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31 Jul 2021 19:57:37
Sick and tired of the constant negativity from the usual moaners on here, i'm going to just step away from here for awhile.

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31 Jul 2021 23:47:54
Rated. You don't step away. You stay here and argue your case. That's what a forum is for. What good would it be if everyone just said all the nice things that you want to hear. At the moment we're all a bit concerned with what's going on and so we should be. As fans, that's what we do. Like it or not. It's early days and we might just be all pleasantly surprised how this season goes. I would take 13th spot with more entertaining football and hope for the future. I loved Nuno but it has to be said, the football last season was dire.

01 Aug 2021 10:42:36
Everyone is entitled to an opinion, whether that be positive or negative. I have pretty much stuck to the same train of thought over the past couple of seasons-and yes I have got quite a bit wrong.

However, it is pretty much disgraceful that the current administration has allowed a club to go from top 7, Europa league qf and FA Cup sf to what is looking likely to be a relegation battle in a short space of time.

That is Wolves unfortunately-no idea how to sustain and improve upon any achieved success; with regression the only option. We have two weeks to go until the first game and there doesn't appear to be any more signings through the door, defensively we look clueless in the pre-season games-by the way what a shocking line up of games when compared to other PL teams and we desperately need a CB, creative midfielder and a striker. Add into the mix fans increasing mistrust of Fosun and the recipe of negativity is beginning to boil over.

01 Aug 2021 17:33:00
I know SQ. It's disgusting what some of the owners have done. We're not the only team to suffer this fate. Look at Liverpool, a few years ago they were Champions of Europe and then won the PL. Due to the owners losing interest, they finished 3rd last season. Likewise Spurs, Finalists a few seasons ago, now relegation fodder and please don't get me started on Leicester. After winning the PL, the owners have basically given up and are happy to accept the odd cup win.

{Ed077's Note - when did FSG "lose interest" in LFC?

01 Aug 2021 17:42:42
They ain't Ed. I'm making a point that SQ is overreacting.

{Ed077's Note - my bad.}

01 Aug 2021 18:53:06
Maybe that's because the Liverpool spurs etc have invested and not allowed their teams to stale out. I'm behind fosun but things have been short in recruitment. Last year's injuries and cv may have role in it all. RAN I like, mosquiro I like, tracao I like, but we all know what we need, and if you took neves and traore out of today's team you'll see what we have in reserve, that's not suggesting any transfers away but already we've boly now mousquiro in the treatment rooms. Either they're expecting miracles from the youngsters or they have some names arriving. I'm excited by bruno, I think he'll do good things and I am positive, but we'll need someone more to sustain it.

01 Aug 2021 19:04:58
Judging by Lages comments last week, players are coming in. There is no way that Fosun would have let Nuno go if they didn't think that things needed to change which included new players.

01 Aug 2021 19:22:50
I think so to jas M. It's fear of the unknown .

01 Aug 2021 19:29:15
Wolves fans rest assured
Wolves fc are not a family club no longer today’s wolves is a business run by fosun and anyone in business is in it to make profit.
Fosun will not allow wolves to get relegated however we will see Good players come and go .
The blue print seems to be buying 17/ 23 year olds with the odd exception of an experienced player .
We buy players 5/ 10/ 15k and sell two/ three years later for profit no matter who that player will be .
With fosun at the helm we will always finish between 7th and 15th with the odd cup run now and then and for me being a wolves fan home and away through all the divisions I’ll take that after being to merith titville with wolves .
In my Hubble opinion however we do need a centre half with experience and pace and a proven goal scorer who can put the ball in the net .

02 Aug 2021 10:56:53
Only my opinion but I think we need a couple of experienced prem league players in the team. 1 at c half and 1 in midfield and perhaps even a striker in the mould of hings. only my opinion guy's so don't shoot me down cus I'm wolves till I die and only want us doing well as I've been all through the bad days.

02 Aug 2021 12:09:33
Can't believe some of the views on here. It is good to question, it helps understanding, but what evidence does anyone have that Fosun have lost interest? We are a small, fairly unknown club in the wider world so it is difficult to attract players like the big boys can. We also have a small income to work with, just because Fosun have money it doesn't mean they can spend it on Wolves. Ffp. Sometimes I think there are some on here who would rather we were back in the Championship, with no chance of buying anyone except clapped out has beens. What short memories.

04 Aug 2021 19:59:07
Hi wimbornewolf sorry for the late reply .
People worry especially wolves fans based on our past i.e owners players and staff to a degree I can understand why but that’s where the negative attitude needs to stop .
Fosun are a different Animal altogether they (Fosun have been very shroud in buying our club mainly based on fan base honours / achievements and being a sound business investment .
Fosun could go down the same path of throwing millions at the wall like many other short term premier clubs then wonder why it never worked (poor business) but that’s not the plan of Fosun for wolves fc .
I believe they have good business morals and sense that’s to buy young mainly and make a profit for at least the next five years in that period we will see good players come and go unfortunately.
Same with up and coming managers who think they have something to prove .
In any company across the glob that company looks for hungry youth with the odd experience it’s natural for a healthy growing process . like I’ve said in other posts we will stay in the premiership for at least the next five years finishing between 7 and 15th with the odd cup run .
Personally I’ll except that for now especially thinking back to the old, old days lol not good going to places like Mertha titville, Carlisle, Leyton orient in the rain sleet and snow some times I questioned my sanity .

Home and away up the wolves 👍🏻.



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