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30 Apr 2022 17:20:06
So bad it's funny now big clearout is needed imo, a lot slat Hwang but only he, Silva and Dendonker were making any positive runs and trying to create.
Silva should not have been taken off at HT imo, Neves yes correct call as got to be careful with him returning from injury.
Bruno has to start giving Chiquinho a proper run out now him and Neto must start they would create havoc to defenders.
Our season is over so maybe time to give the youngsters a run out see what they're made of as a majority of our first team are already on the beach it seems.
No going to get too down about it I always said we'd finish around 10th but it could be a season of what could have been.
Onwards to Chelsea next we seem to play decent against the big 6 so hopefully we'll see a much improved performance.

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30 Apr 2022 17:45:20
I agree with you Rated.I’m not sure where posters expected us to finish in Bruno’s first season with a small squad and he has been unlucky with injuries.
I’m just surprised that the same posters who were happy clappers last season when we were much lower down in the league table have now turned on Bruno and the team and are using phrases such as ‘clear out’ and ‘the end’.

30 Apr 2022 17:59:42
Dendonker positive. You're having a laugh. He was absolutely dire. So negative. Shirking any responsibility. Dreadful. The sooner he's gone the better. He would not get into any other Premier league team.

30 Apr 2022 18:11:40
Who has turned on Lage? I ain't. He needs the time and backing to transform the team into what he wants it to be.

30 Apr 2022 18:12:02
E wombourn I don't mind losing 6-0 if the manager and team have given it their all. There's been no sign of it of late. Because of that I worry for the future of our club. Recruitment development and maintaining Premier status. I have had faith in Bruno until today, now in bewilderment I can't see him progressing any further. I hope I'm wrong, I hope neves boly Sa raul etc will stay, can you honestly say you think they will?. That's why people are depressed, we're worried where we're going.

30 Apr 2022 18:16:17
E you are talking nonsense jas if he is a happy clapper then so am I.
I'm exactly the same as Jas posts how it is or being liberal posts how he and I and others 100% see how it is.
We are all disappointed with the teams performances since starting with Newcastle.
This is the team that has had rave reviews week in week out from plaudits.
So called happyclappers have stated like the plaudits that scoring goals has been our achilles heel this season.
Our last 3 games the team performance has not been how it has for the majority of this season and posters who say and believe how it is are not negative.
It's not mine or their fault the team has suddenly imploded.
Even before today's game Abbey lostcity myself greyleg to name a few were positive that we will get back to how we know we can but another poor showing has to be primarily at lages door.
Yes in pre season investment is needed.
We will go again and next season along with every wolves fans wishes we will recruit and start next season bigger better more experienced.

30 Apr 2022 18:31:02
Well I can't say that wasn't expected. There was no grit, no fight, no power and fundamentally no idea, again.
Is this a Manager struggling to get a tune out of a depleted squad or a Manager out of his depth?
However, what us fans think about Lage or the teams circumstances is largely irrelevant because if Fosun are planning to spend fairly big this Summer on top of converting £100M of debt to equity recently they will want to be sure that progress is being made, as currently we are sliding backwards.
They didn't hesitate to dispense with Nuno's services, irrespective of past glories, or injuries, so I wouldn't have thought Bruno is immune.
It's a subject that no one wants to contemplate again but I'll bet it's one being discussed upstairs.

30 Apr 2022 18:45:17
We've just had the worst performance of the season. Another game where we didn't register a shot on goal until after the game was over. Not sure how that's all on Dendonker, yes he was poor but who wasn't (bar Neto)?! Like I said after the last match half the team needs to be dropped but it doesn't matter how bad they play cause they have NO one pushing for there position! Neves rushed back cause no options there, Semedo injured so one option at FB till the end of the season!
Last week the idea of Lage being under pressure seemed mad to me, this week after THAT performance I'm not as sure. The worry is and I hate saying it but that sort of performance agaisnt a team like Brighton starts to raise questions!
I still stand by what I said last week, like Jas I think Lage is currently playing the last managers system and team! He must have the players to play his own way then he can be judged until then he's polishing the preverbial! Going to be an interesting summer, get it wrong and the Prem ride could genuinely be in danger. Get it right and who knows?! Sorry to say it but who has faith in the recruitment team that sent Adama out to sit losing value on Barcas bench, the team that jumped the gun to tie down Hwang?! The team that's watched Saiss and Adama run down their contract when realistically we probs could have got £30-50m for them last summer. Sorry gents but I have to be honest, I'm worried! ?

30 Apr 2022 19:32:13
Absolutely Phil, fans have a right to express their elation or disappointment in equal measure without being labelled in any way.
Bullys, you definitely have a point on the so called recruitment team, something I've been concerned about since watching those Jonny Phillips interviews.

30 Apr 2022 19:39:43
Have to agree with Phil,and we have to say it as it is,the last few games have been very poor,as we all saw,what we can't come to terms with is why all of a sudden,ok we have had more than our share of injury's
But neves,netto,not there yet,but manager still gives them a run out,?! when we have a young back up,to step in,lage has to take responsibility for this,my question to you all my friends,is,will fosun
Keep him or not,coz I'm not sure they will,coyw,

30 Apr 2022 19:53:21
Apparently Lage has identified the players he wants and has told the board to get them in which I think they are working on. These players were not available in January.

30 Apr 2022 21:38:32
Lets hope the targets are realistic!

01 May 2022 07:13:28
It's not safe to say he'll be in charge come the summer if some rumours are to be believed.
And after watching yesterday's performance would you trust him to take us forward?

01 May 2022 09:21:17
I agree with you sharesum.would any of the Dendonkey fans pay his 75,000 + per week out of their own pockets?

01 May 2022 11:06:03
Tdb- this isn't a playground and we ain't kids so is there any need for name calling?! So by your (bizarre) reckoning if you don't want to scape goat a player then you have to pay there wages then, so guessing if I pay Leanders wage then your paying the rest of the squads then yeah?! What a load of absolute tripe! ?
Here's an idea maybe try and make your posts constructive and if you really wanted to give us a treat then try and make an actual point eh? Cause all you seem to have done is pop on to throw a bit of mud around, which makes for incredibly juvenile and dull reading! ?

02 May 2022 08:51:56
My my bullysboy!Which grammar school did you go to? On a more serious note do you think any of the players (apart from Sa and Neto) deserve their wages after that performance?



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