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12 May 2021 13:54:01
Hi does anyone know how to find out what prioritie group you have been pit in for man u tickets.

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12 May 2021 16:39:10
Couldn’t even work out how to try and apply for one, everyone’s not got all the latest technology or the patience for that matter, would’ve thought they should be free issue though, baring in mind all season ticket holders are still four games in credit, then next seasons tickets could be charged accordingly.

12 May 2021 17:29:23
Hi Chrishb, Wolves emailed me to say I'd been randomly picked out and put into group 2. It was a follow up email to the confirmation of having successfully entered the ballot. Maybe you could give the club a call, I've always found them to be really helpful.

12 May 2021 17:36:01
Oxley- agreed I think it's an absolute disgrace that they are charging and top price no less! Its 4500 at around £45 so that's approx £200k. I reckon Fosun can afford that and after what the fans have been through it shouldn't be a tough gesture for them! And like you say us season ticket holders are four games in credit, guessing the club are doing nothing about those then?! Honestly starting to lose faith in Fosuns commitment to the cause, ever since Delrymple left they have lost all touch with the fans for me! 😭.

13 May 2021 09:59:14
It's no fuss, it's just having an opinion and last time I checked that was kind of the point of these boards. I have no problem with people choosing to go Low, although I find it hilarious that you think your going shows that you 'love your club' honestly are you Perez in disguise?! And people wonder how we ended up with the ESL?! 🙄
Incidently Low you may want to read today's Express cause the fans Parliament are taking concerns over the ticket pricing to the club, guessing there's no 'real fans' in that group then either?! Hilarious 🤣.

13 May 2021 10:49:33
Over 20,000 season ticket holders who thought we were all equals, some fans had no way of applying for tickets and those who did were then put in to “priority groups” could’ve just put everyone in a draw with a choice to purchase or not, might as well hand them out to who they want, wonder how many of the 4,500 in attendance will actually be season ticket holders and how many have to sit on their hands when United score.

13 May 2021 11:26:34
Haha, you talk of patronising whilst telling people that basically your going 'Cause your a REAL fan'?! And actually no funnily enough most season ticket holders in fact would NOT have paid £40 pound extra for the privilege! And again you seem confused 'mate' on what a forum is, if I want to make a song and dance on what has been a poorly managed situation then you ain't going to stop me! A situation which MANY fans have in fact refered to as an 'own goal'. Don't like it don't read it, same as your ticket analogy! Again try reading the Express article, cause less than a quarter of the fans agree with you 'mate'! Still though have a good day for it, I'm all out of medals for your effort but I'm sure you REAL fans don't need one. I've had a season ticket for almost three decades so please don't talk to me like your some kind of utlra fan, your not. Your just like the rest of us except unlike the other 75% you think the price structures fine (not my numbers the Expresses) . Fair enough, but don't tell me what my 'opinion' should be and if you don't like my opinion then don't read it. Simples 🤣.

13 May 2021 12:29:29
Low wolf : That was my original point, not everyone has the internet, not everyone has photo I. D. so not everyone could apply, unfair method of distribution.

13 May 2021 15:09:16
I'm not turning it into top Trumps Low in fact I think you'll find that you were the one saying 'I also know how much I love my club' the inference in which is that those that have not applied do not. So again you are confused 'mate'! Also you need to have a check of what the word majority means! Our stadium holds 32050 and 13k supporters applied for tickets, so in fact Low its not EVEN a majority of those normally attending! Let a lone a majority of overall fans! It would be great if you actually engaged with some of the points I've raised i.e the express story where over 75% agreed it was being done badly or the fact that little old Burnley are managing it better than us?! Who my kidding though cause you didn't want an actual debate on the subject. No all you wanted to do was head on here and go 'ain't I a great fan for going to this match'. Fair enough but please don't think you can (incorrectly) throw terms like majority of fans into the debate without anything to actually back it up! You think 13k is the 'majority' of ALL Wolves fans then you really don't know the club at all! 🙄.

13 May 2021 15:33:43
I’ve still got a season ticket book that cost £17 and could be used to gain entrance to North or South Bank, now my seat in the Steve Bull is worth £45 I’ll be expecting £180 discount next season. not.

13 May 2021 16:03:55
Good Lord 🙄.

13 May 2021 18:21:01
Have my posts all been deleted now Ed’s? .

{Ed002's Note - You were compaining that your replies had been deleted by the editors when they hadn't been. So whenever I find one of your posts I will delete it to give you something to complain about.

13 May 2021 18:21:17
Can’t I speak my mind on here now.

{Ed002's Note - Of course but try not to be a cretin.}

13 May 2021 18:35:21
You’re got my email. Write to me and explain why my posts weren’t published, then all removed! Go on.

13 May 2021 20:01:02
Nice words from Rubens Dias about jao moutinho, respect👍.

13 May 2021 21:28:17
Ed002 let Lowwolf have his say we're mature enough to make our own minds up about what he says.

{Ed014's Note - ed02 clearly said that none of lowwolfs posts had been previously deleted, so he clearly had nothing to moan about.

Ed02 then said he’d delete his posts so he had something to moan about.

Now I’ve just deleted one of his posts because it was abuse towards us Ed’s so he clearly needs to just grow up.

14 May 2021 05:53:21
Re the above posts on ticket allocations etc and true fans, (by the way I've no idea what low wolf had put) I regard myself as a 'true fan of over 60 odd years, I've never been a season ticket holder, but pay for club membership. I use to travel up to home games and any local games around Oxford/ London. As age as crept up and numerous health issues joined in, plus a surge in new fans since the prem I havnt actually been to the ground for some time. I havnt missed a game during C.V., (paying subscriptions to sky, bt and amazon to do so) and being able to see my beloved team as been a positive for me in these times. I have also purchased kit programmes been able to donate to feed the pack etc. The use of true fan gets banded about alot, can I just say that having a season ticket or being there at Lincoln or whatever does not eliminate those of us who wish we could be there. My heart has always been wolves, will always be wolves.

14 May 2021 07:39:43
Hear hear Abbeywolf. I myself can only get to about 5 matches a season due to working for the Emergency Services for the last 20 odd years. I still buy the kits and have a membership. I get 1 weekend in every 9 off. Just cause I don't go to matches due to circumstances, doesn't mean I'm less of a fan.

14 May 2021 09:24:32
Let LOWWOLF back ; I was trying to explain that over 20,000 would’ve liked to apply for tickets to the Man U game but the Club made it impossible for about half of them and he was telling us how only true fans should be able to get tickets anyway (as long as you’ve got the internet and photo I. d of some description)

{Ed001's Note - he calls people names, he is abusive, he is not welcome. I do wish people who don't see any of what comes through would not try and tell us how to deal with abuse.}

14 May 2021 11:42:48
Apologies, didn’t realise, suppose I’m used to it as not many fans, especially the younger generation always agree with my points of view.

{Ed001's Note - sorry mate, I didn't mean to be so tetchy, its just that people forget that they only see what we allow through.}

14 May 2021 12:04:38
Fiar enough Ed, you are the refs of this and like refs its a thankless job! My only concern is that it now looks like I'm debating with myself, it would seem that I could in fact have an argument in a room by myself! 😂 Joking aside thank you for your efforts Eds, I have no time for messages that become abusive or personal cause there's just no need, it's only football! 👍🐺.

{Ed001's Note - ah so maybe it is all your fault???? No worries mate, it is a shame that people don't rethink their posts. Once someone starts calling someone a name, it just leads to a reaction to that rather than what they say. Their words would have more effect if they left that out and discussions are far more interesting. I just don't understand why he was so irate anyway as he made it quite plain he was contemptuous of everyone on here and what they talked about. You just wonder why come here if you don't like it? And if you do, why not scroll past the stuff you aren't interested in rather than insult it?}

14 May 2021 12:41:33
Tbh none of us should be questioning the EDs removing of posts/ people end of the day it's a private site with rules in place that we should respect.

14 May 2021 13:58:01
Bullysboy, you've left the goal open for me to post about debating and becoming a master at doing so.

14 May 2021 16:48:47
Haha, your right Jas! A master debating who likes doing it by himself no less! I think I better stop there before I get bounced too! 🤣🙈.



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