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27 Jul 2017 09:45:35
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26 Jul 2017 20:34:46
Moussa marega coming for medical before weekend.

26 Jul 2017 20:59:14
How many more guesses u havin? Eventually you'll be right I guess. Hope your wrong with this guy.

{Ed047's Note - Plays for Porto and ex Porto boss is now Wolves boss so im guessing putting 2 and 2 together and making 8 haha.}

26 Jul 2017 20:59:37
Is it guess how many strikers we can name night😀😀😀😀🙏.

26 Jul 2017 21:11:53
There's never a link haha.

{Ed033's Note - Maybe it's a rumour.

26 Jul 2017 21:20:56
A right handful he is! What is your source if I may ask or are you just throwing a possibility out there?

26 Jul 2017 23:21:48
We'll like it. Not a lot but we'll like it.

26 Jul 2017 23:37:02
No chance. Nuno sent him out on loan his record sucks!
With all that talent round him and he only got 1 goal from 9 games. Something not quite right.

27 Jul 2017 01:49:47
I'm sure it's a rumour Ed! But if someone just thinks of a name then claims to know they're having a medical at a specific time then it's not a rumour really is it? Well it is, but they started it! If however somebody told them, somebody who has possibly accurate info, then in my book that's a genuine bona fide rumour. if you follow?!

27 Jul 2017 09:41:26
Jacob Scrackers. 4 year deal.

26 Jul 2017 17:19:29
Konstantinos Mitroglou 12 million deal hopefully for sky cameras this weekend.

{Ed047's Note - would you want him.}

26 Jul 2017 17:40:22
Good goalscorin record at Olympiakos and Benfica. Why not?

{Ed047's Note - wasn't he on loan at Fulham ?}

26 Jul 2017 17:48:23
3 games?

26 Jul 2017 17:59:06
Certainly a big name.

26 Jul 2017 18:13:42
Would be excellent signing . goals record on a par with any top scorer . don't forget when he went to fulham he had an injury and only played 3 games . good record at Benfica last season.

26 Jul 2017 18:27:03
Break the plates for Zorba.

26 Jul 2017 18:29:53
Big name, 20 letters.

26 Jul 2017 20:07:53
It's a big no from me. £12 mil? What sort of mentalist is coming up with these rumours? What sort of ignoramus would suggest this as a good deal? Football has gone mad I tell you, MAD!

{Ed047's Note - Im not sure how many games sorry for £12m im sure Wolves could do better.}

26 Jul 2017 20:35:19
Just looked on wiki he has scored 1 every 2 games over his career 320 appearances 160 goals. looks like he would bag us a few tbf!

26 Jul 2017 21:25:40
Don't know much about him but his goal scoring record is very impressive. Very impressive indeed!

27 Jul 2017 09:15:03
He's awful had an awful scoring record for Fulham!

27 Jul 2017 09:32:09
He was young when he was at Fulham and that was years ago he's got a brilliant record . benfica fans will be distraught.

26 Jul 2017 14:26:06
Two strikers - apparently due to be signed. One is a household name - and if my source is correct then it'll make the neves signing look small fry - apparently flying in and due to be announced for leicester game.

The other being 'young and hungry'.

26 Jul 2017 15:00:56
Telford. Its Crouch he's still in his helicopter lol.

26 Jul 2017 15:15:03
Give us a clue what country he from?

26 Jul 2017 15:04:52
6 weeks summer holidays i see.

26 Jul 2017 15:54:42
I've heard the the big name player they're signing is Domes Tos.
Massive household name but I can't see it myself. Rated at 22m.

26 Jul 2017 16:16:37
Plays too clean for me.

26 Jul 2017 16:22:50
Its talisca isn't it 😜.

26 Jul 2017 16:23:03
Bet that rumour is 99% dead.

26 Jul 2017 16:23:25
He'd clean up in the premier never mind the championship.

26 Jul 2017 16:24:08
Ive heard we are after Mike Rowaive, a hot property but I can't see it myself.

26 Jul 2017 16:31:33
Rumours on Fridge Frazier gone cold.

26 Jul 2017 16:41:38
Derek Dougan! I heard. He's the Household name. ⚽️👍😉.

26 Jul 2017 17:00:19
Diego costa and sam gallacher. hopefully.

26 Jul 2017 17:01:42
You're all wrong. It's Nosmo King.
He's the household name. It's written everywhere.

26 Jul 2017 18:26:01
You're wrong deep, word on the street is that it will be Congo international and talisman Noe N'try.

26 Jul 2017 18:37:21
It's Holden McGroin but he's injured at the moment.

26 Jul 2017 19:22:48
Lots of earwigging going on some fans got there ears to the ground.

26 Jul 2017 18:19:57
Maybe it's Mr Muscle. Now that gender specific advertising has gone for a burton he will be looking for a new career.

26 Jul 2017 21:38:39
Spanish winger Juan Ker linked. Slippery player but lazy. Tends to come and go when he feels like it.

26 Jul 2017 21:58:43
Ive heard its a chinese international. RAY LING. hope they don't sit on the fence with him.

26 Jul 2017 23:14:26
Nice one Jas but actually it's Chinese international with a Spanish mother - Juan Ton - who is being touted as our weighty new midfield muscle man.

26 Jul 2017 22:28:51
An unknown from French club, Le Morgue has been linked to Wolves. John Doe is dead good and the fans will go balmy for this player. Has been known to go missing in some games.

27 Jul 2017 00:17:22
Hugh Jarse now being linked. Don't want him as he thinks he's better than he actually is. He thinks he's too big to wear our kit.

{Ed033's Note - Ooh You Are Awful... But I Like You!

27 Jul 2017 01:24:01
Welsh wonder Ivor Biggun set to sign. Big powerful centre forward always looking to sneak in around the back.

27 Jul 2017 08:12:19
Just seen a report that sky sports are doing a documentary behind the scenes at wolves- about how life at molineux has changed (most staff pissed off, but that's a different matter. ) . That happening pre-leicester.

Don't you think it fitting a big name will be announced when sky cameras are swarming around molineux.

As I said - big name - international footballer who had no
Right to be in the championship. I believe its on loan.

Just fyi - wolves enquired about falcao - but couldn't reach agreement over his wages.

27 Jul 2017 09:13:04
Really surely fosun could pay him for this season to get us in premier do you reckon?

27 Jul 2017 09:38:56
I've heard it's Jacob Scrackers that we are signing. Big household name.

26 Jul 2017 11:30:11
Linked today with Mexican Forward Raul Jimenez from Benfica.

{Ed047's Note - dont hold your breath buddy.}

26 Jul 2017 11:36:42
The same Jimenez that Spurs, Liverpool and numerous top clubs around Europe are sniffing around.

26 Jul 2017 11:43:09
Express and Star transfer rumours 26/ 7
Nothing to do with me.

{Ed047's Note - would be a very interesting move as he's not even a regular for Benfica but is being priced out of a move. I expect him to move but cant see anyone paying his release clause so perhaps Mendes can work his magic and get a deal done like he did with Neves..}

26 Jul 2017 12:41:49
Raul Jimenez? No chance.
The bookies have us at 33-1 outsiders, probably because of Nuno and Mendes. We're going to be outsiders to even sign Ronaldo because of our Portuguese links.
Still, nice to know that we are keeping such good company in these transfer rumours.

{Ed047's Note - Thats what i said dont hold your breath, but he is looking for a move as he wants to play rather than sit on the bench hence the links to Wolves which are obviously down to Mendes..}

26 Jul 2017 13:10:47
Ah the guess and star thanks for posting that give it a few days and Tim will be saying sako is coming back. spiers and guess and star clueless.

26 Jul 2017 13:13:08
Is he anygood though? we don't want any old Benfica dross 😀.

26 Jul 2017 13:18:21
26 Jul 2017 11:36:42
The same Jimenez that Spurs, Liverpool and numerous top clubs around Europe are sniffing around.

The same was said when the Neves rumours began.

25 Jul 2017 22:12:56
All these players will count for nothing if we do not sign an out and out goal scoring machine. that's the difference between walking the league and top 12 Afobe aboubaker please and Sako to top it off.

25 Jul 2017 22:58:04
I agree wednesfield but another 3 players will cause friction in the squad- it is too big already.

Plus Graham and Cav are better than sako both with assists and technical ability.
Afobe and aboubaker are a good shout and both could add to an attacking 3 and there are more than enough games to play.

We need one or two players that can hold the ball or gain control of the ball in the final third and either create or take on players. One attribute without the other is pointless at the molineux at the minute. Afobe ticks the box but then again aboubaker would be exciting in my opinion.

Also sky documentary agreed for this week can see the main striker been signed to show behind the scenes. UTW.

26 Jul 2017 08:41:57
For gods sake give it a rest . sako is not coming back thank goodness he is not as good as Costa . jota . Graham . cav . let it rest. Afobe has stated he is not coming back . let's move on.

26 Jul 2017 10:26:35
Time is a bit slow in Wednesfield, the future and the past can get confused. It's a bit like Dr Who, a box shaped travel machine with a huge empty space inside.

26 Jul 2017 10:52:28
Agreed Sedgley! It's been years (4?) since Sako was here.
Yes he was brilliant for us. he occupied 2 players most of the time and that's why Adobe and Dicko did so well but he's the past now. Believe me with Costa and Jota in the side we don't need him and there's no place for him.
Costa-Jota-Graham is too quality. in my opinion Mid table prem quality.
Sako wouldn't get in.

We need a power house forward (Aboubaker and Gallagher please) plus a box to box midfielder and I think we should finish top 4.

Patience guys-the loan player will probably arrive late when the Prem teams have their squads settled and know who they can send out.
I think we'll have someone in permanent before Leicester.
Fosun don't mess about. 👍🏼.

26 Jul 2017 11:28:39
Fosun don't mess about. lol getting a striker in on loan. sooooooooo funny.

26 Jul 2017 12:56:16
Yes Demon. On loan. To supplement Dicko and Mason and the permanent signing we will probably make.

Please expand on how Fosun have "messed about" also, picking an England U21 international up for a loan fee of probably 1-2 million makes sense.
Well, to most people it would ☺️.

26 Jul 2017 14:07:16
Wolves need to stop wasting time with Mason up front. He is lightweight and cannot finish. Only looks good in a central No.10 role, which now we don't have. Get rid. If we can get even £1m for Mason we'll be lucky.

Anyone know what happened to Dicko? If he's out for more than a week, attacking reinforcements are even more desperately needed. Hopefully a new Wanderers No.9 is already on his way!

25 Jul 2017 12:51:02
Jota here on loan done and dusted just striker to go see if can do anything in front of goal tonight or be a rush to get some one I personally think we will finish top 2 this season some wise business going on loans with possible buys seems a lot more attractive.

25 Jul 2017 13:38:42
How to get around FFP - loan them for a season and use the promotion money to buy them next summer.

Could Wolves trial a 433 with these three interchanging and leading the attack:

Cav - Jota - Costa

Saiss - Neves - Marshall

Douglas - Boly - Miranda - Doc


25 Jul 2017 17:42:01
That would never work with saiss in the middle he is a liability.
4-2-3-1 more likely.
Doc/ ayeh Miranda/ Batth/ hause boly doug
Neves. Price/ saiss/ coady/ aggressive midfielder
Costa jota cav
Dicko/ striker
3-4-3 will be found out we still don't have the sum of all parts for that system like Chelsea.

25 Jul 2017 20:27:47
I'd pick Graham over Cav every day of the week.

He's much the better player.

25 Jul 2017 12:47:48
I'm hearing we're being linked with Portuguese forward Eder (Ederzito António Macedo Lopes) a fee of about €6,000,000 should secure the strikers services. Just hat I heard from a reliable source.

25 Jul 2017 14:30:35
Portugese? Doesn't sound likely. :O)

25 Jul 2017 22:04:49
Time to get the Gallagher deal over the line. and let him bring the magicians behind him into the game with his link up play and of course reap the rewards with 15-20 goals. Final piece of the jigsaw. I certainly think so.
For those fans out there which are concerned we are not even half way there with the intensity which will follow when the whistle blows for the start of the season.
Costa, Jota, Neves - on the pitch together. mouth watering.
And if Coady does not have captains armband come start of season I will be a little disappointed. This scouse lad has come good finally.


25 Jul 2017 12:25:34
Being linked with Luri Medeiros from Sp. Lisbon. yet another winger. Better widen the new, improved pitch with all these wingers.

25 Jul 2017 14:16:26
Medeiros was quoted in the Portuguese newspapers today as saying that he was unsure of his future at Sporting. A move of some sort looks to be on the cards.

25 Jul 2017 15:56:55
Fingers and toes crossed that sounds really promising medeiros uncertain of future at sporting.

25 Jul 2017 10:00:29
Wolves have bid for Swansea defender Steven Kingsley.

25 Jul 2017 11:06:30
Knocked back.

25 Jul 2017 16:00:00
Has anyone totted up how much Fosun has spent this window? I lost track a fortnight ago! Making me dizzy just thinking about how much things are changing this season. Just hope Nuno gets them all clicking by the M'boro match. Exciting times to be a Wolves supporter.

25 Jul 2017 07:38:52
Tim spiers says jota deal almost done small things just being sorted out - prob sorting out in Portugal move expect or if he family schools etc should all be done by Thursday was reported he was at Compton Monday looking around meeting team etc.

25 Jul 2017 10:17:08
Revolution continues jota signed.

25 Jul 2017 12:00:17
Not taking any notice of Tim spiers he's 2 days behind with his information Tim Nash is more on the ball.

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