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22 Oct 2021 00:54:50
If posters can recall great games from the past the ones they will remember the most are the ones they actually attended.
How many great Wolves games can you recall from watching on tv?
Some people growing up today may never get the chance to attend a live Wolves game.
Birmingham City are doing kids for a quid and their best players are on loan from Wolves.
Strange times.

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22 Oct 2021 06:37:28
I understand where you coming from but how long is a piece of string?
Where were the glory hunting fans when we were in league 1?

If for example we have an 50'000 capacity stadium what about the thousands over 50'000?

A lot of kids today have their noses in the Atari and spectrum zx81 lol sorry xbox tablets phones etc.

All your other points E from Wombourn I agree with but think patience is the thingo do as we don't want to run before we can walk.
I believe in fosun and all tge good things will come eventually.
If it was always nuts and chocolate it would be Christmas everyday.

Going to buy my brother latest wolves top think the away strip and my nephew the full strip plus plenty of other wolves clobber maybe this will put 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000001% towards the stadium and new signings.
Onwards and upwards.

22 Oct 2021 11:42:23
Interesting points E. womborne/ phil. One of my most memorable matches was the league Cup over Forest at Wembley. Not being local to Wolverhampton I wasn't able to get a ticket initially, but I had a relative in Mansfield at the time, they got a ticket for me and my bruv. We got to Wembley and at the forest end we're quickly surrounded by forest yobs ( as we were naively wearing the old old) and had to take refuge in a shop with 1 copper manning the door. Eventually more cops arrived and escorted us around and in to our end. Seeing Emlyn lift the trophy and cloughie applauding the wolves fans live with me. The celebrations that night are a blur tho. Televised matches tho were a blessing last year in the lockdown tho and the one game that strangely remains in my memory is the chorley cup game and vitnas goal, a game that I was expecting to be a goal fest that was a drab let down. Emotionally the cup game against Southampton. From high hopes of a cup run to seeing Nunos disregard of its meaning to us fans. He may of kept us in the prem after but that night and the out pouring after will not be forgotten by my age group, it was possibly our last chance of seeing our wolves in the cup final again. Anyway who knows? Bruno might get a decent run at it this time. COYW.

22 Oct 2021 13:20:25
My favorite game though I can't remember the date, not that it matters was Wolves 7-1 Chelsea. Lasting memory of Steve Kindon having for me his best ever game for us. He made "Chopper" Harris look like a spectator he couldn't get near him let alone kick him!

Shocked at the thought of Kevin Thelwell going to Newcastle we still haven't come near to replacing him and for me he's been our biggest loss! Hope they do go with Fonseca though I don't think he'll be any good in the Premier league. Mind you he sounds like a type of Port.

22 Oct 2021 13:54:39
So many memories, Steve Kindon away at Bristol Rovers, boxing day in 70s, we were winning 5-0 I gave him ball for throw in saying "come on steve" which he politely replied with something like, "give us a rest we've got 3 more games this week". We ended up winning 5-1 with the entire wolves support giving rovers the biggest cheer of the day when they scored.

22 Oct 2021 14:15:46
Nice to read your memories and imagine your generation wants to see a cup final.
My generation hasn't seen anything I was a whipper snapper when we last won a major.
Memories of the 80's league Cup final you have kinda loved and lost imo so I think if I was in yours shoes I would want to see that again more than I want to see it for myself at present.
But the faith in wolves what I was brought up on from my dad will always live on till I am no longer.

22 Oct 2021 16:12:35
I tell you what phil when we lost to Watford afterbeing 2 up and more or less in the the final my son was absolutely unconsoleable. He's seen us win promotion but not a final, the semi at Wembley, the atmosphere taken from the TV alone was enough it was heartbreaking for him. Me, having been there 3 times (twice in person) and always won, it wasn't as bad. But I want to see it again, feel it again, but I want my son to experience the exhilaration that I have and preferably with me here. That's my hope and nunos choices that night with Southampton sort of maybe limited that chance. Anyway nostalgia is history, onwards to tomorrow and another step in this seasons story. Leeds have injury problems and we can exploit that so I'm looking forward to a decent game with perhaps 2/ 3-1 to us. COYW.

22 Oct 2021 17:25:28
When we do win a cup Abbey mate I will remember you and your son celebrating together stories like yours and anyone else's make the dream the thrill the euphoria amazing as ALL wolves come together . I'll never give up hope that I will seewolves win something major and celebrate for real on here with you.

Tomorrow I'm quietly confident of our chances but as we all know ANYTHING is possible in football.

I'm looking for jiminez to score have a gut feeling he will.
Also I think when we have good thriving play in the final third it will take the pressure off the defence.
An early goal before 30 minutes would be ideal and let Leeds come out chasing a goal and then hopefully we pick them off with the more space for our attacking players to take advantage of.
Have a good day tomorrow if with your son even better for you me old pal???.

22 Oct 2021 17:35:19
Coady in the wolves crowd after his equaliser at villa that's the passion that's what we are talking about.

If we lose tomorrow you won't see me for a week lol.

22 Oct 2021 18:08:48
Well be sat listening to the commentary as usual phil, my sons day off. Its good to have company for the game. Let's hope we're all happy come 5 o clock. Enjoy your day too phil.

22 Oct 2021 19:11:07
Phil - first apologies for the delay in replying to you.
Second apologies if I made you feel as if you had to apologise.
I completely accept your well made point that it is all a matter of opinions and you should never be browbeaten by someone who has a different one - so sorry if I was OTT in my support of Podence and Traore.

22 Oct 2021 19:53:30
Thankyou so much mate.
You more important to me than any wolves player or owner as us fans are here always no matter how good or bad we are.
Hope for you Abbey Ken oxley E from Wombourn Norfolk and others of elder age to me you all see success whilst we are all still having the means to. post.
Ps I am sorry real sorry to you too that I put my own feelings before yours about wolves matters that you hold really dear.

Lol I hope we win tomorrow.

Pps Ken mentioned above about thelwell I'm sure you and bullysboy have discussed thelwell in. previous posts.

Being honest I'm in it to watch the matches the inner running of the club is a bit too much deep for me not saying I'm putting myself down I just are always tired having been thinking concentrating all day at work.
Best/ kind regards as always me other old pal ???.

22 Oct 2021 19:54:39
Cheers Abbey mate I certainly intend to enjoy my day tomorrow. ?.

22 Oct 2021 21:36:24
Phil - tks
ps Does anyone know what has happened to Baza he hasn't posted for ages?

23 Oct 2021 11:01:24
future, Phil keep posting your opinions guys I value them always enjoy the read! Don't always agree but isn't that the point for goodness sake! Sharing of opinions and respecting them. Gosh life would be incredibly tedious if everyone agreed with each other!



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