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04 Aug 2021 13:55:11
If reports are correct and we've offered 18 million for Joao Palhinha and apparently sporting now only want 25 million why don't we just stop messing about and pay it before someone else duz, also as everyone is aware we still need a centre half as well, if money not there to fund it we've got money coming in for Mir and then sell Dendonker and Podence or Traore, nothing against the Donk as he works his socks off but palhinho is a upgrade to be fair and sorry Traore lovers as good as he can be the consistency just ain't there so in my opinion he is a luxury not a necessity. Would keep Cutrone as 3rd striker but if he leaves we will would probably need to replace as well. Much as I love moutinho it may be time to free up his wages but would be just as happy to keep him if we can afford to.

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04 Aug 2021 14:21:33
Palhinha yes get podence to go yes cutrone I'd sell donks no as can play cb mir yes can go would troare only for crazy money remember plays well with RAUL and moutinho would keep for one more year as good experienced pro for the younger lads.

04 Aug 2021 15:32:52
Maybe because he is valued at £20m.

If you were buying a house that you liked and it was valued at say £500k, would you offer £750k for it knowing that the sellers have set the £500k asking price. Same principles apply in football too.

04 Aug 2021 16:18:23
Jas, valued at £20 million by who? Sporting own the player so they have a right to value him at what they believe he’s worth, which if reports are correct is £25 million, it’s up to the buying team to decide whether they agree on the valuation or not .

04 Aug 2021 19:05:59
Transfermarkt and Cies value him at £18.7m. They're usually pretty much on the mark.

04 Aug 2021 19:47:43
Villa showing the way to conduct your transfer business. Realistic bids made and everything done and dusted in no time. Four very positive purchases so far and those costing a fee, are coming in less than people were anticipating. Buying before selling Grealish is also a cute move, as clubs inflate their asking price knowing you’ve just received big bucks. Buendia, Bailey, Young and Ings - looks pretty good business from where I’m standing!

04 Aug 2021 20:15:01
Villa have signed 4 but lost they're best player. We've signed 3 with more on the way and lost our goalkeeper.

04 Aug 2021 20:22:05
Jack Grealish is 68.5 mil on transfer market but city have already offered around the 100 mark? Traore is valued at 27.5 mil but vertically every wolves fan would expect and want more than that, surely palhinha is worth 25 mil?
Anyway for the sake of 7 million ( not to serious money to owners who want top 6 or better) I would rather pay a bit over and get what you want than offer a bit less and end up with nothing.

04 Aug 2021 20:24:36
Bang on wolfthistle, sadly I totally agree.

04 Aug 2021 20:43:21
That's if Wolves are actually interested in the player. There is so much tat written in the media and most of it is BS. I have every confidence that Fosun and Lage have identified the players they want to bring in and we'll see some signings very soon.

04 Aug 2021 21:19:48
Agree Jas loads of rumours/ crap written this time of year and most is B/ S.
Lage will have identified players he wants so agree there to
I just like what I’ve seen of Palhinha, really do think he would be a bargain at 25 mil, but yes if we can get him for less then great, my point was if Lage/ Fosun do fancy him then don’t lose him for the sake of a few mil.

04 Aug 2021 21:50:12
Villa have being showing wolves how it’s done for 100 years guys, you think you be used to it by now 😂😂.

04 Aug 2021 22:14:55
What- well you've finished above us once in the last four years so I'm guessing those don't count then?! In one of those years you were also ONLY saved by the grace of a faulty hawkeye! And do remind me how was your win ratios last year without Grealish, enjoy! 🤣.

04 Aug 2021 23:32:08
Ha ha ha don’t you just love certain villa fans giving it the big one, yes I do think you might have signed a few decent players albeit the lad from Norwich you over payed, the ex villa player who is well passed his best and ditched you in a heartbeat when I’m his prime is hardly a coupe, that Baily fella is a gamble, but bear in mind better players have failed in the prem before him and hinges if fit will get goals but makes you wonder why he has gone to a mid table side and not a top six mind you, would guess no interest from them to be honest but best of all to fund all this you sell your ground and without a showdown of a doubt your best player, yer whackattack you are really showing us wolves how to do it 😂😂😂.

05 Aug 2021 01:02:35
I said 100 years I didn’t say the last 100 mate, our win ratio was better than yours without Raul, we sold our best player for 100 million, you sold your best player last year for a quarter of it and almost slipped into the relegation places, lost your keeper and your manager done a runner the minute the going got tough, the championship is calling you home fellas 😜 I do hope you stay up though, some good blokes here I actually like wolves, it’s the baggies and noses I hate 👎👎.

05 Aug 2021 12:14:05
Haha, your right your win ratio was better last year yet still you completely bottled your chance at Europe and eventually could only manage to finish TWO places above us and that was WITH Super Jack! You seem to have missed the news but we have Raul back and with Jack gone your going to be need more faulty hawkeye! I could spend my time explaining the entire transfer market to you and a small thing called English player premium but what's the point. Have a good year, much harder to win games without any rolling around for pens and free kicks. Like I said, Enjoy! 🤣🤣🤣.

05 Aug 2021 18:52:04
2 places, 10 points is a decent gap, we didn’t have jack for 13 games he was out for 3 months, aswel as having a C.V. outbreak which ravaged our whole first team we still finished 10 points ahead of you, and we beat you with 10 men😛 and jack didn’t win even 1 penalty last season mate, I understand the English premium, up until now the record transfer was a Frenchman however, and you might make more money if you hadn’t signed pretty much the whole Portuguese B team😂😂 actually you can’t even give traore away but we told you before how bad he was and after seeing him last season now you all know.



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