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23 Jun 2022 22:32:01
I have been told that there has been a lot of activity both at Compton and in the offices at Molinuex both yesterday and today and the media team are putting stuff together. There is a rumour at the training ground they are preparing for 3 signings next week and a big fanfare over an existing player signing a new contract.
As always, very few people know names but preparations are being made.
Hopefully we could have lift off shortly!

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23 Jun 2022 23:17:53
Hope so Tommo mate but given the Fosun situation I won't hold my breath.

24 Jun 2022 00:00:12
There might be something in it Tommo. If reports are correct Neves has 'warned' potential signings that Wolves dressing room is tight and of one mind, so fit in.
That plus the sudden change of direction over Palhinha seems to indicate he is staying and new signings are incoming. Time will tell I suppose.

24 Jun 2022 06:24:40
Rated, can't see that Fosuns situation will have any effect. The money for transfers won't come from them anyway. Wolves have to standalone financially speaking.

24 Jun 2022 06:40:39
Fingers crossed ? Tommo.

24 Jun 2022 07:37:21
Hope so Tommy, how reliable is the source?

24 Jun 2022 07:37:44
Let’s try and stay positive peeps, cheers for this Tommo!

24 Jun 2022 08:50:04
Fingers crossed.

24 Jun 2022 09:21:30
Wolvessida, it is reliable but he has said they were making preparations two weeks ago but things were called off the day before. However, I’m told some of the filming for the unveiling will be sent in from abroad so the player/players are not in the country yet!

24 Jun 2022 09:52:29
If it all happens brilliant news, thanks for the update Tommy, always a pleasure hearing from one of the reliable ?

24 Jun 2022 11:32:30
I've seen a lot of rumours saying Nunes deal is done and he will sign in July as he is currently on holiday in Brazil, maybe that's the real reason one of Wolves staff went out there to wrap that up?
Also what Tommo is saying about players being announced next week, July does start next week too so 2 things there, we shall see.

24 Jun 2022 12:15:19
Fingers crossed, let's hope it's not just the new face scans of players and Lage for Fifa 23

24 Jun 2022 12:25:04
Is the source up the Tree again with his binoculars:)

24 Jun 2022 12:36:59
I thought Neves' comments about being tight knit were a little odd if he was on the point of leaving. let's see what happens.

24 Jun 2022 14:26:15
Tommy. Thanks for the information let's hope it's happening we certainly need some good news! I didn't expect anything to happen before July tbh even though I've been ever optimistic for everything to happen quicker so new (and existing) players get a full pre-season giving us the possibility of being on it and ready for the new season! Fingers crossed!

24 Jun 2022 17:17:28
Wolves will sign no one of any note unless and until they sell a neves/traore/MGW. I believe Fosun have no intention of spending any of their own funds and with whatever we generate I’ll bet not all is spent. Wages will be a problem also and I forecast none of the rumoured players on radar will end up at the wolves. We are heading down the path of being both a weaker first team and squad than last year .

24 Jun 2022 17:59:04
Thanks for the positivity!

24 Jun 2022 18:21:25
I admire the positivity from a lot of the posters on here, equally and unfortunately I am afraid that Gracol is correct-no-one mentioned will be coming to Wolves.

24 Jun 2022 18:51:45
Thanks Gracol. You seem to think that Fosun pump their own money into the club. They don't.

25 Jun 2022 06:38:39
Anyone notice Nathan Judah concluded his latest video with the words “we’ve got some good news for you soon with some new signings”. He didn’t just say he hoped to have good news. Expect something to coincide with return to training next week?

25 Jun 2022 09:20:44
SQ that’s what I was inferring. Fosun have no intention of putting in any more of their own money. I reckon they ripped up their 10 year plan to make us a serious top 4 challenger two years ago No one loves the wolves more then I, I sat and watched Fosun and Nuno transform our club and team. Watched 3 years years of exciting football and like everyone else dreamed of further investment, progression and excitement . What has happened in the last 2 years has seen a decline in investment, no progression and less excitement. I’m sure no one can argue with that . I feel we are now resigned at best to a mid / lower table team and when you consider where we have come from then let’s be grateful. However it should have been so much better . If I’m wrong I’ll hold my hands up, and show my backside in Tesco and I’d love it if I’m forced to do that, tv cameras and all the wolves squad present

25 Jun 2022 13:54:59
We'll just take the apology thanks Gracol. ?

25 Jun 2022 14:49:07
Gracol do not underestimate the ongoing impact on investment worldwide of a 2 year pandemic. If we avoid a world recession next year we can think ourselves lucky. Over investment at the wrong time can be ruinous, ask Barcelona.

25 Jun 2022 15:01:22
Gracol, this time last year Fosun wrote off 126.5million of debt owed to them by Wolves. How deep their pockets are is not an issue, FFP on the other hand is. We got too big too quickly (I mean by spending money to get in to Europe)EUFA had to remind us we weren't one of the big boys so we had to pay them half a million and reign in our spending for a few seasons. I guarantee Fosun will go again but will have to build slowly but surely.

25 Jun 2022 19:47:23
Thanks Kiddy_Wolf - it’s nice to read a sane argument now and again!

25 Jun 2022 22:08:21
Kiddy wolf why don't fans understand this?
We have to increase commercial revenue whether that's through esports, sponsorships, TV deals, music, brand etc etc. We have the commercial revenue of £210m last year Man city made £678m from commercial ventures.



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