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01 Feb 2021 09:13:42
If you had to have another manager from the 3 below, who would you choose and why?

1.Rafa Benitez.

2.Frank Lampard.

3.Eddie Howe.

Any other's out there?

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01 Feb 2021 11:01:40
Nuno, but if needs must howe. Two of my thoughts for today appear out the offing. Looks like nile will be going elsewhere and Liverpool aren't interested in seiss.

01 Feb 2021 11:26:57
Jez if that's the options then I pick Nuno! Howe has always been over rated for me, Lampard still unproven and Rafa plays the dullest football in the world! Whilst I accept its unlikely but if the worst happened and Fosun REALLY wanted to show some ambition then I would say go out and pay what it's costs to get Hasenhutl, by far the best value for money manager in the league right now for me! 👍.

01 Feb 2021 11:31:14
Ref replacement manager. are any of the above tied to Mr Mendez? Or ay happening then is it?

01 Feb 2021 12:19:14
Super Frank player manager.

01 Feb 2021 12:37:32
Oxley- he failed to succeed at Chelsea with a war chest that would have made Jose blush! If he can't succeed with that level of backing what's he going to be like with Fosun micro managing the transfers?!

01 Feb 2021 13:01:56
Bullysboy- how can you say Howe is overrated he took Bournemouth from the bottom of league 2 to the Premier league and kept them there for 5 years without the backing of multi millionaires. He has always played in an attractive and attacking style of football and helped develop many players. Injuries caught up with their small squad last season leading to their relegation and he felt he had taken them as far as he could. Hopefully Nuno can turn things around but maybe it is time for change we have become very predictable and as much as I don’t like to say, very boring!

{Ed001's Note - you do know Bournemouth are owned by a Russian billionaire that backed Howe very heavily right? Howe can't organise a defence, has no idea about recruitment and they got relegated because of that, nothing to do with injuries.}

01 Feb 2021 13:27:47
Bournemouth bought players to get them in premier league and broke the rules, it was unfair to the rest of the league with their 11k capacity ground it still ranks with me that they got promoted and fined a puny amount.
This does not distract that howe had lots of admirers though.
For me not good enough for us nor is Lampard which leaves Benitez.
But for me Nuno is going nowhere and will remain as wolves manager for a long time.

01 Feb 2021 13:47:56
Spot on Ed (as usual:) I'm always amazed by how many footy fans think Bournemouth is some kind of Roy of the rovers tale when in actual fact (like every one else) they just bought there way up the leagues! The season they got to the Prem they would have been hammered on FFP if they hadn't got promoted! Also bang on again Ed about why they got relegated. During Howes tenure they spent a fortune on players like Jordan Ibe, Benik Afobe and Solanke not a single one of them was Prem quality! This is why I don't get the plaudits Howe gets cause when you break it down to achievement then he was no better than McCarthy, worse in fact because Mad Mick would have killed for his budgets. I grant you Howe plays attacking football but as the Ed points out that was only because he can't organise a defence! I always found it telling that when he was in the job he was tied with all sorts of clubs yet since he's been out of work the offers hardly seemed to be flying in?! 🙄.

{Ed001's Note - spot on mate.}

01 Feb 2021 14:44:54
Dont think Nuno will go IF he did Lopetiegu was Fosuns first choice before he took the Spain job would that be an option?

01 Feb 2021 16:48:36
Ed-I only mentioned Eddie Howe as I think he is a good manager who is going places, he was voted the manager of the decade in 2015.But as you mentioned it they have billion owners but always balance the books and are currently in the black. Also not all transfers paid off like Solanke, Ofobe was sold back to us and they made massive prophets on Wilson Ake Ramsdale Mings and others. Their ground only holds 12,000 so the job he done there is nothing short of miraculous and his first job in management. 👍.

{Ed001's Note - they don't always balance the books, their owner invested heavily and they were massively afoul of FFP when they won promotion. They then escaped the punishment they should have been handed because they were in the Premier League and so outside of EFL jurisdiction.

It was also not Howe's first job in management as such. He started there, then jumped ship to Burnley, who he ran into the ground and left in severe financial difficulties (which required Sean Dyche to have to sell most of the squad just to stave off financial collapse. But Dyche still won promotion the same season, which is much more miraculous than anything Howe has ever achieved.). He then returned to Bournemouth. So it was actually his 3rd job.

The fact that their ground only holds 12,000 should give you an idea of how much financial input their owner has, when you consider they spent 10s of millions on Liverpool cast-offs alone. The likes of Solanke, Ibe and Brad Smith alone came to over £50m.}

01 Feb 2021 17:00:04
Bullysboy ; was only joking, he wouldn’t get in our midfield would he?

01 Feb 2021 17:22:27
Ed- We’ll agree to disagree on this one, he’s a young aspiring British manager which are in short supply good luck to him.

01 Feb 2021 18:22:32
Haha sorry Ox I get ya now, good shout! Lampard can't be less mobile than Moutinho can he?! And Taft buddy I think you will find that most teams in almost EVERY league outside the Prem in the UK are managed by aspiring British managers! The only difference is that those that have played at the highest level (Howe, Lampard, Rooney) get an interview through there contacts/ old boys networks. Where as when you are someone like say Graham Potter you have to work for it! If you like aspiring Brit managers Taft then look no further than Potter. First he did a Sports Physcology degree and when he still couldn't get the chance he wanted in this country he learnt a new language, went to Sweden and earned his stripes! No favours from old Prem chums, just hard graft and drive to achieve his goals! Fair play to the man, provided its not at our expense then I'd love to see him keep um up! 👏.

{Ed001's Note - well said Bullys, I have a lot of admiration for Potter.}

01 Feb 2021 19:01:10
Bully- I don’t think the “old boy’s network” helped Howe as when he first managed Bournemouth they were 17 points adrift at the bottom of league 2. He also was in charge of their youth and reserve team before. And he only ever played for Bournemouth and Portsmouth!

01 Feb 2021 18:56:20
Cheers Ed, I saw a (very random) documentary on his journey a couple of years back (before Brighton) just after he moved his family to Oster. I think the point of the doc was the lengths some Brit managers have to go to to get a Prem chance. He came across VERY well and his relentless drive to reach the Prem was frankly inspiring! I highly recommend anyone to watch it, if you can still find it 👍.

{Ed001's Note - there is some good stuff on coaches' voice about him as well. I watched a fair bit a couple of years ago when I was doing a managers profile on him. He really is a fascinating character.}



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