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10 Oct 2021 09:10:24
RE: The recent purchase of Newcastle United. I'm just wondering on people's thoughts on the matter?

Whilst I would have no qualms in general of a club being bought by a big financier (s) (just look at Wolves) however my issue is with "sports washing" where the Saudi Arabia will uses Newcastle Utd and other events to make themselves look good or try to paint over their human rights abuses.

I watched a documentary on YouTube about how they used the WWE to come over and stage an event, where all the wrestlers came out and praised the Crown Prince and his cohorts for being great hosts etc.

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10 Oct 2021 10:06:22
In this money orientated world nothing should surprise us, yes you’re right on human right issues they haven’t changed and are appauling but our own government trades with them ( money money) Until there is a level playing field and this means level, when every one has a maximum budget to spend not a % of their turnover then football might get back to the people and any team can win the premier. No I’m not naive just an old dreamer of days gone by. Something strange! Has spiked this change of heart by the premier and I don’t believe it’s just TV rights.

10 Oct 2021 12:11:47
Debbie regarding that WWE I recommend have a look around the web there are stories about stars and promoters being held in their hotel rooms.

10 Oct 2021 13:01:36
When they started selling our Clubs to foreign owners the Premier League thought they could regulate who bought them, hasn’t quite worked out that way.

10 Oct 2021 16:43:33
To be fair Ron 'dodgy' owners so far have tended to be financially 'dodgy'. This takes it down to a whole new level and it will surely impact on the reputation of The Premier League.

10 Oct 2021 22:36:31
I'm not sure it does Long, Roman Abramovics pay master Green lit the use of a biological weapon in the heart of Salisbury?! Did that impact the Prems rep?!

11 Oct 2021 09:49:58
So Newcastle’s new owners have also invested heavily in Facebook, Starbucks, Uber and Disney amongst others. But we don’t hear about that.

11 Oct 2021 22:49:11
In answer to your question Debbie my own personal view is why should sport be treated any different to anything else. We have educated most of the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and former leaders of Iran. You can probably add Iraq, Syria and Jordan to that! So we have taken that money, plus sold war planes, tanks, weapons training for all of that plus all sorts of other things! We have allowed Russian ownership of Chelsea, Abu Dhabi of Man City. Dubai ownership of endless race horses and stables and access to our Royal family, plus a former Prime Minister who stops an investigation into a case of kidnapping! Why should Newcastle miss out? That stable door has been open for a very long time! I should add to that the fuel that gets our cars and trucks around probably comes from Saudi.
I don't personally have time for any of them I find them abhorent how they treat people. Back in the 80's I was head hunted for a job which turned out to be in Saudi. Villa on a compound, pool, servants, education for our one child at that time plus a vast salary. Told them where to go. My moral compass doesn't go that far. Ditto i'd never holiday in any of the gulf states. I have no time for any of them and I would add Isreal to that, the treatment of Palestinians has been awful. Anyway that's my ten pennath!

12 Oct 2021 06:42:22
I understand all the moral issues but now that it has happened the good what has come out of it is the Newcastle fans have something back for their loyal massive support.

Us wolves fans have suffered the most part of 40 years before fosun and is why I have compassion for the geordies.

With their take over the competition has got stronger which for me I would like to think will make us stronger.
The ante is upped to stay in the game you must do the same.

On the whole we are heading in the right direction it may not please all wolves fans the way the club is being run but that want be an issue if we keep winning imo.

Ps I have a chance albeit a small one of obtaining a ticket for the villa match.
Only issue it's in the villa end but that no problem for me.



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