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05 Oct 2021 19:27:27
Hi SQ hope all is well,
The big match revisited has been on on itv4 recently everytime I look wolves aren't on.
Just my luck I guess when I don't look wolves were probably on.

I saw tonight the end last few minutes George Best score for Hibernian.

I like the theme tune it plays out at the end with the player who has scored celebrating with his team mates.
I find this very uplifting and would be brilliant if it was John Richards or doog or any wolves player from the 70's.

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06 Oct 2021 03:44:11
The BIG MATCH was shown on Sundays in the London and Southern areas. In the Midlands we had STAR SOCCER with Hugh Johns. FWAW.

06 Oct 2021 08:20:01
Phil as you say both the "Big Match or its peers" and "MoftD" are on various channeks frequently these days.

06 Oct 2021 08:29:25
2 games that are shown regularly are the 1971 5-1 defeat of the Gunners at home. The Doog in his pomp and the 1977 3-3 draw at Chelsea (I went with Henry Kisinger -not together you understand of course) . The great John Richards was superb that day and the late Butch Wilkins (gone far too young) lead and scored for the blues.
I remember that day all to well though as it was earlier that week I got injured playing Rugby. It was a serious injury that ultimately cost me my job in the mid 80s as despite being as fit as a butchers dog I failed the staff medical. However that lead to a change of career and the rest as they say is history!

06 Oct 2021 10:59:25
Hi Phil-Good to hear from you-hope you are well. You're a bit unlucky. Wolves have been on 3 times in the last two weeks. A 2-1 defeat away at Coventry with Steve Kindon scoring and Willie Carr scoring for Coventry, 1-1 draw with Villa-Andy Gray scoring and a 3-2 away win at Man City-goals-Andy Gray, Kenny Hibbitt and Peter Daniel. The 5-1 defeat of Arsenal was originally Match of the Day but was part of a programme that Dickie Davis used to present, showing games from the past with Bobby Charlton and a guest footballer-in this case Kenny Hibbitt-was through Sky.

06 Oct 2021 11:34:20
Hi SQ yes all is well for me thanks.
You telling me about it has softened the blow of me missing the wolves ha ha.
Great stuff mate ?.

06 Oct 2021 14:49:39
Phil just google wolves 5 Arsenal 1 poor quality but it is on youtube.

06 Oct 2021 15:27:19
Thanks Arddunby I got it up 31 minutes I'm at work so will watch when I'm back home.
Cheers mate?.

06 Oct 2021 17:24:37
TFIOG-I’m ok thanks, I had a bad flare up of arthritis which I’ve suffered with for many years, I’ve been talking CBD gummies for the last week and I’ve seen a big difference and would recommend them. I went fishing up the Wye at Hereford today where I’m a member and had 5 nice Barbel the biggest 9lb 2oz! Any fishermen out there!

06 Oct 2021 17:39:25
I just watched it WOW,
What a game what a fantastic atmosphere I realising how much it must of hurt when we went into decline in the 80's for you older guys.
All you older guys (I wasn't born when the match took place) are the living testament for our great club a pleasure to correspond with all you guys on here.
I do really hope we get success in the coming years.


06 Oct 2021 18:09:21
What was your position at rugby.
I got a mate who used to play as one of the bruts/ bruiser in the ruck/ scrum (sorry about my vague knowledge of rugby) he had cauliflower ears they looked deformed. A lovely fella he was haven't seen him for years.

06 Oct 2021 18:11:27
Check out these sites on Youtube: Mercian1969 and theheavyroller.

06 Oct 2021 19:13:09
Cheers SQ will check them out mate.

06 Oct 2021 19:49:00
Also on youtube a 5-0 win over Newcastle in 76 a Richards hat trick.

07 Oct 2021 21:27:33
Phil - I started on the wing as I was v small but quick. However we were only a 60 boy school but (as the Grammar school) played all the posh public schools for miles around with 150+ boys and great facilities, {We had nothing and trained in a local park - with the dog walkers and drug addicts - the school was closed down in late seventies! } so lost all time and the ball never got to me.
I was probably the 3rd best player in the team so was moved to fly half in 3rd year aged 13 and played with same chap as my 9 at both school and the club we all joined. We played 3 times a week (he played 4 as he played twice on Saturdays - with me in the morning and with the men's teams - prob from age of 14 or 15 in the afternoon) until we were 18 and I moved away to go to Uni. He could find me in his sleep. He was the best player at the school and the club and indeed was the best player I ever played with and at Uni I played with guys who were playing firsts at Sarries, Nottingham and Liverpool St Helens plus a South African Provincial player ie players who were playing several, (many! ) levels up from where we were playing.
There are indeed a lot of big and scary guys in the game and the other teams 7's job was to get my blood on his hands - great game!
Sadly my mate (TO THIS DAY! ) the 9 - who ensured their 7 never caught me by only giving me top quality stuff and taking all the rubbish and hits himself never played any higher as he loved playing with his mates and there was no money in the game anyway in the 70s/ 80s but what a waste I really believe he could have been a top top player but we were working class kids (Rugby is a bit of a middle class game! ) and knew no better.
Feeling v nostalgic - miss those days a lot particularly as I don't even play tennis anymore.
Phil don't grow old!

08 Oct 2021 06:43:13
Lovely read Thefutureisoldgold,

Arh lol I don't worry about getting old mate I'm relatively fit full of beans everyday.
The ups and downs I accept the downs because there nowt you can do about it but the ups are I your own control lol happy happy happy lol.

08 Oct 2021 08:30:33
Taff I don't (never have) fish (ed) but they sound big uns - well done.
Hope you are now off the gummies though as they sound as if they might be a little dangerous.
I went with my son to the Chelsea Spurs game at the new White Hart Lane a couple of weeks ago, (he got free tickets! ), and we met up with one of his mates after who follows Chelsea home and away from Merthyr Tydfil- your neck of the woods. He was staying in London that night before heading home on the Monday.
Now that is fan - albeit misguided!

08 Oct 2021 16:09:44
My dad used to take me and brother fishing I caught my first and only chubb in Severn right next to Ironbridge, lake windermere lake district and my favourite place a canal in shebdon past Shrewsbury and Newport, my brother caught a 3 pound perch and I got my first mirror carp 3 1/ 2 pound.
It was great by the time my dad had set me and brother up before he had set up for himself we had half a net full.
A 'fish on' in every cast.
I didn't take it up when an adult but may take it up later on in life.
Also Evesham think that is the river Avon I remember we walking along the river bank looking for a spot and we saw a barbel I said dad dad get the landing net out lol my dad said no son you don't catch them like that.
Taff Hope you stay well to keep up your hobby (fishing) fairplay mate.

08 Oct 2021 18:09:41
Cheers Phill I go up to the Wye at Hereford as often as possible if you ever fancy it one day I could meet you at Hereford for some barbel and Chubb fishing.

08 Oct 2021 19:19:14
Taff - this is (for me at least) what the site is for ( ok a bit of footie might be good as well) . Delighted you are ok and back posting {Ken missing you? } and Baz haven't seen you post for a while either?
Hope Eds don't mind us chatting about other stuff but its nice when you are stuck at home for various reasons to have social outlets
ps Taff still got the Big Dig ( or was it Pit? ) on my to do list!

08 Oct 2021 19:45:21
Future- The Big Pit is free admission but book it online at their site as there is limited admission. I bet you enjoyed the Spurs v Chelsea game it looks a great stadium.

08 Oct 2021 20:32:38
It is but a total nightmare to get into (not enough turnstiles/ stewards {felt sorry for the Police having to crowd control as we were in a huge mob outside still with 15 mins to kick off} and they weren't even checking C.V. passports despite claiming that they were going to do so!? ) and a pig to get away from - local transport systems can't cope with the numbers so won't be going back in a hurry - unless I can get a ticket for the Wolves visit.
Son gets free tickets for England games as well but Wembley is even worse to get away from so said no Hungary next week!

09 Oct 2021 10:29:23
Cheers Taff ?.



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