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16 Jun 2022 08:04:30
Multiple sources in Portugal are stating that Fulham are moving ahead of Wolves in the race to sign Palhinha (let’s hope the tortoise wins this particular race). Even Fabrizio Romano noting that Fulham are in the hunt for the Sporting midfielder.

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16 Jun 2022 08:56:35
No surprise, always go down the same route. They put the rumour out there that they want a player but then have to talk about money so they back off allowing another club to jump in. Keeps the ticket sales ticking over, just the fans that suffer.

16 Jun 2022 09:31:25
To be fair, at no point that I can ever remember since Fosun took over have Wolves come out and declared an interest in a player weeks before signing them. The media have done this purely as rumours but not the club. Traore, Neves, Dendoncker, Jimenez, Trincao etc were all signed and no one in the media knew anything about it until after it was done.

16 Jun 2022 10:24:05
Exactly Jas, it's a case of wait and see who appears in a Wolves shirt. I firmly believe there are deals being worked on that no one knows about.

Although it fell through nobody was even aware Wolves had a pre contract with Marquinhos until something happened with Arsenal. The likelihood is there are other deals in progress that only the people who need to know at the moment are aware of.

16 Jun 2022 10:29:55
fosun will just fill wolves with players from grasshoppers. No ambition whatsoever. And yes they had been chasing him for 2 years, and it's taken Fulham 1 week.

16 Jun 2022 12:21:13
Clearly there will be other deals in the offing but Premier League is business and big business at that. If we’re being beaten for deals by potential competitors like Fulham (likely due to liquidity issues) then the business has problems that need to be resolved. The senior team knew where it stood in relation to Neves (a gentleman’s agreement for him to move on if we didn’t qualify for the Champions League I guess) so should have pre-planned accordingly.
If this required bridging finance then that should have been put in place. Fabrizio Romano has stated that Lage wants this player and my opinion is that missing out would be significant and leave us with an unhappy manager.
Just my personal take on this and I’ll be absolutely delighted to be wrong.

16 Jun 2022 12:25:27
Who have we signed from Grasshoppers in the past then?

16 Jun 2022 12:52:46
Just to put things into perspective. Fans are disgruntled about a lack of signings because the media have been saying for weeks that the Palhinha deal is close. Are these same fans also disappointed that Neves is still at the club because the same media outlets stated 2 months ago that he was leaving but alas he is still here. Or does this prove that the media just churn out rumours without any actual proof.

16 Jun 2022 15:00:10
Don’t waste your breath Jas M, it’s ridiculous.
Demon stating we’ve been chasing him for 2 years and it’s taken Fulham 1 week!
1 week for what? The press to put out a story they want him too? It’s laughable pal.
Good players will have lots of clubs chasing them, if they don’t then why not?
Top players have been away with national teams for 3 weeks and probably going straight on holiday.
Wolves probably have players already signed but as a few have said, you don’t see it coming.
Please, please, please stop reacting to articles on newsnow as they are trying to sell stories.

16 Jun 2022 17:24:52
Well said Jazz and Tommo, bit of common sense. Problem with media rumours is they are designed to excite or P off the reader so emotions get raised almost to belief. I have not seen on this site or any other a prediction about a Wolves signing that came true. But I still read the rumours! ?

16 Jun 2022 19:43:32
Everyone needs to calm down, if I remember correctly Jeff has always maintained that the first team squad is his priority over and above everything else. He has also said that as we gain some success it becomes more difficult to identify and recruit players good enough to improve us further. Those players will be in demand and we don't have any priority over other clubs who are also in the mix. Agents play a big part as do wages, clauses etc etc. Perhaps we won't sign anyone and perhaps Neves stays ___ who knows.
Let's just wait and see instead of slagging people off due to our impatience.

16 Jun 2022 20:59:35
Hi Winton, I haven’t slagged anybody off at the club (yet) and am more than happy to review our trading at the end of the window.
And of course I have no insider-information or a guy in a palm tree somewhere in Iberia.
However there are some very reputable sources saying we’re in a transfer tussle with a promoted club to replace our midfield talisman (I won’t bury my head in the sand on that). And for the record on the basis of the last 9-10 games of last season we certainly need a good window and significant adjustments to the squad.
I’m far from a ‘doom and gloom’ merchant and think the right transfer strategy with the right purchases at the right time could project us towards European qualification status. However it could be a tough season if this manager is not supported as he deserves to be and I worry that he could walk in certain circumstances.
That said, early days, we’ll watch and hope….

16 Jun 2022 21:40:24
My post was not directed at you, more a general observation.

16 Jun 2022 22:19:19
No problems Winton and no discourtesy aimed at you or any of the other posters where views diverge from my own. Clearly I’m a bit worried at the minute and hope very much that I have over-thought some of the scenarios of the Window. As stated I do believe that with the right strategy we can take a good step forward during this Window ?

16 Jun 2022 23:54:55
So now Fabrizio Romano has posted on Twitter that Fulham have agreed a fee with Sporting for Palhinha. Before anyone has a meltdown, please remember that the great Romano has got things wrong before. Just a few weeks ago he posted that Mbappe was signing for Real Madrid. He has been wrong on many occasions.

17 Jun 2022 12:29:19
Nicola Schira says contract terms have been agreed with Nunes to 2027, just negotiations to finalise with Sporting now. I’m guessing this is where Newcastle enter the fray ?

17 Jun 2022 19:45:35
Palhinha is the only one holding up the Fulham deal apparently amid Wolves trying to agree deal with Sporting (choice of us or a team likely to be fighting relegation might be why he's stalling on choosing Fulham!)

Sounds like the complication in our deal is doubling up with the Nunes deal (wouldn't be surprised if we announce both soon and Traore being sold as the Neves sale may take longer so we can't wait for it)



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