not used to this! It's what other clubs do isn't it?



06 Sep 2020 00:14:01
Fernando Marçal being touted on twitter as signing from Olympique Lyonnaise. 31 year old wingback small fee.

1.) 06 Sep 2020 14:55:25
1.8 million to buy out his contract from Lyon. Good deal.

2.) 06 Sep 2020 18:58:51
Yes, all done. Seen it on Wolves Twitter.

3.) 06 Sep 2020 23:58:57
Yeah he's now following wolves on instagram.



29 Aug 2020 20:38:01
Reports coming out of Arsenal fan journals that Arsenal have put the price for Maitland-Niles up to 25 million.

Time to walk away. He's had a couple of decent games, so what! They either want to sell or they don't. He hasn't suddenly become a 5 million better player.

We can get better value abroad.

1.) 29 Aug 2020 21:44:48
Honesty he isn't worth 25 but 20 was a bargain and we went in low ball 5 mil under and got are arses kicked.

We will need English players moving forward at some point.

It's not good with Doc leavimg now.

2.) 29 Aug 2020 22:46:09
Ooops- Wasn't the idea to replace Doherty with AMN?
Doesn't sound like we have manged this particularly well so far does it?

If it is going to cost us £10m+ to do so that is significantly more than we would have paid Doherty over the remainder of his contract. (I suspect Spurs can only offer him a large uplift in his salary as he will given a share of the saving they have made on the discounted price - Spurs are saving say £15m+ on his true price - under two two thirds of that are required to fund a doubling of his wages)
Add in AMN wages (say 40k per week a modest uplift on his current 30k - frankly I think we will end up paying more but. ) and we will be circa £7m out of pocket over the 3 years left on Doherty's contract - all to weaken the team?
More worryingly how many more of our players will tell their agents they want to move to a new club who will double or even treble their their wages. However the increase is conditional on the buying club being able to fund that wage increase by Wolves accepting half or one third of market value for the transfer fee.
How do we say "no" now that precedent has been set - we could have a lot of unhappy players on our hands- so not great again!

So yes we will be buying overseas and maybe not just for a RB!

However with only a few days left to the start of the new season I sincerely hope the target (s) is/ are arriving on Monday!

I still have faith in Nuno and as people have said he has done more than enough to deserve that faith but it has been knocked and its going to have to be some rabbit he pulls out of the hat now!

Fingers crossed!

3.) 30 Aug 2020 07:01:58
I'm beginning to wonder if we're not signing anyone
If it is the case. Will Nuno leave?
Concerning times, for everyone at minute. surely we should AV signed players by now.

4.) 30 Aug 2020 07:15:10
As right backs we currently have Oskar Burr, Sanderson and Luke Matheson. Burr is playing in the U23's is he not good enough, Sanderson excelled at Cardiff and Matheson was only purchased in the last transfer window only young but why buy him if he is not good enough?
And I am as confused as everyone else about Doherty for £15m.

5.) 30 Aug 2020 10:38:34
We have someone coming in for sure. No club would be that inept at this level to leave a gap that big without the insurance of players coming in to replace what we loose. The ones we have are prospects Mathieson ect.

I'd be shocked if we don't announce someone new this week or next. I'm keeping the faith.

6.) 30 Aug 2020 10:48:28
I would have thought it prudent to have the AMN deal tied up before letting Doc go. On this basis as Arsenal have played hard-ball with us we could have fed that back to Spurs by increasing the Doc price.
These deals are big business and we shouldn’t be made to look like mugs by our direct rivals from North London. Is this where we find that Jeff Shi is taking on too much with his three roles?

7.) 30 Aug 2020 10:53:17
I wonder if the acceptance of the lower fee was out of respect for Doherty and his loyal service over the past 10 years. On hearing interest from Tottenham offered him a new challenge at a time in his career where he had one big move left. Wolves could of demanded more money and dragged out the deal but would have left us with an unhappy player whose head had been turned.

8.) 30 Aug 2020 11:54:30
Well the selling of Doherty will come back and haunt us, mark my words. Also where are our new signings Nuno and the other guys really need to start pulling their fingers out now. not long before the season starts and we have no players. lol To me looks like we will be a championship team (again) in 21/ 22.

9.) 30 Aug 2020 12:36:10
Can any Wolves fan even begin to imagine that Nuno sat down with the powers that be and suggested selling Matt Doherty? Decisions made over the Managers head only have one outcome, looks like a change in Fosun’s ten year plan. Out of darkness cometh. another false dawn.

10.) 30 Aug 2020 14:02:30
Nice to see that everyone is now beginning to understand my predictions and prophesies. I didn't make them lightly but as I have said before we are a club that takes three steps forward and then ten steps back. Championship beckons.

11.) 30 Aug 2020 14:35:04
Why would Fosun have spent the time and money they have, for it then to go to waste? I can't see it myself, they are too big to let something like that happen.

12.) 29 Aug 2020 22:35:39
Got news for you.
Doherty ain't English.

13.) 30 Aug 2020 18:00:09
Tom's Tatters, how can £20m be a bargain but not be worth £25m? Don't really see any logic in that.

14.) 31 Aug 2020 07:15:04
Plymouth wolf. Too big. They have lost fortunes. We are just a toy to them. Ask yourself why they are not backing their manager.

15.) 31 Aug 2020 19:57:32
demon, I have yet to see evidence that they are not backing the manager, for all we know there may be deals in the pipeline, or even Nuno saying nope to deals he maybe saying I want this guy when he's available, no one else on the market I want, ill make do with what I have plus youth for now. who knows at this stage.

One thing I do know is I have been massively impressed with what's been brought in over the last few years, so I have no reason to doubt Fosun's intentions or indeed their vision for the future.

Onwards and upwards.



30 Jul 2020 11:04:50
Moyes after Gibbs-White? Doesn't sound like a West Ham/ Moyes signing. Are they trying to wind us up because we were sniffing around Antonio?

1.) 30 Jul 2020 16:25:39
He can leave asap for me. Flatters to deceive.

2.) 31 Jul 2020 07:51:19
He had a couple of good games when he broke into the team but has never consistently delivered I am not sure he's an international in the making but he should move on if another manager can give him a chance.

3.) 07 Aug 2020 06:36:56
Morgan Gibbs White is an absolute waste of space. Reality us, he's shown about 70 mins of good football combined across all games played. He's not even a good championship player.




victory v's banter posts with other poster's replies to victory v's banter posts


25 Sep 2020 20:00:04
So Ruben Dias in talks with Man Citeh according to BBC. Bit of a shame. Guess there are still a few players out of our reach.

Oh well I'm sure Jorge Nuno and Jeff have a fallback plan.

1.) 25 Sep 2020 20:43:02
I think we tried to get him last year. Maybe should have tried harder. Great player!



07 Sep 2020 20:06:20
Unlike Birmingham Live to get a scoop but reporting Victor Ferreira due to sign on loan with option to buy. 20 year old midfielder currently at Porto. Looks like the central midfield er that can run with the ball we needed against Sevilla.

1.) 07 Sep 2020 20:22:29
Just read about him VV, the lad looks unbelievable. They’re saying he’s worth every penny of the £20million and more. What a signing.



28 Aug 2020 09:57:38
Sorry that Cameron John is moving on but I can understand why. He is so far down the pecking order he will probably never get a chance here. Similar to Iorfa and Hause doesn't look to have quite the potential we now demand.

As Kenny Jackett said, you can't hang on to everyone.

Really like the deal we have agreed though, nominal fee with 30% add on fee. Hope that is the new standard, works better for everyone.

1.) 28 Aug 2020 10:39:10
More to the point, what is that away kit!

2.) 28 Aug 2020 10:55:33
Away kit hideous
Looks like it was designed by an eight year old.

3.) 28 Aug 2020 11:45:33
Home kit poor away kit dreadful transfer business non existent nuno not signing contract. Things are going swimmingly well.

4.) 28 Aug 2020 12:18:29
I'm not happy.

5.) 28 Aug 2020 12:29:30
We need some good news please!

6.) 28 Aug 2020 12:46:54
In my 40 years, I have never seen such a disgusting away shirt! No new shirt for me or my nipper this year.

7.) 28 Aug 2020 14:50:54
Me too I'm afraid.

8.) 28 Aug 2020 15:24:20
Have to say SQ good comment, hoping for some good news, bit like ground hog day to last year with transfers coming in.
With about 3 weeks to go, need to get a move on, after all Nuno said he needs help and needs to start season in good form.

9.) 28 Aug 2020 17:52:19
Bigwolf I've got some good news for ya, we currently have the best squad and manager I've seen IN MY LIFETIME! Jez, Jas I wasn't wrong the moaners are out in mass! Funny how you all stayed awful quiet for most of the season, ya know the one where we got more points than last year and got to the final stages of our first Euro trip since 1972! Perspective is everything 😳.

10.) 28 Aug 2020 19:43:29
Yep that was then, this is now and looking forward and everything is stagnant. The shirts are a poor reflection on our history and club, of which we have young and old support. The away kit is a poor representation to professional players and we will be a laughing stock. As for fashion? Who thinks wearing that will set them apart excepting looking a fool.

11.) 28 Aug 2020 19:49:04
and now I see 15 million agreed for doc. I hope its not going to be one out all out.

12.) 28 Aug 2020 20:14:06
Although it might see maitland coming our way but we need some hope.

13.) 28 Aug 2020 20:18:30
Abby- our last game of the season was less than a calender month back. give them a chance eh?! People still need holidays and this ain't a sprint! As for the shirt well let's see how it sells and I mean abroad with that as well. Particularly in China! Everyone wants the players you get with the money but no one is happy when we are run like a business?! Adidas designed the shirt but then what do they know about fashion 🤣
Honestly it's begs belief, best era of football for almost 50 years and still everyone moans, do we even deserve success. I'm not convinced 😭.

14.) 28 Aug 2020 20:31:55
Bully’s boy as ever you make good points my dad first took me in 72 what a team that was and your spot on this is far and away the best we’ve had since who cares what the away kits like who cares if as of yet we ain’t signed anyone yet remember the furore when Douglas was sold in come Johnny yes docs been a fine servant but defensively not goid if we are to progress then needs upgrading as will probably Coady next season the club is progressing after all the dross under bob the builder and the fat controller surely Fosun have earned our trust and deserve our patience judge when the window closes not now.

15.) 28 Aug 2020 20:38:20
I'm not moaning, but I am concerned. I take your point about merchandise but we should ALL be proud to wear the shirt that represents our club not a sports manufacturer who supply's practicly everyone. Incidently as an oldie the shirt is very similar to an old matt the hoople (look em up) record cover, its title "2 miles from heaven". Make of that what you will. Even as an oldie i'm proud to where the wolves shirt and pay handsomely for it, this year there's £110 less in the till, my young son thinks its ghastly too. Onwards and upwards. COYW.

16.) 28 Aug 2020 21:17:46
What if Wolves are ready to sign players but are unable to just yet because the players are currently on holiday as they were playing for teams in the latter stages of the European competitions and are not due back till next week.

17.) 28 Aug 2020 21:25:59
Fair play boys, loving those responses! 👍 Nice to finally see some positivity on here again. Sorry if I've been whinging today but just getting frustrated with all the negativity! Honestly looking at some posts on here you'd think we've just been relegated! 🤣.

18.) 28 Aug 2020 22:07:59
Abbey- that's fair enough fella, not saying everyone has to be buy it (been about 10 years since I bought a strip) . let's just not use it as another stick to beat the club with, cause let's be honest if ANY fans biggest problem with the club is their choice of away strip then its fair to say it MUST be good times to be a fan! ;)

19.) 29 Aug 2020 12:11:22
Leeds spending now as the biased national media keep spouting on that they are a big club. Can't they get into their thick journalist skulls that the Don Revie era was centuries ago. Still at least they are spending which is more than can be said for us.

20.) 29 Aug 2020 12:11:52
BullysBoy11, giving my age away still won't beat the side I watched under The great Stan Cullis when my dad took me, and I might be old fashioned but I would not be seen dead in that away strip, Nuno stated we need players to help the squad along to improve the team, also Bully as said we need players and on the evidence of last season and what Nuno and Bully have said I also agree, that's being positive in my mind not negative based on finishing in top 6 were the club have stated they want to be.

21.) 29 Aug 2020 14:23:04
No particular view regarding the new away shirt but tend to think that in consultation and with a view to the Chinese market it was a compromise to get further Far East sales which will become a big money maker for us if Fosun have their way.



26 Aug 2020 13:15:40
First bid for Maitland-Niles less than asking price and apparently turned down. Don't know if it's true and understand not wanting to overspend. BUT. Players of M-N quality will always have plenty of potential buyers. If we frustrate the sellers they may be motivated to go elsewhere. Also got the feeling that with Paulinha at Braga and Paulinho at Sporting Lisbon we have kept them dangling. Could well be that we are only interested in these players if other options don't work out. But just nervous that we end up empty handed again when everyone including Nuno knowsthe squad needs strengthening.

1.) 26 Aug 2020 13:53:30
Agreed. Penny pinching. I'm sorry but everything at the moment points to a battle against relegation.

2.) 26 Aug 2020 14:22:31
Before we get carried away regarding missed opportunities just remember that there has been no information from the club, it’s all paper talk. We may well be looking elsewhere.

3.) 26 Aug 2020 14:50:48
SQ, your comments are getting abit tedious now. OK we ain't spent as much money as you personally would have liked, but as you can see, no other team has really brought in many players. It seems you want any player brought in rather than the right players.

4.) 26 Aug 2020 15:29:08
Guys with the greatest of respect (like everything in here) this is ALL just speculation! People were shouting penny pinching when we were waiting on Zinchenko and as it turned out it was nothing of the sort just a young player assessing his options. Is it not possible that as Maitland is making what will probs be one of the most vital moves of his career that he is just weighing up his options?! This is the catch 22, people want quality players but the thing about those players is they always have options. Havertz to Chelsea has been rumbling on for a month now, so would you call that 'penny pinching'? Also you say penny pinching SQ without any REAL proof or understanding that its anything to do with money. And to be honest I hope we are penny pinching, not sure why that's a bad thing considering the INSANE value Fosun have managed to squeeze out of the market up till now?! 👍.

5.) 26 Aug 2020 15:29:14
Jas M . I want us to compete properly and not go backwards which traditionally is what this football club does.

6.) 26 Aug 2020 15:54:56
Only really know what the strategy was and whether it worked at the end of the transfer window or maybe even the end of the season. But I think if you got Nuno speaking in confidence he would say the outcomes of the last two windows let him down. He is very loyal but you could read the frustration in his voice when he said 'we need more players to help the team'. Maybe FFP affected us or maybe the Chinese government. But this is a very important transfer window.

7.) 26 Aug 2020 16:27:27
I do not get to wound up during the transfer window after 55 years supporting the Wolves I do not remember a window being any different, just be patient things will happen when Nuno and the team come back next week.

8.) 26 Aug 2020 16:46:54
SQ, since Fosun took over we have been moving forward not backwards.

9.) 26 Aug 2020 17:03:28
Need to go for this kid from Arsenal and show the fans we mean busines and kick start our season, last transfer window was a let down when we should of pushed on, Nuno needs players to improve this side, if not and plays with same side it will be a struggle, that's my opinion, so let's get 3 to 4 players in and push on.

10.) 26 Aug 2020 17:44:15
I see basis for all opinions but I would rather think on the bright side of life that's just me.
Within 2 months we'll be discussing matches win draw or lose I car wait.
Exciting for us exciting to see how the villa and baggies do fingers crossed not very well ha ha.

11.) 27 Aug 2020 07:44:34
Gaza - very wise words. Media love playing our emotions and getting fingers twitching on click-bait. The real picture is probably nothing like the media are painting and in Jeff Jorge and Junk we have some very clever minds who will not show their cards too early.



19 Aug 2020 10:16:19
Anybody know who played at Coventry and Walsall. Only one I know of is Cameron John who scored at Coventry. Key players I am interested in are Campana, Ronan, Matheson, Otasowie, Marques, Shabani, Dadashov and Campbell.




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04 Oct 2020 11:52:14
Neves is a brilliant player but he struggles to finish chances inside the box and he isn't particularly mobile getting forward. His natural position is 2 yards inside the opposition half. We need to find a way to keep width, switch play free up Neto Podence or Traore to run at defences, get support into Raul and fall back into a solid defensive shape. Glad that's Nuno and his team's issue not mine.



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02 Oct 2020 10:13:49
We have to accept that financially we are still struggling to compete in the top half of the prem. Look at the quality of the second teams that Arsenal and Liverpool put out last night. Or for that matter even Brighton put out against Man Utd. Hopefully we have a fallback plan which may include the likes of MGW if the team is cleaned out of top players. Don't think that will happen like that. But the folks who want to just forget about the Lambert days and expect to get the double over Citeh each year are just delusional. Be grateful for what is on offer.



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01 Oct 2020 20:08:41
So, if no more signings how can Mendes deliver any furthrr in this transfer window. We have players to unload but if they are not Mendes clients how can he justify involvement. Surely the issues now are (1) developing a successful playing style (2) achieving results which keep us in contention for a European place (3)balancing FFP (4) balancing cashflow with empty stadiums (5) acquiring homegrown talent to meet EUFA requirements. We have not over committed this transfer window, the sale of any one or two of Neves, Raul or Traore will wipe off any loss on young player gambled and takes us massively into profit. There are no other external creditors, this is clearly not a risk game for Fosun, unless you have some other previously unidentified exposure.



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30 Sep 2020 16:45:55
Possible, but all indications have been that we are not really interested, Gremio just using us as a fictitious other bidder to get Porto to put their price up.



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30 Sep 2020 15:48:34
I think this could be re-hash of Lazio interest. Last time we seemed about 5-10m apart in valuations. Letting him go now would mean replacing attacking/ defensive midfielder and standby centre back. Not many of those about and only 5 days to find one. Unlikely.




victory v's banter replies


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18 Sep 2020 23:49:14
Greyleg Wolf, I don't think the rest of the team will be too dismayed by these developments. Doc off to the Champions League finalists from a few years ago and Jota off to the Champions League winners of a couple of years ago. Both of them taking a good wedge of the transfer fee in their back pocket.



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06 Sep 2020 10:39:06
Give him two years and he would be way out of our price league. It is always a gamble - look at Lemar, a world cup winner that Athletico paid 57m for and can now be bought for 25m.

It's at times like this you have to trust the opinion of your club. They haven't got too much wrong so far!



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27 Aug 2020 07:44:34
Gaza - very wise words. Media love playing our emotions and getting fingers twitching on click-bait. The real picture is probably nothing like the media are painting and in Jeff Jorge and Junk we have some very clever minds who will not show their cards too early.



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26 Aug 2020 15:54:56
Only really know what the strategy was and whether it worked at the end of the transfer window or maybe even the end of the season. But I think if you got Nuno speaking in confidence he would say the outcomes of the last two windows let him down. He is very loyal but you could read the frustration in his voice when he said 'we need more players to help the team'. Maybe FFP affected us or maybe the Chinese government. But this is a very important transfer window.



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26 Aug 2020 09:51:39
Easy and cheap but made Euro semi final with second rate team.