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03 May 2020 19:03:01
So the bottom clubs in the PL seem to think that playing games at neutral grounds is a disadvantage because it could affect their performance. If that is the case, then how could it be an advantage to the likes of club when Molineux is often the extra man. I think the best thing to do for complete fairness is play all the games at St George's Park. They have 5 pitches which could be used simultaneously. Each team plays 2 games a week. No fans for any team so it's an even playing field.

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04 May 2020 19:25:05
The bottom clubs are trying it on. What is the point in playing at neutral venues if relegation is banned as they suggest, which would be their suggested price for playing at neutral venues. Meaningless. So, if relegation is banned, what else changes or not changes? Top six positions? Codswallop.

I really think normal home and away COMPETITIVE schedules must be honoured, however long we would have to wait, and behind closed doors if necessary. Then every match would count, no excuses, relegation still on the cards as normal, top six still on the cards as normal, mid-table safety still on the cards as normal. No changes. That's integrity, and can't be challenged.

04 May 2020 23:46:38
If clubs are going to kick up a fuss over playing at neutral grounds or behind closed doors, I suggest that the league is suspended until March 2021 and picks up where we left off. That way they can't complain about an unfair advantage. They'll only complain about the loss of money coming in. Only 3 options as far as I'm concerned.

1: Play remainder of season at neutral grounds.

2: Abandon season now with positions dictating promotion/ relegation places.

3: Suspend the league until March 2021 when fans will be allowed back in and finish this season.

05 May 2020 11:28:02
I would of thought behind close doors atmosphere would be normal for man united and man city anyway.

05 May 2020 12:28:13
I don't get the whole neutral ground thing. Why can't the games be played at the scheduled home ground with no fans.
If you don't have confidence that this can be done without the spreading of the disease, then it is too early to play the games anywhere.
Some teams will benefit, to some degree, playing at their home grounds even without the fans so I think that every effort should be made to keep the conditions as balanced as possible.
One home game and one away game. Not one home game and one neutral site game.

05 May 2020 13:27:19
Unfortunately we have already seen why just 'behind closed doors' doesn't work, have peeps forgotten the Champs League games where huge number of fans gathered outside of stadiums during the matches?! Similarly do you REALLY think Pool could win their first league title in decades without half the city heading to the stadium if they are playing there, no chance!
There are only two real options for league completion the way I see it, neutral grounds where the police can control traffic around the area or like Jas says just wait till next year and start where we left off. Personally I would go with the later but I suspect footy is TOO money reliant for that!
The problem is that the bottom five clubs have absolutely no vested interest in finishing the season and as any decision will probs need around 75% backing then we have a problem! It's not something I like but I actually think the French League is starting to look like the best answer, position decided by average points over the games already played! Like I say I've always been in favour of finishing the season but if that's not possible then the average points does at least reflect a realistic position most clubs would have been in. Ironically having said that it's not great for us as we would finish 7th but hey ho. I honestly think for Wolves neutral grounds will do us no favours, how many teams take easy points at the Mol?! But that's life, the only way forward is compromise sadly Prem clubs have spent the last few decades ONLY thinking of their own agenda! 😡.

06 May 2020 12:30:09
So reading the latest report, it appears that the league could be cancelled if agreement is not reached to finish the season safely behind closed doors or at neutral grounds.

How about this as an alternative - cancel the remainder of this season. No promotion, no relegation, work out points average for this season and start next season using them points. So Liverpool would start next season on 41 points, we would be on 21.5 and Villa would be on 12.5. That way this season hasn't been wasted.

06 May 2020 13:41:02
The bottom clubs really should be ashamed! Purslows comments that two thirds of there points have come at home is SO transparent! It fails to acknowledge that neutral venues would also meen no 'away' games so the principles the same anyway?! I still think if they can't complete they should do average points a game BUT only two get relegated so as to make room for the two clubs in the auto promo place. Oh what a shame Villa would still go down why you ask that's right because so far they are STILL second bottom on average points! I honestly don't care if they cancel the league for us the teams I genuinely feel sorry for are those in the Leagues below. Never especially liked Leeds but can you imagine how this would have felt if it had happened the season we smashed the champ?! Just devastating 😔.

06 May 2020 18:54:11
Purslow also seems to address his concerns for this season and how the bottom teams are affected by having no fans. At no point has he, the Brighton CEO or West Ham board acknowledged that beyond this season, fans are unlikely to be allowed into stadiums until possibly 2021. They haven't mentioned that next season is likely to the opposite of this in that fans will be allowed in for the last half of the season. This is clearly all about money to them.

07 May 2020 19:33:33
The more I read the arguments about this the more I think that we should freeze the top two seasons until play can resume safely with fans in attendance at their own stadiums. At that point, we pick up where we left off, and finish this season. It might be September, it might be January. When fans arrive at the stadium, a temperature sensor gun can weed out anyone with a temperature. Fans can wear masks if this reassures them.



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