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13 Sep 2021 07:45:16
Not one u23 on the bench Saturday with podence mosqurie (sorry spelling) and boly back from injury.

Neto to come back we are looking good and healthy.

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13 Sep 2021 08:17:21
Good point Phil, also Jordao nearing fitness and should be available soon.

13 Sep 2021 10:25:00
Phil - excellent point.
When Neto is back we will have 5 wide players for 2 places: Traore, Neto, Trincao, Podence and Hwang
When Otto is back we will have 3 for 1 LWB :Otto, Marcal and RAN
With Yerson ( easier to spell! ) and Boly back we have 4CBs for 2 places and Yerson is a RCB!
So certain parts of the squad are looking solid with options.
Maybe sign a CM and a CF in Jan and if all are fit and flying we will be ok. (If i'm being picky Coady continues to look of the pace a bit for me so maybe a back up for him as well in case he continues to struggle although I do think he will be fine when the whole side changes up a gear)
On a much more postive note Jimenez had his best game of the year so far especially defensively - he makes such a difference to our set piece defence as he is probably one of the best headers of the ball we have. When he is truly back to his best, (offensviely he is still not getting to/ challenging for balls he previously would have), him and Traore (who I actually thought had his worst game of the year so far - although he was still M of M for Sky) are going to tear it up again.
ps Going to be controversial I think the widespread criticism of Semedo for missing chances misses the point that he has got there to miss them- keep doing that and they will go in. If we weren't making chances i'd be more worried. [NB Doherty did put them away and many hated him! ] Semedo is fine, but as usual, now that he has been here a while, some are bored with him and he is no longer the "Messiah" that he was suppossedly going to be. That ludicrous expectation is being placed on the next big thing Silva, Trincao, Hwang, Yerson or more probably someone with 5 substitute appearances in adult football in some minor European League, that we didn't actually sign.
As I have said before I don't understand why we don't support our genuinely good players - of which we have several - rather than dismissing them in favour of some fantasy player that doesn't actually exist.
As you have said before I guess its all a matter of opinions.

13 Sep 2021 10:39:16
With the expected additions in January after the long summer window of uncertainty on new signings with our nearly fit squad it looks more promising, but only one win so far in the league it will as always come down to winning matches.
At present all is good because of our win Saturday the pressure back on to get all 3 points against Brentford which for me is the thrill of being a football fan.
Like a few have posted shooting practice on one on ones needs to he addressed, but confident it will come.

13 Sep 2021 11:01:50
2 more players I had missed out,
Longmynd Jordao.
Thefutureisoldgold jonny onto.

So for my thinking it's now even more better than I thought at first in my first post.

Nice 1 guys ?.

13 Sep 2021 11:05:46
TFIOG like I posted a couple of days ago some of the finishing issues can hopefully be worked on in training. Frankly that's seems to be the main issue at the moment.

13 Sep 2021 12:44:44
Arddunby - of coure you are absolutely correct and I am sure we are working on it and hopefully also the shooting form the edge of the box from pull backs to player like Neves and Moutinho which is currently awful. We will also be working on getting even better - it has improved under Lage- at getting bodies into the box so that Traore - who admittedly does run v fast and so is hard to keep up with - has someone other than Jimenez to cross to.
BUT we are making chances and are looking good in possesion and going forwards so I'm reasonably relaxed that the goals will come.
It is perhaps though unfair to expect all the players to have that magical skill of calm composed finishing that separates the great goal scorers such as Muller or Greaves or our own John Richards from even very good footballers who don't play up front. I therefore doubt Semedo or Neves or Moutinho are ever going to bang in 20 goals a season.
They do however in my view and hopefully most fan's view contribute massively elsewhere?

13 Sep 2021 13:33:52
TFIOG mate it seems every season some fans need a scapegoat, last season it was Dendonker, the season before it was Doherty, this season it seems to be Semedo.
You have hit the nail on the head mate.

13 Sep 2021 14:39:51
Funny how no one seems to mention marcel who, I personally think, as been fantastic so far. Yes he and seiss have been slipped a couple of times but no body is perfect. Some players don't dazzle and excite (traore MoM? ) but just get on with the work. Anyway as I've said before the transfer disappointments don't seem such a loss given the squad we've retained and will be coming back. I believed all along the first 3 games would be nil pointers and then we'd get going, beating Watford was the first expected victory, Brentford at home should be the second with goals finally going in, I hope so. Wolves are exciting again, I belive we can give anyone a game again.

13 Sep 2021 14:46:09
All those players are good players when have they let us down?

Some fans just love to hate :- (.

13 Sep 2021 15:57:02
Why is it good to have no U23 players on the bench and none in the team?

13 Sep 2021 17:09:13
Abbey - v good point! Marcal is very solid and gives a bit more going forwards than perhaps we give him credit.
ps I have also defended Saiss on here regularly as he is another one that seems to attract criticisim despite being a true pro who gives his all every week. He may not ever be confused for Franz Beckenbauer, (sp? ) (or even Conor Coady) but he does a good job for the team!
Oxley several of the players are under 23 years in age but I think what Phil was saying, ( please for give me if wrong Phil), is that the players we have now are experienced first team ready/ quality players, (in the team and on the bench), not youngsters merely making up numbers but not really ready to play yet?

13 Sep 2021 17:17:39
Having an u23 in the first team is the best outcome for the club but for this to happen when we have a fully fit or 3 players shy of a full squad the u23 player has to be an absolute world class gem.
We haven't got an u23 player who is better than the 20 squad players for Saturdays match at Watford.
It was the strongest 20 man squad we have had for ages.
When the 3 players are back fit there will be 3 first team players not in the matchday squad.
With the disappointment from a lot on here with the transfer window how well Lage has got the team playing I thought it would be of nice reading.
That was my reason for posting what I did.

With podence back when he came on he made a difference pure quality composure with skill and cross in lead up to our second goal.
Just one player who is light years ahead of our u23 players in that position podence plays.
I get u23's players need to have a chance to prove themselves maybe in the cup agaisnt spurs we will see some u23's.

13 Sep 2021 17:22:40
Good shout on marcel Abbey,
It's no coincidence that we look and have been better in defence.
Kilman has been a standout for me this season.
If kilman plays the same consistently you could say what arsenal paid £50million for (Ben white) we have just as good for peanuts.

13 Sep 2021 17:54:28
Spot on Thefutureisoldgold,
Your post wasn't on my screen when I posted above.

13 Sep 2021 18:27:37
Re podence,
I'm aware podence made his comeback at Nottingham forest and saw him come on as sub agaisnt man utd but you get my jizt on posts above.

14 Sep 2021 08:28:12
Podence is a little nugget of a player, bring him on and the opposition don't know what to expect. I just hope he can now stay injury free.

14 Sep 2021 10:39:22
Phil789 ; see your point about our younger players but it really doesn’t show the academy in a very good light, when are they going to produce a Premier League player? Any player who’s going to make it in the top flight is ready long before they reach the age of 23. Top Clubs in the Prem loan their youngsters to lesser Clubs in the Prem, why don’t we ever take one or two? Do we think we’re too big to do that? Aren’t Chelsea, City and Utd youngsters good enough for our squad but they’re good enough to play against us?

14 Sep 2021 11:19:32
Kilman MGW the ones come through of any to date with a big significance.
MGW being the one who was with us from a young kid.
Kilman was bought for the u23's

What I see is there is only a handful who will make the squad what happens to the rest?
We have high hopes for sarkic' sanderson and now MGW out on loan aswell as Giles ronan and the others I can not remember.
I think the academy it's primary goal us to produce 1st team premier league players so in that respect I agree to a degree with you.
But the majority of academy players aren't going to make our 1st team and so imo the academy is producing the standard of players who will be profitable championship level at best or minor European leagues.

On a plus side Bruno Lage from. reports suggest he likes to give the youth a chance so hopefully in the future we will see a gem come through.

14 Sep 2021 11:30:07
Ps I would like to think also when we sell academy players like ottasowie to safe guard we will have a sell on percentage fee of any future move.

14 Sep 2021 11:58:28
Phil when I look at Perry and cundle as you point out sanderson and MGW more to the point Kilman we're creating players who can and will progress. Loaning out will help the development but you can't always throw youngsters into a prem situation. I personally don't like weakened teams for cup games. It's OK if you've got the talent on your books otherwise warming seats for big bucks but if lower div teams draw a big club their fans deserve to see the players, and pit themselves against the best. Or flip the coin and teams who've played with weakened teams have to stick with their choice all the way and not present 1st choices in semi and final. That's me and I know there are many reasons why they don't or won't. I think it demeans our domestic trophies and the achievement of winning them.



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