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11 Sep 2020 09:21:17
Don't be surprised if AMN signs a 4 year deal over the weekend!

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11 Sep 2020 09:55:29
Need to cough up the money on that one and I think he'd be ours.

11 Sep 2020 10:18:52
I think what's happened there is he won man of the match in the Shield directly followed by an England call up. Arsenal aren't fools they know full well that with a new contract and a handful of decent apperences next year being young and English and out of a the virus window, (hopefully:) then he'll be worth at least double what they can get for him now this time next year. I hope I'm wrong but I think the window has shut on that one 😒.

11 Sep 2020 17:32:41
I'd rather have 23-year old AMN from Arsenal at £22 mil than 27-year old Jesus Corona for the same dough. Plus AMN is home grown and already capped by England. AMN dealt superbly with Traore when Arsenal beat us at the Mol. No brainer to me. That would put the Doherty hurt to rest.

11 Sep 2020 17:49:16
Curious that news reports are suggesting AMN is now considering his options due to needing game time.
I wonder if Coady’s had a word in his ear?

11 Sep 2020 17:51:03
I'm worried we either go too offensive or too defensive with our wing backs.

Jonny and doc did compliment each other. I'm guessing we are waiting for players to decide what they want or for what other clubs offer.

I think Telles at LWB and AMN at Rwb would be ideal. Then jonny goes back at rwb on his return. And AMN can play further forward and compliments the home grown rule.

Corona and Esteves offer different alternatives and supplement the club fincially for further success down the line though. Could easily see Esteves and Vinagre going to Porto for game time if Telles was signed.

A 1st 11 of:
Boly Coady Saiss
AMN Neves Moutinho Telles
Traore Raul Neto

Would frighten any team away from home.


11 Sep 2020 19:54:16
If we can get Corona and Maitland niles. That would put us in good starting position.

11 Sep 2020 19:55:46
From what I’ve seen of AMN, I’d ask Arsenal how much they want, then pay them. In today’s market, £20 or £25 million, would be a bargain. He really does look that good, and look how Sir Nuno could develop him even more. Plus, he’s homegrown, English.

11 Sep 2020 22:02:44
Lowwolf I reckon there is more to the AMN deal.
Wolves are either being played by his agent or Arsenal. It doesn't really matter who. But we should tread carefully with any deal.
Personally I reckon he is worth £22m.
He has struggled for consistency over the last 18 months. And obviously he will want £60k a week and to be playing.
So Wolves should play the game with them as they. Arsenal are desperate, AMN's is desperate. But Wolves aren't desperate as they haven't panicked. So what other deals do they have going on?

11 Sep 2020 23:20:30
Madman, I tend to agree about his agent or his club playing. But you say you think he’s worth 22?. In today’s market would you not outlay that extra 3? For the potential he has? .
But, yet again, we are speculating. Do we really know for sure that Nuno wants him.

11 Sep 2020 23:42:38
Madman agree with your post above re AMN and Arsenal. I accept he has potential and certainly wouldn't object to him arriving for the right fee but buying high and selling low isn't a smart move and we can't be ripped off by both North London sides this summer. If the market has moved down - explaining the v low Doherty fee - then it must have moved for the far more financially strapped Arsenal than it has for the financially sound Fosun backed Wolves. We are certainly hearing distressed noises coming out of Arsenal about their need to sell to both reduce wages and get funds in so we need to play this smartly. We should only do a deal with Arsenal if they acknowledge the new reality otherwise we should move on to clubs/ players who are more in tune with the real world in these troubled times.
I'm confident that Fosun will also agree with you and will get a result one way or another.

12 Sep 2020 00:07:46
Madman just read your predicted 11 and subs.
Cant disagree with you. That its a jolly good side - as it is basically the same team as last year that finished 7th - not sure it reaches the frighten any team category though?
You have merely changed Neto for Jota and introduced 2 new WBs.
However are AMN and this chap Telles really that much better than Doherty and Otto? I have never seen Telles but he would have to be brilliant to be clearly better than Otto whilst currently (Last couple of seasons) Doherty is surely far better than AMN (AMN may be younger and have potential but it would seem that he has done v little to justify the view that he is better than Doherty? At 23 shouldn't he have played twice as many games as he has and be an Arsenal regular ( and therefore not for sale) if he is that good? )
Also little concerned that other than Telles and AMN neither of whom we have actually signed your team is not "improved" on last year despite 3 signings - you don't have Vitor (sp? ) on the bench even?
Given that many of our rivals for 5th, 6th, 7th etc have clearly strengthened {Arsenal, Spurs (curtesy of us), Everton and even Newcastle} is this a worry?

12 Sep 2020 12:47:27
Bullys boy, AMN will not play for arsenal. He needs regular football. He is leaving, weather he comes to us is his decision.

12 Sep 2020 13:24:00
He seems to be playing often enough at the moment.

12 Sep 2020 13:25:12
Never seen Telles? Not sure where you've been but he's class.

12 Sep 2020 13:44:19
Thanks for the reply thefutureisoldgold.

Firstly I think we should be very cautious over the integration of the Porto youngsters being introduced into the side. I don't personally expect Silva to score 10-15 goals this season. Also I expect Vitinha to have game time but probably not 20+ games.

Secondly Telles would be a world class acquisition. He is rated as one of the best full backs in Europe at the moment. His signing would be a proper sign of intent by the club. Jonny probably does prefer playing Rwb so it would strengthen our options. The acquisition of AMN and Telles I believe make us scary as I put in my post above especially AWAY. AMN is very skilful and direct which would make a difference.

I also agree with your points on our squad. I reckon Moutinho won't play as big a role in the team this season. Will that mean Donk or Saiss have a bigger role in midfield? Personally I still see us buying another midfielder such as Soumare (who we bid 40m on last summer as his club aren't in the CL this season and seen as next Viera/ Makelele) or Kessie who were linked with last summer.
I know these are massive players, however none of us expected Silva last weekend. And clubs will be counting the cost of the virus especially if they don't have the commercial acumen to increase commercial revenue. Wolves are in a strange position as we are only regulated by Prem FFP rules which are more lax compared to Uefa. This means wolves can spend this year and as long as we get Europe again next season we will be fine.

I understand some fans fears of other clubs improving. Remember though these clubs have massive squads at the moment and no one knows what happens behind closed doors. But I reckon Everton and Arsenal will finish below us. I agree they have improved but still haven't got the same defensive tactics of Wolves. Also Wolves are much better at spreading risk through the squad. As Everton and arsenal are paying massive sums for the ideal player straight away. And I think that is where we differ from those clubs.

12 Sep 2020 14:42:28
Excellent response Madman - tks.
Old Wulf - as I said in my v first post - I have never watched European leagues - indeed only got SKY since retiring last year - so nearly all of the names freely bandied around by others on here, who I assume watch Spanish, Italian, German, French and Portuguese leagues at least (when do you find the time? ) are just names to me.
Naturally though I accept there are fantastic players - Wolves have signed a few! - out there and am v interested and willing to listen to those of you that are more knowledgeable than me on European/ World footballers.
Fortunately Nuno is more akin to you then me!

12 Sep 2020 15:17:34
I understand your view lowwolf.

But you have to compare players against others in the market.

We have been linked with: Telles, Esteves, AMN and Corona in the wing back roles.

And its pretty clear we help certain European clubs out with FFP for Uefa comps.

I wouldn't pay 25m plus for AMN as he hasn't done enough in my opinion to warrant that alongside the fact Arsenal are desperate to sell. I think a 20m bid and see what we are at is fair. You can't add 10-15m for onto a players for a community shield win on penalties.

25m would buy Corona who had 21 assists last season and 7 goals. An upgrade on Doc IMO. And was voted best player in the league.

Also I don't think there are any worries with home grown players. As under Fosun wolves have invested in youth the past 4 years. You'll find players have been here 3-4 years and now qualify for home grown status.

12 Sep 2020 15:38:45
Madman, another excellent reply/ post. Where have you been hiding.

12 Sep 2020 17:32:07
Cheers lads.

I don't know it all. But the focus seems to be how we can make use of possession from the back more effectively. That is the difference at Liverpool and City.

Over the past 3 seasons as much as we have been amazing with our full backs. To get to the next stage we need to improve our wingback both from a defensive and offensive perspective.



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