29 Oct 2022 23:53:48
If Traore doesn't want to be be here then get rid, should have happened a season ago. Yes undoubted talent but you wouldn't think he was playing for his future. Why not just leave him on the half way line and just get him to run with balls over the top. Killman is a massive concern too, there was a reason Nuno never trusted him, against Leicester he was a liability. Neto another, are we all blinkered, we are papering over cracks here. Steve Davis completely out of his depth. Lopeteugui? May as well get Nuno back, same conservative football. Anybody watch Leeds, not great but at least they have a identity with a coach, love or hate him at least he wears his heart on his sleeve. Fulham tonight, had identity, knew what they were doing. Intense football, why are we different

1.) 30 Oct 2022
30 Oct 2022 02:30:39
Steve has had them for 3 games and gotten 4 points which isn’t exactly bad.

What are you on about with Traore? The only reason we scored today is because of him.

Nuno also didn’t trust having a large squad and look where that left us. What a silly comment about Max who not long ago had people calling for him to get a cap. What a load of tosh.

Neto has been injured and has had an awful time whilst also playing out of position in a team lacking confidence.

And way to rip Julen apart cause Nuno was prolific before he came to us and has done so well since being sacked by spurs after how long? And giving up and going to Saudi?

Yeah I watched Leeds who rode their luck and their silly manager doing all the Ted Lasso theatrics. Would rather have someone that knows what they are doing and not some yank that has to rely on a defender and goalkeeper fluffing. I mean Forest managed to do the same but would you say they are amazing?!?! And Fulham. Really? Ahahaha. The team that let in 2 goals a game and have a leakier defence than ours? I mean one of the only times they haven’t conceded 2 was against us and Villa who were down to ten men.

I mean we have taken more points from our last 3 games than Brentford have. Brentford have 2 points from their last 3 games with a manager everyone overhypes.