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01 Feb 2021 12:48:32
Hi all, not posted for a while but wanted to make a couple if points.
1. Many fans moaned last season that teams had worked us out and we couldn't play any other way. Now Nuno has tried new ideas fans are moaning saying why aren't we playing 5 at the back which has given us success.
2. Fans are moaning that we have no back up for Raul. Spurs in particular have had this problem for a few years in that trying to get a quality striker to come in knowing that Kane is first choice is tough as they aren't happy with sitting on the bench, same as us in that Raul is first choice.
3. Does no-one else consider that having no fans is hurting us more than most teams. 30k fans at a rocking mol would lift the players no end and performances would be much better. At the moment it seems they have nothing to play for. We go a goal behind with a full house and us being the 12th man would drive them on. Look at West Ham for instance who's fans are normally on their back and it's working in their favour.
4. Obviously having a small squad has killed us with having half our 1st 11 injured for a period of time so no settled side. Any team would struggle to an extent missing 5/ 6 of their first 11.
All in all I feel this season is a farce where anything can and is happening. Just a couple of wins yo get us moving and we're fine.
Keep the faith COYW.

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01 Feb 2021 13:23:21
South banker good points well made we always used to play with a swagger but now we are a team devoid of confidence. No one is prepared to play an incisive pass it sideways or backwards it’s like we are gripped by fear. Also it appears we have 3 players who appear to be undroppable in Rui coady and moutinho all were key in the 3 previous seasons but all 3 are nowhere near the standard they were or what is required. Why when the opposition have a corner do we bring everyone back Neto and traore should be left on the halfway line the opposition would need to keep 3 back 2 to mark and one to cover. If ruddy plays and claimed a corner quick throw out and we are away on the attack. We need at least one win from these 2 home games failure and I would fear for nuno arsenal aren’t what they were and Leicester minus vardy are ordinary as proved by Leeds come on nuno take the hand brake off and show no fear.

01 Feb 2021 13:26:40
Welcome back South Banker.
Best post I've read in a good while!

I agree with you 100% and I'm sure most others will do to.

Especially the fans point - WH, Villa, Saints to a certain extent have benefited. Sheff Utd, Wolves, Newcastle and maybe even Liverpool have more than likely suffered.

I said the same yesterday about the table. Only a few weeks ago Southampton celebrated being at the summit, now 11th and 6 points away from us.

As you say, keep that faith boys / _/.

01 Feb 2021 13:28:02
So, South Banker, should we ask for special dispensation for our fans to be in mol because it's "hurting us more than most teams"? 🤔.

01 Feb 2021 13:30:39
Some good points South Banker. In my opinion most of of our current problems are down to a collective loss of confidence. It's swept through the squad like a dose of C.V. Previously Coady was knocking loudly on the England door and finally the door was opened. He can probably forget the Euros now. Watching Leeds beat Leicester yesterday brought back memories of our thrilling win over Leicester at home two seasons ago. Now, we seem to be a counter-attacking team that can hardly get out of our own penalty area let alone our own half. It's like we've parked the bus and turned the engine off. We're pussy-footing around playing sideways and backwards. Patricio rarely ventures out of the goal area. And these are the same players who went head-to-head in titanic matches against Liverpool and Man U in our first two PL seasons. Unbelievable, but it's a collective loss of confidence.

01 Feb 2021 13:39:25
Sorry Southbanker, there is more to it than you say, We need 6 wins to be safe and at this moment in time where will they come from unless the team starts to play football and attack and give the supply to the new striker and sort out the big midfield problem until this happen nothing will change.
We probably have the worst midfield in the prem.

01 Feb 2021 13:52:09
Solution is in the squad.

01 Feb 2021 14:37:51
I agree with south banker, with the exception of the players performance agaisnt palace.
But there could easily more to it,
No one knows except within the club.

01 Feb 2021 15:22:21
Yellow - I am def one of the more pessimistic posters on here at the moment. I was identifying these problems as early as August when I asked in a post after WHU, "what has gone wrong", {although in reality it was a rhetorical questions as it was obvious and I had already detailed what the problems were before the season even started}, and yet I was told nothing it was all fine. A few scrappy wins seemed to support that thesis until Jimenez got injured and the band aid over a struggling team was ripped clear.
However even I don't think we need 6 wins - that would give us 41 points?
For one of the bottom 3 to get to 41 points means that they must get 27+ points from their last 18 games?
Surely that isn't going to happen?
We are playing for 17th and 23 almost certainly won't be enough but high 20s low 30s probably will. Indeed 3 draws with the bottom 3 might be sufficient as it gives us 26 and denies them the 3 easiest points available in the 2nd half of the season Fulham would need 11 ( or 12 depending on goal difference) from the other 17 games and is that likely?
PS of course you are correct our Mid is the worst in the prem and is the number 1 reason why we are struggling. It was also the most obvious problem before the season started.
It beggars belief that the club didn't see that Moutinho had got old and that Dendonker whilst a solid player is limited and can't do the things we are seemingly asking him to do! Yet we persisted with just 3 senior Midfielders in the squad.

01 Feb 2021 14:31:10
South Banker. Excellent post was having a conversation with my son this morning about how much confidence or lack of affects a team. He's a Spurs fan and whilst no one's perfect he agreed confidence is a massive issue. Look at Spurs last night, no Kane no confidence and a totally inept performance. We are no different since Raul's injury the confidence has gone and whilst you can't write it off to that single issue it's certainly a major part of it. After Jose's quite decent debut on Saturday maybe we may see an uplift in confidence from the lads against Arsenal. Also the loss at supporters is also a big issue for all teams.

01 Feb 2021 16:23:39
South Banker-you make some good points. I was making the pessimistic observations about the same time as future is gold, if not before, and was heavily criticised for it-I have not changed my observations. I touted for a change in style, but didn't actually think it involved a 100 passes sideways and back wards-also if you are going to change the style, at least do it with better players than you have, not poor incomings such as Wolves have bought. Sorry but the no fans inside the ground is a poor excuse, it is the same for everyone else.

01 Feb 2021 16:46:43
Really good posts guys. Like Ken068 my youngest son is also a Spurs fan (where did we go wrong Ken? ) . He blames Marinho for the sideways passing and lack of confidence after Deli Alli got a blasting for losing the ball in midfield trying to take on players and dropped mostly ever since. So the result is safety and lobs out to the wing relying on Kane and Son to create magic. No Kane no magic. No Jimenez no magic! Still believe Nuno is the best manager we have had for 40 years or more so I keep the faith.

01 feb 2021 16:54:13
so wba are deemed bigger than us as maitland-niles set to join them on loan. utterly pathetic-the sooner this season is over the better!

01 Feb 2021 17:10:38
We have lost points, especially recently, through individual errors, which does erode individual and collective confidence. Unfortunately, some of these errors have happened late in the game and that means that the disappointment and knock to confidence, goes beyond the final whistle.
Coady has played a key role in supporting those around him whenever they needed an uplift. However he looks a shadow of the player he was and is struggling with his own form. Need is for someone to lead by example and unfortunately nobody is stepping up to the plate to do this. We look rudderless at the moment, with no one individual setting a quicker tempo or more progressive approach. Nuno comments on our inability to do these things so he is aware of where our shortcomings. However there is no-one individual or group of individuals, who are able to translate this into action on the pitch.
Would William Carvalho be the one to reignite our season? He would certainly be a better option than those who we are presently having to rely upon, given the self proclaimed ‘bad place’, we find ourselves in.

01 Feb 2021 18:03:19
pHIL - ooops sent in error
I had just read Rated's post re Mental health and realised that we have to be careful without our language.
"Hate" is def not a word we should be using. I had casually thrown out the phrase that really could upset people and apologise for doing so.
you are absolutely correct the relationships on here are good and pretty important for some of us who have more time on our hands than we should thanks to the C.V.
I really appreciate the site and posters like you - who are positive about life in general - are a blessing.
Just wish the Wolves would do their bit.

02 Feb 2021 07:46:16
You are sound Thefutureisoldgold same as most,
I have worry and haven't got any room left to worry about us getting dragged into a relegation fight.
If it happens it happens.
Last weekend was the worst for a long time friday at work I was told all our jobs are at very high risk as our main customer GKN driveline announced its closing and relocating in Europe,
Before and after the match my brother in a bad place he went for me raging and said the worst things any brother could say to his younger brother I know it's his challenge but left his after he repeatedly told me to get out and never come back a grown man sobbing.
Clearly you watched the match and that was the third, bad luck comes in threes.
I'm capable of not going under there no question of that as If I was I wouldn't be writing this.
I see all on here as cyber friends and stuck indoors on my own a cyber friend is better than no friend at all.
Much respect and kindest regards .

02 Feb 2021 11:02:40
Sorry for being selfish and thinking of myself, you always do the right thing if questioned and some can take words the wrong way.
There are 1 or 2 idiots who post now again but on the whole there is a big span of posters and their points of discussion they would like.
Mental health was bought up on here a few years back I was struggling with mental issues 1 poster slammed me and said this isn't a grief or counciling site very thoughtless, Rated was one who quickly shot him down and had my back, I never forget that.
We are the Wolfpack 😀.



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