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15 Aug 2021 13:09:55
People are leaving this site due to constant negativity from certain individuals,
let's make a deal? No relegation, bhatti brother era, Morgan days talk until Christmas and if we are in a relegation scrap by then then i'll buy you a pint SQ.
Come on lads we're the pack.
Often I disagree with Oxley Moor Ron I do agree we expected to potentially be in bottom 3 after our first 3 games and our season will probably start at Watford.
But if this weekend has taught us anything any team in this league can be beaten.

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15 Aug 2021 13:38:07
Some posters who keep relentlessly posting positive items and believing that everything in the garden is rosey is actually as damaging as the negative posters who could see that something wasn’t quite right a couple of years ago even when we were top seven. One particular poster has written that he won’t post again so we may get more balanced views.
We seem to be in good hands with Bruno and the owners and board members need to support him and get him the players he wants.

15 Aug 2021 14:03:50
For people who have suffered with depression/ mental sickness negative comments/ people can be quite damaging. Not sure a positive outlook/ person has the same effect on others tbh.

15 Aug 2021 14:06:27
Always said it E mate I got a good feeling about Bruno, I try to be positive but I also have no issue in blasting Fosun and manager if they aren't pulling their fingers out too.

I blasted Nuno last season for being too stuborn, I blasted the club just a few days ago on the treatment of Cutrone, but regarding that as some pointed out pointless keeping him if he don't want to be here.

Bruno apparantly has 4 players in mind he wants to bring in if the funds are available let's hope he gets that backing, I honestly don't think Fosun would do anything to intentionally jeopardise our Premier league status I do think it's down to that ffp fine we had once bitten twice as shy comes to mind.

15 Aug 2021 14:58:45
Let's remember folks, there are no right or wrong posts. They're all just opinions. Some people are optimists, some people are pessimists (for whatever reasons) .

I'm not going to pass comments anymore if someone is being negative. Live and let live, eh? Christ knows I've been wrong in the past.

Wolves ay we!

15 Aug 2021 15:12:25
Its fair comment Rated. I've only been posting (occasionally) on here for a few months but have followed the conversations for years.
One thing I could never understand was the negativity of some towards the club. Jeff Shi struggles with that, even after what Fosun have achieved since they arrived.
Even though we weren't in a relegation scrap last year wasn't what we all hoped for, but how many of us supporting a mid Championship club would have expected, Promotion, 2 consecutive 7th places, Europe and an FA Cup semi in 3 years.
Some seasons may be better than others, that's just the way it is, but hopefully, we will get back to being a top half side this season.

15 Aug 2021 17:00:43
Can anyone explain to me why it is wrong to point out that Wolves are no better than last season, is Traore still missing chances and not making assists are Neves and Moutinho are still noting carry a goal threat and our bench does not have players who can come on and change the game also we are lacking a decent centre half. I have supported Wolves for over fifty years and I think that I should be allowed an opinion. So come let's get back to having good banter and not slagging Wolves fans who have an opinion.

15 Aug 2021 19:28:31
Not the case of pointing things out but just one game in and they are screaming we're relegation candinates is just way too negative it's ridicolous, if we was bottom come Christmas I could understand the doomsdayers screaming relegation, but one poster has been screaming relegation since we got promoted, not once has he said anything positive about the club.
If he wants the doom and gloom then look in the archives online and watch us during the 80s they'll understand real misery then.
Infact i'm going to follow suite of others and just step back for a couple of weeks.

15 Aug 2021 20:09:49
Same, you’d expect to hear relegation shouts from opposing fans this early on. I prefer to not read it in a wolves forum so going to go back to the bbc hys for a bit. Unless the Ed’s want to create another room for the positive like minded people and the doom merchants can continue to give their opinions on how we will be relegated week in week out.

15 Aug 2021 21:26:05
Let's get a grip folks. People are entitled to their opinion wether positive or negative. That's what the forum and others like it are for. It's the posters like SQ that actually get the most stick and personal attacks and yet keeps coming back. He never makes his posts personal. They may not be what some of you want to read, but YOU have that choice. I find I can very often make a case for most of the posts on here, to some degree, be them pos or neg. And I think the reason for that is, that I, like everyone else, do not have a clue how this season will pan out. For those who are so easily offended, or kick up a fuss because of negativity aimed at their team, I say lighten up, or maybe it's not the site for you. Do you seriously want or believe that everyone should have the same opinion as yourself. Not only is that arrogant, but also totally pointless.

15 Aug 2021 21:55:57
I really don’t see what the problem is with both negative and positive comments they are all opinions.
The expectation has been increased by past. good results and the ambition of the club to become a top six side.
Of course it takes time but watching the top clubs this first weekend Wolves are currently a long way behind.
Great start for Spurs and Nuno and for Man U after a couple of below par seasons. Let’s hope things improve as quickly as possible for us!



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