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21 May 2021 22:16:28
Spires saying club instigated Nuno’s departure because they have no money to spend over the summer?
If Bruno Lage is known for bringing on younger players will this be a continuation of bringing in young potential rather than proven top rated players?
Loads of speculation!

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21 May 2021 22:54:43
Same as Matt Dawson on Football Fancast as I posted below.
If true v v worrying.
Surely Fosun aren't so stupid?
If we don't spend to protect what we have we will lose it - ie another summer like last year may well see us relegated.
Its like buying a lovely house, decorating and furnishing it to a high standard then one day deciding not bothering to turn the bath off and allowing it to over flow flooding the bathroom and eventually bringing the living room ceiling crashing down.
Who ever they bring in will surely insist on a level of support as the existing side - as I have said till I am blue in the face - is a bottom 6 side and without Nuno to motivate and inspire it may well be even worse.
Big task ahead for whoever comes in but I struggle to believe we won't back the new manager meaning that it was Nuno they wouldn't back - so perhaps last summer, in Fosun's eyes at least, was his fault?

21 May 2021 23:08:34
Yeah it does make me wonder who suggested the Fabio signing, don't forget Nuno had worked with him previously. Maybe he's lost Fosuns trust in the market? Or maybe he just wants to go home? We won't know until the cards fall but either way it's a sad day to be a Wolves fan! 😭🐺.

22 May 2021 00:19:05
Dress it up however they like but it sounds like the sack to me. Fosun's choice I guess, he who pays the piper I suppose. Can't say I'm very happy about it to say the least.

22 May 2021 05:48:16
I think nuno is an honest man and he'll explain in his own words at some point. He's a caring sort and the cv thing must have been trying, being separated from his family for so long and the job maybe takes 2nd place in people's lives. The statements said he'd left by mutual consent and that spurs aren't in the frame (why would they be? We'd be in line for compensation if he'd stayed) . What we need now is a positive statement, a commitment from fosun. When I saw yesterday that we'd signed deal with cosorte I thought it all seemed positive. Then bang nuno leaving. Fosun must have a plan you can't promote the club to a company looking for European exposure if you aren't intending to achieve that goal. In nuno I trusted and I trust him to have left us safe in the knowledge we'll be OK.

22 May 2021 09:23:21
I strongly recommend reading the article about Nuno in the Athletic today, very illuminating. And yes Future it does say that Nunos transfer choices have been a LARGE part of the problem. Namely his preference for Mendes choice over the clubs staff recs. How interesting then that we all had it the wrong way round, Fosun didn't seem to like his prefence for Mendes options over players suggested by Sellars et al. They give an excellent example of how the club had the chance and wanted to sign Danny Olmo but Nuno opted for Mendes client Podence instead. Anyone that tracked those two players since will know that was a VERY bad call! Apprently it was the same with Semedo who Nuno made an absolute priority!
Really do recommend having a good read, it also makes some interesting points. Like Fosun were close to pulling the trigger after the Brom game, which isn't surprising for all who watched. And that Fosun have been concerned to his erratic use of four at the back. Or that for all Nunos talk of youth development in four years he didn't attend a single u23s match!
I'm still absolutely gutted but I am starting to think maybe the club are just having to react here. Let's be honest the dream was over the moment Nuno applied for another job, I love the guy but there's no longevity if he was looking to the next step! Onwards and upwards 👍🐺.

22 May 2021 12:13:45
In the cold light of day it's done, over and done with. Move on great ride 4 of the best years since forever! Let's hope the next cab off the rank can do as well or better! I won't let any of the stuff that comes out alter my view that Nuno is and will remain a top man!
Anyway I've waited all morning for the opportunity to say is "Laga Top" of the list of potential managers. We shall see. Maybe someone not quite as pragmatic as Nuno.

22 May 2021 13:15:27
I agree Ken, but please don't think my post was an attempt to trash talk his legacy. All the foibles mentioned are merely human nature.

I just wanted to understand the reasoning behind the decision, cause when you look at isolated issues (like a poor league performance) then this decision seems rash.

But I supposes the point of the article was that there was a number of issues that culminated in the decision announced yesterday.

The man will always be a Wolves legend and this could still be a decision Fosun come to regret. Let's hope not 👍🐺.

22 May 2021 13:58:55
BB -tks for a really good post. I am genuinely in shock and upset at what has happened over this last year and can only hope that what you read is correct as despite really not wanting it to be Nuno's fault (and of course that meaning that I completely wrong myself! ) if it was, it does at least mean Fosun are still commited and maybe we can recover.
Like you I am finding it hard to think anything but highly of Nuno who appeared a true gent and performed miracles for us - but if what you say is true then we can and will go on.
For those of us not old enough to remember the 50s these 4 years can only be compared to the Mcgarry years in the early 70s when we were a serious Div 1 team with a UEFA Final, a league cup win and several other good cup runs to go with a number of top 6 finishes.
Even then though as a youngster I was able to tell that Bailey v Bremner or Hibbit v Colin Bell or John Mcalle v Colin Todd wasn't a serious battle.
Mcgarry took a team of good players beyond their natural place but it was never going to go further.
Nuno however in a league that due to money and internationalisation is much harder to perform in didn't just do the same. No last summer it really did seem as if we were very close to breaking into that elite that we have not been in since the 50s.
A side with established internaional stars in Moutinho and Patricio, burgeoning stars like Jota and Neves and experienced pros like Jimenez, Saiss and Boly (who were converted into stars) combined with journey men pros like Doherty and Coady - who he turned into top quality prem players with international caps - and young unpolished talents like Neto and Traore (who are now highly sought after Prem league players) genuinely seemed set to challenge.
12 months on and we are all thinking more about a relegation battle than a challenge for Euopean football.
Lord Thor are you still sure nothing has gone wrong?
ps Ken Loved the shandy joke!

22 May 2021 14:07:32
BB never thought that for one moment. I think after the injury to Raul I personally think Nuno wrote the season off and used it to experiment with different styles to see who could do it. Right or wrong and maybe to show Shi what was needed to go to the next level. Clearly views on spend were different and this is the result sadly. Won't change my view of Nuno one bit. He won't talk anytime soon as they have to pay him until he gets work again and I doubt hell say much then tbh.

22 May 2021 16:11:12
Ken - if he was doing that you would think he would have at least discussed his strategy and views with Shi and got his acceptance/ buy in.
Someone either Jeff or Nuno regally messed up last summer/ jan window - 7 buys/ loans, 2 sales and 4 transfers that should have been made that weren't. We were on the wrong side of 12 of them.
V few sides let alone uppper mid ones could survive that - even without the horrific injuries. Credit therefore goes to Nuno for getting us to safety and 45 points.
But if he was to blame for the transfer debacle and surely he is to blame to soe extent for the flip flopping in selection and tactics then Jeff would be right to question what was going on- again you would think they would have comunicated more and earlier though?
If it was Jeff and he wasn't holding his hands up and promising to do not just do better but actually get out of the way and let those who do know what they are doing take charge then the only option for Nuno was to leave.
As you say we will never know which one is culpable but one was and either way we are in a real mess now!

22 May 2021 17:09:30
futureisoldgold. Can't disagree with anything you've said mate. Still all a bit of a shock tbh. Choice of players is always going to be subjective. The relationship with the "club" was obviously broken and with that this was the only result. That said reverting to our back 3 we still have a mid table group of players, when fit. The new man will hopefully have a decent base to work from. Gutted it's come to this but we are Wolves and we will survive. I would like Lampard but I can't see it for financial reasons. But maybe they will find "money" for the right man and back him as they backed Nuno. We shall see in due course. Should be an interesting summer. My son's doing an ad for the BBC for Wimbledon he's going to be a streaker. This I can't miss!

22 May 2021 17:48:37
Is your son at RADA or LAMDA then? How is he getting these jobs as I would have thought they were v difficult to get? Is it something he would like to develop - clearly he is doing something right?
Whilst just as precarous a profession as a footballers it seems like a v exciting one and at least you can act until your old age!
ps Agree if we get our injured players back and play in a style that suits the squad we should as you say be comfortable. I am though feaful over Otto and Jimenenz. Netto will be out long term and Moutinho can now only be a cameo/ squad player. With AFN taking Boly and Saiss for a long period next year as well I do thnk we now need to spend a fair bit. Hopefully as you say the new man will be given some funds to strengthen. Fingers crossed for the summer and your son.
Will look out for the tall streaker at Wimbledon - didn't do Erika Roe's profile any harm!

22 May 2021 19:43:08
thefutureisoldgold it would be better if it were an Erica Roe look alike tbh. He did drama a uni has got an agent now, doesn't get enough to make a living yet but we can but hope! He works nights on office security in the city so his days are free. Exhausting but he's happy. Following his dream while he's young.

22 May 2021 20:51:03
Fingers crosssed for him.
I know 3 people who have been to RADA/ LAMDA the top drama colleges in the UK.
Only 1 of them made a living but it is a good one so its worth perservering.
Plus If you can't follow your dreams when you are young thn when can you?

22 May 2021 22:30:23
thefutureisoldgold. Very true has done more this year than we expected he's on a quiz show on ITV4 in July I think recorded a while ago he's the referee sadly with a mask but work is work. Done his first movie that's out late this year, small part. Mind you our rather older lot will not want to see it, horror thing. You need to be lucky and the night job whilst crap pays the bills. At least with civic you film your own audition on your phone with help if you can so you can do lots of them. We live in hope. He's happy which is the main thing for us.



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