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27 Aug 2020 16:28:17
Is it just me or have the vast majority on here suddenly turned on Fosun and Nuno? Why not just have a bit of patience and judge them at the conclusion of the transfer window.

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27 Aug 2020 16:44:48
I just laugh now Jas and take no notice. 😁.

27 Aug 2020 16:45:26
Mostly it's the usual three musketeers mate.

27 Aug 2020 16:59:27
Totally agree Jas, it’s early days in the transfer window and changes are afoot.
We were all surprised when Douglas went to Leeds and clearly Nuno believes we need a change at right wing back.
In Nuno and Fosun I trust.

27 Aug 2020 17:09:08
Just been talking to a bookie mate of mine. A lot of movement on Zinchenko and Lewis Cook coming to Wolves. Not heard anything in the media and obviously bookies odds don't mean much.

27 Aug 2020 18:54:23
There is no point getting riled by some of the doomers, if Doc is to be sold as reported I would be disappointed, but this is football unfortunately, I'm a big Doc fan, but what I know about him is he us very over opinionated of himself and fancy a change at a so called bigger club, he may see a move as a good financial one, he may be offered a lot more in wages etc.
Hes been a great servant for us, and I can only wish him the best.

27 Aug 2020 20:15:41
In fairness Jas I really don't think it's even a majority (let alone a vast one:) . I just think that the three musketeers of doom are louder at this time of year (always the same) . I suppose it's easier to do it close season cause they've learnt now that when they moan about a loss on the weds then we turn a team like City over on the Sat then they look a bit silly 😂 So much easier to wait until there's no games before they saddled up those apocalyptic horses after all! To be honest much of its become background noise for me these days. We know we are on the rise, it's just some of us have more patience and realism than others. Just the joys of a forum I suppose, opinions are like a@#eholes everyone's got one and sometimes they stink! Love that saying 🤣
I still think we have a sensible core of supporters behind this project and now it's over to Nuno and Fosun to prove the others wrong! For me I just want see the big man sign a new contract, once that happens we can all stop worrying 👍🐺.

27 Aug 2020 20:56:22
There's a reason Nuno has not yet signed a new contract. He has obviously been disappointed with previous transfer windows and referred to the mistakes made in his Seville interview. He's put the ball in Fosuns court and they have to back him or he'll be gone. It may well mean we have to sell in order to buy but I trust Nuno knows who he wants in order to improve on what we have. Let's hope we get them in.

27 Aug 2020 22:54:43
Funny how historically through book film or TV. the Musketeers always came out on top.

28 Aug 2020 06:31:37
Also the Musketeers were never blinkered or gullible.

28 Aug 2020 07:39:36
I hope you are wrong no one knows what the outcome will be.
Lol if anyone on here is blinkered and guilable it's me Paul.
The dream is kicking strong in me.
Nothing can distract that from me because nothing has happened yet to make me change.
If anything major is going on behind the scenes we all will eventually find out until then I'm counting down the days till the start of the season.
Car wait for the season to start and an early prediction we beat Sheffield 0-1 podence lol
Up the wolves

28 Aug 2020 08:25:50
Phil stay positive, you remind me of my lads when they were young comin downstairs on Christmas mornin and opening their presents, it was brilliant to see, as they were so happy, not a care or a worry. Wish life remained like that but I’m sorry to say that Christmas feelin about Wolves is about to evaporate. The Fosun money isn’t avalable anymore, we will have to generate our own cash. As I said earlier don’t be surprised when Nuno Walks.

28 Aug 2020 08:48:37
Well fingers crossed nothing happens to make us weaker next season🤞
All will be revealed in the coming weeks.
Whatever happens good or bad I'm still looking forward to the new season.

28 Aug 2020 10:11:55
Paul Tamworth is correct unfortunately.

28 Aug 2020 10:38:27
If correct SQ well we'll still wolves fans and proud to be wolverhampton.

28 Aug 2020 10:40:46
Who the f—k designed the away kit! Absolutely awful! Their as good at their job as Dendonkey is at his! 😡.

28 Aug 2020 12:07:49
Again PT, you should be telling us who designed the away top. Seems your contact within the club is letting you down.

28 Aug 2020 13:30:10
Historically the Musketeers would not have recognised a football match nor understood it.

28 Aug 2020 13:49:57
Now you see why I called them the 3 musketeers lupine mate lol.

28 Aug 2020 15:08:46
Hang Paul 'as you said earlier' a week a go you said change was coming at the end of the week. That was two weeks ago so which is it exactly?! Then you said Lopetgui was on his way and that was complete nonsense as well! At this stage you are less reliable and knowledgeable on the inner workings of our club than Sky?! As always though as least you are funny, albeit unintentionally!

And SQ funny how you say they won cause for you to win we would be getting relegated?! So you would prefer to be right and watch us go down than be wrong and watch us succeed?! Which sadly just about sums up your 'support'! This is the real problem Jas buddy, you are talking about FANS when there's one or two on here who don't know the meaning of the word! To actually hope your team fails so you can be right (for the first time in three years) is beyond pathetic! With fans like that who needs Villadaz 😨.

28 Aug 2020 17:53:57
Phil- just to say fella NEVER apologise for being an optimist! The world would be a far better and kinder place if everyone could manage it 👍.

29 Aug 2020 00:21:12
Jas, nope, the majority have not just turned on Nuno and Fosun, the usual suspects have as you would expect them too, most read their comments and have a chuckle at the predictability.

I do think the shirt is not great I was holding out for the away strip, but will now get the home :)

On Doc going, right or wrong I read last year Nuno convinced him to stay another year, all I can say is thanks Doc been a great ride, wish him all the best.



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