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08 Jul 2021 13:32:11
Vitinha joining the wolves after all? Rumors are wolves are going through with the bid of €20m (£17.1m)

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08 Jul 2021 15:25:00
3rd time i've seen this today so think it might have legs.

08 Jul 2021 15:35:07
No legs at all unless he's playing back up to coutinho (Barca) just saying 🤷‍♂️.

08 Jul 2021 17:47:35
To Rated RKO
Got it from a Portuguese news outlet, but hasn't been reported on wolves side as of yet.

To E
Is the coutinho move official?

08 Jul 2021 17:58:08
Only seen one mention it so far on twitter Siisenor mate and they've only started the rumour based on Coutinho following Wolves on insta, same with Felix he followed Wolves so some are putting 2+2 together and coming up with 5.
Nothing has been said by Molinuex news the rss feed I have set up.

08 Jul 2021 21:09:35
Rated RKO

It's been a crazy day with those rumours mate, cout and felix following wolves on insta is quite odd, but it's doable to at least bring them out on loan if wolves move Traore and Neves, giving us the funds. I am excited for this year though!

09 Jul 2021 10:09:48
Coutinho would be an amazing signing, even though he has had a disappointing time since leaving Livwerpool he is till a top notch AM for which we have areal need. He is also available for a fee of only £25m apparently. However his wages make it impossible - even if he took a massive pay cut - he would still earn far far more than anyone else particularly if our two current top earners Moutinho and Patricio both leave as is rumoured.
Lovely idea but I'm not holding my breath.

09 Jul 2021 13:44:31
future, glad you're going to be OK holding your breath for that one would be fatal!
Ideas a couple of weeks a go that Shi had requested the deal for Vithinha to be carried over until July 20th. Can only assume that can only be for financial reasons. Probably someone will be sold by then and we have money available. As we have in reality only moved very much equal amounts in and out that would seem logical! We shall see! If we sell our not required players, Mir, Cutrone we may have a war chest available, albeit not very big, unless he's holding back!

09 Jul 2021 15:03:17
Ken - i'd much rather spend any war chest on things we actually need now like a dominant RCB and/ or a top notch CM than invest it in a kid who may or may not ever contribute. Not sure we afford to be so casual about matters planning for some glorious future whilst ignoring the pressing needs of the present. We got away with it last year becauase Nuno wa brilliant, Traore put the team on his v large shoulders over the last couple of months and there were 3 awful teams in the league.
Dare we do that again - especially with Neto and Otto out and Qs surely remaining over Jimenez not forgetting AFN means we lose Boly and Saiss and father time won't have stopped pinching Moutinho and Patricio?
Surely we realise that you have to ensure your back is protected before venturing out prospecting?
I understand some of the youngsters on here getting carried way with emotions but the cold hearted pros that run football clubs (maybe excluding ours) don't and will be v happy to exploit our naivety!

09 Jul 2021 16:28:35
future you are spot on with everything you say. We need experience on the pitch now! The ones coming through can sit on the bench and learn and be coached by someone I hope is good! I thought at the end of last season Gibbs-White looked to be improving so maybe in time he become a first team regular. He's not there yet but he looks like he going in the right direction. Let's hope so anyway!

09 Jul 2021 17:27:33
I agree with you Future
Last season was awful finishing 4 spots shy of regelation zone, luckily for us, the bottom 3 were worst. We already brought in a couple youngsters in last season, and with the addition of Trincao, maybe its time to add some experienced players on the team. We definitely need a RCB and CM for sure, would be nice to bring on 1 more forward to back Raul/ Silva.



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