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28 Sep 2020 10:40:02
There are some posters on here (and 1 banned) who demanded change after last season and said we needed at least 4 new players and some of the current squad needed to go as the team was stagnating. Well Nuno/ Fosun have done exactly that and guess what? These posters are still not happy and think the new players will effortlessly know how Nuno's system work.

Yes yesterday was awful but Nuno will make the changes needed. To write Fabio Silva off already is a disgrace. He looked OK when he came on and held up the ball and looking for a pass. He is the type of player who can come on during a change of formation, you know, the very thing that the usual lot criticised Nuno about last season.

As the saying goes: Be careful what you wish for.

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28 Sep 2020 11:59:48
Jas lots of Wolves fans will never be happy, regardless mate! You're right with what you say.
I can't believe the other night I was reading in here 'we need A***** to beat Chelsea by X goals because they are our rivals for Europe'! Seriously!?
I hope last night was a reality check for those thinking way too far ahead.
Now, as peed off as I was after last night it was maybe the kick we needed because since we beat them 2-0 post C.V. we have not put in a decent performance apart from 15 minutes at Bramall Lane.
That said I do firmly believe this was a blip, a horrible one but a blip nonetheless.
Nuno knows how to turn things and that's exactly what he will do.

28 Sep 2020 13:30:13
Hi Italia and Jas, This has been coming for a long while, made worse by the departure of Lota and Docherty, we were goal shy last season to many draws those could/ should have been wins and top 6 finish.
Neves and Moutinhou has never worked, Neves is a class player and should be used in a defensive midfield position,
Moutinhou as classy as he is only makes very short passes and DOES not drive forward maybe to save his legs at 34 yrs old.
We need a Paul Ince type of player.
Jimenez would score a hatful with the right service, Traorie only one place for him on wing or on the bench or sell him he won't get any better.
I am not sure whether Nuno can sort this out unless he is more ruthless.
the two new lads the old saying was if there good enough there old enough, have we spent wisely? time will tell.
Hopefully it is a blip we will see. I am having a go just being very realistic.

28 Sep 2020 13:50:31
The only explanation for the worst performance I have seen for a long time at Wolves is I believe that the Portuguese players have reacted to Jota being sold and we will see a different performance on Sunday now they have made a point. In my opinion.

28 Sep 2020 15:06:49
Where to start?
First of all yes have to acknowledge that this was probably worst performance for several years.
Secondly we have actually been playing poorly since lock down - with only brief flashes to alleviate the gloom.
But the players and system remain largely the same (Jota wouldn't be in the team and even I'm not that big a fan of the other one that left to think he would have made a difference) and they/ it have served us well for last 3 years.
Today though only Neto and Patricio, (without Patricio in the last two games it would have been cricket scores! ), can look in the mirror with any pride.
Why therefore are we playing so poorly?
I said previously we are too nice and whilst I accept that tactically we have always played a containing game absorbing pressure and playing on the break, so that we will never run as much as some sides or press as much, we have now been physically overrun and out fought by 2 teams, (neither known for their physical approach! ), in the last week. West Ham simply wanted it more than us and we spent too long looking hopefully at the ref begging for a decision. We are not a favoured team and won't get the 50 : 50 calls so have to man up and get on with it. Our inability to match the desire and effort of other teams is a worry. It is something however that Nuno can surely address on the training ground and in the dressing room?
The tactical system does rely on your ability to 1) absorb pressure - at the moment we cant! and 2) break effectively at pace - at the moment we have done that adequately against SU and City ( but missed the chances) but not against WH
So what are the other problems that mean we aren't able to execute the tactics as well as we did?
Firstly we have always known that our mid is slow, (and in Moutinho's case getting slower it seems), but it is the lack of physical AND mental pace (its not how fast Troare can run on a track its how fast all the players MOVE AND REACT on the pitch), all over the pitch that is worrying.
Due to the mental slowness our passing is ponderous and often backward - the only way we can retain possession under pressure it seems.
It appears we are simply physically and mentally tired and that is a worry as we are now in full swing of the new season and there will be no rest.
Somehow Nuno needs to freshen it up - maybe the international break will help - although surely most of the players will be away?
Secondly individual players particularly in def are playing poorly (and both WBs - so important to the system - are for different reasons missing)
But what are our options?
We have a small squad and although lots of money has been spent - at the risk of upsetting those of you who spend all your waking hours watching Portuguese football - we probably need to add a couple of oven ready premier league players as no matter how good you think Silva and Vitor might be in the future it is a lot to ask them to carry the load today.
Formation wise maybe, as many of you are asking, adding Dendonker to the mid, (either to make a 3 or to replace Moutinho), would give us some greater protection - but remember he is a worker excellent at getting up and down and marking players - but he is not a ball player and we have problems on both sides of the ball - getting it and retaining it. If he plays you lose either Moutinho's ball playing/ retaining ability or one of your pacey forwards?
Injuries are hurting us as Marcal already looks a much better option on the left and Podence is clearly the best option to play - as I believe we now should - in Jonnyk's suggested system in the 10 role with Traore playing off Jimenez.
So let's hope both are fit for Fulham as sadly it is looking like a v important game for us now.
keep safe and keep the faith!

28 Sep 2020 18:03:45
Dear Thefutureisgold Some good points you made, you do not mention Neves playing to deep, how many goals has he scored since he played behind Moutinho, how many shots does Neves get now he is wasted.

Re Jota, Jurgen Kop is no fool Jota would have found his form, one of the very few players we had capable of running at a defence. I do agree with a post that the Team were disappointed when he was sold, he will certainly help Liverpool retain the Title.

how good is Kilman, Sanderson, surely we should give them a chance to see if they can perform.

I see Helder Costa playing very well at Leeds.

Knowing Fosun as I do they are an excellent company, very fair, but they do not suffer poor performances for long.

28 Sep 2020 18:18:57
Neves not scored since Man U. If we won more free kicks around the 20 yard area would be a start.

28 Sep 2020 18:29:53
re: Helder Costa, he was wearing the bench out, when sold. As was Cav and to a lesser extent, Jota. Doherty was not, was absolutely vital to the way we played. Seeming to be irreplaceable, who would have thought! Also, Coady now has NO-ONE to 'ping' the ball to, and HIS game is suffering. Just saying. COYW P. S How bad are Fulham? Making Villa look half-decent!

28 Sep 2020 20:05:39
Yellow - I deliberately didn't name individuals BUT the point you make about Neves is of course valid. The midfield balance is probably the greatest area of concern at the moment.
We have discussed the Traore v Jota debate before and whilst I don't doubt Jota will recover his form at Liverpool, (we know he is a talented player), I am not unhappy at that decision despite, (as many many of you now agree), Traore being wasted beating men at will to find the corner flag with no one bar Jimenez in the middle!
I ranted long (v long) at the stupidity of giving Doherty away and still don't understand it - he gives you the out ball and wins so much in the air at both ends. Semedo is going to have be some player, (100 games for Barcleona says he is - but I think its only fair to assume it will take a few weeks - and at the moment that looks a dangerously long time), to replace him particularly as he cost significantly more than double the fee we received for Doherty.
Re the youngsters - new and existing - for me its not really the time to blood kids as we desperately need a performance against Fulham and I am not sure it is fair to expect the kids to take a leadership role we need the big players to stand up.
Re Costa etc I think we have to accept that they are well in the past and were sold for a reason - that reason being that we had moved on from them and sold them to teams who at that time were well below us, unlike Doherty and Jota.
Hopefully it was the correct call and they won't as you say come back to bite us.
Fulham looked v v poor this eve which is good but if we don't beat them comfortably .

29 Sep 2020 13:08:44
Re Sunday, At the moment its two poor teams playing each other, unless Wolves get it together ie, move the ball quicker giver Jimenez some support, I hope we can win but it will not be a walkover.

Sundays match will reveal a lot.



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