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25 Apr 2022 15:35:19
Our old owner Steve Morgan has donated £50million to help fund finding a cure for type 1 diabetes, I still think when he was at Wolves he was badly advised by Moxey which led to him being driven out of the club.
Despite what many think of him he has always been very chartiable imo.

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25 Apr 2022 16:55:45
I think Steve Morgan gets a bad deal from a lot of Wolves fans. There's no doubt mistakes were made during his ownership, however comparing him to a lot of football club owners we could have had far worse during his tenure. The problem was he didn't spend as much as some fans hoped he would or thought he should. That seems to be a running theme with our owners though.

I've reached the conclusion today though that there are probably not even a handful of clubs in the country who have fans not complaining about the actions of the owners.

Wolves have been lucky with owners since Sir Jack brought the club. Especially when you look at the fortunes of clubs like Oldham since that time, or Bury who are no longer around. Then of course there are clubs much closer to home like Birmingham City and Albion who have owners who clearly don't care about the club or the fans.

25 Apr 2022 17:44:26
Steve Morgans biggest mistake was sticking with Mick and not having the right people lined up to take over when he eventually had to part company with him. In some ways he was like Sir Jack charitable, self made and likable with a love for football. He added to the club what Sir Jack didn't in particular the training ground making Fosuns job concentrating mainly on the team a whole lot easier in the first instance. I suppose like Sir Jack he came in at a time when owners were coming in with bigger wallets and that seems the long term trend.

25 Apr 2022 18:09:47
SM did make mistakes, no back-up for the outgoing Mick McCarthy was a huge one (then there is the Steve bruce replacing him debacle). I always felt that Jez Moxey was the pantomime villain in the piece, I mean Wolves most expensive signing at the time was a mighty 7m on Steven Fletcher, Wolves only seemed to scout within the UK and Ireland for "cheap and cheerful" players.
However, Moxey kept Wolves on a fight financial leash and only allowed Wolves to spend within their means, which ultimately kept us in a sound financial position (as far as memory serves, I stand to be corrected).

26 Apr 2022 00:12:53
Stephen Fletcher scored a goal once in every 2.77 games for Wolves.
Raul Jimenez has scored a goal once in every 2.85 games for Wolves.
Steve Morgan is an avid Liverpool fan but has been known to wear a Wolves scarf although no one ever saw him kiss the badge.

26 Apr 2022 06:57:55
Any amount of charity donation is the soundest relevance for the good cause.
But wealthy people I know avoid tax by donating to charity so as much as I like charities having money funding I have questions marks over steve Morgan integrity.
I maybe totally wrong about Steve Morgan.

26 Apr 2022 07:23:47
Sir jack done wonders for our club but he was a hypocrit in that he always made vital point to buy British but lived in bahamas to avoid the UK tax.
It was mentioned amongst fans I sat by with season ticket when sir jack was owner.

My cause for these posts is the hike in national insurance.
The UK worker has the raw deal the upper class avoid tax the bottom class scrounge off the state,the worker pays tax for prisons criminals dole dosers.
Rant over lol.
At least beyond all everything that I don't like in life I'm lucky to be a wolves nut.

26 Apr 2022 09:27:56
Good morning Phil,
love your post spot on, middle England has always been the means to subsidise the extremes in our society.
I think it always will be.
looking forward to Saturdays game and a much needed 3 points to keep our season alive,all the best.

26 Apr 2022 09:58:53
Morning Norfolk,
Yes me too looking forward to Brighton 3 points crucial we get them.
To be honest I have no inkling to how we will set up and perform.

For the fans at the mol sure it's the penultimate home game so we should go out all guns blazing with and for the home crowd.

The engineering and automotive industry in Midlands dwindling for years ie rover Longbridge closed fair few years back one example but 27 years in contract toolroom and I'm still going strong so there is still plenty work out there.
Birmingham Coventry wolverhampton.
Proud to talk about my trade started in 89 and the older guys that trained me in their 60's would of learnt their skills in the 50's.
They told me you could walk out of one toolroom on a Friday and start a new job in another toolroom on the following Monday.
Times have changed.

Lol COYW ?

26 Apr 2022 10:27:46
I think anyone can donate to charity to reduce their tax bill Phil, you don’t have to be wealthy. It’s just wealthy people know how to look after their money better than most.

26 Apr 2022 10:39:54
Hi Phil.
I started work in 1961 it was as you say walk out of one job into another. In 1963 went to 2 interviews on a Thursday as I remember was offered one job on the day of interview,arranged to start on the Monday, post arrived before I left offering me the other job the job I actually preferred, but I felt a sense of honour, respect don't really know what to call it not to let the other employer down so stayed with the first offer.
As you say times have changed.

26 Apr 2022 12:08:57
Sadly I have to claim UC due to health i'd love to be out there working but doctors orders as my back and knee can go at any time add to that depression and anxiety aswell as being tested for a condition called IED (Intermediate explosive disorder) means I can go into a rage without warning at anytime and there is a cocktail for disaster lol.
I get what you meant though Phil mate there are those who can work but for some reason like living of £75p/w those are scroungers.
Allthough I am looking into getting a career in streaming games as working from home etc should be ideal for me, i'm in touch with a few gaming developers so fingers crossed.

26 Apr 2022 12:54:53
Fair point Goatmark ?

Rated its unthinkable for me to begin to imagine having major health conditions that prevent me working.
I feel fortunate and bad for you and I'm thinking of my brother who nearly died working himself into the ground.
My peers have and still tell me just be happy.
We can only try eh mate.

I encourage to do whatever you want that you make aware.
Is there any truth in the bit coins buying and selling making a mint from it?
The young bloke at work tells me he's made thousands but not sure I trust what he tells me.

26 Apr 2022 12:55:40
Norfolk ?

26 Apr 2022 15:12:24
Bitcoin is a minefield Phil mate you could say invest £1000 in them at a good rate then 10 minutes later that value could drop to just £5 it's similar to shares in a way.

26 Apr 2022 17:08:09
Thanks Rated mate I have virtually zero knowledge in this field ?

Surely we will win Saturday get a smile back on all us fans faces.



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