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19 Sep 2021 23:12:26
Can't help wondering who'll be gone first. Bruno or Nuno.

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20 Sep 2021 14:01:34
Funnily enough Sharesum I was thinking exactly that myself.

22 Sep 2021 13:33:31
I think lose tonight and Sunday the clock will start ticking.
I don't blame Bruno it's the players I blame.

23 Sep 2021 05:50:03
I just can't see what Bruno brings to molineux. Fosun want cheap and this is what they get. The injuries we are getting, will soon start to show. By January we could quite possibly be looking at the championship next season. They brought this manager in and failed to back him, so I ask the question, is he just a stop gap. We are the new Sheffield United of this season.

24 Sep 2021 13:32:57
Careful demon, criticism is frowned upon by quite a few who refuse to see the Club isn’t just standing still it’s going backwards at an alarming rate. Baring in mind there were hardly any additions in the summer, this group of players have now won only four PremierLeague matches from the last eighteen played and two of those were against teams that went on to be relegated, saw their Head Coach give up on them and leave (by mutual consent) and start every game like they’ve never seen each other. Even the most die - hard fans must be starting to get just a little concerned. Last time we were relegated we won our first two games and drawed the third (just saying)

24 Sep 2021 14:36:41
I have a bad feeling that the dressing room isn't united behind Bruno we have seen this before years ago and we were relegated twice obviously I don't actually know but if someone has to go then I hope it happens now not in March when we are fighting for survival.

24 Sep 2021 14:49:03
There's critism and constant silly posts Oxley.
Demon has posted imo a very good point and structural critism no one has any issues at all with posts like that.

25 Sep 2021 15:49:11
I blame Bruno for sticking with Raul "I no longer can hit the target" Jimenez and Adama "all show" Traore when Podence, Hwang and Fabio have all done more than them in one cup game.

Sorry but Traore is a waste of space. He is like Zaha. Looks good at a club like ours but put him at Chelsea and he'd be forever shown at news years on "prem leagues top xx flops" videos on YouTube and Five.

Raul has lost it. We can't keep giving him time. Put him in u23s and if he still can't score ship him to Mexico. I'm not sure why Mexico want him for internationals. They not seen our games? Guy is a liability.

Hwang and Podence look streets ahead of Raul and Adama.

Time to get rid of Saiss, Adama, Raul and Marcal and get in better players. Dendonker is only on reprieve cause he managed to finally do something against spuds.

As for who will go first. Nuno. How many managers have spuds had since Rednap. Sorry but he will be gone by Xmas. The only way Lage is gone is if we are bottom 3 at Xmas.

26 Sep 2021 18:31:11
Raul has lost it has he?! What a load of tripe! If you'd had your way Raul 'the liability' would have been playing in the u23 today's, great way to treat a hero of the club! You sure your an actual Wolves fan Flawed?! Shocking ?.

27 Sep 2021 15:09:51
PF 0 Raul 1
If there is any criticism of the team, don't blame Santo or Lage.
It was the severely bad decision-making of Shi and Sellars in last summer's transfer window, left the Club with a poor squad incapable of scoring all last year (only 37 league goals) . Nuno did well to keep us up.
Yet another incompetent recruitment window this summer, also left us without players who can score.
Bruno is doing well to get any goals out of the current side, hopefully we will stay up.
We need to see Shi and Sellars sacked!
Santo was great for us, very sad to see him clearly struggling with Levy and a group of "Big time Charlies".

27 Sep 2021 16:46:25
How exactly was the recruitment 'incompetent' as you put it?

Bruno Lage has openly come out and said that the squad needs additional signings BUT he does not want players to fill the squad, only players that can improve the squad. He wants players who will push the current players to become better, not players who will only play if others are injured.

Jeff Shi has said that money was not the problem. The problem was trying to convince players to give up Champions League/ Europa League football to join us.

Trincao and Sa were players who have been convinced simply because, Sa wanted to play in a better league and Trincao wanted regular playing time.

The likes of Botman, Sanches (injured) and Kamara are playing regularly for their teams and in the elite competitions.

27 Sep 2021 19:59:21
Jas - to be fair Trincao was also being forced out by his club for monetary rather than playing reasons. Barcelona could be a good shop to buy in in January aswell.

Until we are back in a European competition our issue will always be finding players who will want to come to us and are good enough to improve the first 11 (you and Jeff are right it's not necessarily about money) .

I see the clickbaits are linking us to Insigne (age and wages suggest that's not our usual profile for recruitment so I would rate as unlikely) .

28 Sep 2021 07:33:59
JasM, Really?!
Shi and Sellars have controlled transfer policy over the last 3 windows.
To most fans, lack of goals has been a major concern for many months.
We only managed 37 league goals last season.
Wasted valuable resources last summer and didn't bring many goals.
Not much in January and no goals signed this summer.
Villa by contrast, bought in 2 strikers at sensible prices, Brentford signed Toney etc.
So it is not about spending big, but having an efficient scouting network.
We clearly do not have such a structure. Thank God for Gestifute, otherwise we would be nowhere.
The CEO and Head of Football need replacing.

28 Sep 2021 09:14:08
RugelwyWolf2, yes really.

Just watch Bruno Lages interview after the window closed where he confirms that he made the decision not to sign players if they didn't improve the squad.

I know that a lack of goals have been a concern over the last few months but did you forget that Jimenez was injured for that period but is now back. If we bought in a new forward (which we actually have, Hee Chan and Trincao, remember them? ) What would you have done with Jimenez and Silva. I know the easy answer is 'sell them' but if Silva is so poor, who would buy him.

How about just supporting the club rather than berating them.

28 Sep 2021 12:55:53
Agree with Jas.

If you look at that we so nearly won our first 3 games if we had we would be top of the league with 15 points.
To me all is not as bad as the table shows at present.
Football more so in the premier league the margins of winning or not can be very small.
I for one are behind the club.
In a perfect happy ever after world we would have a squad to match any in the league but being patient I am under the belief that one day we will or at least be close to.

28 Sep 2021 13:17:36
How's that humblepie taste PF?

30 Sep 2021 07:41:28
Sorry JasM, we clearly both support our wonderful Club, but we have different perspective on the current situation.
What is concerning is there appears to be 2 factions;the manager and his team and the senior management.
Santo was frustrated with a poor transfer window last summer. Silly money spent on players who did not strengthen the squad. For example, we were desperate for more goals, couldn't rely on Raul (50% of our goals the season before) and we sold Jota and Doherty, most of the rest. We spent silly money on Silva AND according to various sites pay him £80k a week (now valued at £6m! ) .
Santo did really well when we lost Raul to keep us up.
He was let go and we bring in a manager with a reputation for attacking football.
Senior management then have a second summer window and again fail to sign goals.
It is clear from the first game, Lage delivers on a more attractive way to play. However now he is already frustrated he does not have the goal scorers in the squad thanks to the senior management.
So, who is right, 2 good managers or the Club's policy-makers?
Like many, I will passionately support the team and manager, but I will not support the incompetent CEO and Head of Football.
Hopefully neither will Fosun.

30 Sep 2021 12:34:56
OK, we'll agree to disagree. I think Fosun bringing in Mosquera, Trincao, Sa and Hee Chan shows that they have ambition.

I don't know why everyone keeps blaming Fosun for selling Doherty and Jota. Both wanted to leave. Should Shi have dug his nails in like Daniel Levy at Spurs with Harry Kane?

We finished 13th last season and the board came out and admitted their mistakes and are trying to correct them.

As for Fabio Silva, he's on £18k per week. Don't read everything you read in the media.

30 Sep 2021 13:29:23
Good discussion JasM!
Totally agree with you on the signings of Mosquera, Trincao, Sa and Hee Chan. all look good additions. However, signings did not address the shortage of goal-scorers and broader mid-field issues.
Like you, I do not blame the Club for selling Jota. Was not a Nuno first-choice at time of sale, Neto seen as more capable of developing further.
Club offered a very good price as Liverpool were panicking and had lost 2 other options.
So, we get good money (eventually), Player allegedly doubles his wages and Liverpool were happy. A win for everyone. Yes, Jota is scoring, who wouldn't in that team!
Nuno wanted an up-grade on Doherty. not sure we got that for the money spent. But a good sale for a player now not playing in the Premiership!
You have cheered me up on Silva's salary, would be madness to pay the money rumoured.
But back to my central theme, admitting mistakes is good, BUT why 12 months later do you fail to secure players for the areas everyone know need strengthening?
It shows we are glaringly under-performing on recruitment. We have to rely so heavily on Gestifute, God bless them, because our local set-up is so poor.
So, to say again if I were Fosun, some big changes at the top would be made.

30 Sep 2021 14:56:03
Last season was a very strange one as far as I'm concerned. We basically had 2 weeks break between seasons due to our Europa League commitments.

In relation to the mistakes regarding signings, yes, last season they were questionable. Semedo wasn't up to speed but at the time of signing, everyone thought he was an upgrade on Doherty. Fabio Silva was never earmarked for the 1st team but circumstances dictated that he was thrown in when clearly not ready. To ease the burden on Silva, William Jose was brought in and that, I will admit was a mistake, even though it didn't look like it when announced.

Semedo now looks a much better player and if he could improve his finishing, would be the best RB in the league. Marcal has been good at times and bad at others but the fact that Ait Nouri is being suggested to come into the team shows again that he was a good signing too, likewise Hoever.

Although I was shocked and saddened when Nuno was relieved of his duties, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the style of football we have played since Lage came in. Likewise, my cousin is a Spurs STH and he has told me that he hates that way that Nuno has set up Spurs to play.

30 Sep 2021 15:53:43
Likewise JasM our problem was before Brunos appointment, I like is way of playing and we need to judge him on is team when he gets players who he wants to play to is system.



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