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13 Nov 2021 13:46:40
Not football relevant but something on Facebook amused me no end probably more relevant to us older guys!
There was a headline from a newspaper in Rochdale I think that read "Five in Court for Fly Tipping" and in the comments section underneath someone had written "Enid Blyton's books have gone downhill recently" Got my sense of humour!

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13 Nov 2021 20:54:03
Ken - brilliant - suspect the "famous" may be before the time of many on here but agree!

13 Nov 2021 21:19:41
Ken - just seen your note on banter 2
Lets get a date in for the spring then!
The business email is "walkthewallwithnick@gmail.com"
Re Duxfod - my daughter works there!
Like my dad (in his case in the 60s and 70s) my daughter used to work for the royal family but has recently been given a 12 month secondment to IWM including Duxford!
Never been myself but will be doing so in the summer - particualrly if I can get free tickets!
Did a walk today for the staff of Metro bank - it is meant to be a 3 hour walk but we met at 12.30 and I didn't leave them till 6.30 - we had drinks half way round and at the end!
Hope they enjoyed it as much as I did 2,000 years of history in a walk of just over 4.5 miles.
Keep your chin up - let's hope for a win next week against the hammers - although I fear its going to be v tough as like Brentford and Palace they will be far more physical than we are and may run and kick us off the field
We need a few of the "leaders" to stand up and perhaps Lage needs to add a but more muscle and legs?

14 Nov 2021 08:06:26
I read The secret seven and The famous five when a little kid but my memory is shot all I vaguely remember is I think one of tge famous five was a dog but it could of been one of the secret seven.
Both books hand me downs from my brother who is the clever one.

14 Nov 2021 09:03:34
I read we have won the matches straight after the international breaks so far thus season hoping its a good omen fingers crossed ?eh

14 Nov 2021 14:41:47
future I'll get an email to you in the next day or so thank you!
Regarding West Ham if we go front foot which I hope for our pace from wide I'm hoping will cause them problems. We have the skill they have muscleso I suspect a lot of free kicks so anything can happen!
For January I'd love Lingard for 10m what a bargain, I guess the wages to be high. Wait and see!

14 Nov 2021 15:25:48
Phil you are correct one of the 5 was a dog.
Ps I am the youngest of 4 and was always told as a little boy how clever my big sister was - it merely spurred me on to show them!
Somehow I suspect from our conversations that you have as well (proven your worth that is) but are just far too polite and kind to your brother and everyone else to verbalise that - hence your self deprecating comments!
Ken look forward to hearing from you - I will then do a recce of the route to check pavements - with traffic volumes increasing we can no longer just walk down roads!
Lingard for £10m would be a fantastic deal - almost regardless of salary
I gather he is currently on £75k a week, so would -if we paid him the same - be one of our higher earners behind Silva, Semedo and Moutinho. However with Moutinho imminently coming off the wage bill or taking a lower salary as his career runs down that should be both affordable and ok with the dressing room - he is after all a v good player.
Sadly though I would imagine lot of people will be in for him including WH who unlike us have marched forwards strongly over the last two years and will hope for Champions league football next season as we would have done if we hadn't made the mistakes we did after the Euro 1/4s.
I fear it may therefore be hard for us to convince him to sign. what a signal to the world though it would be if we were to sign him. Other top players would surely then be willing to come to Wolves as well and then we could re-join the race to compete with the big 6 that we dropped out of nigh on 2 years ago!

14 Nov 2021 16:15:11
future as I mentioned a while ago I think the family thing may have something to do with why he didn't go to WH in the summer it seemed the only reason why he didn't. Obviously I'm not certain of that but it was a rumour I heard from Warrington where we used to live. He is a Warrington lad and family was an issue. Can but hope plus as Coady and our other internationals have shown Wolves aren't a barrier to honours!

14 Nov 2021 16:29:04
Thefutureisoldgold you spot on,
I am the youngest my brother is very clever I have to work hard to achieve what others pick up like my brother in an instant.

I was an excellent natural all rounder in sports of which my brother later on in life told me how envious of me he was,so guess we all good at something.

Always a pleasure reading and chatting to you and all.

14 Nov 2021 16:46:11
Phil - I firmly believe that! Now all I have to do is find out what it is i'm good at and away we go!

14 Nov 2021 17:11:28
You good at your walking business and seem to enjoy it and proud and happy to post about it.
Fairplay to you for doing something that you find fulfilment from with the effort you have had to put it to gain what you have achieved that's good ?.

The footy will be back next weekend I feel much better and happier then.

14 Nov 2021 17:44:11
Phil - v kind of you. In reality its not really a business more a hobby that earns me a few bob and keeps me mentally and physicaly alive. But yes i really enjoy doing it and hope the people that come with me do to.
The fact that i am employed for 3 hours but often spend 4,5 or even 6 hours with them for no more money shows i am doing it for fun.

A client asked me why i only take business from people recommended to me rather than advertise and take anyone willing to pay. I told him it was more important that the people that came on the walk were "nice" and i would get on with them and we would all enjoy the experience than i earn money. To date all my walks - and i must have done mid 20s by now have been great fun and the groups have interacted both with me and each other well.

Even more importantly they have generated more clients!
I was out walking in the woods today with a lady who come on my walk a few months ago and her husband made us both lunch when we got back to her house. i am now going to the Christmas pub quiz at her son's school as part of her team so i have made friends from doing it as well!

15 Nov 2021 10:32:50
Fantastic mate just read your post and has bought a smile to my face.

There nothing like a walk in the countryside my fave time is autumn.

I'm thinking the end of the month driving somewhere and have a good ramble.

Or it's easy to join up with the local ramblers.

Up the mighty wolves.

15 Nov 2021 11:10:26
Yes me and the wife try to get out most Sunday mornings - she wa ditched this week for the lady from my walking tour!. There is a large national trust wood not that far from us and at this time of the year its really beautiful - loads of weird coloured mushrooms, fantastic foliage and if you are really lucky the occassional deer.
I am thinking of joining a group that works in one of our other local woods clearing paths etc etc not a ramblers group but something similarish i'm sure there will be similar groups and ramblers groups in all areas. My mum till her health went belonged to one associated with their active retirement club - not sure i'm ready for that yet - but maybe!

15 Nov 2021 13:33:54
I have walked cannock chase many a time you see plenty of deer there.

My job in Wolverhampton before my current job now in brum a bloke in the toolroom lived in cannock way and his route was through the chase I remember he hit a deer and it wrote his car off.

My work is real busy which makes me happy and good in myself I have purpose.

When I don't do anything weekends I get down but those weekends are few and far between.

Nice that you got good health to enjoy walking.
Long may it continue

15 Nov 2021 14:05:13
You must of heard the old jokes,

What do you call I deer with no eyes?
No idea.

What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?
Still no idea.


15 Nov 2021 15:17:13
Phil - delighted you have a really good job - Engineering wasn't it?
Coz sadly don't see you strutting your stuff in vegas as the new Bob Hope just yet!
ps deer are big beasts and one of my friends was hit by one who jumped over a hedge as he cycled by - v v nearly killed him and as it was early in the morning and he didn't have a phone on him he was left lying in the road with pretty major injuries until a car happened by.
pps praise the lord I am still hanging on health wise - had to tell wife off this morning though as she was moaning about slow moving old people as we were trying to park at Lidl. Reminded her that we are not Mo Farrah ourselves - not of course that we ever where mind!

15 Nov 2021 15:49:12
Lol I won't give my day job up.
Yes engineering.
Sorry to hear about your friend.

15 Nov 2021 18:06:41
Phil please stick to the day job the worlds not ready! Good the read the thread, spent many an hour on Cannock Chase doing many different things and from memory their are elevated hides probably for Rangers to view what's going on. One a group I was with had the use of one to look for deer. Bit of a story! In 68 I think memory is not perfect the Duke of Edinburgh visited Walsall regarding his award scheme. A frame group I was in from the youth club I went to in Sedgley were there. He came over to talk to us we were pretending to make a film. Not long after we were invited to be in a film for the scheme showing off. Part of it had us the hide on the chase pointing at deer there weren't any! In the film they used stock shots of deer and looked like the Serengeti! Great experience for us, I saw it a few times but once after about 10 years it was scary seeing how horrible you look years later! It was in a youth club where I volunteered, much amusement from the youngsters!

15 Nov 2021 18:46:42
Nice read Ken.

I think coady may well start tonight.
I hope so.



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