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08 Aug 2023 12:00:02
The Guardian now reporting that Wolves and J-Lo are expected to reach a financial settlement over his departure.
This doesn't sound good. J-Lo does have previous form in turning his back so I don't think anybody would be too surprised if this ends badly.

Bullys Magic Boots

1.) 08 Aug 2023 12:40:59
Yeah confirmed by Liam keen def looks like he is departing, fingers crossed its potter

2.) 08 Aug 2023 12:47:41
Absolutely disappointed that the club’s ambition does not match the ambition of a top-class manager.
This feels like a major mistake and even more disappointing if it’s because the manager has spoken out.

3.) 08 Aug 2023 13:09:31
Compensation package for jlo talks are apparently amicable!

4.) 08 Aug 2023 13:10:19
Wtf is the board of clowns doing? We pursue a world class coach.wait weeks for him to say yes.lie to him about the financial situation.pay him and his team off.THEN hire a virtually zero experience 1st team coach on the cheap.
Have followed WW from the McGarry era, stayed loyal through the Bhattis, enjoyed most of the Sir Jack times, struggled through the Scouse spiv times, but today will probably be the biggest mouldy cherry on top of the Shi turd cake.
Please if anyone is to go, please, Jeff, make it you.

5.) 08 Aug 2023 13:21:14
I still think that both parties are playing 'poker' but someone's going to fold soon. It's time for someone to call a bluff. If JL goes it will be bitterly disappointing. I would welcome Graham Potter. O'Neill to me looks like a Big Sam type of appointment, for one reason only, to stay up. Potter would be more aspirational.

6.) 08 Aug 2023 13:25:26
Why would he be paid anything for quitting?

7.) 08 Aug 2023 13:30:26
Can't blame Sellars on this one.

J-Lo was promised things Wolves couldn't deliver. Blame only lands in one place: the board. Financial mismanagement too, overpaying for poor players.

8.) 08 Aug 2023 13:31:02
If Lopetegui goes, then we go down. Yes we have good players but these are players who Lopetegui brought in (8). The new manager will have his own ideas and I just don't think the players will adapt fast enough and by the time they do, it'll be too late.

9.) 08 Aug 2023 13:31:31
I have a horrible feeling of a club announcement this afternoon, saying the club and JLo are parting ways

10.) 08 Aug 2023 13:35:46
Definitely agree Deep Throat, O’Neil - no thank you. Potter has proved his pedigree, he had a lovely style of play down on the South Coast, the style of play many of our squad would relish- Cunha, Nunes, Sarabia etc. Chelsea was/is a poison chalice. Too many egos and battling against the board

11.) 08 Aug 2023 13:47:31
If its o neill then i'd say wev hadit.bmouth played some dire stuff even if they did stay up.this fosunfarce is typical.of them.in way above their heads.j.lop is a world class coach and to lose him and appoint a promoted backroom guy is ridiculous

12.) 08 Aug 2023 13:52:44
Graham potter he will come in and just get on with the job.i got nothing to say about JL oh he's done this couple of times.to me get out JL welcome potter

13.) 08 Aug 2023 13:57:52
So we chased Lopetegui initially in 2016, then again for weeks last year. We promised him money to spend but have apparently let him down. But ask yourself, have we?

When he took over, he wanted to rebuild the squad but due to our perilous position, the money that was earmarked for this summer was actually used in January so that we could guarantee our survival.

I have no doubt that more money was promised and this is what has caused the issue. Knowing this CEO, we'll probably let Lopetegui walk away then allow the new manager/coach the funds to sign some players.

What we need is a manager that we don't have to pay compensation for, is available immediately and plays good football. Step forward Darren Potter. We'll just have to overlook the Baggies link.

14.) 08 Aug 2023 14:05:27
The only thing that can happen is loans with a commitment to buy. Or he walks.
If he walks, I wouldn't pay him a penny.

15.) 08 Aug 2023 14:08:47
Wolfy46's *OBSESSION* with Graham Potter.

16.) 08 Aug 2023 14:13:07
Sadly Shi has completely mis-managed our Club.
We now lose a top class coaching team, team morale will be shot and the fans will be in despair.
Still, Shi has a job.

17.) 08 Aug 2023 14:41:02
Wot u mean obsession with Graham potter I myself he will do a great job.???

18.) 08 Aug 2023 15:17:12
In my opinion JLo has acted like a spoilt kid through all this. We all knew we were close to FFP before Jan's spend. He has been very unprofessional from the off. Take his side line antics during games. At least O'Neil would behave correctly and also have a point to prove. He is probably a case of what we can afford as Potters wages will be inflated since Chelsea appointment

19.) 08 Aug 2023 16:17:40
What you going on about, J.Lo was promised funds for the so called project at Wolves, saying he is spoilt, you dnt know wht ya going on about, O'Neil lmao, tha players won't listen to him, We going down or fighting relegation, Shi trying to get a manager on the cheap, my opinion we were only a couple of decent players short of having a real good season, Fosun need to sell up whilst still in tha Premier to get there so called profits, because in the Championship they will lose 50% off tha price off the club is worth know! BAD MISKAKE GETTING RID OF A TOP CLASS MANAGER!

20.) 08 Aug 2023 16:24:50
Were not going to get a manager of JL, pedigree again, good grief, what they playing at. Big battles ahead
Scrimmaging for every point. No one will want to come to us., several more will go shortly after JL,

21.) 08 Aug 2023 17:00:26
I think you are missing the point. Shi has no money, so has to go cheap as his current manager is throwing his toys out the pram. A project is over years and he has spent £70 million already, knowing we spent £100 million in the summer.

22.) 08 Aug 2023 17:28:01
Cameo, the real point is Shi, in his 3 years of direct control after firing the successful MD, Head of Finance and appointing a disaster of a Head of Football has created this mess.
The only good transfer window out of the last 7, was January's Lopetegui/Hobbs one.
Shi is TOTALLY responsible for our FPP situation.

23.) 08 Aug 2023 17:39:12
Uncle Jorge will soon sell RAN, Semedo, Neto, Nunes, Podence and Sa. They'll be gone by the end of this transfer window.

O'Neil will be tasked to ready us for the Championship.

24.) 08 Aug 2023 17:50:29
Totally agree Rugeley.

25.) 08 Aug 2023 18:04:08
I think we all need to take a breathe, as far as I know, LOP has not gone yet, this could be the meeting that has been needed to clear the decks.
Yes the timing is not great at all, but until ai hear he's gone, he's still our manager, he's right to want backing, as he knows what the club can be, or he would never have come, saying that if he goes qehave to bw prepared, what we do have is a good team spirit, and that has shown through all of this pre season.
We have a good squad, and maybe 1 or 2 players in will complete that, LOP knows it, he just has to convince the board, that maybe what this while meeting today is about.
The press have done nothing but publish rubbish since the end of last season.

26.) 08 Aug 2023 18:15:35
They won't go for potter .hes used to too much money now.cheapest option and a yes man is o neil.fosun should be next ones thru the door.out of their depth

27.) 08 Aug 2023 18:17:15
Correct as usual Jas, we are employing a relegation battling manager as we know that's about where our club will be after we've sold off the family silver! This is all Jeff's doing, all his poor decisions are coming home to roost at once and it's us fans paying the price! So angry right now ?
Villa get Emery and a war chest we get O'Niel and a fire sale, if it happens I hope Jeff is hounded out of the city to be honest ?

28.) 08 Aug 2023 18:27:31
Not sure you will see Jeff the liar at the mol for some time.
One lying b******
There’s only one lying person

29.) 08 Aug 2023 18:44:24
When Parker was sacked by Bournemouth, O'Neil publicly came out and said that he only ever wanted to be a coach, never a Manager/Head Coach. Yes he did OK there but he isn't the person we need.

30.) 08 Aug 2023 19:07:00
Look give O'Neill a chance I rather us go to man utd with him than no manager.everyone deserves a chance.to me my self JL made up a plan his self and had that interview behind clubs back told them what he thought of things at club shi etc didn't no about so to me myself he's a great manager kept us up he knew about ffp before he signed.brought his coaching staff etc.which cost 3 times more than we have ever paid etc look he wants out so let him go.hes done it before he's acting like a spoil brat.

31.) 08 Aug 2023 19:32:46
Its like a episode of eastenders wolves is you couldn't make it up, you still got good players, I remember when oneil did the same under lerner was gutted, u shouldn't go for potter or oneil there not good enough get bielsa, or steve cooper, I don't think ul go dwn but things rnt right at your club

32.) 08 Aug 2023 19:43:30
When are they going to say what is happening? Put us out of our misery.

33.) 08 Aug 2023 19:44:27
I think if- when the inevitable does happen we all need to get behind the new boss who ever that be as he’s just a bloke with a point to prove and will want to do a good job- probably without a huge ego and willing to work with what he’s got- I’m not saying the situation is perfect however I’ve said it before- the measure of a world class manager is being able to get a tune out of an average team - cloughie won 2 European cups with drunken journeymen who no one gave a chance to in the beginning - let’s just see it as a progressive step because this Lop situation would have unfolded sooner or later ——better now than Xmas

34.) 08 Aug 2023 19:45:04
There's always Monday to look forward to, Bullys.If you're angry you can't be a season ticket holder:I'm happy as I've got my bobble hat and USB charger thingymajig!

35.) 08 Aug 2023 20:24:27
I'd be worried about Potter. lovely football, but a complete lack of goals.we've had that for a while haven't we?

36.) 08 Aug 2023 20:49:03
Potters win percentage at Brighton was 31% and at Chelsea 38%, with a mega squad. Barely better than Lop last season.

37.) 08 Aug 2023 20:58:03
Oh my god. Bielsa or Cooper . Keep Lop and kick Shi out the door. So far out of his depth. Bring back Dalrimple.

38.) 08 Aug 2023 21:34:11
JL has walked away just like he always do I welcome O'Neill

39.) 08 Aug 2023 22:31:03
Have you just arrived from Mars, Bels? That would be the Bielsa who is Uruguay's manager? Cooper? No thanks.

40.) 08 Aug 2023 22:33:00
I've heard rumours not too long ago the the Italian team is still after Kilman. Maybe, Shi is not making any promises to Julen that he won't sell him.

41.) 08 Aug 2023 23:03:51
Think you have mis-read my comment Old Wulf?
I was reacting to Villajonny, I DON'T want Bielsa or Cooper as manager. Both would sink us.

42.) 11 Aug 2023 15:33:11
Kally 1 why is it u always running us down are u a true wolves fan or W B A IN DISGUISE.



18 Aug 2022 14:30:06
Long time reader, first time poster.Spiers quoting David Ornstein as Forest having agreed with Wolves £44.5m for Gibbs-White. Think we done good there!

Bullys Magic Boots

1.) 18 Aug 2022 15:08:34
35m flat fee plus the add ins. Great business.

2.) 18 Aug 2022 15:10:38
Very good price Forest must see something special to pay that amount on a virtually unknown quality.

3.) 18 Aug 2022 15:29:13
If this is true and it appears to be let's hope we have negotiated both a sell on - in case he does turn out to be as good as his early promise hinted so that when Forest sell him for massive money to be big 6 team we still benefit to some extent AND a realistic, i.e. lower than we are selling for, buy back option if Forest go down - which must still be possible - but he is still worth a place in the Prem.
From a cash perspective Nunes for MGW may be nearly square (hopefully that is a major win for us?) but from a FFP/P and L perspective it is indeed massively in our favour. We take the entire payment up front as profit - he was in the books at zero - but are able to spread the Nunes acquisition over the life of the contract.
Given the pressure on our accounts for various reasons over the last two years this is a major plus.

4.) 18 Aug 2022 15:30:11
Gibbs-White is a very competent footballer but it has to be said, Bruno has played a blinder over the last few weeks talking up G-W's abilities and hence his price!

5.) 18 Aug 2022 15:50:48
If that's correct I'ld take it and let the lad go if he thinks its a good move for him. MGW may come good and maybe Steve Cooper has a different system which could utilise him better but so far the chances he's had at Wolves in a top 10 side haven't been taken. That said if he wants to sign the new contract and stay that's also fine by me to.

6.) 18 Aug 2022 16:08:12
However good MGW turns out to be, thus is too good to turn down. Utterly insane to pay these amounts for a player not proven at top levels

7.) 18 Aug 2022 16:18:10
I liked MGW but that kinda money is a no brainer, I don't think he would of signed a new contract with us anyway

8.) 18 Aug 2022 16:21:58
Money was too good to turn down, wishing MGW all the best for the remainder of his career.

9.) 18 Aug 2022 16:26:40
MGW won the u17 World Cup a few years back and had a good season the one before with Swansea- both under Cooper who seems to be able to get a tune out of him. Good deal for both and someone was going to pay for the Nunes deal- could've been worse

10.) 18 Aug 2022 16:52:19
I never wanted him to go but at 44.5m it's a no brainer unless Forest know something we don't

11.) 18 Aug 2022 17:10:05
Welcome to the site Bullys Magic Boots. He said he wanted to play for Wolves but wouldn't sign a new contract, (not sure what they were offering him though) said he'd matured but I doubt that. For me, swapping him out for Nunes for roughly the same price is superb business.
Of course I wish him well but for me, he's just one of those 'nagging doubts' sort of a player.

12.) 18 Aug 2022 20:20:04
Yeah I have to echo others here, I wanted to keep MGW but I think at that price we'd be silly not to! As always Future's on the money re: sell ons and buy backs but not sure its likely. Copper has worked with him a LOT so may well know something the rest of us don't but if you'd offered me him or Nunes at the start of the window I think you'd struggle to find a single fan that wouldn't take Nunes! Not to mention the fact to get that kind of money for a player whos not signing a contract with only two years left and who's only ever really shone in the champ REALLY is impressive (credit where its due:)
Don't want to put a downer on things but it does make me wonder what's happened to the home grown plan?! Best case scenario, we get Ramos (or another striker) and we crash the top six this season. We get Europe again but again we can only name a squad of 21 cause we STILL don't have any home grow players?! Cause originally Fabio, Hooever and MGW were going to fix that problem taking three of the four homegrown slots. Out of those lot MGW is off, Fabio now won't qualify cause we loaned him abroad a season before it was due (still not sure why to be honest with the end in sight) and Hooever increasingly looks like a player who has decided Football may not be his profession of choice (another manager saying his attitude stinks this early on is frankly shocking)! Like I say not complaining cause the clubs done well here. I am just wondering why the basis of our transfer policy seems so sporadic when it comes to homegrown players. There was talk of a Sporting Director and that would be equally exciting news (for me:). Anyway they are tomorrow's problems, for today we've signed what really could be one of the best young cms in the world right now! Happy days! COYW ?

13.) 18 Aug 2022 20:59:19
I think this is a great deal for Wolves.
They buy a proven European superstar who (eventually) wanted to come here and play, and then sell a decent but unproven player for the same price.
Best of luck to MGW but it seems a massive price to me. Well done Wolves.
What I don't understand is selling players who have been a big part of the pre-season. Players that have knowledge of our strategies, our strengths, our tactics. It's probably all down to timing bit it seems a bit daft to me. Same as Benfica waiting Ramos for first two CL games. If they do well then why sell him after two games.
Football. It's bonkers! Ha Ha!@

14.) 19 Aug 2022 08:18:37
Bullysboy hard to argue with anything you say and my initial thought with Fabio was exactly the same, why not loan him to championship instead but I have read that he will still qualify for homegrown as he would have had 3 years on our books. I'm not saying what I read is true but I do think it was in the e and s ?

15.) 19 Aug 2022 09:16:31
Not been reported but Wolves put a sell on clause into the deal, it all adds up I guess

16.) 19 Aug 2022 12:09:06
Just going back to what Bully boy said on homegrown we selected on the bench last Saturday Campbell Cundle and Ronan surely these kids are the future and homegrown could I also ask would Toti and Chiquinho fall into this home grown talent eventually?

17.) 19 Aug 2022 15:05:42
South- it's no longer just 3 years on the books you now have to play/train for the club. I believe there is a way round it if like you say they stay in the country (thus allowing them to still play in the occasional reserves match but that has to be agreed in the loan and rarely is).
Stour- I believe that Chem Campbell and Cundle will already be qualified as they've been at the club for. years. As for Toti and Chiquinho both arrived in the 20's I believe so saddly neither would be able to qualify.

18.) 20 Aug 2022 00:32:28
Ps- I'm also pretty sure Ronan won't qualify as he's spent most of his time with us out on loans (but might be wrong depending how early we got him) ?

19.) 20 Aug 2022 07:45:04
Bullysboy that's exactly what I thought but I know I've read it somewhere ? fingers crossed we get a striker in soon




Bullys Magic Boots's banter posts with other poster's replies to Bullys Magic Boots's banter posts


24 May 2024 14:04:41
Just using round numbers here but.
30,000 fans * £50/fan * 20 games/yr = £30million per season inc VAT.

- After VAT, Wolves get £25m from fans at games.enough to buy one decent quality player.

- Fosun can typically only put in £35m/yr into the team (FPS)

- Sky money barely covers players wages.

So, do we want investment in the team or lower ticket prices?

Bullys Magic Boots

1.) 24 May 2024 14:21:26
Bully's Magic Boots the wages for the first team is only 45 mill per season according to what I've read.

2.) 24 May 2024 15:00:19
Sorry Wolf, I should have said where I got that from.

That is what was implied in Jeff Shi's letter to the fans (I don't think it specified whether that was player's wages or all wages).

Make of that what you will.

3.) 24 May 2024 15:18:45
Yearly wage bill is £45m as Wolf123 says. Add the rest of the staff (manager, coaches) and the admin staff, you can probably add another £25m at most.

We will get a minimum of £115m for our league position.

Add sponsorship money from AstroPay etc, merchandise and what not, the accounts are not that bad. The issue is that no transfer fee is ever paid all up front, more instalments.

We know we had to sell players last season but we did also sign the likes of Cunha and Bellegarde for £70m.

4.) 24 May 2024 16:35:41
£44m for Cunha and £12.8 for Bellegarde Jas M so there is £13m unaccounted for by your reckoning.

5.) 24 May 2024 16:38:03
WWFC group published accounts to May 2023 show staff costs as £141.6m for the year

6.) 24 May 2024 16:53:17
Jas M we will get 130 mill with tv revenue going up that can not be spent on staff and ground improvements were is the money going. If fuson want Wolves to be financially sustainable on there on surely all that money should go to Wolves so where is it going.

7.) 24 May 2024 17:08:50
E from Wombourn, it's apparently clear you seem to have an issue with me but please look at my last post were I said 'we signed the likes of' as opposed to 'we only signed'

My bad. I forgot the signings of Santiago Bueno and Boubacar Traore.

Wolf123, I don't know where the money is going. All I know is that we are not in as bad a financial situation as the media make out.

Just last week, GON came out and said that we don't need to sell any of the players.

8.) 24 May 2024 17:36:35
Jas M can you also remember the players who left the club and the amount of money received into the club as you seem to have a selective memory.

9.) 24 May 2024 18:24:25
Of course I can.

Nunes €60m
Neves €55m
Collins €26.85m
Coady €8.70m
Jimenez €6.40m
Giles €5.85m
Kawabe €1.50m
Sarkic €1.40m
Podence loan fee €1.50m

Total = €167.2m or £142, 418, 389.69p today.


Cunha €50m
Bellegarde €15m
S Bueno €12m
B Traore €11m

Total: €88m or £74, 952, 995.19p

So player trading since June 1st 2023 shows €79.2m profit (67, 464, 297.97p)

I have used XE currency converter.

Now will you answer the questions I've asked you?

10.) 24 May 2024 19:19:11
Yes Jas M plus the Sky money £130 M plus season ticket money shirt sales sponsorships etc.
You have answered your own question.
I don’t have an agenda against you but you shoot posters down all the time and come across as bombastic sticking up for Jeff Shi when you have already stated that you will not be able to attend games and Fosun appear to be asset stripping and getting what they can before a fire sale like the other Chinese owners of clubs have done.
I’m not the only one who thinks this.
Have a look around.

11.) 24 May 2024 19:27:56
Bully's Magic Boots - Thank you!
I have read numerous posts on both here and other sites re Wolves finances and to date you are the first person who appears to have actually opened the accounts.
To put our financial position into perspective in the last accounts - for the YE May 2023 - Wolves LOST more than £107m before player sales!
Our Wage bill is over £141m. If the first team squad are earning circa £40m - which doesn't seem crazy - then the other employees earn on average well over 200k each.
Given many will be, (some/many part time), cleaners, catering staff, security guards, retail staff, stewards, ticket office staff, groundsmen, Kitmen etc etc this does seem odd.
Any ideas?
Finally just to help clarify a couple of comments made recently:
Jas - Fabio (and the rest of the bomb squad - Guedes, Hoever, Sasa and Podence), does unfortunately still massively impact us and will continue to do so even though some were bought more than 3 years ago. They have 5 + year contracts and we pay them wages and amort their fees over the life of the contract. Over 20p in every pound the club earns (from all sources) goes to finance the bomb squad!
Phil the large sales made before the start of season 23/24 whilst apparently solving this year's FFP (or what ever you now call it) problems, do v little to solve the ongoing financial problems.
Note the club before player sales LOST £107m in 2023!
Although, as accounts are yet to be produced, we don't know for certain what it did in 2024, (management, who do know better than us, seemingly assumed it would be another large loss, hence sensibly ensured the sales were made to avoid FFP issues), or will do in 2025, (I think it is fair to assume it wil be another loss hopefully less than 2024 and a lot less than 2023), it isn't actually that hard to predict.
Income is quite stable - excluding the impact of covid - and has hovered around £170m for several years now.
Whilst on the flip side there are only 2 costs worth mentioning.
Firsly wages these will change with player sales/purchases but oddly not by much as you might think as it is seemingly non players, (who), who take most of the wages - over 140m in 2023
Secondly amorts which do run in line with contracts so are directly affected by players bought/sold/coming to end of their first contract, eg Semedo.
Overall Jas I agree we are not in as bad a financial position as some in the media make out but we are undoubtedly in a v bad situation.
I have previously made it v clear who I blame for this sorry situation so won't dwell on it but sadly once again having been on the edge of success - Seville and Coventry - it looks once again that we will be taking backward steps as others march forward!
Tks Jeff!

12.) 24 May 2024 19:31:12
There’s no defence of this
Shi he’s embarrassed us as supporters
Shi has belittled our club
FFS sell up make you dirty money and do one
I won’t spend a penny into my club until Fosun are gone totally breaks my heart but it’s Bhatti time again.
Love the wolves hate fosun.

13.) 24 May 2024 19:52:19
Our saleable value will drop of the cliffE
Jeff take the money and run you and your chums are done.
You could do a sir Jack and sell for a tenner if you really care about the fans of course

14.) 24 May 2024 20:26:48
TFIOG welcome back.

15.) 24 May 2024 20:38:22
E, I posted earlier that Wolves accounts up to 31st May 2023 showed a income of £167m and outgoings of £142m. These figures can be found on the Wolves website.

I don't intend to continue this pointless ding dong with you as its very clear that you seem embarrassed that I've called you out because you post things without proof.

You clearly taken issue with me asking you to explain your statement that Fosun had taken money out of the club and back to China. All I want is an example of how.

16.) 24 May 2024 21:06:09
I'm not pretending to know anything regarding finances, and up til now wouldn't overly complain about Fosun or Shi. We are where we are thanks to them, and they've facilitated some of the best players and best football we've seen.
It does now seem, to me anyway, that they are taking the fans for granted and totally underestimate the deep passions and social cohesion within the community.
They are not selling themselves or the club, if we want success wolves aren't for you they imply.
This is disgraceful comments to make at a time when they expect supporters to fork out an extra 17+% to lend their vocal and visual backing.
I can only draw my own conclusion and that is that the signs from such patronising action is that they've had enough and are looking to get out. Global unrest may be an influence, but I think they're cashing in. The adventure looked good but hasn't returned on their expectations.
I've been depressed all day, we could be losing the heart of our team with neto, RAN, cunha, gomez Sa and of course kilman semedo and sarabia possibly going. Would GON stay? Who would he be able to bring in. Will we be returning to the 1st division as we did before?
Shi in his choice of words as unsettled my faith, clumsily ignorant or deliberately distancing he cannot oversee a club with so little enthusiasm.
My trust as gone and if Fosun are to stay it'll need some wise words and sensible rethinking before it's restored.
Very worrying times. I've said before, this summer could be critical for Wolverhampton wanderers.

17.) 24 May 2024 21:11:58
Looking at the figures the club themselves have posted for Financial Statement for Year Ending 31st May 2023.

Gate Receipts- £15, 105, 000
Sponsorship and Advertising- £13, 343, 000
Broadcasting rights - £11, 148, 000
Commercial - £13, 718, 000
League Distribution - £113, 795, 000
Other - £1, 466, 000

Total: £168, 575, 000

Wages, Tax and Pensions - £141, 816, 000.

Losses including amortisation etc £67, 186, 000

This year's figures are due soon and will include the sales of Neves, Collins and Nunes etc.

18.) 24 May 2024 22:06:16
Absolutely but outgoings aren't just the wages.
Total outgoings are circa £276m
This is offset by the sales - in 2022/23 mainly Gibbs White - leading as you say to the £64m loss in 2022/23.
Unfortunately the accounts for 2023/24 will probably not be available until next March, the 2022/23 ones were produced in March 2024.
Hence all actions taken this summer are done with management having knowledge of the situation - ie the accounts to May 2024 will be closed. But we the supporters can only trust that management is making sensible decisions.

19.) 24 May 2024 22:51:01
TFIOG. I just posted the details from 1 page of a 46 page document. I have quite a good understanding of football finance as my best mate works for a major financial company who work with most of the PL teams.

I know there are other incomings and outgoings.

The document is available on the Wolves website for everyone to look over for themselves.

20.) 25 May 2024 06:44:29
Again not financially knowledgeable, I wonder what the projected income is up until April 2025, and how the ticket sales may or may not effect will effect things.

21.) 25 May 2024 07:54:25
Good to see you back Thefutureisoldgold and all who are back.

22.) 25 May 2024 08:06:34
A silver lining,
As not what any poster wants to see our own in turmoil.

23.) 25 May 2024 09:01:37
That's true phil, and no matter what we think we know it won't alter things one iota. All we can, and should do is remain behind our team.



23 Aug 2023 14:57:49
The Athletic are reporting Man City interest in Nunes. De Bruyne could be out for several months and they are looking for an attacking midfielder to bolster their options.

Bullys Magic Boots

1.) 23 Aug 2023 15:09:09
Get sixty Seventy mill as long as they spend on 4 or 5 new players a CH a new striker 2 MF what do other people tnink

2.) 23 Aug 2023 17:16:14
Dek, as transfer fees are not paid in one lump sum Nunes would effectively be on hire purchase so if we sold him to City they would take over the payments we owe on him and there won’t be any money for four or five new players.

3.) 23 Aug 2023 17:20:51
If we sell the quality of our midfield would plummet so it's a no from me. Time we started to keep our best players.

4.) 23 Aug 2023 17:33:19
Here in lies the problem, I have absolutely no confidence in our ability to replace our average players let alone our good ones! If we sell him for say £80m we would a) only spend half of it and b) spend it poorly on more players not good enough for the Championship! Think this one could have legs though because if they sell Phillips to Pool they will definitely need another cm. Don't forget that a few months before we signed him Pepe said Nunes was one of the best young midfielders around! Time will tell but if I'm honest this worries me, this has already been the worst transfer window so far! ?

5.) 23 Aug 2023 18:02:16
The owner was at the Brighton game dressed in Wolves merchandise.Surely he is not thinking of selling Nunes and leaving us short of players when we are already struggling?

6.) 23 Aug 2023 18:18:34
Neves went for 47 million to Saudi league can't see us getting more than that if for arguments sake man City made a bid.

But anything can happen the way football is going of late so get your worry bullsboy.

When window is shut things will be settled for all teams.
Unless Saudi league make bids.

7.) 23 Aug 2023 18:43:09
Absolutely no. We have sold enough of our best players. Just because Man City need a player it's almost like master and servant in football with half a dozen teams picking off the cream. Be glad when this stupid window closes. In fact, I am getting sick of the whole football thing so I am off for a while. Thanks for having me on the site but I really am fed up.

8.) 23 Aug 2023 18:51:00
Oops BullysBoy not bullsboy.

Somethings always stick in your mind years back on here was landed on for spelling ha ha.
You most likely BullysBoy was one of the ones who stuck up for us lol.

9.) 23 Aug 2023 20:25:32
That's cause I'm awful at spelling and grammar myself Phil mate! ? Never see the point in calling peeps out on it, my posts are usually riddled with mistakes! ??

10.) 23 Aug 2023 20:28:20
Also Phil Neves only went that cheap cause he only had a year left on his contract. The truth is the Saudis saved our blushes on yet more terrible contract management. Nunes is younger and I beleive has about 3 years on his contract but I'm sure someone can correct me if I'm wrong (again:) ??

11.) 23 Aug 2023 20:55:54
Wolves sell him know late in the transfer window, its bad news, we need him because there's not going to be a replacement, we will be done!

12.) 23 Aug 2023 21:31:02
Apparently one holdup is that Wolves want Ash up front. Another indication that we are being lined up for a sale and it won't be reinvested.

13.) 24 Aug 2023 06:14:01
I'm intrigued fair without being excited of how our players perform Saturday at Everton.

Hoping we can laugh in the face of adversity.

Nunes is banned and out of the Everton game anyway.

Wonder who will take his place in the team.
Babacour Traore perhaps or hodges.

On fosun selling up nothing I can see on sites but fosun keep things close to their chest.
A very nervy time for wolves fans.

14.) 24 Aug 2023 06:56:11
I agree Phil, shi's letter, his showing against Brighton, the possible threat of losing nunes etc, I don't believe the words of commitment. I wonder what JL was/wasn't promised. We seem to be in a constant state of speculation over how things will work out and who to believe. It is worrying and I for one will be glad when the transfer windows closed. At least then we'll know the team situation, whatever happens to club ownership after that is out of our hands.But the timings are ridiculous, from JL wanting squad settled by July to mayhem at the end of August.
On the Nunes situation, I won't be too sorry if he goes, great talent but I don't think his heart has been truly with us. His performances have run hot and cold, big big money won't be forthcoming I don't think, but if we get cash + players it might alleviate my concerns on Fosun balancing the books for selling up.

15.) 24 Aug 2023 08:18:24
Morning Abbey mate hope alls well pal.

I just trying to keep my mind on Saturday you know the football side of it.
Yes I think the same about Nunes the other rumours semedo that kind of thing happens every year.
Agree with all about the transfer window being open when the season gas started.

We cut out the lapses of concentration and finally start putting our chances away we got it in us to get 3 points at Everton.
Whether we do or not is a nothing thing but the one thing we don't know thst we will is the result Saturday 5 o'clock ish.
Lol with 13 mins added time agsisnt Brighton who knows what time the match will finish at Everton.

Have good day mate

16.) 24 Aug 2023 09:41:16
Cheers Phil, on the subject of added time my son had added up 16mins v man u, excessive I know but he'd stop watched every time in 2nd half, the ref gave us 6mins + 1 for var on pen, another ploy as we were on top?



28 Jul 2023 20:27:32
I know this goes against the consensus but I don't see us trying to sign another striker.
Allegedly, J-Lo requires two players for each position. We have available Kalajdzic and Silva, Cunha as cover if things get desperate.
Our preferred choices are largely untested at Premier League level, but any other player coming in is likely to be in a similar or worse position.
If we do spend anything, it's going to be elsewhere.

Bullys Magic Boots

1.) 29 Jul 2023 07:39:50
And Francis BMB, inexperienced at this level granted but he seemed more of a threat than silva the other night.



14 Oct 2022 09:22:33
Taking the positives, such as they are, no rumours mentioning Steve Bruce yet!

Bullys Magic Boots

1.) 14 Oct 2022 10:23:16
Shhhhhh Bullys they probably don't know he's been sacked yet.

2.) 14 Oct 2022 11:04:21
Or Dean Saunders,Paul Lambert or Mark McGhee.

3.) 14 Oct 2022 16:53:18
98 think the year was fa cup semi at v.park agaisnt the arsenal mghee plays claridge with bully and keane on the bench.
Was livid is an understatement.

Come on I know fans are infuriated with shi and sellars but we are premier league with a lot of quality players Nunes was a coup Collins excellent signing.
We have all suffered through the years I sincerely have my fingers crossed that all fans don't suffer like then ever again.
We are wolves We are wolves
We are wolves We are wolvesssss



04 Sep 2022 16:25:32
Silva on the scoresheet again today.
Is it too early to get just a little bit excited for next season?

Bullys Magic Boots




Bullys Magic Boots's rumour replies


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30 Apr 2024 09:44:34
No need to get catty Nigelt2

Bullys Magic Boots



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10 Jan 2024 12:47:27
Buxwolf, not heard from you for a while. I've missed your little messages of joy.

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04 Aug 2023 19:31:13
I think you are spot on there Goggs. It defies belief that a manager of J-Lo's calibre and experience wouldn't have asked 'What's my budget in January?' and "what's my budget next summer?"
We spent big in January (thankfully), now we have to reign it in a bit.

Bullys Magic Boots



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23 Jul 2023 16:46:35
Our war-chest is filling up nicely. I'm expecting three or four quality signings over the next couple of weeks or so.

Bullys Magic Boots



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19 Jul 2023 11:37:55
I'm sure they would feel very much at home."Mönchengladbach, a city in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, is a familiar name among football fans, as it is home to the famed Borussia-Park stadium. The city is also known for its extensive greenery, rich cultural heritage, and buzzing art and theater scene."

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24 May 2024 16:38:03
WWFC group published accounts to May 2023 show staff costs as £141.6m for the year

Bullys Magic Boots



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24 May 2024 15:00:19
Sorry Wolf, I should have said where I got that from.

That is what was implied in Jeff Shi's letter to the fans (I don't think it specified whether that was player's wages or all wages).

Make of that what you will.

Bullys Magic Boots



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26 Nov 2023 09:21:48
When we sold Neves, was there a sell-on clause attached?

Bullys Magic Boots



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30 Aug 2023 20:21:38
VB, it's called negotiation. Did you ever pay the original asking price on a car or house? No, you negotiate, compromise and find a deal that suits both.

Bullys Magic Boots



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30 Aug 2023 16:22:28
How exactly did we get shafted VB? We have made circa £10m on a player who we bought just 12 months ago. In that time, this superstar attacking midfielder has provided one assist, one goal and a few fancy runs. Additionally, he doesn't (and probably never did) want to play for us. Unless Pep get some consistency out of him, I think its probably City who have been shafted.
In return, we have an option to "try before you buy" on a young player with "potential" who we can buy for relative peanuts if we choose.
I think we've come out of this okay.

Bullys Magic Boots



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