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18 Jun 2022 13:02:28
Relegation battle this year bruno probably be sacked by xmas some random will come in and the down-whirl spiral will begin call me mr negative etc. i'm a realist and not blinded by love for the club the team needs upgrading we need at least 5 new and ready players thats before outgoings can anyone on here honestly say that will happen

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18 Jun 2022 13:47:21
Your not a realist Radiohead, you're just guessing, like everyone else, but it's you're right to believe what you like.
None of us know for sure what is going on but if the media is on the right track we may yet see a double midfield capture of Palhinha and Nunez. Plus if Barcelona (his dream move) can't fund a move for Neves I can see him staying at Wolves rather than go somewhere like Man U or Arsenal.
In fact, I read today that Wolves are discussing a new long term contract with him, should that be the case.
We have a 50% chance of being disappointed but equally a 50% chance of being delighted.
But, as none of us know anything, in reality, it's probably best just to wait and see.

18 Jun 2022 14:23:09
I can't say that but I can not see fosun putting our club in premier league danger.
It doesn't make sense.
Yes new signings crucial 2 or 3 will come in I believe.
I acknowledge there may be part of me blinded by love for the club but if there is it's not the majority of me.

18 Jun 2022 14:47:18
Agree Phil. Some perspective - since Wolves got promoted the following clubs have been promoted at least once. Cardiff City, Fulham, Norwich City, Sheffield United, Aston Villa, Leeds United West Bromwich Albion, Watford and Brentford.

Out of those other clubs only 3 haven't relegated since getting promoted. Brenford - going into their second season, Villa - courtesy of a goal line technology failure, Leeds - with a little help from their Kevin Friend.

Next season may not be as good as last season, it may even be better. It's the 18th June. Players will come in, players will leave, existing players will get better.

It's fine to want more, but the league positions show the club to be in the best era it's been in for decades. Our players are being linked with huge European clubs and not leaving on frees to join teams in League One and the situation is a quite a bit different now to when Moxey was saying it would cost millions to replace Sako and we signed Jed Wallace as one for the future.

18 Jun 2022 14:51:43
Sorry sent to early to continue that would be £25000000 wasted money plus the wages you are playing the players that have not left yet. It comes to a lot of waste money from a business point it pays to wait.

18 Jun 2022 15:01:09
Phil I don't think you or anyone else who invests some of their emotional energy into the club should be described as being 'blinded by love'.
It's perfectly normal for fans to have a 'glass half full' approach to the club they support. Personally, I may have a couple of issues with the club, but why some fans can be so consistently negative or dissatisfied to keep predicting relegation is a mystery to me.
As you said Fosun have too much invested in the club to allow that to happen.

18 Jun 2022 15:04:07
I remember someone saying last year we'd be in a relegation battle, that prediction turned out well for them.
Even if we lose Neves we have enough to survive won't be top 10 be more like 15th.
Before running down the streets carrying pickards with "Relegation" on them let's wait, the transfer market has only just opened and most players were away on international duty and will be on holiday now.
I do think if no new signings are made though this window things will get very uncomfortable for Fosun.
But I don't think Fosun will risk us getting relegated as it'd be a massive blow to the brand they're building so I do believe we will see some signings this window.

18 Jun 2022 15:05:06
Sorry not very good at this computer stuff the first bit should have said if we had signed 5 players on the day the transfer window opened and paid each player £100000 a week

18 Jun 2022 15:07:24
I just have a really big doubt and bad gut feeling about this transfer window the last few windows habe been full of excuses and let downs and miss opportunities in order to buy we meed to sell apparently no don't thing many of our fringe players will be sold for much of a profit there's a few thinking well get this much for certain player ie cutrone ect no one will pay the money we won't and tbh if we did sell a few fringe players we myt get 15 million selling a few at most so if neves doesn't get sold I doubt the team will be improved and regaurds to neves not going to united or arsenal if he's offerd 200000 grand a week he will go a player can have love for a team or say they want trophies but sadly it all comes down to money

18 Jun 2022 15:12:04
In my opinion we need 5 players because our goal threat is a joke hwang is awrful jimenez isn't the same silva by the time he comes good his contract will be up n will probably go on a free ? we need new improved attacking threat possibly 2 attacking options a center back and a mobile center mid atleast

18 Jun 2022 16:03:55
Best Post by Alex wolf.
The clubs in completely different hands both the running of the club and the football side since the 1950's and 1960's.
Realistic plans for the long term future of the club both closing the gap with revenue streams and football side by buying young professionals dedicated to the game.
I think Palhinha should be signed for the money quoted it's too good a deal to turn down.
If Neves goes Palhinha and Nunes would take the club another level.
Still loads of options with Neves deal if he goes to Barca.

18 Jun 2022 16:09:19
Radiohead, Christian Eriksen has just turned Man Utd down because he wants to stay in London, so it's not always just about the money.
Let's imagine Wolves get the players we're being linked with, wouldn't that make us serious trophy/Euro contenders?
Neves could find this more attractive than moving plus he would probably become our highest earner following contract re-negotiations.
Who knows? Time will tell.

18 Jun 2022 16:34:49
Nice to read longmynd being honest I struggle with criticism for just being a normal bloke who is happy to share passion for wolves.
I too like any fan want signings asap and it does irritate me at times with the media putting out constant rumours.

I have posted my biggest frustration is the footy is in close season and when we do start signings which will be class and a relief I will be itching like mad for the season to start even more to see our new players in action.

I find the nerves the thrill of matchday always very exciting and I can not wait for 6-8-22.

Radio whang could play like how he was bought to.
Jiminez could get back to the way he was before his head injury or Jimenez sold and replaced.
We have hopefully if circumstances don't change a fully fit Neto.
Podence with a break a more than likely chance of not being out with niggling injuries.
Jonny refreshed and fully fit.
There is lots that can happen in the following weeks.
Silva imo has to start showing more promise.



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