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11 Feb 2021 23:19:42
Very disappointing performance!
The Donk passing backwards rather than penetrating forward passes. Our midfield can’t tackle. Defensive mistakes. Silva not strong enough for this level of football. Traore lost the ball more than kept it and is back where he was form wise when he came from Boro!
Jose looks bereft of ideas. Neto did more in his cameo appearance than many did in 90 minutes. There is definitely a malaise around the squad what is going on?

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11 Feb 2021 23:53:21
A pathetic and v disappointing performance that gave the outcome we obviously wanted. Picking the 3 kids up front meant we had no chance.
Was this Nuno saying he wanted out of the cup – to prioritise on the league (? ) – or sending a message that the squad and particularly the forward player alternatives after our big 3 are woefully inadequate?
Either way though why did he then slog Moutinho and Neves for 90 mins in a hopeless cause rather than giving minutes to, for example, Owen?
Credit to Saints for outplaying us and – although it wasn’t ever needed - not cheating!
Quick thought though were the 2 fouls by JWP on Silva and Vitor within 2 minutes of each other around the 33rd min not both worthy of a card, hence he should have gone but wasn’t even booked?

Ruddy 6 – Made some v good saves and was only partly to blame for 2nd goal but handling was poor and he was lucky Saints didn’t profit from 2 parried shots that both should have been caught.
Hoever 6 – good defensively but lacks confidence and seemingly (? ) pace to go forwards?
Kilman – 8 Good performance
Saiss -7 Excellent defence but not as good with ball as Coady
Dendonker 6 Ok but was to blame for 2nd goal
Otto 8 excellent so calm on ball and strong defensively
RAN (As sub) 6 My heart sank when I saw him coming on but he was ok. Although for much of his half Saints didn’t have to press as they were winning and holding us at arms-length comfortably.
Moutinho 7 Looked good (but cf what was going on around him) v neat and tidy but was he effective? Hard to tell if we create nothing because of him or despite him?
Neves 6 ok but ineffective – see comment above. Free kicks are now becoming embarrassing. Step away!
Vitor – 4 There is surely only room for 1 of him and MGW in the squad and he lost this comparison badly. With MGW free and Vitor £20m hard to see it as much of a contest. However, neither appear to be the answer almost whatever the q is as of now!
Neto (as sub) - 7 Created more in his 20 mins than everyone else did put together in rest of game
Silva - 3 The first goal came despite us clearing the ball to him twice but both times he failed to control it and it came back. He did make a run to get across the defender for his chance but it was a hard one and he didn’t take it. Should he? Well, it was hard, a pro might take it what 1 in 2, or 2 in 5 so its no shame missing that one (cf one against Leicester where a pro scores 19/ 20). However, he has now missed so many that it is becoming an issue. If he had hit it cleanly, he would have scored but once again he mirubbish it. Sadly, he just isn’t a very good footballer and must be removed from first team squad duties and put with the youth team where he belongs. Note his salary, more than double that of Mason Greenwood and over 60% more than Pedro Neto, will probably be greater than the rest of the youth squad put together!
Jose (as sub) - 4 Made v little difference. Given he was replacing Silva that is a worry - again!
MGW - 6 Showed flashes but not enough
Traore (as a sub) - 5 Didn’t get into game as Saints rapidly closed him down knowing we had no real alternative plan but give it to Traore and stand and watch

A v bad performance and extinguished much of the optimism from Leicester ( which given we didn't score despite lots of chances might have been misplaced anyway! ) .

We should survive this year comfortably now but to do so next year will require a serious examination of the squad and not insignificant investment. I hope Fosun have learnt their lessons from last year!

12 Feb 2021 00:27:21
TFG some really valid points.
For me sadly Nuno intentions clear he threw this away with the team selection.
Asking players to perform to their usual standard or even judging them is pointless with this team selection, pushing on the revised front line again very harsh on them with 20 mins to go in a game.

Im not going to lay the blame or criticise players performances tonight, I just feel its unfair with the squad selection for support.
Unusually for me I lay the blame 100% on Nuno for this one, total disrespect for the cup and fans tonight.

12 Feb 2021 00:54:30
"mirubbish it"? Miss-hit it! -Sorry!

12 Feb 2021 07:11:44
Agree Lordthor pointless rating any player, Nuno is solely to blame, he's snatched the cup run from us the supporters, and in these times that was something for me to look forward to. I was so up for last night, saw his team selection, trusted nuno and expected some big second half. What I got was what we saw saw, Nuno youve let us down tonight for what? We go on Sunday as a laughing stock. Teams aren't going to worry about us, we wernt in a relegation battle but with the fixtures we've got coming up we are likely to be now. I don't want Nuno to go, I want him to rest see his family and be rejuvenated, but I also want him to know the hurt he inflicted on the fans last night.

12 Feb 2021 07:59:32
Fairplay Thefutureisoldgold for writing your match analysis and player ratings. 👍.

12 Feb 2021 08:44:01
In the clear light of day I can see Nuno was testing his squad strength again, keeping premier league survival as his priority. Only glad no fans were present.
Once survival safety has been achieved I would like to see a few more keen youngsters tested.
Look forward to Sunday for a WIN.



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