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21 May 2018 23:55:51
Timmy - Again the opinions on here regarding a top six finish seem at best confused! So firstly the Thelwell 'interview' you are referring to (guessing it was the Molmix one) was entirely unofficial and also unaccredited by Thelwell. Sure its all legit but just saying we might want to take there 'paraphrasing' with a decent does of salt here.

Besides which I don't get your actual point because first its we should be top six cause Thelwell said we will compete with Spurs, who by the way finished third so surely that means we'll be top four then?!

Next part I'm confused by is your assumption that Thelwell meant compete with Spurs THIS season (which by the way on the face of it is ridiculous! ) . Because the Spurs line was a flippant comment made when being asked about player recruitment so don't think we should be seeing that as a target. I would also point out that I am assuming you didn't actually read the full interview because if you did you would have clearly seen the line: "It is about being a successful Premier League team and winning things-OVER TIME"!

Look I've said it on here before and starting to get the feeling this is going to be a regular bug bear for me on here; Fosun no doubt WILL turn this club into a top end club but it all takes time! Its taken Spurs about a decade a 5/6 managers to get regular top four finishes because nothing comes easy in the Prem! NO ONE is walking into the top six of that league, maybe on a one off season like Burnley but in terms of regular placement it takes time, always has always will. Ambitions fine but without realism its just becomes a make believe stick to beat the club with as soon as times get tough! let's just enjoy the ride and see how things go without the arbitrary focus on league positions which we have NO right to expect until its earned! Just a thought COYW ;)

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22 May 2018 06:50:37
bullyboy you was hopin for play off I bet mate. have faith.

22 May 2018 10:53:21
Good post Bully, and totally agree we will get there but will take time. The top 6 have an income far greater than ours and to just hold the gap on squad values we need to strengthen by 150m plus per season.

22 May 2018 11:27:30
For top 10 finish I think the following recruitment is required (assuming Jota, Afobe, Vinegre stay) :

1. Goalie (Ruddy as No.2)
2. Right wing back (cover for Doc)
2. Left Sided centre back (Boly moved to right since he's right footed)
3. Sweeper as back up to Coady (although Saiss plays there for Morocco)
4. Attacking midfielder
5. Striker

c 200 million right there.
All of the above need to be proven in top flight football.

22 May 2018 17:12:20
Hey Dappa, I got plenty of faith cheers fella what does seem to be lacking round here is a bit of reality or humility! Didn't make a prediction before the last season as I don't really see the point, still don't to be honest either the teams playing well or it ain't! Surprised your predictions were so lofty last season considering you think we have a captain who isn't up to competing in the Champ?! Besides why would I need to make um when yours are so solid, this time last season you were telling everyone how Marco Silva had already signed a contract and was going to lead us to glory! ;-O.

22 May 2018 18:12:02
Oh, I get it. It's fake news unless you want it to be real. Donald. Is that you?
Listen. If you really don't believe they are going for as high as they can, I don't really care. I have been reading enough to conclude that they will and we will see soon enough with who they bring in.
I guess if you don't read things, then they can't be mentioned or brought into consideration when I make my opinion.
Please submit a list of articles you have read so I know what is allowed as a reference.

22 May 2018 18:48:57
Haha, oh Timmy you poor confused thing! I was actually making the point that if its not an official club source then tread carefully. If you truly understood the political land scape you would also understand that in this scenario you would be Donald, ah the irony! No point in references fella as you are clearly confused with how those work as well.

But at least now I get it, you clearly didn't read Thelwells interview at all. Just picked up the thread were someone mentioned Spurs and ran with it, haha well good luck with that level of background reading!

And the cherry on the cake, now I really have heard it all! Timmy please do tell me which team this season (in the world) isn't trying to 'go for as high as they can'?! Pretty sure Brom didn't start the season saying let's see if we can push for 20th this year! Just hilarious all round really!

Tell ya what fella I'll give you one more chance to make a salient point just tell me this how many teams have come up to the Prem and consistently established in the top six in there first three seasons there? Not even City did that, still what do they know about developing a top level team compared to a man that's read a few random posts on a forum?! Just too funny! ;)

22 May 2018 19:44:24
Anythings possible BullysBoy, we could very well over achieve? I think 7th is possible and top 10 for definite.

22 May 2018 20:10:27
Paul- Couldn't agree more fella, at NO point have I said its not possible! Just not the given that some are saying, no one gets to expect the Prem to bow to them! Pretty much EVERY team there is capable of breaking into the top 6 as has been show, that is a long stretch mind from actually owning and developing a team that is consistently there on merit! Which we'll get too no doubt but it ain't all going to be the weekly dominance we've enjoyed this season when we get to the Prem!
Look we've had a blinding season but reality is we have a squad of players who have virtually no Prem experience (bar a couple of players a good while back) . Sure we'll be up to it when it comes round but let's just give them room to breath and adjust is all; rather than crushing them with unrealistic expectation!

23 May 2018 09:26:59
Imo fosun thelwell know exactly what to say to get fans excited for nxt season even though bullysboy has pointed out in great depth they haven't said what some fans are saying they knew that what they're saying will be taken differen by a lot of fans sorry about my grammer i'm just a football wolves fan.

23 May 2018 09:35:35
I prefer Nuno's attitude he is not aiming for anything only to achieve as best he can it has worked so far and we are not going to spend £200m this summer Boly £10m gives you an idea of where we are at one or two over £20m at best.

23 May 2018 12:32:21
I don't think you can judge from Boly's fee where we are or how much we will spend. This deal was agreed last year as we had an option to buy at a set price, likewise with Jota. Both were outstanding last year and are good buys.
I do agree we won't spend £200m but there is the loan market or even out of contract players to consider.
Money is not everything but judging by the top 6 it does help, using transfermarkt for squad values the top 6 are valued between £450/ 750m approx, our squad value not counting loan players is under £50m with Boly and Jota £75m.

23 May 2018 12:33:30
Good post WindowWolf respect your opinion like everyone elses.
For me I like fans dreams of how we will get on in the prem nxt season whether they are realistic or not. its the best time to be a wolves fan. the season just gone exceeded all expectations so who's to say nxt season won't be the same all be it 100 times more difficult in the prem than the championship.
Roll on nxt season COYW.

23 May 2018 19:45:31
I realize that Thelwell, or maybe Dalrymple, were being a little ambitious saying we are going after spurs next season and that is why I said 6th.
Is it really unrealistic? Do you think it is impossible to buy enough quality players to go from a team that some are saying would be a mid-table team with last season's players to a top six team?
Do you think the players that are being mentioned would not be enough of an upgrade to move the team forward from mid table to sixth?
How much money do you think would need to be spent to get them to a sixth place contender?

23 May 2018 22:05:00
Here is roughly how much Tottenham spent on their staring 11. Not sure how much they spent after the article was published. So why is it so impossible for Wolves to do the same thing?


23 May 2018 22:38:19
Hey Timmy, well that's an entirely different matter and I reckon with the phrasing you have there me and you may just find a middle ground! (heaven forbid;)
For me next season then I would have to say yes it is unrealistic but hey I have been wrong so many times before that as I mentioned to Dappa I don't even do predictions much anymore. And yes I do think some of the players mentioned would be good enough to get us there, problem is here some of the players mentioned have been RIDICULOUS! Silly forum links like Rashford, Martial or Donnerauma which have been suggested and not one would genuinely sign for a freshly promoted team, never happening! Then you have your realistic targets but only under the right circumstances. Take Talisca now we'd all love to get him and after the work Mendes did with Neves you would have to say that's not impossible. However it only becomes impossible if just ONE of the other teams tied is interested (as they were mostly Champs League teams) .
So who knows eh, time will tell. As I've said before please don't think I am against the ambition, I would LOVE to be wrong and for us to smash our way straight into Europe! To be honest I just remember you posting a few days before 'Top 6 by Xmas or Nuno out' now I suspect you were joking/ on the wind up but that's the only reason I am SO over the top on this argument. Don't want to see us ruin a good thing by trying to jump the cue. We will get there, I don't doubt that part so let's just agree to enjoy the ride COYW ;)

23 May 2018 22:52:01
Also Timmy I have to say that having read the full interview I do feel you have (unknowingly) missed the point being made when Thelwell mentioned Spurs. I don't think he meant so much as challenging Spurs out right, I think he meant more a similar model to there's to run a high end football club (so that in the long term we will be a challenge to their recruitment) . As I say when he mentioned them it was during a player retention/ recruitment question and one thing you can't fault Spurs on is there transfer policy.
I think what he was actually saying is that in a few years time when the next Ali comes round we should be challenging them for him. Not trying to score points here just saying that I think you (and many others on Molmix) may have taken the Spurs reference slightly out of its intended context.

23 May 2018 23:07:00
Timmy- (in response to your latest post, waiting for mine to land;) Its not impossible, but the thing that article doesn't account for is time! Half of those players signed for Spurs when young and unknown then took YEARS to blossom and it will be the same for us! The numbers don't tell the full story, take a look at when each joined the club and you will realise that what Spurs are reaping right now is the rewards of around a decades worth of graft in terms of both recruitment and coaching! So yeah its entirely possible (if not likely) we could do the same thing. So the only we are debating here is the time it is likely to take! Well time will of course tell, as I say I do of course hope I am wrong and you are right. Sadly I suspect not COYW ;)



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