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16 Nov 2022 00:55:27
ESPN and other sites reporting that Mexico manager has said Jimenez will play against Sweden.

I think it's the end of the road for Raul. I think J-Lo will rightfully want him gone.

We need players that are committed to Wolves.


1.) 16 Nov 2022 07:29:40
It’s been obvious for awhile Raul’s time at Wolves is up, just a shame it’s ending this way.

2.) 16 Nov 2022 15:42:56
Si senor

3.) 16 Nov 2022 19:10:27
According to Mexican press they claim that Wolves misdiagnosed Jimenez's injury wasting a month on pointless treatment.

Whatever they've done has worked and that is why he is is playing against Sweden to see if they can get him fit for the WC. Probably also the reason why RJ has stayed with them.

Two sides to every story.

4.) 16 Nov 2022 21:18:36
Adios Amigo

5.) 16 Nov 2022 21:27:40
I watched the game and Raul played the second half. He ran seemingly pain-free.
The point I want to make is that I could have run as fast and as much as he did, and I'm in my 60s.
He was fit enough to walk around in a friendly but seemed to not be anywhere near fit enough to play in a competitive match either internationally or in the Premier League.
So he could have been in Wolverhampton but would not have realistically made the bench or been subbed on.
Hope this puts a little perspective on the situation.

6.) 17 Nov 2022 07:31:18
From last night.
"Raul Jimenez does not look ready for World Cup action
Instead, against Sweden, Jimenez does not yet look fit.
With 45 minutes of action in the second half against Sweden, he was stuck in the mud. Jimenez looked terrified of re-injury, calling into question his fitness in the first place. He was lazily flagged for offside on a cross while slowly walzing back, and barely challenged for 50/50 balls in the penalty area.
He's going to be absolutely blanketed at the World Cup if he puts in a performance like that."
I think Wolves have seen the last of Jimemez, sadly will never now be good enough for Lopetugui.



15 Nov 2022 00:50:57
Been hearing a rumour from a source I don't want to get into trouble and then lose their job.

The rumour is that J-Lo is not happy with Raul and that he could well be on the transfer list and that he wants to spend some considerable money on a replacement.

I got told this and didn't know if I should post it but having seen it all over the news that he isn't happy and given he has admitted it himself it seems to lend credence to the rumour.

My opinion is that Jimenez has changed. Brain injuries can result in a change of personality and personally I see it in Raul. I hope this isn't the case because he has been such a legend of us. But I must admit his actions on the pitch have shown a change and this latest fiasco seems to be more evidence that his personality has altered for the worse.

I wish Raul well and get this could be his last World Cup but surely he sees how this looks? Mexico is his country but we've taken him into our club and made him an icon. Before us he was mediocre at best and with us he became the talk of the town with talks of big money moves happening constantly. And even with that sickening injury we stood by him. I guess it's worse because this is so unlike him.

Anyways. Good luck to Mexico in the World Cup and hope Raul manages to get fit and get some minutes. And hope he gets a goal. And hope he comes back fit and firing and instead of being replaced he is given help.


1.) 15 Nov 2022 06:42:12
I don't think that's a secret DeadPixel, but you're right to be cautious. I think there's others not happy with the situation as well

I think he knows he could be on his way in the summer anyway.

2.) 15 Nov 2022 07:29:43
Lopetequi has been widely reported as not being happy with the Jemenez decision, so I think you are correct DP.
It feels like it was sanctioned before he joined.
Not sure we will see Jimenez at Wolves again anyway.
I sense it is more like Lopetequi sending a subtle message to Shi, "You are making bad decisions around the football issues. From now on I expect you to honour our agreement and allow me to control all football matters going forward"
Hope so!

3.) 15 Nov 2022 10:43:58
I don't expect Raul to play for Wolves again. I think he fell out with Bruno last season after the Leeds game. His unhappiness at Wolves has probably been added to by the departures of Coady, Saiss, Dendonker, Ruddy and Boly. Plus he probably has never felt right mentally on the pitch since his injury.

Raul may even retire from professional football after the World cup. He'll always be a legend at wolves and it would be a big shame if his time here ends on a sour note.

4.) 15 Nov 2022 13:34:53
Alexwolf, I posted on the 7 November I’d heard he’s going to retire after the World Cup. Maybe the rumour is true?

5.) 15 Nov 2022 14:04:57
Possibly Steve. It's a sad thing to say but if he left Wolves, what club would want him as a first team regular now he's in his early 30's after such a horrific injury? If he doesn't retire from international football then he needs to be playing at club level to keep getting selected. None of us really know the true mental impact things have had on him. He did well to survive, never mind play again.

6.) 15 Nov 2022 17:20:21
AlexWolf, I’ve heard after the World Cup he is giving up playing. As you rightly say, he’s a very lucky man to still be alive let alone still being able to play football at a very high level.

7.) 15 Nov 2022 17:39:28
We shouldn't forget that Raul nearly died due to his injury. He has served us well and I suspect he knows he will never be the player he was for us or anything close. I suspect he will retire after the World Cup and I would not begrudge him that wish.

8.) 15 Nov 2022 19:45:54
I reckon your sources job is pretty safe, considering this was pretty much inferred in the headline of the E and S about 12 hours before you posted it! ?

9.) 15 Nov 2022 21:57:36
I'd read he was returning to the Mexican league in January. It really is time to put sentimentality aside and realise that (as has been said above) he's never going to be the same player and it's time to thank him for his service and move on



31 Oct 2022 18:57:31
Newspapers are reporting Chelsea are interested in Semedo as understudy to James.

I'm not sure why Semedo would want to go to be an understudy when he'd surely want as much game time as possible. He is also surrounded by friends with us.

However I do see that clubs such as Chelsea might be wanting to raid us if we can't get our ship in order.

This is the problem. Whilst in the position we are I fear the big boys will come for the likes of Semedo, Neves and Ait Nouri.


1.) 31 Oct 2022 19:25:28
Interesting - whilst obviously we can't afford to lose Neves if Chelsea or anyone else are willing to pay silly money - like we did - for Semedo that might help with the finances needed to buy a new CF.
Bolla looks like a real prospect as a replacement but otherwise RBs are not that hard to find - Chelsea themselves sold Lamptey and Liveremont (sp) for pennies in the last few years.
Maybe Azp could come the otherway as a short tem sol'n - an experienced pro capable of playing RB or CB in a 3?
RAN would be more of a loss as surely there is still upside to come but given how Bueno is playing RAN isn't getting a shirt anytime soon so again if someone wants to make it worth our while he is expendable - Neves isn't!

2.) 01 Nov 2022 09:50:52
Clubs don’t need to pay “silly money” to get players out of Wolves and whatever money they get will be wasted on “players with potential”, a policy that has taken the Club from challenging for top six to a place in the relegation zone in less than two and a half seasons.

3.) 01 Nov 2022 11:03:43
Well on the evidence of the last 2 years, ie post Seville, it is hard to argue with that but of course I am hoping that by January we have a new manager and more importantly Shi is no longer involved with, hopefully the club but at least not with the football side of the club.

4.) 01 Nov 2022 16:42:53
Nunes and Guedes weren't necessarily players with potential but supposedly more oven ready but from what we've seen so far the money has also been wasted on them.



30 Oct 2022 02:13:39
The Mail have published an article claiming Wolves are going in for a third time for Julen Lopetegui.

If they can convince him to take over before the World Cup it would be a huge relief to everyone that supports the club.


1.) 30 Oct 2022 06:52:22
I saw that. Ridiculous, but not surprising from Shi. The man clearly has no self-respect.

2.) 30 Oct 2022 07:52:39
Might be in a better position to hire JL, now Wolves / Shi know why he turned us down, they can give guarantees or meat his requests. Just hypothetically speaking.

3.) 30 Oct 2022 08:16:47
The Sun are also running the same story @DeadPixel however for political reasons I refuse to use their website.

4.) 30 Oct 2022 10:25:51
Just a thought but if the club are looking at warm weather training in Spain during the World Cup and according to reports yesterday a short term coaching appointment then maybe they are thinking of bringing him in to take some sessions in Spain.

5.) 30 Oct 2022 11:14:15
If the reports are true, and we are chasing him again, does it make any difference if it is the third time?
The first occasion he was offered the job of taking his national side to a World Cup, much better prospect than we offered. Second time he wanted to stay in Spain with his seriously ill 91 year old father. Family is much more important and should always come first

6.) 30 Oct 2022 15:29:24
We're starting to become the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting change.

7.) 30 Oct 2022 19:16:41
If lopetegui hasn't made aware he wants to get back into his work football manager then it's wrong immoral from the press to publish this story as the guy has been with his elderly ill father.
They should so respect and I can't see our club approaching him unless he is stating he is ready to consider.
It's the not knowing of what goes on in discussions that gives fans unrest imo.

8.) 31 Oct 2022 01:20:54
I am hoping that signals were sent to Shi that they should offer him the job and tell him that he can take over during the World Cup and the team will come to him. And that his father is now stable and out of danger.

Alas I don’t think we have approached him and if we did I feel the answer would be that he will only come once his father is better.

Can’t blame the guy for putting family first. Just the same as I don’t blame the board for not wanting to rush. At the same time I do agree that is a dangerous play with a much bigger risk than reward. I’m not sure who we get as manager though. We need a motivator that knows how to get the best out of a technically gifted team. Which we do have. I know people are down on Guedes and others but you have to remember they joined a team already falling apart at the seams.

@Debbie I don’t read any papers really just see headlines on NewsNow. But yeah The Sun and co really are morally bankrupt.

9.) 31 Oct 2022 11:08:14
Nice to have you back Phil. We did buy Willi Carr from Coventry but he was second choice. We had a bid from the Albion for Asa Hartford accepted but he failed the medical. We also bought Derek Parkin from them, a great full back wish we had him now. (Fullback.showing my age there)
What does anyone think of Mee's theatricals. He got Costa sent off, I hope the fans give him hell when he comes to the Mol

10.) 31 Oct 2022 12:42:06
Alpine9 wolf. Agree - Mee was the perpetrator!

11.) 31 Oct 2022 13:08:37
I think any of our players would do the same as Mee and in some cases roll around a lot more! I can’t believe that you guys are defending Costa, in our current situation what he did was unforgivable- you just can’t throw your head in.
I don’t care that Mee was grabbing his shirt, it’s what defenders do! But to do that when he was signed as our emergency striker shows a lack of respect for all of us and puts us in big trouble.
He has looked yards off the pace, as has Jonny and Podence. Semedo just does not see danger at all unless he has someone to man mark so a new right back has to be another priority in Jan as well as striker and central defender. Most of all we need leadership on the pitch as only Neves is showing it!
Someone has a lot of work to do after we dismantled the squad and sold the leaders in the summer.
And someone has to do it quickly

12.) 31 Oct 2022 14:05:53
Cheers Alpine ?
Nice 1 for the education of wolves before my time,I love it.

Agree Tommo Costa let us down with needless sending off.
Mee yes was wrong and should of been booked imo Costa should know better.

We soldier on the next 2 games lick our wounds and hopefully start the new year with a bang.

13.) 31 Oct 2022 17:01:47
Costa should have played it smart and went down when Mee grabbed him, chance of us getting a dangerous free kick then.

14.) 31 Oct 2022 18:31:51
Nice to see Phil back. Alpine-Wolves signed Derek Parkin from Huddersfield not Coventry, becoming the most expensive full back at the time. The Asa Hartford comment is interesting as I remember he almost joined Leeds at one point but failed to move because of a medical problem.

15.) 31 Oct 2022 19:05:25
Not defending Costa but in the clip you can clearly see Ben pushing his head against Costa first and winding him up.

There is no excuse for retaliation but there is an explanation. However I would say that only a fool wouldn’t have seen this coming. We all knew VAR would get him at some point just a shame it’s now and not April.

I think people are being unfair on Costa. He is 34 and clearly still rusty but signs are there with each game that should he find his old form he could score for us. Do I think he will score a boat load? No. But I would say he is still capable of scoring a dozen goals before the last kick of the season.

I would also say that it’s only natural to be bias towards players that play for the club you support. For most supporters it is I know wolves are a bit like Arsenal and have fans that are overly critical and like to moan. Thankfully for us that is a small section and luckily they don’t have a YouTube channel unlike Arsenals moaners that run a famously doom and gloom channel with AFTV.




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04 Jan 2023 16:31:28
Nunes can’t play for LFC as you can’t play for three clubs in one season.

Also club has stated nobody has come in for him and registered an interest otherwise they would’ve been told he isn’t for sale.

You really think they would sack Scott and let J-Lo bring in his own guys just to sell everyone? Or isn’t it more likely the terms of his contract included that we do everything to keep hold of our assets and not be a selling club? Just saying.




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04 Jan 2023 16:29:04
It’s Podence. Literally been said by everyone from Nathan Judah to Dave at Talking Wolves.




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04 Jan 2023 16:28:10
And how are we a selling club? We have sold ONE great player in Jota and the rest? Is Boly that good? Is Dendonkey better than Nunes? And yeah Costa and Cav have done so much since leaving us. Hahaha.

We haven’t sold Raul, Neves, Moutinho, Johnny, Ait Nouri, Neto, Podence, etc.




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04 Jan 2023 16:25:35
Yeah cause not like we’ve stuck to our valuations of Neves or Traore honest. Hahaha.

If Nunes goes in summer it will be for well above £50m. Same as Neves. Everyone knows that United wanted Neves as do others but are scared by the £70m price tag.




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23 Dec 2022 10:59:45
That awkward moment when Jeff doesn’t take in or do the shopping but has a housekeeper that does it all.

And also pretty sure most of the players don’t get food from Asda. Waitrose, yes. Not seen many Portuguese tarts at Asda this Xmas. Just saying.

Though I’m pretty sure everyone knows these guys are full of it haha.





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30 Oct 2022 02:30:39
Steve has had them for 3 games and gotten 4 points which isn’t exactly bad.

What are you on about with Traore? The only reason we scored today is because of him.

Nuno also didn’t trust having a large squad and look where that left us. What a silly comment about Max who not long ago had people calling for him to get a cap. What a load of tosh.

Neto has been injured and has had an awful time whilst also playing out of position in a team lacking confidence.

And way to rip Julen apart cause Nuno was prolific before he came to us and has done so well since being sacked by spurs after how long? And giving up and going to Saudi?

Yeah I watched Leeds who rode their luck and their silly manager doing all the Ted Lasso theatrics. Would rather have someone that knows what they are doing and not some yank that has to rely on a defender and goalkeeper fluffing. I mean Forest managed to do the same but would you say they are amazing?!?! And Fulham. Really? Ahahaha. The team that let in 2 goals a game and have a leakier defence than ours? I mean one of the only times they haven’t conceded 2 was against us and Villa who were down to ten men.

I mean we have taken more points from our last 3 games than Brentford have. Brentford have 2 points from their last 3 games with a manager everyone overhypes.




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