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17 Mar 2022 19:05:19

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17 Mar 2022 21:04:50
If they do they'll have to pay top dollar as Neto had just signed a 5 year contract.

18 Mar 2022 12:57:45
*Takes deep breath* :)

18 Mar 2022 15:03:09
I've seen somewhere Neves price is £42m to ward off Barcelona. Anybody else think we may be pricing to low?

18 Mar 2022 16:23:33
Neves can't leave for anything less than the 50milion mark for me. Tbh it could well be the summer he leaves.

He's been an incredible servant, but he does need to be playing Champions League football.

Think we'd all love him to stay forever. Not realistic. This summer would also be ideal to get the best price.

19 Mar 2022 02:24:52
Talisca has been nailed on to come to Wolves since Fosun took over! ? Don't get me wrong I'm not saying Neves won't leave but I've learnt to read the transfer market and generally speaking nailed on seems to means 'will end up elsewhere'! If I was a gambling man I would say United, Pogba will leave and that leaves a LOT of spare change for a player like Rueben! After this season let's hope we are ALL wrong and he stays! ?

19 Mar 2022 12:42:56
Liverpool still owe us for Jota so I very much doubt we'll sell Neves to them.

19 Mar 2022 14:11:22
Correct me if I'm wrong Rated, but didn't we borrow £23mil against the Jota money that's owed? We borrowed from Maquarie Bank. Therefore Liverpool will have to pay Maquarie Bank, as we have already had the money. £23mil may have been the balance owed.

20 Mar 2022 19:01:40
Jas you're right Neto has just signed a new contract . The rumour must be wrong then ?. The fact Liverpool "owe" us money means very little . A large transfer fee is rarely paid in full unless it's a buy out clause signing . Lingers and Jota have been in neves ear . And Liverpool believe a deal can be done for a similar fee to jotas.

21 Mar 2022 00:20:57
Liverpool belive a can be done for similar fee to Jota, lucky for us it's not there decision then eh! ?
Neves this season will be rated VASTLY higher than Jota when he left! For almost his entire time at Wolves if Neves is availible he starts, that wasn't the case ever for Jota even when we were in the Champ! As always I do find it funny when peeps have the 'inside knowledge' of what a club is planning! Up until late Jan Pools main target in the summer was going to be Diaz, amazing how quickly they've moved position. Even more amazing that they've told you about it! ?

21 Mar 2022 12:15:35
Well Tinkerman, can I stop deep breathing now? Liverpool do not 'owe' us money now. We cashed the debt in with Maquarie Bank. However Liverpool will owe the money to that bank, so they will still have to pay, but not to us. They can't use that as a ruse to buy a player cheaply from us, as they owe us nothing. I just hope we get the upper hand in any future deal, like getting top dollar.

21 Mar 2022 12:38:58
Deep throat you are correct about the loan yes.

21 Mar 2022 18:20:08
Deep throat Liverpool will continue to pay us the outstanding balance . We have borrowed against this outstanding amount . Liverpool will not make the payment to bank . So the fact Liverpool owe us any money is immaterial . They want neves and believe can get him for a similar fee to Jota . What you value neves at means nothing

21 Mar 2022 19:00:53
And what you make up means even less! You seem a little confused how commerce works Tinker, if I want to buy your house and value it at £5 does that mean your obligated to sell it to me at that level does it?! Behave ?

21 Mar 2022 19:10:34
Just read back over your previous rumours Tinker and they make me more and more certain that Neves will end up anywhere OTHER than Pool! My personal fav was when you had us 'buying' a player that was availible for free (fyi we didn't even go for him on a free:) don't give up the day job buddy ?

22 Mar 2022 17:55:43
He was in to last 6 months of contract . So your right we could of offered a contract and got him at end of season . Or we could offer a nominal fee and got him in January . How is that hard to understand .

22 Mar 2022 18:34:50
Tinkerman, you obviously DO NOT understand invoice factoring. We invoiced Liverpool for Jota. They are meant to be paying in stages. However, we assigned (factored) the invoice to Maquarie Bank. Here is the newspaper report from December 2021. BTW, we also cashed in what Spurs owe us for Doherty just last month with the same bank.

"documents filed at Companies House show Wolves have taken an advance on the cash from Australian financial services giant Macquarie Group.

The bank have paid Wolves the remaining figure that Liverpool owe – which stands at around £23million"

22 Mar 2022 19:12:04
Oh dear, yet again your making things up. Cause that's not what you said now is it, no what you actually said was that we were taking him on loan with an obligation to buy, only problem is you can't put an obligation to buy into a contract which is due to expire?! So your right, it isn't hard to understand but somehow you still got it wrong! Priceless, keep um coming I like a good giggle ?

22 Mar 2022 19:19:18
Then there was the Newc poised to sign Adama line, when they weren't even in for him! I get that this is a rumour site it's the 'I have been told' line which I find too funny! By 'told' you clearly mean either seen on Footy Manager or heard down the hair dressers?! In fact so far the only rumours you've got right are the ones which had been announced on Sky an hour before ya posted! Like I said priceless ?

23 Mar 2022 20:32:53
Actually I am not the one who posts rumours after they have been told in national press . I just pass on what I am told . After this pile on I shall remain from sharing my info in future it's just not worth the hassle especially with what has happened to my cat recently and by recently have we all heard about Rafa Silva set to join in the summer rumoured fee between 25-30 million?

24 Mar 2022 11:36:35
I don't think it makes a lot of difference but I reckon Tinkerman is right Liv owe us and we owe Macquarie but if Liv go bankrupt do we or Macquarie take that risk? I don't know it depends what the loan agreement says

24 Mar 2022 13:20:23
Bananarama. ?

Keep the rumours coming I like reading them,the ins and outs of structured deals etc are of little importance to me just want new signings and the links with players from off the grapevine is v.interesting/intriguing.
A lot better than 10/15 years ago Jamie mcsporren from somewhere in the depths of the Scottish leagues lol

24 Mar 2022 13:38:40
Sorry mcsporran played for Wycombe ? lol

27 Mar 2022 21:48:42
Deepthroat if you take an advance on your income from a payday lender does your employer pay you or the lender?



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